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29 Most Fun Virtual Events for the Best Online Party in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
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Are you searching for virtual events for your next online party? Parties are meant to be a way to socialize, connect and have fun. If your family circle or friend group is spread out across cities or states, or you have a fully remote team of co-workers, the next best thing to an in-person party is an online one.

Psychology Today suggests that people who lead an active social life may enjoy better physical and mental health, live longer and lower the risk for dementia. Remote team workers can also benefit from the morale boost of connecting via an online party.

From birthday parties, family reunions and anniversary celebrations to office parties, holiday soirees and just because, there are all sorts of reasons to throw an online party. Whether you’re searching for culinary, creative or team building events, we’ve designed our list to include a wide range of fun and unique activities.

You may be wondering “How does a virtual event work?” All you need to decide on is a virtual events platform like Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. From there, invite your guests and let everyone know when to log in. Now, all that’s left is picking out some fun virtual events. That’s where we come in. Let’s get started with the best virtual events that will answer the question of “How do I host an event virtually?”

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Creative Virtual Events

1. Online Painting Classes

Online painting classes make terrific virtual events for online parties. You and your guests join professional artists who share all sorts of tips and tricks for creating beautiful works of art. Learn how to shade, shadow and use watercolors, acrylics or pastels. This is a fun activity for birthdays, holidays and team building.

online painting class virtual event
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2. Online Dance Classes 

Get the party started with online dance classes that will have your friends, family and coworkers tapping, rumba-ing, salsa-ing and hip-hopping around the room. You’ll learn rhythm, steps and techniques from experienced dance instructors.

3. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Virtual flower arranging classes make one of the most fun online events for any party you might be planning. Gather your gardening group, book club members or plant-loving co-workers and enjoy a session where you can create wreaths, bouquets, corsages and dried flower arrangements.

4. Online Photography Class

If your party-goers are shutterbugs, online photography classes make terrific virtual event ideas. A professional photographer will guide you all through the basics of framing, shadows and more.

Learn tips, tricks and techniques to make your landscape and portrait photos stand out. This activity is an excellent way to tie in your next get-together at a local park or another scenic place.

5. Virtual Origami

You can’t get much more unique than origami. This is the perfect virtual event idea for creative groups. Learn techniques for folding, creasing and twisting slips of paper into cute animals and geometric shapes.

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6. Virtual Talent Show

It’s time to gather your funny, dramatic or poetic friends and take turns entertaining the group. A virtual talent show gives everyone the chance to share their talents and entertain the group. You’ll laugh, connect and have a fun time with each other at this virtual event.

7. Virtual Storytelling

The performance artists in your friend group will slay at this virtual event. You could make a game of it by starting a story with a prompt. Then, everyone takes turns adding to the story. This is an engaging activity that allows everyone to participate and use creativity.

8. Online Concert

Gather everyone for a night of entertainment with an online concert virtual event. Find a YouTube video or a live-streaming platform to watch a concert or Broadway show. Your whole group will be singing, dancing or laughing while enjoying this fun activity.

9. Virtual Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun and unique virtual event for groups of all sizes. You can find pop, rock, country and other song playlists on YouTube.

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Foodie Virtual Events

10. Online Cooking Classes

Consider online cooking classes for your next online party. Share this time with friends, family or colleagues as you use organization, time management and communication to prepare a spaghetti dinner, French pastries or authentic Spanish tapas.

11. Online Mixology Classes

Spend the evening connecting and sharing laughs while learning how to mix, muddle and stir creative cocktails in online mixology classes. Top-rated bartenders lead these sessions and share tips and techniques for combining flavors, shaking and mixing and slicing garnishes for margaritas, mojitos and martinis. 

12. Virtual Wine Tastings

Wine aficionados in the group will love the chance to learn about grape varieties and food pairings with virtual wine tastings. Experienced sommeliers share tips on how to pair appetizers and small dishes like Spanish tapas with wine. You can learn all about Italian wines in a spaghetti dinner class or how to pair with the perfect cheese.

13. Virtual Brunch

Heat up the griddle for a batch of pancakes, French toast or scrambled eggs. Don’t forget mimosas and bloody Marys. This is a terrific idea for remote colleagues who may even want to stay in their PJs for this fun virtual event.

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14. Online Charcuterie Class

Get in on the charcuterie craze by treating your friends and family to an online charcuterie class. You’ll learn how to slice and arrange cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit into creative, delicious and nutritious platters. The most fun will be taste-testing everything on the tray when you’re done.

