33 Most Relaxing Staycation Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
staycation ideas

It’s always the right time for a vacation, but sometimes it can be hard to fit it into your schedule considering time and cost — that's where fun staycation ideas come in!

Maybe you’ve started wondering “what is there to do on a staycation?” and this list of relaxing staycation ideas will have you considering a weekend at home for your next trip. There are tons of amazing ways to have a great weekend in your hometown, whether you’re looking for couples’ staycation ideas or fun for the whole family.

According to AAA, making a list of cool staycation ideas in your area allows you to check off things you’ve always wanted to see or do but have put on the back burner. Pair that with no airline delays, no cramped seats, no need to uber to and from the airport among other things, you can really stretch your travel budget a lot farther on things you’d like to, like good food or a nice hotel.

Read on to discover the best activities and staycation ideas whether you’re looking for great food, romance or just a new way to experience your city. You’re covered here with great Galentine’s Day ideas, winter activities and all the stay-home date ideas you could hope for to plan the ultimate staycation.  

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Creative Staycation Ideas 

1. Make a Masterpiece

No matter where you’re located, there are local art experiences that make for a great staycation idea. Not only do you get to let loose and get creative but you’re also left with a beautiful keepsake of a fun weekend together.

No matter where you’re located, there are options like paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Colorado Springs, paint and sip in Los Angeles or find a paint and sip near you. If painting isn’t your thing, get hands-on with pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in Los Angeles, pottery classes in Minneapolis or pottery classes near you

paint and sip or pottery staycation ideas
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2. Visit a State or National Park

Even if you don’t live near a National park, your state has some incredible natural sites that you might not even know about. This is an inexpensive and relaxing staycation idea, even if there might be some hiking involved.

You can always make it more active by finding a challenging hike, a bike route or kayaking up and down a stunning body of water. Pack a picnic and maybe even consider camping. This also makes a great spring break idea!

3. Stroll Through Museums or Art Galleries

Visiting a museum or art gallery is a common activity when you’re in a new city, so why not make it a fun staycation idea too? Lots of people never end up visiting their local museum or art gallery for whatever reason, so add it to the list of ways to be a tourist in your hometown. 

4. Plan a Road Trip

Maybe a road trip doesn’t qualify as a staycation in your book, but there’s no need to buy a plane ticket so we’re counting it. This staycation idea is best for singles or couples without kids and it allows you to get out of town while still keeping costs relatively low.

This trip is totally customizable depending on how long you want to be gone for, what you’d like to see, and you get the option of stargazing and pitching a tent or staying in local hotels. 

5. Volunteer Locally

Wherever you live, there are tons of volunteer opportunities locally that benefit a variety of causes you might feel passionate about. For a staycation idea you can feel good about, consider signing up for an afternoon or a day or volunteering in your community.

It’s a great reminder of how fortunate you are and a great way to spend your free time while also benefiting those around you. 

group of volunteers planting trees
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6. House Swap

If you’ve got another friend in town, consider swapping houses for the weekend for a change of scenery that still comes with all the perks of being at home.

This unique staycation idea is pretty much free but still offers the benefit of getting out of your own home for a couple of nights. Find a friend who’s on board and exchange keys!

7. Check Out Live Music

What could be a more relaxing and fun staycation idea than enjoying some live music? Whether your ideal night is a swanky jazz club or head-banging at a rock concert, check out live acts happening in your town and plan a fun date night around that. 

8. Have a Garage Sale

While this staycation idea may not sound super relaxing, you’ll definitely feel good once it’s over. Take some time to clear out your garage, your basement and even your closet and host a garage sale.

Parting ways with some of the extra items weighing you down is an indescribable feeling and you’ll be glad you did it. Not to mention, you might end up with a few extra dollars in your pocket for something fun. 

9. Build a Fort

Okay, this staycation idea is technically geared toward kids, but there’s zero shame for adults wanting to participate. Turn your living room into a fort by piling pillows and couch cushions and draping blankets.

Chances are you did this when you were a kid and have really fond memories, so re-create that for your kids or for you and your partner. It creates the coziest environment for movies or story time. 

build a fort staycation idea
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Foodie Staycation Ideas

10. Take a Cooking Class

If you love eating good food, why not learn to make it yourself? There are tons of cooking classes in Sacramento, cooking classes in Boston, cooking classes in Baltimore and cooking classes near you that make for an awesome staycation idea that teaches you something new.

