51 Fun Taylor Swift Themed Party Activities, Outfits & More for 2024

Last Updated on May 14th 2024
Taylor Swift themed party
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The Swiftie Universe is vast, mystical and ever-expanding, making the possibilities for your Taylor Swift themed parties practically endless.

But for you, dear reader, this long-time Swiftie has narrowed it down to 39 best party tips, games, outfits and other inspirations to help guide you through your event planning and bring your vision to life. 

What is a Taylor Swift party? It can be as low-key or as over-the-top as you like — listen to vinyl records with your friends if you're looking for chill girls night ideas, or go big with a gorgeous gala for a memorable Taylor Swift birthday party. 

With so many more re-records, tour dates and Easter eggs around the corner, 'tis the damn season to host an epic Taylor Swift themed party that Swifties and non-Swifties alike will rave about.

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Best Taylor Swift Themed Party Menu Ideas 

1. Throw a Feast With Taylor Swift’s Nashville Chef

Did you know you can learn to cook with the guidance of a chef who has cooked for Taylor herself? If you are planning a Nashville bachelorette party or another special occasion for a Swiftie, book cooking classes in Nashville with the talented Chef John and make gourmet recipes with a knowledgeable chef as your guiding light.

If you're hosting your Taylor Swift themed party elsewhere, you can find cooking classes in Los Angeles, cooking classes in NYC or any cooking classes near you that suit your taste, even if it's cupcake baking, bread making or sushi rolling. Turn up Taylor's tunes as you turn up the heat in the kitchen!

cooking classes in Nashville Taylor Swift themed party idea
via Classpop!

2. The Liquor in Your Cocktails 

A unique addition to any cocktail party at home is joining online mixology classes with a skilled mixologist. Perfect the Old Fashioned and other cocktails with Tennessee whisky on ice for a Taylor Swift themed party activity for cocktail lovers.

You can even join this Swiftie-Inspired Cocktails class where you'll learn to make bright and balanced beverages based on some of your favorite T-Swift songs. There is even an opportunity at the end of the class to mastermind your own craft cocktail concoction!

3. Baker’s Gonna Bake, Bake, Bake 

Host your Taylor Swift themed party at home and get in touch with your inner baker with online baking classes. You can join over Zoom, making it easy for anyone to join the event remotely, and an experienced chef will walk the group through the steps of creating decadent pies, pastries and more. 

You could even learn how to make Taylor's famous Chai tea cookie recipe! If you're looking for fun things to do with friends during your party, this is a great hands-on, interactive activity that ends in sampling your tasty homemade treats.

person singing into spatula while baking in the kitchen
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4. Get the Rosé Flowing

Fellow wine lovers will enjoy sipping and savoring at vineyard tours or virtual wine tastings as a fun activity to do at your Taylor Swift themed party.

We know Taylor has written lyrics about wines like rosé and merlot — join a wine tasting to sip, sample and decide which wines you think might be worthy of writing a song about.

5. Order or Make a Custom Eras Cake

A custom eras cake makes for a wow-worthy centerpiece for any party table and is a great way to add a personal touch to your Taylor Swift themed party menu.

For example, if you're thinking up bachelorette party ideas for a Swiftie, this personalized Lover Era cake is a pretty and playful addition to the dessert menu — a welcome surprise for any Swiftie bride. 

custom Lover themed bachelorette cake for a Taylor Swift themed party cake
via Sugared by April

6. Birthday Dinner in NYC

One of the best ways to explore a city is through its food scene, and doing so in New York City is an exceptional experience. Celebrate a milestone birthday with a memorable birthday dinner in NYC.

Make it a Taylor Swift themed party by referring to The Taylor Swift Restaurant Guide to New York City from Vogue and hosting your birthday dinner at a "Mother"-approved restaurant. Gather a few close friends for a New York night to remember!

7. Centennial Park Picnic

Transport yourself and your Swiftie entourage to Nashville's Centennial Park by hosting a picnic outdoors on a warm, sunny day at a park in your area.

