33 Most Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jul 17th 2024
adult birthday party ideas
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No matter how old you’re turning, entertaining adult birthday party ideas make your big day even more memorable. While birthday parties might seem like celebrations from the past, it’s important to plan a special event as an adult. Bringing your loved ones together to celebrate your big day is a great way to feel supported and loved as you approach your next year.

William J. Doherty, a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota, told The New York Times that birthdays are the one day in a year when a person can feel honored and special by their loved ones.

Whether you bring your friends together for cooking classes or a murder mystery party, it’s important to create a memorable celebration with fun adult birthday party ideas.

So, how do you celebrate your birthday as an adult? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun adult birthday party ideas for 2024 to help you plan your birthday celebration!

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Creative Adult Birthday Party Ideas

1. Paint and Sip

Pop open your favorite bottle of wine and paint a masterpiece with your closest friends in one of the best adult birthday party ideas. Indulge in a relaxing, creative activity as you celebrate your next birthday.

Discover exciting paint and sip in Houston, paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip in Chicago, or browse paint and sip near you. If you’d rather stay the night in, find online painting classes for one of the most fun birthday party ideas at home for adults.

paint and sip adult birthday party idea
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2. Dance Classes

Bust a move with your besties to ring in an exciting adult birthday party idea. Expert instructors will guide you through a choreographed dance suited for any skill level. From pole dancing to salsa, guests will love attending this kind of birthday party. 

Find entertaining dance classes near you, whether that's dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in the Bay Area, dance classes in Los Angeles or anywhere! You can even book online dance classes for one of the coolest house party ideas for adults.

3. Pottery Classes

Sit back, relax and get creative with one of the most fun birthday party ideas for adults when you check out pottery classes near you. Gather your friends to create unique pieces everyone can take home as a party favor, such as bowls or mugs.

An expert artist will show you how to mold, shape and glaze your creation. Explore pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in San Diego or pottery classes in San Francisco for one of the most creative adult party ideas.

4. Destination Celebration

Maybe you're thinking about 50th birthday trip ideas but for some reason you can't actually travel, then this is a great option. Select your favorite travel destination and make it into a theme. As one of the most creative adult birthday party ideas, decorate your home for the occasion with the perfect adult party decorations for your theme, play authentic music and serve traditional meals from the area.

With fun Hawaiian party ideas, New Orleans Mardi Gras party ideas and other destination theme party ideas, your guests will always remember your fun and festive celebration. 

5. Costume Party

What’s a good idea for a birthday party? Whether you're looking for 30th birthday party ideas, 40th birthday party ideas or 70th birthday party ideas, you can never go wrong with dressing up to have some fun!

Pick a theme or a time period for your guests to align their outfits in this fun adult birthday party idea. Pull out your flapper dress for a thrilling Great Gatsby party, or keep the options open for guests to DIY or shop for the coolest Halloween costumes.

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6. Decade Party

Pick a decade and have your guests dress up in clothes from that era. From funky bell bottoms in the ‘70s to crop tops and maxi skirts in the ‘90s, your guests will have fun throwing it back to yesteryear.

As one of the best birthday party ideas for adults, center your food and decorations around the era to completely transport your guests back in time with the best decades party décor.

Foodie Adult Birthday Party Ideas

7. Cooking Classes

Learn a new recipe with your loved ones with one of the most fun birthday party ideas for adults. Esteemed chefs will help you transform classic ingredients into mouthwatering dishes to celebrate your big day. This event is also one of the best 40th birthday party ideas, but every age will love leveling up their skills in the kitchen.

Experience exciting cooking classes in Dallas, cooking classes in Baltimore or cooking classes in Ann Arbor. Wherever you’re located, you’re bound to discover exciting cooking classes near you.

8. Online Cooking Classes

Stay the night in for online cooking classes for one of the best birthday party ideas at home for adults. Top-rated chefs will lead your crew in a live, interactive class so you can ask questions while preparing the recipe.

From crafting pasta from scratch to rolling delicious sushi rolls, everyone will remember this event as one of the most fun adult birthday party ideas.

9. Murder Mystery Dinner

What is a unique way to celebrate your birthday? Throw a murder mystery dinner for one of the most unique birthday party ideas for adults! Choose from fun themes and kits, like 1920s murder mystery game kitsWild West murder mystery game kits and more.

