33 Most Fun Work Christmas Party Ideas for Every Team in 2022

Published on Oct 14th 2022
work Christmas party ideas

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to find some fun work Christmas party ideas for your team.

The Spruce mentions the importance of planning a memorable Christmas party to create new traditions with your team. Whether you’re incorporating old traditions or looking to make new ones, fun corporate party ideas will have your whole team looking forward to the Christmas party every year.

So, what do you do for a staff party? From holiday potlucks and festive team building activities to creative pafint and sip events and dance parties, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun work Christmas party ideas your whole team will love.

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Creative Work Christmas Party Ideas

1. Paint and Sip

Get creative with your team for one of the best Christmas party activities for adults. Talented artists will guide your team through creating a masterpiece as they sip a flavorful wine.

If you’re on the west coast, find exciting paint and sip in Los Angeles or paint and sip in Sacramento. If you’re in the midwest, you can also find paint and sip in Chicago. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to share and find paint and sip near you.

women painting and drinking wine
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2. Pottery Classes

Help your employees create custom material for their homes – or even create a fun Christmas gift! Master potters will inspire your team and help them design unique pottery, such as mugs, bowls and beautiful plates.

Enjoy pottery classes anywhere in the country, including pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in San Francisco and pottery classes in San Diego.

3. Dance Classes

What can you do for employees instead of having a holiday party? Invite your team out to enjoy some upbeat dance classes! Friendly instructors will engage your employees with an exciting routine that’s perfect for all skill levels.

Find unique belly dance classes in NYC or exciting salsa dance classes in Las Vegas. If you’re in the southeast, explore thrilling dance classes in Orlando.

4. Drawing Classes

Enjoy one of the most creative work Christmas party ideas with your team. Whether you have some incredible artists or beginners on your team, experienced instructors will guide your team through creating imaginative and beautiful drawings.

Your employees can save this artwork for their desks or even gift it to a loved one for the holidays. If your team is remote, connect with your team through online drawing classes to help them embrace their creativity in their home studios.

5. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Invite your team to enjoy some healthy (and delicious) competition while decorating gingerbread houses. Break up your teams into groups to foster their communication and teamwork skills.

Supply them with delicious ingredients like candy canes and sugar plums to explore their innovation. As one of the most festive work Christmas party ideas, your team will love seeing their peers’ uniqueness and creativity.

putting icing on gingerbread house
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6. Holi-Desk Decorating Contest

How do you make an office Christmas party fun? Invite your team to decorate each other’s desks! Pair up your employees and have them decorate the other’s workstations for the holidays.

Or, assign your team a specific employee and have them guess which teammate dressed up their desk for Christmas. Supply your team with festive decorations or have them bring their own for a creative work Christmas party idea in 2022.

Foodie Work Christmas Party Ideas

7. Cooking Classes

Invite your team to learn a new recipe with one of the best work Christmas party ideas. Knowledgeable chefs will help your team discover new ways to use fresh ingredients to create a classic, home-cooked meal for the holidays.

Enjoy unique cooking classes in Chicago or cooking classes in Baltimore. If you’re based in the South, there are many cooking classes in New Orleans and other locales your team will enjoy. Wherever you’re located, there are plenty of exciting cooking classes near you.

8. Online Cooking Classes

If your team is remote or hybrid, online cooking classes are a great way to connect and share a meal together. Professional chefs will walk your team through a new recipe in a live, interactive setting so they can ask questions.

Enjoy learning how to make a festive charcuterie board with your team for the holidays, or discover how to make macarons as a unique gift for your loved ones. This work Christmas party idea in 2022 will be an event they won’t soon forget!

9. Gourmet Hot Cocoa Bar

Cater everyone’s favorite holiday drink in one of the most creative work Christmas party ideas. Provide gourmet toppings, such as marshmallows, whipped cream and candy canes.