15. Virtual Dinner Party

A virtual dinner party is a terrific chance for your friends, family or colleagues to get dressed up and enjoy a gourmet (or casual) meal. Decide on a menu and pick a theme if you like. You could prepare coastal Mediterranean fare, traditional Italian favorites or a Tex-Mex feast.

16. Virtual Gardening Class

Enlist the services of a master gardener to teach your online party guests how to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers or shrubs. They’ll learn about soil selection, organic gardening, watering and fertilizer. This is an event where guests can later share gardening progress, updates, tips and photos with each other.

Work Virtual Events

17. Virtual Team Building Activities

If you have a team of remote workers, virtual team building activities are the way to go. Activities can range from escape rooms and jigsaw puzzles to cooking classes, comedy shows and murder mysteries.

Your group will connect with each other while using organization, communication and time-management skills. These virtual events also make terrific work Christmas party ideas for a holiday work party.

team building virtual event for work
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18. Online Trivia Games

Virtual game nights are an excellent idea for any party you might be putting together. Find out which co-worker is the biggest Friends, Harry Potter, music, sports or pop culture fan with online trivia games. An entertaining moderator keeps the game going and adds extra fun to the party. These also make for ultimate team building games!

19. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts add a bit of adventure to any online party. An amazing cyberspace race sends players racing to famous sites around the world searching for clues and riddle answers. You could even make up your own scavenger hunt by having guests find things around their homes.

20. Virtual Escape Rooms

Looking for virtual birthday party ideas for a special friend, co-worker or family member? Virtual escape rooms are a fun way to go. Form teams, search for clues and solve riddles to escape the room. There are a wide array of themes to choose from, including murder mysteries, aliens, wizards and superheroes.

21. Virtual Happy Hour

Can’t get together in person? Plan an online party with a virtual happy hour to connect and de-stress with co-workers while enjoying a cocktail, craft beer or glass of wine in the comfort of your own living room. The best part of this virtual event? No one has to be the designated driver.

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22. Virtual Pictionary

A game of virtual Pictionary makes a fun virtual party event. Just like in the regular game, players draw pictures while team members try to guess. This is an easy event as all you’ll need is a pad of paper and a pen or pencil.

23. Virtual Museum Tour

Here’s your chance to explore the Louvre, the Met, Smithsonian and other famous museums around the world. Many of them have virtual tours that anyone can experience. Whether your group is into art, history, architecture or cultural heritage, there’s a museum for you.

24. Virtual Coffee Break

Virtual coffee breaks are another terrific idea for remote co-workers and friends who aren’t in the same cities. Enjoy a cup of espresso, cappuccino or green tea while catching up, chatting and sharing the latest crazy things your kids have done.

25. Virtual Wellness

Break out the yoga mats and mindfulness music. Choose a virtual events company to lead your team in a relaxing and de-stressing session of down dogs, chaturanga and plank positions.

Your team members will come away from this activity relaxed, recharged and ready to take on the day. This makes excellent gifts for employees or team building events. 

yoga and wellness virtual event
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26. Virtual Tour

Go all out with a Paris party theme by taking your group of friends or colleagues on a virtual tour of the Louvre, the Eiffel tower or other Parisian sites.

Not into France? Head to Italy, China, Australia or many other points around the globe. Take a poll or throw a dart at the map to pick a “destination.” You can also virtually visit zoos, museums and other attractions.

27. Pet Party

Pets are always stealing the show at Zoom meetings, anyway. Why not bring them on board for a night of their own? Everyone can show off their furry, feathered, finned and four-legged friends. Have contests for cutest, most talented, fluffiest and most adventurous.

28. Virtual Video Games

Calling all Call of Duty, Minecraft and Mario Kart fans. Video games are fun and entertaining for any group. Best of all, they can be played with multiple players, which makes for an entertaining experience for virtual events for work. This is one of those employee appreciation gift ideas that co-workers can bond over and remember.

29. Virtual Casino Night

Looking for virtual events for companies and team building? You don’t have to take your team to Vegas to enjoy a game of chance. A casino night is a fun, challenging and competitive event for friends or colleagues. Connect and de-stress while playing online poker, roulette and blackjack.

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We hope this has answered your question of “What events can be done virtually?” As you can see, it’s quite a lot. Hopefully, you’ve gathered an in-box full of ideas for fun virtual events for work parties, team building and family celebrations.

The best online events don’t require stressful sessions of planning, modifying, organizing, debating and discussing. Once you’ve picked a platform, chosen a theme and invited your guests, it’s really just time to enjoy and have fun.

Look through our list of suggestions and pick one or two (or even three or four!) that sound fun and engaging. Your friends, family or co-workers are bound to appreciate the thought that went into the process. They’ll have a fun time participating in whatever virtual events you choose.   

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