Have everyone dress the part to elevate the event! With the uptick in murder mystery movies, everyone loves a classic whodunit. Check out this Masters of Mystery review to get the inside scoop on how it works. 

murder mystery adult birthday party idea
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10. High Tea

Looking for the best tips for how to plan a birthday party? Start with a date, time, theme and venue a couple months in advance, and go from there.

For a luxurious party theme, invite your friends to one of the most elegant birthday party ideas for adults. Throw your soiree at home with classic snacks and a pot of tea. Or find a luxury hotel to host your fun celebration. Complete the event with bite-sized snacks and a beautiful tea set.

Decorate your elegant table with the ultimate tea party supplies, including the perfect teatime tableware, florals and favors. And don’t forget the crumpets!

11. Brunch

You can never go wrong with fun brunch party ideas. As one of the best birthday party ideas for adults, celebrate your event in style with sweet and savory dishes.

Host the event at home with a private chef, or invite your friends to your favorite brunch spot. This adult party idea is something everyone will love, and makes for a low-key 23rd birthday idea, 60th birthday party idea or any age.

12. Dessert Swap

Switch up your celebration with a unique dessert swap party. As one of the most inexpensive birthday party ideas for adults, invite everyone to pitch in with their favorite sweet treats.

From cupcakes to ice cream to chocolate chip cookies, there are bound to be desserts everyone at your event will love. Remember to supply containers so everyone can take home leftovers as a goodie bag!

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Unique Adult Birthday Party Ideas

13. Make Craft Cocktails

How do you make a party fun for adults? Indulge in mixology classes in Chicago, mixology classes in Los Angeles, mixology classes in Miami or in your area where a skilled mixologist will teach you everything you need to know about creating tasty craft cocktails. 

Discover the best ingredients and practice your shaken or stir methods. This live, interactive class will always be one of the most memorable adult birthday party ideas.

You can also browse interactive online mixology classes. Expert mixologists will teach you the artful craft of making your favorite cocktails from the comfort of home.

online mixology classes adult birthday party idea
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14. Wine Tastings

Sip and sample some of the best wines around the world with virtual wine tastings. As one of the best adult birthday party ideas, you can dress up or down to enjoy this event from the comfort of your own home.

World-renowned sommeliers will guide you through expert tastings and teach you about the best pairings for your favorite meals. This activity is also one of the best 30th birthday party ideas if you’re entering a new decade.

15. Online Games

Challenge your crew to a round of online games for a thrilling adult birthday party idea. Test your friends’ Harry Potter knowledge with online trivia games or play an exciting round of bingo with virtual game nights.

Entertaining hosts will guide the game for one of the most unique house party ideas for adults to ring in your birthday. If your friends live in other cities, online games are considered one of the best virtual birthday party ideas.

16. Scavenger Hunts

Invite your friends to compete in scavenger hunts for one of the best birthday party ideas for adults. Work together to decipher clues – or compete against each other for bragging rights.

Thrilling hosts will lead the challenge in a live, interactive setting as you race against the clock. Everyone will agree this is one of the best grown-man birthday party ideas.

17. Escape Rooms

Make your escape with in-person or virtual escape rooms for one of the most exciting adult birthday party ideas near you. Explore a cursed forest or supervillain's lair as you crack codes and solve puzzles.

Entertaining hosts will guide your crew in a live, digital environment for an engaging event. With games accommodating up to 50 people, this activity is an excellent adult birthday party idea for your friends and family located anywhere.

couple celebrating win on laptop game
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18. Photography Classes

Level up your photography skills with this unique adult birthday party idea. Talented photographers will teach you the art and techniques behind beautifully composed photos.

Learn lighting skills and various settings on your camera for one of the most creative adult party ideas. After your session, have your friends share their photos so you’ll never forget this incredible birthday.

DIY Adult Birthday Party Ideas

19. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Gather your friends to learn how to craft stunning bouquets. In virtual flower arranging classes, knowledgeable florists will teach you how to pair beautiful flowers to create incredible centerpieces in your home. Discover how to preserve flowers or create a succulent terrarium in one of the most relaxing adult birthday party ideas.

20. Woodworking Classes

Whatever your skill level, woodworking classes are one of the best grown-man birthday party ideas. Expert woodworkers will teach your group how to carefully cut, shape and build unique creations, such as cutting boards or picture frames. Find a new creative hobby with your friends as you engage in this creative adult birthday party idea.

