31 Most Fun Group Activities for Adults for 2024

Last Updated on Feb 2nd 2024
group activities for adults
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Finding fun group activities for adults that everyone is going to enjoy can be a challenge. How do you entertain a large group of adults who all have different interests? You don’t want a boring party or hangout session!

While very few activities will satisfy everyone, we’ve come up with some of the best large and small group activities that are sure to entertain a crowd.

Whether you’re looking for brunch party ideas, party games or just things to do when you’re bored with a group of pals, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our favorite fun group activities for adults.

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Creative Group Activities for Adults

1. Paint and Sip

If you’ve got a bunch of creative adults to entertain, you can’t go wrong with a paint and sip session. Combining wine with art? Yes, please. Find a paint and sip near you and have a blast.

Paint and sip is so popular that you can do it anywhere — find paint and sip in Portland, paint and sip in Atlanta or paint and sip in Chicago. Wherever you and your friends are, you can group up for this relaxing group activity for adults.

You can even set up a DIY paint and sip night at home by having your friends each bring a bottle of wine to your house and take some online painting classes together.

paint and sip group activity for adults
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2. Pottery Classes

Are you ready to have a Ghost moment with your closest friends? Or perhaps you’re trying to figure out how to meet people in a new city in a creative way. Two words: pottery classes. 

Pottery classes near you are perfect for groups or solo creatives who are looking for a new group. You can find pottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Austin, pottery classes in Minneapolis, or pottery classes anywhere else! 

3. Art Classes

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw or paint, why not do it with a group? Art classes make excellent small group activities for adults, and they’ll teach you a valuable skill! 

Learn to paint and draw beautiful scenes in art classes in Portland, art classes in NYC and art classes in Los Angeles

Art classes near you are also excellent if you’re trying to learn how to make friends as an adult. You’ll automatically have something in common with everyone you meet!

4. Group Mural

If you’re looking for group activities for adults who already have some serious art skills, why not make a group mural? We’ve got plenty of paint party ideas for adults, but you don’t need anything super planned or structured. 

Provide a large canvas and plenty of paints and paintbrushes. You can choose a theme and plan out the mural or have everyone work independently. 

5. Murder Mystery Games

Perfect for any group that is fans of true crime or just loves to dress up and act out a unique character, these murder mystery games offer a fun and interactive way for people in the group to get to know one another. 

You can play these games both in person and virtually and with up to 20 players. Read up on this Masters of Mystery review to learn more about how to play. 

murder mystery game group activity for adults
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6. Crafting Session 

Is painting not your creative activity of choice? No problem. Crafting is another awesome group activity for adults. Who doesn’t love arts and crafts for adults?

Have everyone bring some type of craft supplies. Provide the basics like glue, paper, and drawing instruments. You can set a theme or just let everyone quietly craft on their own. This is a lot of fun! 

Foodie Group Activities for Adults

7. Cooking Classes

This year, why not learn to cook with friends? Cooking classes near you are fun group activities for adults. When you’re done, you’ll all know how to cook an awesome new meal. 

Make pasta in cooking classes in Atlanta, roll sushi in cooking classes in Chicago or make awesome barbecue in cooking classes in Dallas, all in the company of your friends. You can also invite your friends over to enjoy online cooking classes if you’d rather hang out at home.

8. Mixology Classes

Why stop with cooking classes? Bring the bar to your place with this group activity for adults: mixology classes. 

Have everyone bring a different type of liquor or mixer over and sign up for online mixology classes. You’ll have a ton of fun trying each other’s drinks. 

9. Wine Tasting

Perhaps you want a “classier” group activity for adults. No problem. Wine tastings are fun and classy. Some of our favorite girls night ideas start off with a late afternoon wine tasting!

You don’t even have to leave home. Have each friend bring either a bottle of wine or something for a charcuterie board and set up a virtual wine tasting.  

wine tasting group activity for adults
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10. DIY Food Tour

Gather your foodie friends for a DIY food tour. Pick a theme and go from restaurant to restaurant with your pals.

Great food tour themes include breakfast pastries, a specific type of drink, or a specific region that a food is from. For example, perhaps you set up a DIY Indian food tour and visit all of the Indian restaurants in town for different meals. This is also a great way to support local businesses with your friends. 

11. Themed Potluck

Who doesn’t love a good potluck? This is a fun group activity for students who may not have the budget for classes or expensive meals. Pick a theme and have everyone make or bring something that fits it! 

This is also one of the best things to do on your birthday if you’re on a budget.

12. Cooking Competition Party

Do you love Food Network competition shows? Then you’ll love this group activity for adults. Gather your friends and set up your own DIY food challenges.

You’ll need boxes of mystery ingredients, a timer, and a few people to judge each round. You may want to invest in some convection ovens or hot plates to ensure there’s enough room to cook! 

Unique Group Activities for Adults

12. Team-Building Exercises

This is a bit of a broad category, but team-building exercises are perfect for groups of people who work together. There are likely a variety of team building activities near you

You can find fun team building activities in Atlanta, team building activities in Austin, team building activities in NYC and elsewhere. Wherever you need to gather people for a common goal, you can find some fun activities to unite you. Popular activities include escape rooms and various ice breaker games.

13. Dance Classes

It’s time to show off your moves in this fun group activity for adults! Dance classes near you give you the opportunity to feel the music with your friends.

You can learn how to line dance in dance classes in Denver, salsa in dance classes in Las Vegas or swing dance in dance classes in Orlando. You could also do an at-home dance party with online dance classes.

group of friends dancing in dance studio
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14. Scavenger Hunts

What are some fun activities for adults? Why not try a scavenger hunt? This group activity for adults will give you and your friends hours of fun. 

