29 Coolest Christmas Gifts for Teens in 2022

Published on Nov 1st 2022
Christmas gifts for teens

With the holidays just around the corner, you might already be wondering what some of the coolest Christmas gifts for teens are. If your teen is challenging to shop for, you might even be wandering down the rabbit hole of the world wide web. But look no further — we’re here to help!

HuffPost mentions several tips for finding the best gift for your loved ones, including making a list of their interests or giving unique experiences for a memorable gift. With tons of cool gifts available, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for teens in 2022.

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Creative Christmas Gifts for Teens

1. Pottery Classes

Evoke your teen’s inner artist with hands-on pottery classes for one of the best Christmas gifts for teens. Expert artists will teach exciting techniques in crafting and painting their own pottery.

They’ll love designing unique creations, from beautiful bowls to stunning mugs. With tons of exciting pottery classes in Portland, pottery classes in San Francisco or pottery classes in San Diego, there are hands-on classes located everywhere!

pottery class Christmas gift for teens
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2. Dance Classes

Help your teen learn to bust a move with one of the most unique gifts for a teenage girl. Experienced dancers will help them learn a choreographed dance to an upbeat song.

Plus, these classes are a great way to build their confidence and help them find community. If your teen is on the West coast, you can find many fun dance classes in Los Angeles or dance classes in Las Vegas. There are also tons of exciting dance classes in NYC for your teen to explore.

3. Painting Classes

If your teenager is creative, painting classes are one of the most creative Christmas gifts for teens. Patient instructors will guide them through beautiful blending, shading and color techniques to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

Online painting classes are also an excellent gift idea for your teen to participate in live, interactive classes for a fun painting night.

4. One-Step Tie Dye Kit

Your teen will love creating their own unique tie-dye shirts. Gather their friends for a tie-dye party for one of the most inexpensive gifts for a teenage girl. Just add water to the dye and create a fun design.

5. Instant Camera

If your teen is a budding photographer, they’ll love an instant camera. Each camera is available in a variety of cool colors. They’ll love capturing fun memories with their friends for an instant polaroid. 

teens girls taking selfie with polaroid camera
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6. My Comic Book Kit

For creative teenagers, My Comic Book Kit is an excellent Christmas gift for teens. The book comes with unique prompts to help them tell an engaging story through pictures. As one of the coolest gifts for artists, your teen will love creating a thrilling adventure through this book.

Foodie Christmas Gifts for Teens

7. Cooking Classes

Level up your teen’s cooking skills a useful gift. Esteemed chefs will excite them with delicious recipes, from handmade pasta to rolling their own sushi. They’ll transform fresh, healthy ingredients into incredible meals they can easily recreate at home.

With many cooking classes in San Antonio, cooking classes in Nashville or cooking classes in Orange County, there are tons of professional chefs excited to help your teen become a pro in the kitchen. Wherever you’re located, there are plenty of cooking classes near you.

8. Online Cooking Classes

If your teen is a foodie, they’ll love one of the most unique Christmas gifts for teens. Online cooking classes are a perfect way for them to use their home kitchen to elevate their cooking skills. In a live, interactive setting, they’ll learn delicious recipes from professional chefs and can ask questions any time. These classes are also a fun way to bring the family together for one of the best family gift ideas.

9. Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Treat your teen to their own DIY mochi. If your teen is a big fan of this delicious dessert, they’ll love this as one of the best Christmas gifts for teens. Each kit includes all the ingredients and tools they need to make a cute treat. 

mochi ice cream kit Christmas gift for teens
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10. Mini Fridge

Help your teen store their sodas and fizzy drinks in their own mini fridge. Your teen will love this custom gift with many sizing and color options available. Save room in the refrigerator by buying one of the best Christmas gifts for teens.

11. Beast Blender

Does your teen love to drink smoothies or juices? This smooth blender is one of the best Christmas gifts for teens. With a durable and functional design, this gift will last them through the years. If they’re going off to college soon, this is another one of the best 18th birthday gift ideas.

12. Bubble Tea Kit

As one of the coolest Christmas gifts for teens, this kit is perfect for any bubble tea lover. This kit comes with delicious loose-leaf tea and boba for a tasty drink. With easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes, everyone will agree this is one of the best gifts for a teenage girl.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Teens

13. Online Games

What do most 15-year-old boys want for Christmas? Online trivia games are one of the best gifts for teen boys. Encourage them to challenge their friends to Harry Potter trivia for virtual game nights. Entertaining hosts will take charge of the event in a live, interactive setting for one of the best Christmas gifts for teens.

group of teens playing games on laptop
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14. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Put your teen to the test with an exciting Christmas gift for teens. In virtual scavenger hunts, they’ll explore a variety of adventurous themes to decipher codes and solve clues. Exciting hosts will give them clues in a live, hands-on experience they won’t soon forget.

