The Best Barbie Theme Party Guide for 2024

Published on Jun 13th 2024
Barbie theme party
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Are you ready to unleash your inner doll with a Barbie theme party this year? Whether you’re throwing the ultimate pink bash for yourself or you’re coming up with some creative and feminine birthday party ideas for teens and children, a Barbie party can’t go wrong. Even before the hit movie came out, Barbie parties were all the rage.  

Barbie is more than a doll. She’s an icon and a piece of history, and her creation marked and kickstarted several cultural changes, according to an interview published by Harvard University

But how do you throw a Barbie theme party? What types of decorations should you have, and how can you entertain your guests? What food do you have at a Barbie party?

We’re here to answer all of those questions and more. Read on to start coming up with some fun and fabulous Barbie theme party ideas for adults, teens and kids of all ages.

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Creative Barbie Theme Party Activities

1. Pink Paint and Sip

Barbie would love a paint and sip party, so as a grown-up with grown-up money, you can make a Barbie-themed paint and sip party happen. All you have to do is find a paint and sip near you that offers a pink theme (and since the Barbie movie came out, this shouldn’t be an issue).

Whether you need a paint and sip in NYC, a paint and sip in Chicago or a paint and sip in Atlanta, there will be an artist who can make your Barbie dreams come true. Dress to impress, but don’t get paint on your outfit! 

paint and sip barbie theme party idea
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2. Barbie Fashion Show

This is so much fun for Barbie fans of all ages. Set up a Barbie fashion show! Every attendee gets their own doll to dress up (you can even have them BYOB, “bring your own Barbie", and everyone can choose from a pool of accessories and clothes.

When everyone is done, you do a Barbie fashion show so people can show off their style. For teens and adults at a Barbie theme party, you can also draw your own fashion designs or even DIY Barbie clothes out of craft materials for a bigger challenge (and more fun). 

3. Barbie Themed Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? They make great girls night ideas and they’re perfect for themed parties. As the host, set up a fun Barbie backdrop (like the classic Barbie box or even just a pink curtain).

Set out plenty of Barbie party decorations and accessories, like wigs, beauty products and other things that simply scream “Barbie.” For an extra-fun vintage touch, use an instant camera so you can print out photos right away for guests to take home with them. 

4. Themed Barbie Dress-Up Party

At a Barbie theme party, everyone gets to be Barbie! Make this party a dress-up party. Everyone can dress up as a different type of Barbie so Slumber Party Barbie will be mingling with Doctor Barbie, or you can choose a specific Barbie theme.

Make sure to include the dress code on your invitations otherwise, no one will know what to wear for their Barbie theme party outfit.

5. Barbie Hair and Makeup Studio 

What’s a Barbie theme party without a makeover? If this is a sleepover Barbie birthday party for kids, we recommend setting up a few Barbie makeover heads and some play makeup so the children don’t get too messy trying to make each other over.

If this is a party for teens or adults, the makeovers can be for everyone. Set out makeup and hair products (including fun products like wash-away hair color) and try not to turn each other into “Weird Barbie.”

barbie makeup and hair
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6. Sweet Sleepover Barbie Watch Party

Did you know there are over 40 Barbie movies? That’s more than enough for a robust watch party if you're looking for Barbie-themed things to do at a sleepover.

Turn the living room into a cozy Barbie movie room, get comfy in Barbie pink pajamas, provide plenty of snacks and have a slumber party the Barbie way. 

7. Classy Barbie Photoshoot

If your guests are already dressed to impress, set up a photoshoot for them. Set up your Barbie theme birthday decorations at home or wherever you plan on doing the shoot, hire a photographer (or use your own camera) and take some doll-like shots.

It can be fun to see who can make themself look just as stiff and plastic as a real Barbie. You’ll end up with some super-fun photos and you won’t let those Barbie theme party outfits go to waste. 

Fun Barbie Theme Party Menu Ideas

8. Take a Pink-Themed Cooking Class

If you’re cooking for your Barbie theme party, look into some cooking classes near you for inspiration. You can learn how to make tasty pink salmon in cooking classes in Austin, sweet pink treats in cooking classes in Portland and unique pink confections in cooking classes in San Diego.

You can even turn the cooking class into part of the party with online cooking classes so all of your Barbie friends can join in and learn something new.  

9. Set Up a Barbie Cocktail and Mocktail Bar

This is one of our favorite Barbie theme party ideas for adults. A cocktail or mocktail bar full of pink drinks will seriously upgrade your party.

Take some quick online mixology classes to learn how to make some tasty pink beverages and open up your at-home Barbie bar to your guests. You can even make your own signature pink drink!

barbie theme party cocktails
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10. Barbie Summer Picnic 

If you’re on the lookout for summer party themes, this is a fun one. Plan a Barbie Picnic and pack accordingly. Have everyone dress the part with classic pink sundresses and big sunglasses and sun hats.

Pack Barbie-coded picnic classics like pink lemonade, watermelon and heart-shaped finger sandwiches. Encourage guests to bring a picnic treat to share. 

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11. Classic Barbie Dress Cake

You can’t have a Barbie birthday party without the classic Barbie cake. The cake is either layered or dome-shaped, depending on the look you’re going for (layering is far easier).

Decorate the cake like it’s a large and fancy skirt of a ballroom gown and place a Barbie feet-first in the top up to her torso (ideally with a top that matches the cake). This way, the cake looks like a dress. You can DIY this if you’re brave or hire a baker to help you out.  