Even online cooking classes are available where you can learn from world-class chefs how to craft hand-rolled sushi, traditional Indian street food or classic French cooking that will delight your taste buds. Plus, taking the class with your kids or your partner makes for a wonderful opportunity to make memories.

11. Re-create Your Most Memorable Meal

If you’re a foodie chances are you’ve had some truly incredible meals in your lifetime. Maybe there’s one that really sticks out to you as the best bite you’ve ever had, or perhaps just the most memorable meal.

Either way, attempting to re-create that meal is a really special staycation idea that can draw up some amazing memories. Food has a way of really transporting us to different times and places, so why not transport yourself back to a special night out?

12. Discover New Restaurants

Whether it’s a new restaurant that just popped up or the busiest one in town, making a nice dinner reservation is a great staycation idea for foodies. Splurge for a fancy meal or veg out at the best greasy spoon, you can’t go wrong with this simple weekend date idea.

And remember, your staycation can be in your town or the town nearby, so if there happens to be a Michelin star restaurant 2 hours drive from you … consider making the quick trip and planning your staycation around that. 

13. Have a Day of Baking

If you’re a foodie who loves to make food as much as you like to eat it, an afternoon of baking sounds like a dream. With nothing else on your agenda, pencil in a few hours to craft some delicious baked goods for a tasty staycation activity right at home.

At least half of the fun of making good food is sharing it with others, so maybe you feel inclined to pack up your treats and deliver them to friends and family to share the love. 

mother and daughter baking together in the kitchen at home
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14. Take a Food Tour

Most foodies have their tried and true spots that they eat at again and again, but it can be hard to break out of those habits or even have the desire to try something new.

Consider booking a food tour as part of your foodie staycation ideas and try some new bites in your city. Food tours will give you an expert guide to the best food in town from new restaurants to old classics and a bit of history as well. 

Couples’ Staycation Ideas

15. Learn to Dance

It’s pretty hard not to be in a good mood during or after dancing, and most couples probably don’t do it enough. Check out dance classes in Chicago, dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in the Bay Area or dance classes near you for a heart-pumping staycation idea that will bring you closer. Online dance classes are also available if you prefer to avoid crowds. 

16. Pick up a New Hobby or Skill

Most of us have something we’ve been wanting to try for a while but haven’t had the time or made it a priority. A staycation is the perfect excuse to try out things like sewing classes, glass blowing classes or even woodworking classes.

There are endless opportunities for staycation activities that teach you something new that just might turn into your newest hobby. This is a great one for alphabet date ideas as well. 

17. Spa Day

Few things are more relaxing than a spa day and when you factor in all the money you’ve saved by cutting out a plane ticket, that just gives you more to spend getting your favorite spa service done.

Planning a spa day is one of the easiest yet most relaxing staycation ideas because you can easily spend the whole day or just the afternoon soaking in hot tubs, mud baths and getting massaged. Bonus, it makes a nice romantic gift idea, too. 

spa day staycation idea
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18. Try a New Exercise Class

Maybe a new gym opened up downtown or you’ve been wanting to try Barry’s Bootcamp for months but never taken the time to sign up for a class. Either way, trying a new exercise class is a fun way to bond with your partner and get a good workout in. There’s no better way to start your morning before visiting a tasty brunch spot. 

19. Get Out on the Water

If you’re lucky enough to live by the water and you’re planning a bunch of staycation ideas for the summer months, getting out on the water in some capacity is ideal. Whether it’s renting kayaks, paddle boards or even a boat, nothing beats some fun in the sun on a beautiful day. 

20. Pack a Picnic

Picnics are always a cute date idea, so why not make it a nice staycation idea as well? Pack up your favorites and head over to a local park or even just your backyard. It’s always nice to get out of your usual meal routine and a picnic style lets you enjoy some nature and good weather as well. 

21. Watch the Sunset

When was the last time you sat and watched and truly took in the sunset with your spouse? Check your weather app, make note of the sunset (or sunrise!) time and plan to have a nice beverage to watch mother nature do her thing.

Phones aside, watching the sun rise and fall is a really peaceful and beautiful thing happening every day that we often take for granted. 

couple watching sunset together at the top of a hill
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22. Go to a Sports Game

Even if your town isn’t known for professional sports, there’s probably a local team having a game you could attend and get into the spirit. This fun outing combines a little hometown spirit with a love of sports and makes for a fun afternoon or evening out. Pair it with dinner or drinks and you’ve got yourselves a whole evening of fun. 

