29 Superior 60th Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
60th birthday party ideas
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When you hit a milestone like 60 years, you have to have a memorable event — and our unique 60th birthday party ideas are here to help. You have 60 years of memories and laughter to celebrate with those you love.

You can also celebrate future years by enjoying your hobbies and interests, traveling to new places and spending time with your family and friends. In fact, Columbia University writer, Leigh Donaldson, refers to turning 60 as entering "the prime of our lives." You are never too old to try something new!

The best 60th birthday party ideas celebrate all the good times you’ve had and all the good times that are on the way. Whether you’re planning for yourself, a friend or a parent, you can make this the best birthday yet. We’ve rounded up some incredible ideas for this momentous milestone birthday.

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Creative 60th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Bring Out Your Inner Artist 

This birthday is a great opportunity to try a new hobby. Get creative with paint and sip in Denver classes led by artist instructors. You’ll learn new painting techniques during classes for paint and sip in Chicago that you can use to start a new hobby.

Paint and sip in NYC is always a fun event for friends and family for a laid-back celebration. Find paint and sip near you for an unforgettable and creative birthday memory.

paint and sip 60th birthday party idea
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2. Craft Your Own Pottery 

If you’re looking for unique 60th birthday party ideas that are hands-on, pottery classes in Boston might be exactly what you’re looking for. Guided by expert artists, pottery classes in Houston will teach you the techniques to throw clay on the wheel and glaze your creations.

You’ll bring home vases, bowls and décor made during pottery classes in Los Angeles. Check out pottery classes near you to find your next creative hobby.

3. Get Moving

This 60th birthday party idea is sure to get you on your feet. Take dance classes in Las Vegas for a swirling, twirling birthday party. You can learn salsa, hip hop, belly dance and more when you take dance classes in NYC.

Grab your friends and family and groove for birthday dance classes in the Bay Area. Or gather everyone at your home for online dance classes if you’re looking for virtual birthday party ideas!

4. Surprise Party

If you’re planning someone else’s birthday, these birthday surprise ideas are a fun way to commemorate the occasion. This can be great if you’re throwing a birthday for a parent or friend.

A surprise 60th birthday party idea for your mom or dad could be having a large family reunion when you told them just the immediate family was coming to celebrate. Or surprise the recipient with something they’ve always wanted to do, like field-side seats or a trip overseas.

5. Murder Mystery Dinner

You’ll never forget solving a mystery, as it is one of the most memorable things to do on your birthday. This 60th birthday party idea will have you guessing and sleuthing the whole night.

Host your own with a murder mystery game kit that includes everything you need. Choose from one of the many unique themes and invite guests to dress the part! Read up on this Masters of Mystery review to learn more about how it works. 

magnifying glass looking at wall of crime notes
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Foodie 60th Birthday Party Ideas

6. Make Something Delicious

For anyone who loves to try new recipes or cuisines, cooking classes in Houston are the ideal 60th birthday party idea. Led by world-class chefs, cooking classes in Tucson are a great place to learn techniques to improve your cooking skills.

Of course, you’ll be able to try anything you make in cooking classes in Portland and other foodie locales. Bring friends and family to find your new favorite meal with cooking classes near you. You can also host a cooking party in your own home with online cooking classes.

7. Have a Dessert Buffet

Satisfy that sweet tooth by having your 60th birthday party filled with desserts. Set up a dessert buffet with all your favorite treats for guests to sample. Source the dessert from the best bakeries around town. Or, if you’re a baker, you can make some of them yourself. You can even have people bring their favorite desserts to share, like a dessert potluck.

8. Eat Around the World

There are so many incredible cuisines from around the world, so try as many as possible! With this 60th birthday party idea, you can take a culinary journey around the world.

Get food from different world cuisines, like Brazillian, Lebanese, Thai and more, from local restaurants. You’ll be able to try the fare and feel like you traveled to every continent to get it.

9. Have a Picnic

There’s nothing better than enjoying some nice weather and beautiful scenery while you eat outside. Have an extravagant picnic to celebrate the milestone. Rent out a pavilion or set up in a park or large green space.

You can bring a variety of classic picnic food or any meal you want to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring wine or light cocktails if you like!

elderly couple having a picnic together
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10. Celebrate With Brunch

You can never go wrong with brunch when celebrating your birthday. This is a classic idea for a 60th birthday party for a female friend or family member.

If you have it at a restaurant, look for bottomless options so you can sample different foods and drinks within the allotted time. You may also want to host a brunch at home so you can control the menu.

11. Charcuterie Boards

Who doesn’t love a classic charcuterie board? This fun 60th birthday party idea puts a spin on a favorite. Try different themed charcuterie boards outside of the traditional meats and cheeses. You can have a charcuterie board that features dessert, french fries, seafood or anything else you can imagine.

Unique 60th Birthday Party Ideas

12. Gather for Games

If you’re looking for a 60th birthday party idea for Dad and the family, gather for a game night. Virtual events and games make it easy for the whole family to join no matter where they are. Online trivia games will test your pop culture knowledge, and you can even make personalized trivia.

An engaging host will guide you through virtual game nights where all you have to do is log on to play. Virtual scavenger hunts will have you competing against each other, or work together to solve virtual escape room clues.