Pack some fresh picnic food ideas, bring a speaker and let Taylor serenade you as you bask in the sun. You can even invite everyone to bring a read for a relaxing Taylor Swift themed party for book lovers.

group of friends enjoying park picnic
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8. Champagne & Charcuterie 

You don't need to pop Dom Pérignon to host gorgeous brunch party ideas for the T-Swift fan in your life. Easily assemble a light bites cocktail party menu with a Champagne and charcuterie theme.

Get creative with your charcuterie board ideas — will you arrange an autumn theme board representing the Red Era or craft a vegetable board with the colors of all 10 eras? Invite everyone to bring their own and enjoy seeing (and sampling) all the custom creations.

Creative Taylor Swift Themed Party Activities

9. Make the Friendship Bracelets (and Other Taylor-Coded Crafts)

Friendship bracelet making has become standard practice amongst Swifties and even across other fandoms. For a crafty Taylor Swift themed party activity, join art classes in NYC, art classes in Chicago, art classes in San Diego or browse art classes in your local area to make cute clay bead bracelet ideas together and other DIY projects.

Make the friendship bracelets with this top-rated starter friendship bracelet making kit perfect for beginners or supplying for group get-togethers.

If you've had your fill of friendship bracelets, explore other creative subjects like candle making, calligraphy, stationery — you can even join virtual flower arranging classes and make arrangements using flowers mentioned in lyrics (daisies, roses, poppies, etc.)

hand reaching for bowl of friendship bracelet beads
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10. Paint and Sip Away Like a Bottle of Wine

Paint your own blue and purple-pink skies as you sip your favorite white wine, sparkling cider or soothing tea. Invite friends and family to join and choose from subjects like Folklore-esque forests, bustling New York City skylines and more.

By booking paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in Houston or paint and sip near you, the majority of the planning (venue, activities, supplies) for your Taylor Swift themed party is all wrapped into one. Plus, you'll leave the party with a handmade memento of the occasion!

11. Capture It, Remember It With Polaroid Pictures

Polaroids are a motif that can be found across eras, from the 1989 album cover to Reputation's "New Year's Day" Polaroid lyric. Capturing moments with Polaroids is also a simple yet engaging activity for guests to enjoy at any party, not just a Taylor Swift themed party! 

Set up a dedicated space and leave a blank book for people to stick their photos inside for a post-party keepsake. These Polaroid instant cameras give you the vintage feel that makes Polaroids so wonderfully nostalgic and will be a huge hit with your guests.

Polaroid camera and photos for a Taylor Swift themed party
via Polaroid

12. Put On Your Records

Vinyl doesn't just have better quality sound — in this article from The Harvard Gazette, students report that they like to have vinyl in their apartment or dorm because it makes a statement about who they are outside of school or work. 

If you or your friends have Taylor Swift vinyl records, have them bring theirs and host a Taylor Swift listening party by the record table. You can burn incense and vibe to vinyl until you see the sunrise. This lavender Victrola vintage record player is reasonably priced for record players and would be perfect for your party.

13. Get Lost in a Film Scene

We couldn’t let lucky #13 pass us by without giving a special mention to the record-breaking films Taylor has directed, produced and starred in over the last decade. 

Gather a group and go all out with a projector and popcorn at home to stream films like Taylor Swift: The Eras TourMiss Americana or Reputation Stadium Tour.

Another option is to have the films and music videos streaming in the background of your party to add atmosphere and music for your Taylor Swift themed party all in one. 

friends cheering at movie theater next to bucket of Eras Tour popcorn
via Canva, Emma McCracken

14. Get It Off Your Chest

During her Lover Era, Taylor Swift released copies of her own personal journals kept over the years, filled with dreams, lyrics, apprehensions and even a doodle or two.