At-Home Staycation Ideas

23. Master the Art of the Perfect Cocktail

One of the best parts about going out to your favorite restaurant is probably the fresh and delicious cocktails. But you don’t have to leave home to enjoy an exotic sip of something.

Online mixology classes are a super fun staycation idea with the added bonus of a nice buzz at the end of a refreshing cocktail. No more boring cocktails when date night is at home. Virtual wine tastings are also an option if you prefer a nice glass of red over the hard stuff. 

24. Plan Virtual Activities

Just because you might be stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. With virtual events, here are endless options for engaging staycation ideas you can do right from your kitchen or living room.

Virtual flower arranging classes are something you may have never considered before, while virtual game nights are popular for all ages. Everything from online trivia games to virtual escape rooms and virtual scavenger hunts are at your fingertips for an exciting staycation idea for kids and adults alike. 

25. Take a Bike Ride

If you’ve got a bicycle in your garage collecting dust (or even if you don’t) take a bike ride around town. You can rent city bikes or use your own and it’s a great staycation idea for some fresh air, exercise and a chance to explore your area. 

couple riding bikes together
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26. Make Your Home an Oasis

Even if you can’t head out to a hotel or pitch a tent, you can still enjoy a great staycation right from the comfort of your home. Turn your space into an oasis by filling a pitcher with water and sliced fruit, then light some candles and do whatever you want. Maybe a meditation class, arts and crafts with your kids, or a cozy movie night with all the best blankets and snacks. 

27. Have Breakfast in Bed

If you’ve got kids or a job, chances are your mornings can get hectic with trying to get everything done before rushing out the door. Treat yourselves to a slow, relaxing morning with breakfast in bed.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a partner who will make you breakfast and deliver it, but for a double benefit, you can get up, make breakfast at your own pace and take it back to bed on a nice tray to enjoy it in peace and quiet.

28. Host Your Own Film Festival

If you’re looking for a relaxing winter staycation idea, hosting your own film festival is definitely the way to go. Enjoy the evening as a couple, or a family, or invite over some friends and settle in to watch your favorite movies.

Plan ahead with tasty movie snacks and treats and a couple of ice-cold beverages and it just doesn’t get any better. Sometimes the simple things are the most enjoyable. 

29. Read a Vacation Book

Especially if you’ve got a beach vacation planned, it’s pretty common for people to make a trip to the bookstore prior to takeoff so they can pick out a new vacation read.

You can do the same thing for a relaxing staycation idea! Prior to the weekend, go pick out a book or a couple of books and treat yourself to some uninterrupted time to enjoy them. 

woman reading book on porch
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30. Tackle That DIY Project

Whether you’re looking to de-clutter your office or renovate your powder room yourself, an uninterrupted weekend at home is the perfect excuse to get started.

This staycation idea comes with a built-in feeling of accomplishment and relief once you get that task done, and who knows? You just might feel motivated enough to tackle the next thing. 

31. Stream a Yoga Class

For a relaxing staycation idea that doesn’t require leaving the house, stream one of the thousands of yoga classes in your living room or home gym. Yoga is a great way to combine meditation and gentle movement and it’s perfect for kickstarting your day or winding it down in a relaxing way.

This is also a perfect winter staycation idea when the weather has you cooped up at home. No need to feel down, you can turn your day around in one hour or less. 

32. Pitch a Tent 

Grab your tent and set it up…in your backyard! This at-home staycation idea combines all the fun of camping with none of the hassles, not to mention the added benefit of a toilet and running water. When the weather is nice and the stars are out, sometimes all you need is an evening to connect with nature. 

33. Complete a Puzzle

Board games are fun, but they can get pretty competitive. For an enjoyable staycation idea that won’t bring out that side of you, grab a 1000 piece puzzle and your favorite beverage and settle in.

Puzzles are great because your mind enters this place that mixes relaxation with focus and when you finally finish that beautiful masterpiece, you feel a true sense of accomplishment. 

jigsaw puzzle staycation idea
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Whether you’re working with schedule constraints, budget constraints or just planning something at the last minute, there are tons of staycation ideas to guide you into a great weekend.

Taking some time to relax and rejuvenate doesn’t have to mean a super expensive trip to Hawaii. You can have so much fun in your very own town and even right at home if you’d like. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from arts and crafts to time in nature and some tasty meals at home, or out at a new local restaurant.

If you’ve never considered “what are examples of staycations?” this list has you covered for planning your very own. There’s no need to travel to have a good time — there are plenty of staycation ideas at home that will leave you feeling refreshed.

For even more fun relaxing activities, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

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