37 Best Favorite Things Gifts for Your Party in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
favorite things gifts
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If you’re looking for a memorable and meaningful gift swap idea, it doesn’t get much better than exchanging favorite things gifts. A favorite things gift party enables loved ones to share handpicked items with one another without the stress of a formal gift-giving event.  

As great as a favorite things gift exchange can be, it’s only as good as the gifts you bring. While your favorite things gifts should be items that are personal to you, it never hurts to be inspired by a little brainstorming.

With that in mind, this guide will be an excellent kickstarter for planning your next favorite things gift event. 

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What is a Favorite Things Gift Exchange?

So, what is a favorite things gift exchange? This style of party is a themed gift exchange, where everyone is invited to bring a collection of their favorite things — such as a favorite coffee brand or makeup product — and distribute it to the other guests as a favorite things gift.

In the end, everyone has received a nice range of quality gifts that are all the more meaningful because they reflect a loved one’s tastes and interests. 

Favorite Things Party Rules

When organizing a favorite things gift party, it’s helpful to set up a few ground rules. You’ll need to set a price and item limit. For instance, you can ask everyone to bring three favorite things gifts that are each under $30. Having a shared expectation on spending will make all of the party guests more comfortable and able to enjoy the occasion. 

opening favorite things gift
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Rules are helpful for clarifying any confusion about the gift exchange, like the often-asked questions, “Do you wrap gifts for a favorite things party?” and “Do you say who brought each gift?” The answers, by the way, are usually to not wrap the gifts so people can see them, and to share who brought each item to allow for a nice show-and-tell session.

Favorite things party rules can also determine how gifts are distributed and ascribe any particular themes to the gifts, such as food or travel. Whatever rules you come up with, just be sure all the party guests agree to them and are clear on how the gift exchange will work. 

Creative Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

1. Paint and Sip Experience

If your group of friends is on the creative side, painting classes make excellent favorite things gifts for artists. Think of any painting classes or art programs that you’ve enjoyed in the past, and see if you can sign your friends up.

For an accessible option, consider finding a paint and sip near you. Paint and sips are a relaxed social setting for playing around with some paint and a canvas, and there’s usually a paint and sip studio in every city, such as paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Denver or paint and sip in Los Angeles.

If you can’t find a painting class in your area that you like as a favorite things gift, you can always look into online painting classes, as well. 

woman painting cityscape while drinking wine
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2. Handmade Ceramics

Pottery classes are another clever favorite things gift for an artsy group of friends. If you’ve taken pottery or other kind of mixed media classes, consider introducing it to your pals. A favorite things party could be a great chance to let them know about some fun pottery classes near you.

Folks who live in rural areas could also incorporate a destination trip to a nearby city into their pottery class idea by finding pottery classes in interesting locales, like pottery classes in Portland, pottery classes in Austin or pottery classes in San Diego.

3. Creative Experience Gift Card

Experience gifts are original and well-liked as favorite things gifts, but try mixing it up by giving your friends the gift of a multitude of adventures with an experience gift card.

A Classpop! gift card can be used for an incredibly wide range of classes and experiences, including art classes, cooking classes, and fun online games and activities. 

4. Colored Pencils

Don’t discount simple favorite things gift ideas when planning a favorite things gift for a group with an artistic side. A pack of quality colored pencils that’s already been tried and endorsed by yourself is a convenient and thoughtful favorite things gift for folks who regularly draw with colored pencils.

Pick out your preferred trusted colored pencils brand and advertise its benefits when you present it at the favorite things gift party. 

5. Temporary Tattoos

Give your favorite things gift an edgier flair with temporary tattoos. A small set of high-end temporary tattoos is relatively inexpensive — great if you’re looking for favorite things party gift ideas for $50 or less — and will bring you and your friends loads of fun.

There are designs for every personal aesthetic, and the ink typically lasts a week or two, giving you just enough time to experiment with a new look.

Inkbox temporary tattoos favorite things gift
via Inkbox

6. Board Game

A board game is another clever favorite things gift idea. Choose your favorite board game – the more unheard of the better – and bring it along to the party to introduce your friends to their new favorite party game.

A board game is also to bring if you’re looking for hostess gift ideas, as it provides your host with an easy entertainment option in case it’s needed later in the evening. 

Foodie Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

7. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are the perfect favorite things gift idea if you need gifts for foodies. Let your loved ones know about the best cooking classes near you.

This is an especially good favorite things gift gift if you live in a large city that has an abundance of cooking classes, as your first-hand experience will be much appreciated.

For instance, knowing the best cooking classes in NYC, cooking classes in New Orleans or cooking classes in Denver could be extremely helpful to your social circle.

However, if you aren’t aware of any good cooking courses in your area, signing a friend up for online cooking classes would be an original favorite things gift idea, as well.