Channel her expressive spirit with this Lover Taylor Swift themed party idea — supply guests with blank journals and an assortment of crafting supplies and invite them to DIY their own journal ideas, whether they want to start a bullet journal, make a Polaroid scrapbook or explore other art journal ideas

15. Support Your Local Feline Friends

Even if you don't have your own cats to stumble on home to after a Taylor Swift themed party, you can still support the feline community by donating to or volunteering at your local animal shelter. 

Some animal rescue teams will even bring cats and kittens to your event if there are guests who may be interested in fostering or adopting. It's a warm and fuzzy way to spread the word about helpful animal organizations in your area. 

*We hope the cats you meet are more enthused than the one pictured below.

pet shelter volunteer holding grumpy cat
via Shutterstock
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16. Host a Taylor Swift Dance Party

Wondering how to plan a birthday party for the Swiftie in your life? There are tons of ways to throw a Taylor Swift dance party with friends for an activity that gets everyone energized, letting loose and making moves up as they go. 

Find dance classes near you, book a venue with a DJ and dancefloor or simply blast your favorite Tay tunes in your living room and get down to those sick beats.

There are always bars and clubs that host regular Taylor Swift themed parties, especially in larger cities. It's one of the best ways to meet other Swifties!

Fun Taylor Swift Themed Party Games 

17. Solve Crimes Like a Mastermind

Baby, let the games begin. If you’re a true crime lover like Taylor, these murder mystery games may be just what you've been searching for for your Taylor Swift themed party.

Choose from themes like Gatsby, baking or even the royal monarchy. Gameplay includes up to 20 people, and because these games can be played both online and in person, Swifties all over the world can join in to help solve the mystery. 

murder mystery Taylor Swift themed party game
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18. Host a Merry Swiftmas Gift Exchange

If you are planning your Taylor Swift themed party around the holiday season, consider including some gift exchange ideas as a way to include the whole group in a fun gift-giving game. 

Share your go-tos with a favorite things gift exchange or get a little competitive with white elephant gift ideas that get everyone's attention. 

19. Show What Your Words Are Worth in Scrabble

Fans joke about the fact that many of us have needed to reference a dictionary at least once while reading some of Taylor's lyrics. Are you up to the challenge of putting your wordsmith skills to the test?

Host a Scrabble Tournament for your Taylor Swift themed party for a game that requires quick thinking and a strong vocabulary. 

group of friends playing scrabble
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20. Swiftie Sing-Along

Singing in front of others isn't so scary when everyone is joining in. Host a karaoke Taylor Swift themed party with music that spans across every era.

Put the playlist on shuffle — anyone who is dressed up like the era of the song that comes on next are the ones who will go up to sing!

21. Card Sharks

Playing cards are a motif featured in an array of T-Swift lyrics, and they shouldn't be overlooked as a fun game option to include in your Taylor Swift party ideas.

A deck of cards is actually hundreds of games in one — plus it gives off a certain timeless aesthetic, echoing themes from songs like "The Joker and the Queen," or lyrics like "Card game bets with Dolly," "I'm a house of cards" and others.

friends playing cards next to champagne
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22. The Luck of the Draw

For another fun way to support your community with your Taylor Swift themed party, think up some cool raffle basket ideas and invite guests to each donate one Taylor Swift related item to add to the raffle prize basket.

Anyone who wants to participate pays a fee for a raffle ticket. Whoever's numbers get drawn at the end of the night is the winner of all the prizes in the basket!

It's a tantalizing way to keep guests engaged and on their toes throughout the entire event. Plus, all the earnings can be donated to one of your favorite food banks or other local charities.

23. Roll the Dice

Like card games, dice games are another nod to some of Taylor Swift's lyrics and themes, plus, dice can also be used in a multitude of ways. Add classic games like Yahtzee, Backgammon, or Left, Right, Center to your game table at your Taylor Swift themed party.

hand rolling two dice
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Dazzling Taylor Swift Party Decorations 

24. Taylor Swift Balloon Arch

Who isn't dazzled by a balloon arch? It is a first impression moment for your Taylor Swift themed party, as it will likely be the first thing guests will see when they arrive.