You can set up a scavenger hunt with your own items or make a list of things that are normal to see around town, such as a certain color of car or a local wild animal. Everyone works in pairs and takes photos of the list items they find. The person with the most items crossed off the list wins! 

15. Group Yoga

If you’re looking for mindfulness group activities for adults, look no further. Yoga is an excellent option. 

According to a study published by Harvard, yoga is excellent for sharpening your mind and improving your mood. Why not share those benefits with a group of friends? 

During the warmer months, you can often find free or low-cost outdoor yoga sessions in parks. That’s perfect for a big group of friends! 

16. Aerial Parks

If your friends love a good challenge, aerial parks are perfect group activities for adults. 

They’re like floating obstacle courses. They vary, but most of the time people are strapped into safety harnesses while they walk across bridges and balance beams up in the trees. It’s super fun for anyone who likes to stay active. 

17. Volunteering

If you want your group activity for adults to be more meaningful, consider volunteering. It can be a lot of fun when you do it with friends and it’s a great way to give back to your community.

Find a cause that you all care about and group together to make a difference. You could walk dogs at the local animal shelter, clean up trash on local trails or even pass out food and supplies to people experiencing homelessness.  

This is an excellent mindfulness group activity that truly benefits both you and the groups you help. 

volunteer group activity for adults
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18. Roller Skating

You can thank the upcoming Barbie movie for roller skating coming back into fashion. Head out to the roller rink for this fun group activity for adults. 

This is one of the best winter activities because most rinks are indoors. They provide skates and if your friends don’t know how to skate yet, you can all help each other. It’s a judgment-free zone. 

19. Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks may seem like they’re for kids, but they also make great group activities for adults. Go during normal school hours or late at night to have a blast bouncing around with your friends. 

It’s just silly, wholesome and active fun. 

Small Group Activities for Adults

20. Flower Arranging Classes

If you’re looking for a quiet activity for a small group, flower arranging classes may be the perfect fit. In virtual flower arranging classes, you and your friends can learn how to make beautiful bouquets together. What’s not to love? 

21. Hiking

Ah, the great outdoors. Hiking is a good group activity for adults who love to stay active as long as the weather is nice.

We recommend picking a relatively easy hike unless your friend group is full of experienced hikers. You want to make sure everyone enjoys it and no one gets left behind! 

small group of friends on a sunset scenic hike
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22. Group Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are such great group activities for adults! If you have a small group, find a local bar or brewery that hosts trivia and show off your smarts! 

Remember that the perfect trivia team consists of people who have all different types of knowledge! Assemble your team accordingly. You can also host trivia at home with these top-rated trivia games for adults!

23. Board Games

Board game nights are fun group activities for adults and perfect group activities for students who are on a budget. Try to gather several games to play and make a night of it! 

Bring snacks and drinks and enjoy getting competitive with some of your favorite people. 

You can do this with large groups as well, but you may end up having several games going at the same time so no one gets left out. Check out these fun board games for adults

24. Book Club

Book clubs are awesome group activities for adults who love to read! Once per week (or per month, depending on your schedules), gather everyone together to talk about a book you assigned. Everyone should come with questions or opinions about the book to share.

For extra fun, you could show a movie adaptation of the book (if it’s available) when you’re done!

25. Rafting or Tubing

What do people do for fun with a group? Well, if they live near water, they may go rafting or tubing. 

There are few things more fun than gathering a small group of friends, getting some tubes and bringing a cooler full of adult beverages out on the water. Make sure you keep yourself safe out there and wear plenty of sunscreen! 

group of friends whitewater rafting
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26. Amusement Park Trip

You’re never too old for a trip to the amusement park. If you’re looking for an exciting group activity for adults, load up your car with your friends and head to the closest roller coasters. 

Large Group Activities for Adults

27. Virtual Game Nights

Virtual game nights have totally changed the game for large group activities and hangouts. You can hang out with people who aren’t even nearby. 

You can gather friends near and far for online trivia games, virtual scavenger hunts and even virtual escape rooms. Virtual game nights are perfect for cold and rainy days when you’d rather stay inside.

28. Karaoke

Looking for large group activities for adults you can do in public? It’s time for an awesome karaoke night. If you'd rather host this group activity on your own, there a tons of karaoke machines out there at a range of price points.

Doing karaoke alone can be awkward. Doing it with a huge group of people you like is way more fun and less embarrassing. Sing your heart out. 

29. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of those games that you don’t have to be super good at to enjoy. Set up your volleyball net, bring a cooler full of beverages and enjoy a day of playing ball on the beach. 

When you get too hot you and your friends can jump into the ocean to cool off. 

beach volleyball large group activity for adults
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30. Casual Soccer

Do you miss playing low-stakes soccer games in gym class? Soccer is a great large group activity for adults. Don’t worry too much about specific rules or positions. Set up 2 goals, set equal teams, and make sure no one touches the ball with their hands. 

You’ll have a ton of fun running around and competing with your friends. 

31. Grown-Up Capture the Flag

No, you’re not too old to play this capture-the-flag game. Find a big community park to play at and split your group of friends in half.

Each group gets a flag to hide wherever they choose on their side of the park. Both teams get time to strategize and assign roles and then the game begins. 

Tip: Assign a group color so team members can identify each other. 

These group activities for adults will make your hangouts a blast. You don’t have to settle for boring parties anymore. Think outside the box and try one of these activities next time you have friends gathered together!

For even more fun activities, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

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