Give your team the option of dark or milk chocolate to pair with regular, coconut or almond milk. They’ll love enjoying this sweet treat throughout the workday.

hot cocoa at Christmas time
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10. Holiday Potluck

Hosting a potluck is one of the best small office Christmas party ideas. Invite your team to bring in their favorite snacks and festive holiday treats. Create a signup list to build excitement for the special event. Your employees will be excited to share their Christmas favorites in one of the best low-budget office party ideas.

11. Cater a Special Meal

Gather your crew to enjoy a special meal together in preparation for the holidays. Organize a catered meal from a quality restaurant in town or order a food truck to memorialize the event. Set a scheduled time for the meal so your employees can spend quality time together for one of the best company party ideas.

Unique Work Christmas Party Ideas

12. Photography Classes

Help your team level up their photography skills in one of the most unique work Christmas party ideas. A professional photographer will guide them through the art and technicalities of light and composition to create beautiful photos.

They’ll love using these new skills on Christmas morning with their families. If your team is remote, online photography classes are a great option to help them master their photo skills.

13. Acting Classes

Shine a spotlight on your team with a fun work Christmas party idea. Knowledgeable instructors will help your team boost their confidence and communication with one another through improv and scene exercises.

Whether your team has beginners or pros, they’ll love connecting in this comfortable, unique environment. Online acting classes are a great way to set the stage at home for remote teams.

acting class work Christmas party idea
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14. Merry Mystery Party

Treat your team to a thrilling merry mystery party. Your employees will embrace their inner Sherlock as they hunt for clues to solve the festive mystery. Encourage your team to dress their part as they hunt for who killed Pappa Elf. As one of the most creative work Christmas party ideas, this event will go down in history as one of the best!

15. Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

Gather your team around the Christmas tree for some healthy competition. Break your team into groups for a festive challenge in the most elaborate Christmas tree.

Provide decorations or invite your team to bring their own to put their own spin on decorating a holiday tree. Remember to take photos at the end so the winners will never forget this festive staff party idea.

16. Holiday Photo Booth

Hire a photographer to capture silly photos of your team in this creative work Christmas party idea. Supply festive props, like Santa hats and elf ears, for your employees to dress their holiday best. Make sure to grab a team picture you can hang around the office to remember this as one of the best small office Christmas party ideas.

17. Caroling Karaoke Contest

Explore hidden talent in the office with one of the most fun work Christmas party ideas. Rent a karaoke machine for a few hours to indulge your employees in some casual fun.

Listen to your employees belt out classic holiday tunes or sing traditional duets to harmonize the office. If you’re looking for one of the best Christmas party entertainment ideas, this one takes the holiday cake.

coworkers singing karaoke
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18. Christmas Around the World

Discover new traditions with your team while learning about Christmas around the world. Explore traditional recipes from different countries and learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays.

Create a signup sheet for various countries for each team member to present a unique food or activity to share with the group for an insightful and inclusive work Christmas party idea.

Virtual Work Christmas Party Ideas

19. Online Mixology Classes

Enjoy happy hour with your remote team with online mixology classes. In one of the most exciting work Christmas party ideas, your team will learn how to craft custom cocktails to enjoy during the holiday season.

Help them perfect their shake-and-stir methods to show off to their guests at dinner parties. Expert mixologists will guide your team through a live, interactive setting in one of the best Christmas party activities for adults.

20. Virtual Wine Tastings

Sip and sample some of the classiest wines with your team in this fun work Christmas party idea. Renowned sommeliers will guide your team through relaxing virtual wine tastings to discover unique flavor profiles and find the best pairings for their holiday meals. Sit back and relax in this live, interactive environment for one of the best small office Christmas party ideas.

21. Online Games

Enjoy some healthy competition with your team for one of the most memorable work Christmas party ideas. Entertaining hosts will guide your team in a remote, live setting as they work together or compete head-to-head.