At the same time, however, balloon arches can be time-consuming to make and challenging to transport.

If you prefer to avoid the hassle that can come with a large balloon arch, there are plenty of pre-made decorating kits out there that come with all the essentials, including Taylor Swift themed party balloons, banners, cake toppers and more for every era.

25. Big Reputation Backdrop

Know someone turning 22? 13? A big birthday deserves a big backdrop. This Taylor Swift eras birthday party backdrop is perfect as a decoration for a Taylor Swift themed party for a birthday, especially if they are in their Reputation era.

For an extra fun surprise for the birthday person, find a life-size Taylor Swift cardboard cutout to have for photos at the party.

big reputation banner Taylor Swift themed party decorations
via Walmart

26. Feelin’ So Gatsby

What are some of your favorite songs to hear at a Taylor Swift themed party? If bright bops like "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" or "Bejeweled" light you up, or if you are most dazzled by Roarin' 20s flapper-style fashions from the "Delicate" music video and across other eras, this one's for you.

For this Taylor Swift themed party idea, decorate with shimmering accents, elegant partyware, feathers and pearls. Want to feel so Gatsby for the whole year? Make it a glamorous New Year's party idea — just add confetti, candle wax and Polaroids. 

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27. In Screaming Color

Do you have a hard time choosing an era because you love all the colors and themes so much? If so, this Taylor Swift themed party idea is for you — every era has its moment with color party ideas that highlight songs like "Lavender Haze," "Maroon" and "Red."

Decorate doorways with rainbow-colored streamers or thrift an assortment of dinnerware in the colors of each era. It also makes for vibrant "You Need to Calm Down" inspired Pride party ideas.

*For reference, each era is generally considered to have the following thematic color: Debut - Teal; Fearless - Gold; Speak Now - Purple; Red - Red; 1989 - Light Blue; Reputation - Black; Lover - Soft Pink & Blue; Folklore - Grey; Evermore - Auburn; Midnights - Navy. 

rainbow Taylor Swift themed party
via Canva

28. Blank Space Breakup 

Any chance to reenact the "Blank Space" music video is a chance worth taking. This is one of the best Taylor Swift themed parties for Galentine’s Day ideas for single girlfriends or even for breakup and divorce party ideas for those who might enjoy turning their singledom into satire.

Decorate for this theme with red apples, golf clubs and other props from the music video. This idea pairs perfectly with the hilarious red cake scene from the "I Bet You Think About Me" music video — include this kind of cake for a decorative yet delicious Taylor Swift themed party dessert idea.

29. A Mirrorball Shining Just for You

If your Taylor Swift party decorations don't include a mirrorball in some form or fashion, is it even a Taylor Swift themed party? Make a mini mirrorball garland to hang around the party space, adorn cocktails in pink mirrorball drinkware or put a spotlight on a stunning spinning centerpiece. 

mirrorball Taylor Swift themed party idea
via Canva

30. Build a Castle

We hope no one is throwing bricks at you — build a castle out of nice things for your Taylor Swift themed party instead, like cascading vines of ivy, romantic vintage candelabras, twinkling fairy lights and other Old World touches that combine to make you feel like you've stumbled into the "Love Story" music video.

31. Fall Down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland

There are tons of hidden Alice in Wonderland gems throughout Taylor's lyrics and even in her overall aesthetic — in fact, New York's Vulture Magazine describes her Nashville apartment as "shabby-chic Alice in Wonderland."

A Wonderland Taylor Swift themed party offers infinite ideas for party decorations: think warped vases, ornate looking glass frames, a Mad Hatter tea set — don't forget to incorporate the Cheshire Cat!

hand holding Cheshire Cat Wonderland party invitation
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Popular Taylor Swift Birthday Party Favors

32. The Ultimate Goodie Bag

Make your party favor bag a party favor of its own with these Taylor-themed drawstring bags. They come in a pack of eight in four fun designs, including The Eras Tour poster and collages of looks from iconic eras. Fill these bags with smaller Taylor Swift party favors, like temporary tattoos and heart-shaped sunglasses.

