Masters of Mystery Game Review 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Masters of Mystery review
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Add a little excitement to your next birthday party or take your team building games up a notch with a Masters of Mystery game night. This interactive game allows for plenty of room to let your creativity blossom, with just enough background and instructions that you don’t have to work too hard.

You’re probably familiar with the classic “Who Dunnit?” game Clue, an old-fashioned board game that made game night a more intellectual experience.

Wondering if the Masters of Mystery games are any good? Or is Masters of Mystery legit? This Masters of Mystery review will set the record straight! At least subjectively…It will cover everything from what you need to plan an amazing in-person or virtual party centered around the game, plus it will detail the murder mystery game kit and how to play Masters of Mystery.

You’ll discover the fun the game can bring to any virtual dinner party or as an adult birthday party idea to get everyone involved in a shared goal.

Besides the obvious fun you’ll be having, studies have shown some real benefits to playing board games or other games that involve using your brain.

According to a scientific study out of Japan, playing games like chess can help mitigate symptoms of depression and improve your mental focus. Sounds like a great reason to plan a team building activity or family game night around one of these murder mystery games!

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What is Masters of Mystery?

To begin, it’s helpful to understand exactly what Masters of Mystery is. Rather than a board game where you risk losing pieces over time or everyone has to be crowded around a shared table, this game can be played virtually or in person with varying degrees of involvement.

You can go all out and decorate your home or event space, encouraging people to dress up in character, just as easily as you can hang out on the couch and play in your pajamas. 

It’s one of those fun things to do with friends that can also turn into a Halloween party idea or a birthday party activity.

wild west murder mystery party theme
via Masters of Mystery

Types of Masters of Mystery Games

There are tons of unique Masters of Mystery murder mystery game kits with different themes, each offering a new opportunity to get into character (and costume).

From hosting festively frightening Christmas Mashup Murder game holiday parties to rustic Wild West Cowboy Murder games or pairing high tea with a Bridgerton & Jane Austen theme game, there are fun options for every audience, large and small. 

This particular Masters of Mystery review is focused on the Roaring 20s Gatsby-Themed Murder Mystery, so while characters and themes will vary across games, the general idea of how to get involved and get playing remains largely the same.

All of these games can be played virtually or in-person, and purchase comes with a physical set of rules, characters and guidelines along with downloadable versions of the information to send to your fellow murder suspects.

collection of different types of masters of mystery game themes
via Masters of Mystery

How to Play Masters of Mystery

Time to answer the burning question: how does Masters of Mystery work? After selecting the game you want to play, it’s best to plan your actual game night a few days or weeks in advance to give yourself plenty of time to plan costumes, decorations and any other party favors or activities you wish.

A benefit of Masters of Mystery is that you can go as big or as lowkey as you like. This particular Masters of Mystery review actually focuses on a more laid-back approach to game night — invite your guests for an evening of light-hearted crime-solving and challenge people to get invested in their character with accessories and accents for an extra memorable game night. 

Instructions & Supplies

After receiving the downloadable or physical copy of your game, you’ll want to read through the instructions and maybe watch the videos that detail every step of the process.

If you’re going to play in person, there are a number of audio files and videos that you can display on a TV or projector so everyone can clearly hear the evidence that’s stacking up in this mystery, so you’ll want to ensure you have reliable access to a decent speaker or television.

You can also decide before you play if you, as the host, want to know who the murderer is upfront or be surprised like everyone else. If you prefer the latter, you’ll need an assistant to help you send or hand out the assignments to each player, yourself included. 

instruction booklet and phone app for masters of mystery game
via Masters of Mystery

Selecting Characters

Then there’s the matter of the characters, and it’s up to the host if they’d like to assign characters or let guests choose their own.

In the 1920s game, there’s Goldie Diggs, the confident and sassy girlfriend of a gangster, or Mimi Crye, a gorgeous 1920s movie star with a flare for the dramatic.

Or maybe you feel more like Blake Boddum, the smooth-stepping dancer with an affinity for illegal activities. The game works best if someone is Jay Glittersby, a rich man who owns the mansion where the murder takes place. 

Gameplay & Timing 

The actual instruction guide is easy to follow, walking you step by step through everything from what you might need to host a physical game night party or a virtual one to how to disperse information to players while maintaining the mystery.

As you progress through the stages of the game, there are audio and video clips to help guide the evening and present evidence to the players. There is plenty of time for socialization and mingling before and during the game to encourage a lively environment.

