31 Most Fun Team Building Activities in Boston for 2022

Published on Jul 8th 2022
team building activities in Boston

Fun and creative team building activities in Boston are a great way to engage with your team and encourage employee retention. Team building has many benefits, and can be most effective outside of the office. According to Indeed, team building activities can also increase your employees’ productivity, inspire collaboration and build trust among your team.

So, what are some good corporate team building activities in Boston? With the ever-shifting work environment of remote, hybrid and being back in the office, there is no shortage of fun activities to bond with your team and encourage their growth in the work environment.

From archery games in Boston to murder mystery parties, these are some of the most fun corporate team building activities in Boston for 2022.

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Culinary Team Building Activities in Boston

1. Cooking Classes in Boston

Grab an apron and prepare a meal with your team in these competitive culinary team building activities in Boston. From group gaucamole mash-ups to sushi roll showdowns and every cuisine in between, classically-trained chefs will teach your team new skills in a fun, creative way.

Whether or not you’re a pro in the kitchen, all skill levels will feel welcomed as you learn a new recipe together. Explore smaller class options with other cooking classes in Boston.

cooking classes team building activity in Boston
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2. Online Cooking Classes

If your team is remote or hybrid, enjoy online cooking classes that anyone can participate in for team building in Massachusetts. Your knowledgeable chef will lead a live, interactive class over video for your team to join in from anywhere. After preparing your dish, stay online to enjoy a meal together.

3. Online Mixology Classes

Invite your remote team to a virtual happy hour with online mixology classes. As one of the most fun activities in Boston for adults, your team will share drinks and laughter as they learn how to make their new favorite mixed drink.

4. Virtual Wine Tastings

Explore your team’s unique pallet in another fun remote team building activity. In a virtual wine tasting event, world-class sommeliers will guide your team as you sip, savor and enjoy unique tastes and blends.

The class is live and interactive so your employees can ask questions and enjoy bonding over a glass of wine.

5. The Great Guac-Off

Challenge your team to a guacamole-making competition in one of the best corporate team building activities in Boston. Your employees will be split into small teams where they’ll create a team cheer, collaborate on a recipe and indulge in a little healthy competition — and delicious guacamole!

group of people making guacamole
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6. Bites of Boston

Book a private walking tour in an outdoor group activity in Boston. Build community within your team over a passion for food as you learn and taste some of the history of Boston’s best food.

Invite your team to bring their appetite as they experience one of the most fun team building activities in Massachusetts.

Creative Team Building Activities in Boston

7. Paint and Sip

Find your inner Picasso in one of the most creative team building activities in Boston. Facilitate collaboration and release stress as your team creates a masterpiece, regardless of their skill level with paint and sip in Boston.

Or, online painting classes are perfect for hybrid or remote teams, and book a paint and sip event for one of the most fun activities in Boston for adults.

8. Dance Classes

Inspire community and confidence in a dance class as an energetic team building activity in Massachusetts. Discover a new routine and level up your moves while dancing to a fun song.

All skill levels are welcome to get some exercise and bust a move. Online dance classes are a great option for remote teams.

9. Pottery Classes

Encourage creativity and fun among your employees with a fun team bonding idea. From coffee mugs to beautiful vases, share lasting memories with your team as they create works of art in pottery classes in Boston.

pottery classes team building activity in Boston
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10. Drawing Classes

Express yourself through art in a fun team building idea. Whether you have a team of artists or beginners, you’ll learn the basics of composition and style. Online drawing classes are another option for your remote or hybrid team.

Unique Team Building Activities in Boston

11. Photography Classes

Level up your photography with a fun team building activity in Boston. Help your team learn new skills that can be useful in the work environment and fun in their personal lives.

Whether they’re a newbie or an expert behind the lens, learn the techniques of exposure and style. If your team isn’t able to meet in person, online photography classes are a great option as well.

12. Acting Classes

Bring out your inner Shakespeare for a corporate team building activity in Boston. Your team will build confidence, inspire innovation and strengthen their listening skills as they work together to create and perform a scene.

If you can’t meet in person, there are many online acting classes for your employees to attend.

13. Sewing Classes

As one of the most useful and stress-free team building ideas, sewing classes will engage your team in creative thinking and fun. They can create a unique and cozy quilt or an apron for the kitchen. Get creative with your team and strengthen your sewing superpowers.

measuring and cutting fabric for sewing
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14. Woodworking Classes

Get craftsy with woodworking classes as a fun team building idea. In a hands-on, creative experience, your team will enjoy creating something from scratch.

Whether your team is new or experienced in woodworking, they can cut, stain and create cool projects such as birdhouses and distinct gifts for their families. These classes bring teams together as they support each other in this unique experience.