33. For the Getaway Car

Possibly the cutest Taylor Swift party favors out there, these vinyl record car air fresheners are a huge hit amongst fans. This set comes with two vent clip diffusers and 14 unique air fresheners shaped like mini Taylor Swift records. The best part — the record spins when air is blowing from the vent! 

car air freshener vinyl record taylor swift party favor
via Amazon

34. The Classic Things

Retro button pins, I Heart T.S. wristbands and keychains, and an assortment of Swiftie stickers are classic Taylor Swift birthday party favors that fill this 86-piece set, perfect for larger parties. 

35. Drinking Beer Out of [Stanley] Cups

If you’re a group of Stanley-swigging Swifties, this is the party favor for you. These straw covers come in a pack of three and include two initial charms to accessorize your Stanley cup.

Taylor Swift party favors Stanley cup straw cover and chain
via Amazon

36. Movie Posters

A perfect party favor for a movie night or karaoke night, these Taylor Swift posters are sure to be adored by guests. They come in many different sizes, styles and price points.

You can even find prints that include her signature! Posters also make great Taylor Swift party decorations that you can share (or keep!) after the party.

37. A Mirrorball Mirror

Promise to be dazzling with a colorful disco ball compact mirror as a useful Taylor Swift party favor that pairs perfectly with red lipstick or a small makeup bag. This set comes in a pack of twelve. 

rainbow mirrorball party favor
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38. Clown With Silly Straws

Clown around with this 24-pack of silly straws that guests can use to sip their Swiftie-themed cocktails at the party and take home to keep as a party favor. It can also help everyone keep track of their drink — guests can choose a straw based on their era or outfit.

Custom Taylor Swift Birthday Party Invitations

39. Call a Department Meeting

If you consider yourself a member of The Tortured Poets Department, this is just the Taylor Swift birthday party invitation for you. Use a typewriter (or typewriter font) to write letters to your fellow department members calling your next meeting into order. 

typing on typewriter black and white
via Canva

40. Personalize Your Era

Customize your invitations to match your era. Zazzle has tons of Taylor Swift party invitation designs to choose from, and you can edit and tailor the designs to personalize your invitations however you like.

Add a snakeskin background for the Reputation era, or dreamy pink and blue clouds for Lover. Have fun with it and make it your own!

41. Paper Airplanes

If you’re a 1989 Stan, this cute symbol of the era makes for a creative and playful Taylor Swift birthday party invitation idea, inspired by the “Out of the Woods” line, “two paper airplanes flying…” Simply shape your invitations into paper airplanes and watch your guests soar with excitement. 

paper airplane taylor swift birthday party invitation
via Canva

42. A Hidden Message

Channel your inner mastermind and create a puzzle with clues for your guests to solve, or a hidden message in your invitation. You can capitalize certain letters or use specific colors and fonts to disguise your secret message. 

43. VIP Treatment

Give guests the thrilling feeling of opening an envelope of concert tickets with Taylor Swift birthday party invitations that look like VIP tickets to the Eras show.

You can even present guests with VIP badges as they enter the event to make them feel extra special, or include little Swiftie accessories they can wear to the party. 

VIP badge taylor swift birthday party invitation
via PVC Invites

Unique Taylor Swift Themed Party Outfits 

44. Choose Your Outfit by Era

What Taylor Swift era are you in right now, or what era is closest to your heart or best captures your personality? The following 10 eras are filled with some of the best outfit inspirations for your Taylor Swift themed party.

Here are some ideas of outfits and costumes you can wear to your Taylor Swift themed party for each era: 

  • Debut Era Outfit Ideas

As the first album in her discography, the debut album aesthetic reflects that of her first country music hits like “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Our Song” — think blues and greens, cowboy hats and boots, etc.