8. Beverage Tasting

If you need favorite things gifts for cocktail lovers, look no further than a beverage tasting. Arrange for your pals to attend a tasting event at your favorite local vineyard, brewery or distillery.

You can also take advantage of the many virtual fine beverage experiences available and sign folks up for online mixology classes or a virtual wine tasting

9. Tumbler

For a simple favorite things gift idea, give your friends your favorite mug or tumbler. Try to choose a reusable cup that suits your friends’ habits.

If they tend to drink hot coffee, show them your favorite portable mug. Or, if your friend group is wild about iced beverages, give them a high-quality tumbler, such as the Corkcicle Cold Cup

colorful Corkcicle tumblers in a row
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10. Cookie Gift Box

Some favorite things gift exchanges have people bring gift baskets or sets. If that’s the case for your party and you need gift basket ideas, get a box of cookies from your favorite local bakery.

Everyone likes cookies, and all of the party guests will appreciate getting to indulge in a treat. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of promoting a local business you love. 

11. Cocktail Recipe Book

A cocktail recipe book is a fun favorite things gift for a crowd that enjoys a nice mixed beverage. You can get a book of all the basic cocktails, like The Essential Cocktail Book, or pick something with a more specific theme, such as a regional cocktail recipe book or, if you need holiday party ideas, a holiday-themed cocktail book. 

12. Mini Cast Iron

If you want an impressive favorite things gift for foodies but need to stick to gifts under $50, look for a mini cast iron from a reliable brand.

Mini cast irons can be used for all sorts of cooking adventures, from tiny pot pies to skillet cookie desserts. Anyone who gets a mini cast iron at a favorite things gift party is sure to go home happy. 

13. Fine Olive Oil

Fine olive oil is another popular favorite things gift idea for crowds who like to cook. Sometimes the olive oil at the grocery store doesn’t cut it, so letting your friends in on your favorite go-to specialty olive oil brand will be a much-appreciated gift.

A quick hint: look for olive oils that come in glass bottles, as this indicates a higher quality. 

high quality Brightland olive oil favorite things gift
via Brightland

14. Milk Frother

Share your love of coffee by bringing a milk frother to a favorite things gift exchange. Handheld electric milk frothers belong in every latte lover’s kitchen, and with so many available at a low price, it’s the perfect favorite things party gift idea for $20.

Pair the milk frother with a few Nespresso pods, and you’ll be a major hit at the gift exchange. It's one of the best stocking stuffers for latte lovers!

Unique Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

15. Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets

Diverge from the typical favorite things gifts and bring a practical item that people will actually get good use out of, such as eco-friendly laundry detergent.

These convenient sheets will efficiently clean your clothes and will easily dissolve in the water without causing any pollution or leaving irritating chemicals on the fabric.  

16. Razor Kit

Razor kits are another original and practical item to bring to a favorite things gift party. An intimate gift that’s ideal if you need gifts for best friends, the Billie razor starter kit has all the things someone needs for a clean, easy shave, including a handle, two razor heads and a convenient shower holder. 

17. Heated Stuffed Animal

Heated stuffed animals aren’t just for little kids anymore. In fact, these heatable plush animals are one of Oprah's favorite things! 

They make for fantastic relaxation gifts that can help soothe pain and provide a cuddly piece of décor to a living room or bedroom. Who says adults can’t have fun when they’re feeling under the weather?  

woman reading while snuggling heated stuffed animal pig
via Warmies

18. Novelty Lamp

For a cute, quirky favorite things gift, bring a novelty lamp to the party. Do you like creative interior decorating? If so, choose your favorite brand for unusual lamps, whether its neon signs or unique animal shapes.

You can go big and get a fancy lamp, or keep it low-key and get a cheap lamp for favorite things party gift ideas for $20. 

19. Electric Lighter

Upgrade someone’s lighter by bringing an electric lighter to a favorite things gift exchange. Electric lighters use electricity instead of a flame, allowing for a safer, fuss-free approach to lighting candles. The lighter comes with a USB charger, so you won’t have to worry about batteries, either. 

20. Hair Scalp Massager

Hair scalp massagers are a highly underrated beauty tool that everyone should have in their home. Your friends will truly thank you after they start using a scalp massager to stimulate blood flow in their scalps and break up grease and product buildup.

It’s a highly useful item that many people don’t think to get for themselves, making it an ideal gift for a favorite things gift party. 

21. Retro Alarm Clock

Delight the other party guests with a cute retro alarm clock. Old-school alarm clocks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you refrain from using your smartphone as a morning alarm.

As a study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care indicates, using your phone before bedtime adversely impacts your sleep. Your friends will enjoy the simplicity of an attractive clock that keeps their sleep routines healthy. 

person snoozing vintage alarm clock
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22. Reading Light

Reading lights are another smart favorite things gift option if you’re trying to keep your gifts unique but affordable. You can find inexpensive reading lights if you need favorite things party gift ideas for $10, or opt for something fancier if you really want to impress your fellow party guests.