21. Sewing Classes

Learn how to get out of any wardrobe malfunction with this unique adult birthday party idea. Expert seamstresses will guide you in learning this important skill, no matter your expertise.

Invite your friends to create funky pillows or handbags they can take home as mementos from your party. This adult party idea is a gift that keeps on giving.

22. Jewelry Making

Create jewelry with your friends for a unique birthday party idea for adults. Supply beautiful jewelry-making supplies, like beads, stones and trinkets for your guests to make their own custom pieces.

Pop open a bottle of Champagne or your favorite wine and serve an assortment of snacks while you enjoy your DIY party. Everyone will love taking home unique jewelry that’s personal and one-of-a-kind. You could even make friendship bracelets for a DIY Taylor Swift themed party activity!

23. Glass Blowing Classes

Discover a new creative outlet with glass blowing classes for one of the most thrilling adult birthday party ideas. Expert instructors will teach you how to melt glass and transform the material into beautiful creations, such as bowls or ornaments to decorate your home. This trendy activity is one of the best adult birthday party ideas near you.

glass blowing class adult birthday party idea
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Adult Birthday Party Themes

24. Great Gatsby Themed Party

Step back in time to the roaring twenties with a Great Gatsby themed party. Encourage guests to dress in flapper dresses and dapper suits, and decorate with gold and black art deco accents.

Jazz music, vintage cocktails, and a dance floor will set the scene for a night of dazzling celebration.

25. Rosé Party

Celebrate with a touch of pink at a rosé party. This theme is chic and perfect for wine lovers. Offer a selection of rosé wines, from still to sparkling, and complement with light appetizers.

Pink decorations, flowers and glassware will add to the elegant ambiance, making for a stylish and memorable birthday.

rosé adult birthday party theme
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26. Pool/Foam Party

Make a splash with a pool party or turn it up a notch with a foam party. This summer party theme offers a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Set up pool games, floaties, and a DJ to keep the beats going. The addition of foam brings an unexpected twist that's sure to delight and surprise your guests.

27. ABC Party

Get creative with an ABC party where guests fashion their outfits from anything but traditional clothing. Think duct tape dresses, cardboard suits and newspaper hats. It's a playful and inventive theme that encourages everyone to get imaginative and show off their DIY skills.

28. Seafood Party

Dive into a seafood feast for a birthday celebration that's both delicious and sophisticated. Create a menu featuring favorites like shrimp cocktail, crab cakes and fresh oysters.

Pair with crisp white wines and themed seafood party décor like nautical stripes and seashells to transport your guests to a coastal paradise.

Fun Adult Birthday Party Places 

29. Brewery or Distillery

Sample a curated selection and raise a glass to another year of adventures with this tasty birthday venue. Whether you like wine, beer or whiskey, book a tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at how it's made and enjoy sampling and savoring along the way — perfect for toasting to your special day.

brewery birthday cheers
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30. Top Golf

Elevate your birthday festivities at Top Golf, where the greens are virtual but the good times are real. Swing into your new year with state-of-the-art bays that promise fun for newbies and pros alike.

Between swings, savor gourmet bites and toast to another year. It's an unforgettable way to drive your adult birthday party to the next level.

31. Wreck Room

Strap on your safety gear and step into the wreck room where you can let loose and smash to your heart’s content. Join friends in a room filled with items just waiting to be destroyed. It’s an active adult birthday party idea that doubles as catharsis. 

32. Axe Throwing Venue

Another fun option for anyone who needs to let loose on their birthday is to visit a local axe-throwing venue. Learn the art of the throw from expert coaches and compete with your friends for the title of axe-throwing champ. It's a birthday activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. 

33. Dave & Buster's

Celebrate your milestone surrounded by the neon glow of arcade classics and the latest interactive experiences, not to mention creative cocktails and savory snacks, at Dave & Buster’s. It’s the perfect playground for the young at heart, making it a popular adult birthday party place.

dave and buster's adult birthday party places
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From creating custom picture frames in woodworking workshops to discovering new wines in virtual wine tasting classes, these events will bring your loved ones together for a memorable event.

Whatever age you’re turning, inviting your friends to celebrate your big day will help you enter your next year with love, confidence and supportive friendships.

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