15. Glass Blowing Classes

Get your team fired up with one of the most fun team building activities in Boston. Your team will work together to create a unique piece of art with hot torches and molten glass. They’ll build trust, strengthen their communication skills and unleash their creativity.

16. Murder Mystery Company

Encourage your team to work together in this team building activity in Boston. In a classic case of whodunit, your employees will sharpen their critical thinking and communication skills as they work to solve the case. Your team will share laughter and lasting memories in one of the most fun things to do in Boston.

17. Mobsters and Lobsters

In one of the best corporate team building activities in Boston, ride a trolly through the historic mobster world with Mobsters and Lobsters. Your team will be immersed in intrigue and mystery as they learn the secrets of the historic underground criminal world. After the tour, indulge in a traditional New England lobster lunch or dinner.

Mobsters and Lobsters tour in Boston
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Indoor Team Building Activities in Boston

18. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Master the delicate craft of flower arrangement as a perfect indoor team building activity in Cambridge, Massachusetts or the Boston area. From assembling succulents to creating beautiful floral crowns, your team will enjoy fun conversation over virtual flower arranging classes.

19. Virtual Game Nights

Share lasting memories with virtual game nights as a fun team building activity in Massachusetts. From activities like online trivia games, virtual scavenger hunts and virtual escape rooms, your team will sharpen collaboration and problem solving skills. 

20. Adventure Games

Invite your employees for a day of fun with team building in Cambridge, MA. Adventure Games team building company in Boston offers many customizable games for your team to boost morale and maintain employee retention. Blow off some steam in this fun, high-energy team building event.

21. Trapology Boston

A popular team building company in Boston, Trapology Boston invites you to immerse your team in an innovative escape room. Improve their problem-solving skills with creative thinking and collaboration. After making your escape, hang out with your team in an open bar at one of Trapology Boston’s private spaces.

escape rooms and Trapology Boston team building activity in Boston
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Outdoor Team Building Activities in Boston

22. Paddle Boston

Get your team out of the office and out on the water as one of the most relaxing team building ideas. Whether operating a canoe or two-person kayak, your team can practice communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. This peaceful experience is one of the most fun things to do in Boston.

23. Scavenger Hunts

Inspire your team to gather all the clues in a scavenger hunt as a fun outdoor group activity in Boston. Your team will work together as they get outside, engage in some exercise and have fun improving their problem-solving skills.

24. Archery Games Boston

Encourage a little healthy competition with combat archery, a combination of dodgeball and archery. Your team will build camaraderie, encouragement and confidence as one of the most exciting team building activities in Boston.

25. Liberty Fleet

Take your team on the high seas with Liberty Fleet for a fun day of sailing in the Boston Harbor. This outdoor group activity in Boston can be customized for your team to build leadership and critical thinking skills, as well as strengthen the community in your work culture.

group riding Liberty Fleet ship in Boston
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26. Walk the Freedom Trail

Invite your team on a tour through history by walking the Freedom Trail. Your team will be engaged as each tour is led by an expert guide in 18th-century attire. Learn something new and create great conversation topics for your next meeting with this unique team building activity in Boston.

27. Boston Public Garden

Plan a picnic and share a relaxing bonding experience as one of the most low-key team building ideas in the area. In this peaceful environment, your employees will connect over community and food in the great outdoors. Come prepared with some ice breaker questions to spark great conversation.

Volunteer Team Building Activities in Boston

28. The Greater Boston Food Bank

Help connect your team with the community and serve a great cause. In one of the most meaningful team building activities in Boston, invite your team to sort and package food for hungry families around Eastern Massachusetts. Build empathy and compassion within your team through a purposeful experience.

29. Hands at Work - Boston Cares

Serving through Boston Cares is one of the best volunteer team building activities in Boston. Your team is welcome to volunteer through hands-on, portable and virtual projects.

Each project gives your team the chance to collaborate, engage and even volunteer as a team captain. Serve with Boston Cares and encourage your team to make a difference in the community.

30. Christopher’s Haven

Motivating your team to serve and comfort others is a great way to work together and do something truly meaningful. Christopher’s Haven supports kids and their families as they battle cancer. Host an event to raise money for families and help encourage, love and bring joy to the community. 

31. Groundwork Somerville

Get outside and connect with the community in this outdoor group activity for adults. Support the Farm & Event department by helping weed or plant at South St. Farm Maintenance.

Your team can also help care for one of the nine school gardens in the Boston area. Build relationships between your team by helping support the local community.

Groundwork Somerville volunteer team building activity in Boston
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From a rich history in the Civil War to unique games to play with your team, there are plenty of fun corporate team building activities in Boston. Getting your team outside of the office for an afternoon of fun can deepen employee relationships and boost productivity back in the office.

Investing in your team shows them that you care about their personal growth and positive culture in the workplace. We hope this list of the most fun corporate team building activities in Boston helps to improve employee retention and create lasting memories for your team.

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