39 Top Secret Santa Gifts for the Best Gift Exchange in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Secret Santa gifts

Secret Santa gifts are a cherished holiday tradition meant to astonish and inspire. As the season approaches you may be asking, what do you give as a Secret Santa present? What to get someone for Secret Santa that you don’t know well? What to get for Secret Santa last minute? What's a good amount for Secret Santa?

The truth is, the Secret Santa meaning lies in the heart, so no matter the money spent or gift given, as long as it comes from a warm and thoughtful place, you will have been successful in your role as Secret Santa.

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Creative Secret Santa Gifts

1. Sip and Slack

Secret Santa gifts are all about the surprise factor. Give the gift of a new, fun experience and send your Secret Santa assignment to a paint and sip near you. At a paint and sip class, they can explore their creative bone while relaxing all the rest!

With the help of top-rated instructors, they’ll paint unique creations to hang on their wall at home or give as a gift later on in the season. Check out paint and sip in Tampa, paint and sip in Boston and paint and sip in Los Angeles.

paint and sip secret santa gift
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2. The Gift of Hobby

Give the gift of creative hobbies as your Secret Santa gift this year. If your Secret Santa gift recipient is looking for a new hobby, to improve their existing artistic skills or to get back into the crafting game, check out art classes near you.

From photography classes to sewing lessons, there’s a plethora of experiences to choose from, but no matter which you choose, your Secret Santa gift assignment will receive hands-on instruction from talented local artist.

Check out art classes in Chicago, art classes in San Diego and art classes in NYC.

3. A Pre-paid Experience

An experience gift card is a wonderful Secret Santa gift that will get your friend, family member or coworker out of the house or office. The gift of experience gives them the chance to try something new and explore outside of their comfort zone.

With so many experiences to discover at Classpop!, a Classpop! gift card holds all the power of experience you could need. They’re customizable too, so add a private message and let them know how much you care.

4. A Wine Connoisseur’s Dream Gift

Try thinking outside of the box when brainstorming gifts for wine lovers. If your Secret Santa gift recipient is a certified wine enthusiast, then chances are they’ve been gifted a bottle of wine or two already.

Consider making a more personal gift and paint them their very own wine glass. Incorporate their favorite colors or paint two and follow a theme.

5. Capture the Moment

The best Secret Santa gifts are the sentimental kind, and nothing screams gushy quite like a framed photo collage. Photo collage frames are easy to come by.

All you have to do is search your local thrift or art supply store. Then, pick out a few of your gift receiver’s favorite photos, preferably ones they don’t already have hung up, and home them in the new frame.

collage photo frame
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6. A Crafter’s Toolbox

Finding gifts for crafters is easy, but you can make it even more exciting by putting together a craft box. Crafters are always in need of tools: paintbrushes, glue, markers, pencils, rulers, crayons, etc. Put together a crafter’s toolbox as your Secret Santa gift.

7. Hat Trick

This Secret Santa gift is totally customizable, so add it to the top of your list of gender neutral gifts. A patch beanie is simple to make and fun to wear. All you need is a beanie and some patches!

Pick a beanie that’s their favorite color to wear and order a few patches you know they would love. There are patches you can glue on, iron on, or even sew on!

8. Tail-Wagging Portrait

For gifts for dog lovers or gifts for cat lovers, a portrait of their pet would make the picture-perfect Secret Santa gift. Send a photo of their favorite pet to a reputable business online or make it yourself. At Classpop!, there are tons of classes that offer the opportunity to paint their pet.

Foodie Secret Santa Gifts

9. Wishing and Whisking

We’re not all natural-born cooks. In fact, some of us don’t know our way around the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn! Do you have a friend or a family member who could use some kitchen tips? Sign them up for cooking classes near you or online cooking classes.

In these hands-on cooking classes, they will learn basic cooking techniques to create delicious three-course meals. Check out cooking classes in Washington, classes in Dallas or cooking classes in Los Angeles.

cooking classes Secret Santa gift
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10. Give a Good Brew

If you have a friend or family member whose kitchen houses a variety of coffee appliances from an espresso machine to a French press, chances are they can never have enough coffee beans on deck.