Either way, a reading light is a handy gift that most people will have a good use for. 

Luxurious Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

23. Slippers

For a favorite things gift on the more decadent side, bring a pair of nice cozy slippers from your favorite brand. When it comes to favorite things party gift ideas for $50 or less, it doesn’t get more luxurious than authentic cotton slippers.

For example, the Parachute Home slippers are made with soft Turkish cotton that keeps feet warm and protected. 

24. Perfume

If you have the budget, consider treating all of your friends to your favorite travel-sized perfume. Look for a unique perfume with a distinctive scent. When the scent stands out, your friends will think of you every time they wear the perfume. 

25. Candles

Candles work well as luxurious gender neutral gift ideas for a favorite things gift party. You can pick out individual candles that speak to you, or, if you want to be more efficient, order a customizable box from Otherland, which allows you to choose from a wide range of original candle scents. 

candles favorite things gift
via Otherland

26. Moisturizer

Your favorite moisturizer will be a welcome gift at a favorite things gift party. There are so many moisturizers on the market and getting a recommendation from a friend that you can test for free is a pretty generous gift.

27. Quilt

If your favorite things gift party permits for bigger purchases, a high-end quilt or blanket is an excellent choice. A quilt might sound like a plain gift, but luxury quilts are made with the best materials and will enhance one’s bedding collection. Look for a quilt in a soothing color that contains natural fibers.  

28. Hair Dryer

If the party is with a group of friends who all like to do their hair, you might want to bring your favorite model of hair dryer. Fancy hair dryers have become incredibly trendy on social media, and your friends will get a kick out of getting to try one themselves.

You can also get a less expensive travel hair dryer that will come in handy for a friend’s on-the-go hair styling needs. 

29. Satin Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases land on the more affordable end of luxury favorite things gifts. These satin pillowcases keep your head cool and protect your hair from damage while you sleep.

They look and feel amazing, but many satin pillowcases are available at lower prices, making them a nice option for favorite things party gift ideas for $25.

woman sleeping on satin pillowcase
via Ulta

30. Practical Purse

For a crowd that appreciates a good purse, you’ll be the star of the party if you bring a quality everyday purse. If you don’t know which purse to get, check out the trendy Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag, which is made with durable fabric and, despite its compact size, can carry a surprisingly large amount of items.

A less expensive gift, it works as a favorite things party gift idea for $25 but will still have an upscale feel.

Inexpensive Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

31. Makeup Towels

Makeup towels are great favorite things gift ideas for friends who need a gentle reminder to clean off their makeup at the end of the day. These towels are soft, non-abrasive material and come in a dark color so you don’t need to worry about pesky makeup stains. 

32. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses don’t cost much and are an extremely well-liked item for folks who spend their days working on computer screens.

The glasses protect your eyes from the harsh light of an electronic screen, and if you choose attractive frames, they also make for a bold workplace fashion statement. 

33. Nail Art Kits

With nail art kits, you can have a fabulous beauty moment at a favorite things party while keeping to favorite things party gift ideas for $10.

These nail art decals feature mature, artful designs that suit various aesthetic tastes. The adhesive is strong and should ensure that the nail art lasts for two weeks.

nail art kit favorite things gift
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34. Cooling Eye Mask

Encourage your pals to relax with a cooling eye mask. Look for an eye mask filled with a soothing gel that you can keep in the freezer for a depuffing, cooling effect on your eyes.

Even better, choose an eye mask that’s double-sided, with one side for cooling and another soft side for a gentle sleep. 

35. Jewelry Organizer

Travel-sized jewelry organizers aren’t too pricey, but they look super cute and offer an extremely practical service. The organizers make it easy to store jewelry when you travel and add a classy vibe to all your adventures.

For folks who live in a small home, a travel jewelry organizer may also be a good solution to their lack of space for a full-sized jewelry box. 

36. Fancy Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be everyone’s favorite thing — seriously, sun damage is no joke — so why not surprise your friends with a quality sunscreen brand?

Look for face sunscreens that double as tinted moisturizers or body sunscreens that have a nourishing, glowing finish. This favorite things gift is guaranteed to get some good use during the next group trip to the beach.

37. Fun Socks

For an easy favorite things party gift idea for $30, get a bunch of fun socks and distribute them to your friends. Choose warm, quality socks with funny designs that you know match their sense of humor.

This is an especially good gift if you’re known in your friend group as the jokester, as your friend will be reminded of you whenever they see the goofy socks.

men wearing funny socks
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When planning a gift exchange party, people are often stumped and ask, what is a good gift to gift someone? Whether you’re choosing gifts for crafters or gifts for dog lovers, a favorite things gift exchange is all about sharing a little bit of yourself with others, all while keeping their own needs in mind.

With this list as a jumping-off point, start gathering up your favorite gadgets and comfort items and get ready to delight your friends with your incredible taste. 

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