15. Virtual Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for cool gifts for teenage guys, you can’t go wrong with virtual escape rooms. Your teen will race against the clock to solve riddles and crack clues. Engaging hosts make this event one of the coolest Christmas gifts for teens.

16. Apple AirTag

Does your teen struggle to find their keys? Give them an AirTag for one of the best Christmas gifts for teens. They can attach this techie gift to their keys or even luggage to help them easily find their items. You can also customize each AirTag with emojis for a unique touch.

17. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for Christmas list ideas for a teenage girl, a portable Bluetooth speaker is always a hit. With a variety of pricing options and styles available, there’s something for every budget.

portable speaker Christmas gift for teens
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Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

18. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Virtual flower arranging classes are one of the most unique gifts for a teenage girl. Expert florists will guide them in a live, interactive setting where they can create stunning floral crowns, or learn how to expertly arrange succulents. If your teen is looking for creative hobbies, this exciting Christmas gift for teens won’t disappoint!

19. Photography Classes

What should a teenage girl get for Christmas from her list? Why not level up her photo skills with photography classes? Talented photographers will guide her through mastering light, shadow and composition for one of the most unique gifts for a teenage girl. Online photography classes are also an exciting option!

20. Satin Heatless Curling Set

If your teen loves to style her hair and you’re looking for one of the best Christmas list ideas for a teenage girl, look no further! These satin sets prevent breakage without using any heat on her hair. She’ll attain beautiful, frizz-free curls with happy, healthy hair.

21. Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Help your teen level up her makeup skills with a lighted vanity makeup mirror. This cool Christmas gift for teens provides a gentle, backlit mirror so she can groom her face flawlessly. With an assortment of styles and pricing options, there’s bound to be something available in everyone’s budget.

vanity mirror surrounded by round lights
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22. Jelly Lip Mask

Jelly lip masks are one of the best inexpensive gifts for a teenage girl. She’ll happily trade in her chapstick for this hydrating lip treatment. She can apply this lip mask before bed or throughout the day for luscious, smooth lips. She’ll be thanking you for this luxurious present all year long.

23. Book of the Month Collection

Is your teen a bookworm? She’ll love a subscription to this collection for the hottest new reads. Curators scour the web for the best books to include in your teen’s monthly box. She’ll love this gift as one of the coolest Christmas gifts for teens.

Christmas Gifts for Teen Guys

25. Glass Blowing Classes

Gift your teen exciting glass blowing classes for one of the coolest Christmas gifts for teens. He’ll learn how to melt, shape and mold glass to create ornaments or unique bowls for around the house. This unique hobby is safely led by expert glass blowers for an experience he won’t forget!

24. Woodworking Classes

If you’re looking for cool gifts for teenage guys, they’ll love woodworking classes! Expert carpenters will guide them in learning how to cut and shape wood into unique materials, like cutting boards and picture frames.

As one of the best experience gifts, they’ll love learning a new hobby with this unique Christmas gift for teens.

teen boy sawing in woodshop class
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26. Rimable Skateboard

These cool skateboards are one of the best gifts for teen boys for Christmas. With thick, high-quality wheels, rimable skateboards are perfect for beginners. These impressive boards also come in many colors and styles to match your teen’s unique personality. As an affordable skateboard, your teen will love this cool Christmas gift for teens.

27. Sunset Lamp Projection

Sunset lamp projections were a cool trend on TikTok last year. If your teen doesn’t have one in his room yet, there’s no doubt he’d love to have one. These lamps project golden-hour light onto walls to create a beautiful sunset effect. If your teen struggles with shorter hours during the colder months, this lamp is a great way to combat the “winter blues”.

28. Spikeball Game Set

If your teen likes sports, a spikeball game set is the next best thing! This thrilling set combines volleyball and four-square. The game is easy to play and can have multiple players – perfect for a game with his friends or some good family fun.

29. Bluetooth Headphones

What does a 14-year-old boy want for Christmas? He’ll never say no to a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones. Whether your teen is traveling or working on homework, these headphones make a great addition to his lifestyle. With a variety of styles and pricing options, there are tons of high-quality headphones to choose from.

teen boy dancing in room wearing headphones
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From cooking classes to portable speakers, there are cool Christmas gifts for teens of all kinds on this list. Whether your teen is a bookworm or a master painter, there are many unique gifts that encourage them in their interests, hobbies and skills. The right Christmas gift will help them feel loved and memorable going into the new year.

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