Visit your local coffee shop and pick out a couple of styles of coffee beans for your Secret Santa gift recipient.

11. A Cook’s Spell Book

Some of us love to read, some of us love to cook and some of us love to do both. Provide a magician in the kitchen with some culinary incantation inspiration.

A cookbook is the perfect gift for foodies as it allows them to reconnect with their favorite hobby through a new lens.

12. Scoville Santa

We all have a friend obsessed with the Scoville scale, and if your Secret Santa gift recipient is of this kind, put together a mouth-watering (or burning) spice basket.

Make your own chili oil, find the hottest peppers in your area, add some spicy seasonings, and don’t forget about the hot sauce.

13. Popcorn Heaven

Christmas gifts for teens are tough to get right because they’re constantly finding new hobbies to explore, and their likes and dislikes are regularly changing.

But there’s one snack that appeals to anyone of any age with any flavor profile: popcorn. Put together a classic popcorn tin with a few varieties of popcorn flavors like butter, caramel or something tangy.

caramel popcorn in Christmas gift tin
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14. Brownies in a Jar

Turn baking for your Secret Santa Gift recipient into a craft with brownies in a jar. Layer all the dry ingredients of your favorite brownie recipe into a jar.

The final product will look something like a work of sand art. Not only will your gift look good, but it will taste good, too. 

15. A Tasty Mix

Sweet, salty and easy to make, Chex Mix is a wonderfully crunchy treat the receiver of your Secret Santa gift will want to snack on. In a large bowl combine Chex Mix cereal, pretzels, a few varieties of nuts and a brown sugar reduction.

Transfer to a baking sheet and bake in the oven for eight minutes. The final product will be all too enjoyable.  

Unique Secret Santa Gifts

16. World-Class Wine in Winter

Help a friend discover a whole new world from the comfort of their own home and gift a virtual wine tasting. This brilliant and unique Christmas gift for the homebody delivers the promise of a tasty, good time.

World-class sommeliers teach guests how to pair wines properly as they discover the differences between wine varieties.

17. Mix It Up

Online mixology classes teach participants the essentials of bartending. Top mixologists from around the world deep dive into the history and ingredients of classic and contemporary cocktails.

mixologist pouring cocktail in glass
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18. Charm Their Socks Off

Gifts for best friends are best served sappy and charm bracelets are traditional Secret Santa gifts to give to your BFFL. Get crafty and make one on your own using colorful beads or take a virtual trip to Etsy.

19. Lend a Hand

If your girlfriend has an eye for interior decorating, show her you care about your space together too and gift her monogrammed hand towels. Whether she uses them for the kitchen or the bathroom, monogrammed towels are versatile and functional Christmas gifts for women.

20. Freshen Up

Either your boyfriend loves his car and would do anything to keep it in tip-top shape or he tries his best to spend as little time as possible in it. Either way, a car air freshener could be just the inexpensive, unique and silly gift he needs.

Whether he spends hours in his car every day or minutes, car air fresheners are one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for men.

21. Self-Care First Aid

There’s never a bad time to give a relaxation gift. In fact, the holiday season may be the best time to give one. With all the stress that comes with the holiday, your Secret Santa receiver could probably do with a bit of self-care.

Fill a self-care first aid kit with bubble bath, face masks, hand masks, candles, etc.

spa basket Secret Santa gift
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22. Tea Tasting Spectacular

A favorite things gift is a hand-picked masterpiece that you give to show a loved one you know them well. If you’re loved one is a tea aficionado, there’s one thing you know to be true about them — they’re always on the hunt for new tea to try.

So, try putting together a basket of different flavored teas from loose leaf to tea bags.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts 

23. Crafting Gag Coasters

A cousin of the Secret Santa gift, the white elephant gift is often supposed to be tacky and silly. If you’re looking for crowd-pleasing white elephant gift ideas look into coasters!

There are tons of customizable options, and you can take it to ridiculous lengths. Give your friend a coaster with their face on it!

24. A Teatime Upgrade

A tea infuser makes for an adorably charming Secret Santa gift. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days from cute farm animals to enchanting sea creatures. It’s hard not to have a good time while waiting for the tea to brew with a tea infusing friend. 