Plus, we can’t forget it was the early 2000s, which gives an especially fun and nostalgic twist to this Taylor Swift eras outfit inspiration.

  • Fearless Era Outfit Ideas

For the Fearless Era, think glittery gold, black and silver fringe dresses and boots, paralleled with the high school cheerleader costume and the high school senior T-shirt outfit from the “You Belong With Me” music video.

You could also go with romantic golden fairytale looks inspired by songs like “Love Story” and “White Horse.” Don't forget to supply your party guests with some "13" temporary tattoos!

  • Speak Now Era Outfit Ideas

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now outfits are some of the most magical, including sparkling fairytale ballgowns in a captivating color, which is now assuredly known as “Speak Now purple.”

When it comes to outfit planning for a Speak Now Taylor Swift themed party, think romance of yesteryear, enchantment and mystical wonder. 

taylor swift speak now outfit inspiration
via Canva
  • Red Era Outfit Ideas

The Red Era is best known for the heart-wrenching ballad “All Too Well (10-Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” its East Coast autumn aesthetic, and, of course, the red scarf.

But Taylor Swift’s Red Era outfits also include the fun looks from “22” and “I Knew You Were Trouble,” like the “Not a Lot Going on at the Moment” white T-shirt and black fedora — a classic and cute option for a casual Taylor Swift themed party outfit!

  • 1989 Era Outfit Ideas

For the sequin lovers, 1989 is an era filled with lighthearted fun fashions, including glitzy 80s-style sequin jackets paired with skater skirts and heeled booties.

For a more laidback 1989 outfit option to wear to a Taylor Swift themed party, you could mirror the cover art with a light blue beachy vibe. Explore more 1989 era outfit inspiration here.

  • Reputation Era Outfit Ideas

The aesthetic of Taylor Swift’s Reputation outfits is a 180° turn away from that of her first five albums in that she has left her worlds of castles and color for one that has gone completely dark.

If you feel empowered in snake-embroidered fishnet nights, black combat boots or camo jackets, then Reputation is the era for your Taylor Swift themed party. Check out these go-to Reputation era outfit finds.

  • Lover Era Outfit Ideas

If the brooding Reputation era is Wednesday Addams, then the Lover era is its sunshiney Enid Sinclair. For your Lover Era Taylor Swift themed party outfit, think rainbow outfits, colorful makeup, heart-shaped sunnies, pastel tie-dye, pretty pinks and bright blues.

Add a bit of sparkle and draw a pink glitter heart around your eye as an homage to the album cover, or accessorize with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. 

Taylor Swift Lover outfit inspiration
via Emma McCracken
  • Folklore Era Outfit Ideas

This one's for the cool (and cozy) cottagecore kids. Transform yourself into a person of the woods. Taylor Swift's Folkore outfits include long dresses with loose, flowing sleeves that create a dreamy glow around her on stage.

Plan for puffy pirate shirts, oversized knit cardigans or embroidered vintage dresses. 

  • Evermore Era Outfit Ideas

As sister albums, Folklore and Evermore share a similar woodsy vibe, though overall they are very different. Often referred to as "dark academia," Evermore outfits err more on the preppy side, featuring plaid wool peacoats, French braids and a bookish look.

Wear this look to a Taylor Swift themed party if you prefer to dress comfortably yet sophisticated. Though the Evermore album was born after Folklore, the Evermore aesthetic is an older, wiser look than that of the childlike wonder portrayed throughout the Folklore Era.

evermore outfit inspiration
via Canva
  • Midnights Era Outfit Ideas

There are a few different vibes you can go with when planning your Midnights Era outfits for a Taylor Swift themed party. The "Anti-Hero" music video alone is a jackpot for Taylor Swift costume ideas. 

Go with the 70s style, or if you are more of a "Karma" or "Bejewled" babe, find a bodysuit you feel the most confident in and start bedazzling in time for your Taylor Swift themed party!