Depending on how many players are participating, the game could last up to three or more hours. Below, this Masters of Mystery review included four players and the game lasted roughly 90 minutes, everything included. 

screenshot of video from masters of mystery game instructions
via Masters of Mystery
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Character Scripts 

All characters come with their own script, so players are encouraged to add their own flare to the delivery while still following the prompts to ensure accuracy. Each time you play the game, there will be a different murderer, so you can enjoy the mystery many times over!

Each player has an innocent and guilty version of the script in each game. You can increase the level of competition by awarding prizes at the end of the game.

Winners & Awards

Ideas for awards are included with the game instructions and include things like “best detective” awarded to the first person to guess the murderer or “best liar” if no one is able to guess the murderer correctly. You can always add your own, like “best actor” or “best costume.”

How Much Do Masters of Mystery Games Cost?

Nearly all of the Masters of Mystery games are the same cost, around $37, but there are tons of sales throughout the year, dropping the cost to around $25 per game.

Considering the amount that is included in each game, from printable props to animated video clips and high-quality audio files, it’s a great deal.

Once you own the game, the downloadable version is yours to use as much as you’d like! It’s sort of like a DIY party kit featuring theme party ideas and ice breaker games, which takes a lot off your plate as a party host. You’d pay a whole lot more to a party planner or spend more time trying to come up with everything yourself!

Masters of Mystery 1920s Game Review

All in all, the 1920s murder mystery game kit made for a fun evening and a welcome distraction from watching the news or another TV show.

This particular Masters of Mystery review was about a much more relaxed approach to the game, enjoying a cozy weeknight in rather than throwing a big party.

1920s murder mystery game kit
via Masters of Mystery

Pros & Cons

With just four people, it was a fairly quick experience. The more people and the more involved you choose to get, you could easily make a whole night out of it.

The other drawback to playing with such a small group is it increases the chances of correctly guessing the murderer, which could be either a positive or a negative thing depending on how much time you have.

Though the instructions are easy to follow, it might take a round or two to sort out any issues. With all the various attachments and downloads, the group had to start over once because players accidentally read too far ahead and ruined the mystery of it all — so be sure to keep good track of your murder documents!

Luckily, you can basically just “reset” the game and start all over, which is much easier with only four people rather than a group of up to 20. 

Tips for Best Gameplay Experience

Overall, it was a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends. It requires a bit of focus and plenty of willingness from all players to be a little silly and get into character.

It’s definitely ideal to play the game with some sort of connection to a TV or projector — hovering around a laptop or passing around an iPad could detract from the experience slightly, so be sure to find a good spot to enjoy the game as much as possible where all the players can share in the audio and visual aids.

Additionally, while the strictly audio clips are a nice option to have, being able to watch the videos and play the game in person is preferable.

If you wish to play the game entirely virtually, be sure to use an app like Zoom or Teams where participants have access to a chat feature. The in-person version requires voting on pieces of paper anonymously. 

group of people in 1920s costumes posing for photo
via Masters of Mystery

Are Masters of Mystery Games Worth It? 

Even though the investment isn’t high, you might still be wondering if the murder mystery games are worth it. The answer is definitely, yes! For the right occasions, the game is a winner.

For Team Building Events

Even though it’s a mystery game centered around catching a fake murderer, truth be told, it makes for a really fun team building experience, making it a great fit for office parties.

It certainly requires some collaboration and communication with a little bit of outside-the-box thinking. Even though it’s a game, using those skills for a fun task definitely translates to more serious tasks.

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For Large or Small Parties

That said, it is just as fun with a big group and friends with no goal other than to have a fun night. Think of it like a really affordable take on an escape room-esque-themed party.

While you’re not technically solving riddles to get out of a locked box, the mystery and the fact that everyone gets to play a role gives it a similar feeling.

group of friends dressed as 1920s flappers at a birthday party
via Masters of Mystery

 While this Masters of Mystery 1920s game review covers the Roaring 20s Gatsby-themed mystery, there are plenty of other ways to get into the murder mystery game. 

With tons of choices and new themes always in the works, there are so many tempting Masters of Mystery games to elevate your next party. Each guest gets to share in creating an incredible ambiance by participating with costumes and acting for a more authentic experience

Suitable for groups of up to 20 with multiple holiday-specific options, it’s a great choice for a Halloween or Christmas party, even at the office.

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