25. Unleash the Karaoke Kraken!

The best part about gifting a karaoke mic is watching the person you gift it to use it! This fun Secret Santa gift will have the whole group singing at the top of their lungs and they’re sure to break it out at the next gathering. 

two people singing into karaoke mic
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26. Master the Air Guitar

Gifts for artists can get expensive so why not consider a gag gift? If you’re assigned a guitar player for you Secret Santa gift endeavors, try making it punny.

This is the perfect white elephant surprise. All you need is an empty plastic bag and a tag that reads “Air Guitar Strings.” Get it?

27. Unconventional Charm 

If you can’t afford a diamond necklace, what about a dime’n necklace? Visit your local thrift store where they’re bound to have a low-cost chain or locket. Super glue a shiny dime to the chain or to the locket and viola! You have yourself a dime’n necklace.

28. Pranksters Delight

This Secret Santa gift is all about the wrapping. Turn whatever gift you choose into a hilarious moment of fun for all involved. Wrap your gift just as you normally would in a bag or in a box.

Collect a handful of zip ties from your own toolbox or local hardware store. Zip-tie your gift using as many zip ties as you can. The more the merrier… and the harder to open. 

29. A Quirky Companion

Dust a bit of cheerful whimsy into a loved one’s home with a charming Secret Santa gift — a holiday gnome. In no time this adorable gnome will become a beloved member of their family, adding an extra dash of joy to their holiday season.

gnome Secret Santa gift
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Last-Minute Secret Santa Gifts 

30. Mounting Safety 

This Secret Santa gift will make every drive safer and more convenient. A reliable car phone holder is a great gift for the commuter. It will keep their phone secure, easily accessible and hands-free, making using the GPS or switching the tunes much safer.

31. Instant-Win Thrill

As far as last-minute gift ideas go, scratch-offs provide an instant-win satisfaction that’s hard to beat. They’re cheap to obtain but could provide a big payoff. With the possibility of uncovering exciting prizes, these tickets come with a world of anticipation.

32. Cherished Keepsake

Your Secret Santa gift recipient will think of you as they drink their coffee out of their brand-new monogram mug every morning. With both a touch of thoughtfulness and sophistication, a monogrammed mug is a wonderfully simple, but special gesture.

33. Happy Feet, Happy Life

You may be asking; can I give the gift of comfort and warmth at the same time? The answer is yes! Slippers may sound like a basic Christmas gift, but they’re actually a luxurious option for gifts under $50

reindeer bedroom slippers
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34. Unlock a Local Treasure

If you’re on the prowl for a Secret Santa Gift to bring to the holiday work party idea, look no further. They say your coworkers are like your second family, so you probably know them pretty well.

Give them a gift that will take them outside of the office to indulge in a local artisan or memorable experience with a gift card to a local shop, museum or eatery!

35. Protection in Style

Combine fashion with function and gift a sleek and durable phone case. This is the perfect gift for a friend whose phone is as important to them as a family member. Help them keep it safe from bumps, scratches or drops. 

36. A World of Knowledge Awaits

It’s always hard to set down a good book, so why not keep reading? Reading lights provide just the right amount of light to the night to keep the book ends open.

37. Stay on Schedule

The best presents are often practical. Help a friend, coworker or family member stay on top of their busy daily life with a planner. It’s easy to feel good when you’re productive, so bring some order to their life!

planner Secret Santa gift
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38. Decked Out Desk

Whether your Secret Santa gift recipient just got a new job, works from home or commutes to the office every day, chances are their desk could use a bit of flare. Deck out their desk in all new gear like a new mouse pad, a wrist supporter, a pen organizer, a desk lamp, etc. 

39. Seeking to Savor

No matter their breakfast beverage of choice, they can always use a thermos. Whether they’re a coffee drinker, a tea devourer or an orange juice drinker, a thermos will keep their beverage ice cold or piping hot for hours at a time.  

Now that you have a better understanding of the Secret Santa meaning and you’ve mastered the Secret Santa rules, you are now qualified to give the ultimate Secret Santa gift!

Just remember, the key to gifting a Secret Santa surprise is keeping in mind who it is you're gifting to and tailoring to their interests and personality.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!