13. Take a Cruise

Do something big for your milestone birthday. Set sail with this 60th birthday party idea. If you want to go all out, book a vacation cruise. These trips are unforgettable 60th birthday gift ideas or girls weekend ideas for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

You can also book local day cruises on the river or lake by chartering a boat. A sunset cruise where you can dance and eat is a fun idea for 60th birthday party for a male or female guest of honor.

family enjoying an ocean cruise
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14. Celebrate the 60s

What is a good theme for a 60th birthday party? Commemorate a 60th birthday with all things 1960s. You don’t have to be born in that decade to enjoy fun fashion and groovy music.

Ask your guests to time travel and arrive in a costume fit for the decade, play music from that time and look back on memories from your favorite decades.

15. Head to a Casino

A milestone birthday is the best time to hit it big. Get a group of friends together, head to the casino and try to win the jackpot. This can be a fun 60th birthday party idea for Dad for a classic boys’ night celebration. Celebrate with his friends, brothers and sons. There might be some birthday good luck in the air.

16. Cross Something Off Your List

If you need a unique 60th birthday party idea that you’ll never forget, cross something off your list that you’ve always wanted to do. Now is the chance to go skydiving, visit a country you’ve always wanted to travel to or pursue a passion you’ve always admired. Start a new decade of life off with a milestone accomplishment.

17. Have a Private Concert

What better way for a music lover to celebrate a milestone birthday than to have a private concert? Hire a band or local singer to perform the entire night. Set up a stage in the backyard and have a few people over to enjoy live music during the birthday celebration.

private concert 60th birthday party idea
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18. Have a Treasure Hunt

Need a last-minute 60th birthday party idea? Host a treasure hunt that will have guests looking for clues to find the ultimate prize at the end. The clues can be about the guest of honor, featuring memories from their life. The hunt can end at a party with lots of food and dancing.

Elegant 60th Birthday Party Ideas

19. Craft a Cocktail

You can embrace your inner bartender with online mixology classes. World-class mixologists will teach you techniques to create delicious drinks and classic cocktails.

This fun idea for a 60th birthday party for a female guest of honor is a perfect girls night idea and makes a great gift for cocktail lovers. You can also try virtual wine tastings in the comfort of your home led by expert sommeliers.

20. Have a Formal Dinner Party

If you want an elegant 60th birthday party idea, host a formal dinner party. You can have it in your own home or rent out a venue. Have your guests arrive in formal attire and have a plated or catered dinner. You can have a luxury meal and have a beautiful dinner with the ones you love the most.

21. Garden Tea

Enjoy a beautiful garden and delicious fare with garden tea for classy 60th birthday party idea. Have small finger foods and elegant teas served on delicate china.

Request for guests to come in tea attire, though you can decide how formal the dress code is. It’ll be a lovely day spent with your friends or a fun surprise 60th birthday party idea for Mom or Grandma. 

pretty pink table in the garden with flowers and tea set
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22. Relax at the Spa

Wondering what to do for a woman’s 60th birthday? How about a relaxing day spent at the spa? Book a day of treatments from facials to massages to wraps, so you leave feeling rejuvenated. This makes for a useful experience gift card and a way to spend your birthday with the girls like daughters, sisters and friends.

23. Have a Masquerade Ball

One of the most elegant 60th birthday party ideas is a masquerade ball. Rent out a ballroom and request that guests come in formal attire and masks.

What is the color for the 60th birthday celebration? Traditionally, gold. It’s often referred to as a golden jubilee — a perfect color scheme and theme for a masquerade ball.

DIY 60th Birthday Party Ideas

24. Make Your Own Bouquet

Anyone who loves getting flowers will love making a special birthday bouquet. With virtual flower arranging classes, you’ll learn the techniques to mix color and texture and make beautiful blooms pop. These engaging classes can be done in the comfort of your home with friends and family, and make for thoughtful gifts for neighbors and friends.

25. Try Glass Blowing

If there’s ever been an art form to try, it’s glass blowing. Glass blowing classes are taught by expert instructors and you don’t need any experience to start. You’ll learn the basic techniques to heat and blow glass to make vases, bowls and decorative art.

glass blowing 60th birthday party idea
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26. Sew Something

From clothes to home décor, the possibilities are endless when you know how to sew. Sewing classes are a great way to start if you’ve never learned before, but they can also be a great place to learn new techniques or try out a pattern.

27. Build From Wood

If you’re looking for ideas for a 60th birthday party for males who love working with their hands, woodworking classes are the way to go. Here you can learn all the techniques needed to build furniture or décor from woodworking experts.

28. Lawn Games and Barbecue

You can pull a backyard barbecue together in a few days, which makes it a great last-minute 60th birthday party idea. All you have to do is buy the food and drinks and get a couple of lawn games for guests to play. Play some music and you can enjoy the party well into the night. 

29. Host a Movie Night

Cinephiles will love watching movies for their 60th birthday. You can have a movie night at home with all of the classic movie snacks and your favorite movies on the queue. But you may also want to go big and rent out a movie theater to watch a few films.

movie night 60th birthday party idea
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There’s a lot to celebrate when there are 60 years of memories! So, what do you do for a 60th birthday party? Anything the honoree would love! From a large formal dinner to a casual night with family, the best birthday parties are surrounded by the ones you adore. Use these 60th birthday party ideas to create an event of a lifetime and commemorate the milestone.

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