45. DIY a One-of-a-Kind Cardigan or Jacket

If you're hoping to wear a Taylor Swift themed party outfit that is truly unprecedented, you may need to take matters into your own hands.

Thrift a denim jacket and customize it to your heart's content with iron-on patches, handpainted lyrics or a "Vote for Me for Everything" button to reference the "Anti-Hero" music video. 

If the cardigan is more your style, you can embroider or sew on patches to make it your own. In fact, why not make a Taylor Swift themed party activity out of it and everyone crafts their outfits together?

patchwork denim jacket with Taylor Swift patches ironed on it
via Emma McCracken

46. Real-Life Barbie

When The Eras Tour kicked off around the same time as Barbie the Movie premiered, many fans noticed the overlap between the two bombshell blondes. Host a Taylor Swift themed party where everyone dresses up as a different Barbie Taylor.

Will you be Cookie Baking Barbie? PhD Graduate Barbie? Lover Bodysuit Barbie? After all, you can be anything!

47. The Boy on the Football Team

Finding the best Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas for guys can be a challenge, but now more than ever is the time for them to break out the football gear. You could even do a funny couple's outfit with a Taylor and Travis costume. 

There is a wide array of outfit ideas that fall under the school/sports Taylor Swift themed party category, such as homecoming royalty, prep school skirts and neckties, or even dressing as Taylor at her NYU graduation.

man wearing numner 13 on reed football jersey
via Canva

48. A Cowboy Like You

If you're drawn to Taylor's earlier works or just love a good old fashioned country theme, go with a Taylor Swift themed party outfit that pays homage to her country music start in Nashville. This is also a perfect option if you need last-minute Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas for guys.

Cowboy boots and cowboy hats are a popular choice amongst Swifties, but there are endless ways in which you can make them your own with custom shoe painting ideas and cowboy hat customizations with stitching, pins and more.

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49. Spooky Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes

Are you in search of Halloween party ideas under the Swiftie spell? If you know someone with Halloween makeup or mask skills, then the best option for a Taylor Swift Halloween costume would probably be the "Look What You Made Me Do" zombie.

You could also dress as Willow witches, or cover yourself in snake accessories for the Reputation Era. Host a Taylor Swift themed party for Halloween and see what ideas all of your guests come up with!

snake themed Taylor swift Halloween costume
via Walmart

50. Street Style Fashion Show

If you've been keeping up with pop culture lately, you have likely seen Taylor Swift's street style making headlines. You never know what kind of look she'll be serving or what kind of Easter eggs she'll be hiding behind her jewelry, handbags or nail polish colors.

For a fun (if however niche) Taylor Swift themed party idea, have everyone arrive dressed in their favorite street style look and host a fashion show.

51. Your Own Combination of Glitter & Uninhibited Enthusiasm

There are tons of great Taylor Swift themed party accessories and costumes out there, but the best come from your own imagination and show a sense of your personality.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with sequins and a smile! Choose any song, motif or swiftie inside joke that brings you joy and turn it into a wearable work of art —  we promise that they’ll never find another like you! 

friend putting glitter in other friend's beard
via Canva

Taylor Swift themed parties are becoming increasingly more popular, but if you don't consider yourself a "Swiftie," you may feel like you've been thrust into another realm. Well, you sort of have.

A Georgetown University professor suggests that much of Taylor Swift's popularity stems from the secret language she has created with her fans and the intimacy and bond that goes along with it. 

While fans often make references to her outfits, lyrics, performances (and, of course, have a few inside jokes), even those who have never listened to her music will be enchanted by a Taylor Swift themed party, as they are first and foremost welcoming, and honestly, they're a blast!

Whether you are planning a listening party for a small group, 22nd birthday ideas or a Nashville bachelorette bash, we hope this list has inspired you to surround yourself with people you love and host your own Taylor Swift themed party this year.

For even more fun party ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!