Put your team to the test with online trivia games or virtual game nights. Help your team decipher clues and find secret items in virtual scavenger hunts. Work together to beat the clock in thrilling virtual escape rooms.

online games work Christmas party ideas
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22. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Help your team learn a new skill with virtual flower arranging classes. Expert florists will guide your team in creating stunning bouquets they can gift for the holidays. Discover how to create festive wreaths they can add to their Christmas decorations. This holiday party idea is a casual, fun activity everyone on your team will enjoy.

23. Online Bingo

Create a custom bingo for your remote team to enjoy. As one of the best virtual work Christmas party ideas, invite your team to a competitive game for holiday prizes at the end. Personalize your bingo board with options to learn more about your employees’ holiday traditions and favorite Christmas memories.

24. Origami Ornaments

Gather your team to create unique ornaments for their tree. From beautiful swans to traditional snowflakes, these delicate ornaments will make a nice addition to their Christmas trees. As a relaxing office holiday party idea, enjoy a casual fun environment with your team while learning a new skill.

DIY Work Christmas Party Ideas

25. Woodworking Classes

Work with your team to create cool Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Master carpenters will guide your team in learning how to shape wood into unique items, such as picture frames and cutting boards, to enjoy for the holidays.

Whether they’ve dabbled in woodworking before or this hobby is entirely new to them, this work Christmas party idea will provide them with a fun DIY gift they can give during the holiday.

woman woodworking
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26. Glass Blowing Classes

Design Christmas ornaments with your team in creative glass blowing classes. Knowledgeable instructors will guide your team in how to safely blow, shape and color a unique piece of art.

Whether they’re creating a beautiful bowl to enjoy at home or a colorful ornament to decorate their Christmas tree, this party idea is one they’ll never forget!

27. Sewing Classes

Help your team learn a new hobby in this creative work Christmas party idea in 2022. Master seamstresses will guide your team through the art and intricacies of unique items, such as pillows and handbags, that your team can create as Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Whether they’re a beginner or a pro, they’ll enjoy learning this relaxing and useful skill for future holiday gifts.

28. Ugly Sweater Station

Gather your team to create their own DIY ugly sweater or t-shirt. For this festive party idea, set up a station in the office with creative supplies to have their own take on a unique holiday tradition.

Have your team bring in their own sweater or supply them with a t-shirt for their spin on an ugly sweater. Once everyone has gone through the station, have each team member wear their shirt around the office and remember to take a holiday photo!

Low Budget Work Christmas Party Ideas

29. Gift Exchange

What do you do at a small business Christmas party? Enjoy a gift exchange with your employees. Set a budget for your team to shop for a unique white elephant gift and have fun trading interesting gifts around during the staff party.

Or invite your team to draw from a Santa hat to indulge in Secret Santa. This classic holiday game will always be a favorite for the most fun work Christmas party ideas.

coworkers exchanging Christmas gifts
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30. Holiday Movie Party

Enjoy a classic holiday film with your team for one of the best work Christmas party ideas. End the day early to dim the lights and play a Christmas favorite.

Provide popcorn, drinks and festive snacks as you enjoy the show. Employees will love this laidback activity as one of the best low-budget office party ideas to celebrate Christmas.

31. Costume Contest

Challenge your team to dress up as their favorite holiday character for one of the best Christmas party entertainment ideas. See who will play the best Santa or Buddy the Elf in the office. Remember to bring your camera for this silly and festive work party idea.

32. Sweets Exchange

Create a signup sheet for your employees to bring in their favorite holiday treats. Set up a special table in the office for your team to indulge in delicious Christmas treats. Your team will love sampling wonderful sweets throughout the workday with this sweet work Christmas party idea.

33. Christmas Card Station

Invite your team to create their Christmas cards at this unique station in the office. Supply them with creative materials to craft cards for their friends, family or coworkers. This low-budget office party idea is a great way for them to express their creativity and check some holiday items off their to-do list.

handwriting Christmas cards
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From unique cooking classes to festive team building activities, your employees will love ringing in the holiday season with these work Christmas party ideas.

Whether you’re looking for some unique corporate party ideas or activities for your smaller team, these festive ideas will help create lasting Christmas traditions for years to come.

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