12. 50s Style Meal Classics

Barbie made her official debut in 1959, so why not feed your guests some 50s-style meals? These vintage dishes will delight (and perhaps confuse) your guests.

Look for 50s cocktail party recipes, including the ever-popular gelatin molds, and have fun with them. You can match the pink Barbie theme or not, depending on your preference. 

13. Sweet Cupcake Decorating Station

Cupcakes are good for everything from bachelorette party ideas to children’s birthday party ideas. Everyone loves cupcakes!

Bake enough cupcakes for everyone in advance and gather frosting and decorative treats (in pink, of course). Set up a large table where everyone can decorate their cupcakes together. 

pink barbie cupcakes with sprinkles
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14. Girly Barbie Brunch

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? Whether you had a Barbie sleepover or you’re meeting up with your guests in the morning, a nice brunch is the perfect way to enjoy a Barbie party.

Pink grapefruit mimosas, heart-shaped pancakes and other brunch staples (with a feminine edge, of course) will create the perfect Barbie brunch.

15. All-Pink Sundae Station 

If you’re throwing your Barbie theme party during the warmer months, we recommend a tasty pink sundae station to cool off your guests. This is also a great addition to a Barbie sleepover party.

Use pink and white ice cream, cute pink sprinkles, strawberry syrup and cherries. Provide extra toppings so everyone can make the sundae of their pink dreams. 

16. Barbie Pink Potluck

Turn your Barbie theme party into a Barbie theme potluck. Potlucks are great because everyone will have at least one dish they can eat.

Have your guests stick to an all-pink theme and see how creative they can get. Make sure you provide at least one main dish and one appetizer to get the party started (as well as some pink drinks). 

17. Rosé All Day 

Let’s make your boring old rosé party a Barbie theme party instead. Everyone’s favorite pink wine will fit right into your Barbie party. Have your favorite people over, and serve them rosé-inspired meals, rosé cocktails and more.

Decorate glasses with pink Barbie themes and have a blast getting girly with your guests. Barbie would love rosé. 

rosé barbie theme party
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Unique Barbie Party Decorations

18. Giant Barbie Doll Box

When it comes to Barbie party decorations, the giant Barbie doll box is a must-have if you can get your hands on one. If you’re crafty, you may even be able to make one yourself.

This box is a perfect decoration for your photo booth so everyone can pretend to be America’s favorite doll. If you can’t manage a whole box, you can create a frame that looks like a doll box with cardboard. 

19. Life-Size Barbie Accessories

If you want to feel like a Barbie doll, try to create (or buy) some life-size Barbie accessories. Make giant brushes out of foam or paper mache, or take inspiration from some classic Barbie dolls and try to DIY some of their most iconic features and accessories.

Making these Barbie theme birthday decorations at home is a lot of fun and you can even turn it into a party activity. 

20. Barbie Doll Centerpieces

This one is so much fun. Gather some Barbie dolls and create Barbie centerpieces for your Barbie theme party. There are so many ways you can go about this.

You can use glass vases to surround each Barbie with accessories and decorations, have each Barbie sit on a decorative box or even match each Barbie to a guest to designate where everyone is supposed to sit.

If you have a large Barbie collection, this is a great way to show them off for your party.

21. Pink and White Flower Arrangements

If you’re looking for a simple and classy way to decorate your Barbie theme party, you really can’t go wrong with flower arrangements.

Pink your favorite pink and white flowers (real or fake, no judgment here) and set out lovely centerpieces or even a full flower wall (which is great for photo ops). Flowers are perfect for a more “grown-up” and “subtle” Barbie party. 

arranging pink flowers
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22. Barbie Movie Posters

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if subtlety isn’t your thing, get some Barbie movie posters from as many Barbie movies as you can.

When you hang them all up, the end result will be kitschy and cute, if not a bit over-the-top (in a good way). You can also use Barbie wall and window decals if you don’t want to spend time collecting posters that are likely out of print. 

23. Classy Pink Carpet

Step aside, red carpet. For your Barbie theme party, we’re rolling out the pink carpet. Get some pink fabric from the fabric store and lay it out from the entrance of your party space all the way through in a line.

Your guests will get to walk the pink carpet in style. This is best for parties in which you’ve requested your guests dress up. 

24. Barbie Party Favor Bags

Party favors are great for guests of all ages, and they also make great table decorations. Create some cute Barbie theme party favors with your guests' names and put them where your guests will be sitting.

If your guests are children, miniature Barbies, pencils, lip gloss and other play makeup items make great favors for gift bags. For grown-ups, perhaps consider some cute pink accessories and a doll for everyone (mini or full-size). 

25. Malibu Barbie Beach Party

Turn your space into a Barbie beach party, even if you’re keeping the party inside. Set out pink beach towels and umbrellas, use pink beach toys as table decorations and request that everyone matches the theme by showing up in their best Malibu Barbie beachwear.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you can also do a Barbie pool party with the same general décor. FUNBOY has tons of Malibu Barbie beach and pool floats to choose from. 

malibu barbie pool float

Best Barbie Theme Party Games

26. Barbie Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This is fun and easy to set up at home. Hide some Barbie theme items around (like dolls, accessories and decorations).

Give your guests a list of what they’re looking for and have them team up to find as many items as possible. You can also set this up in a quiet outdoor area like a park as long as you pick up all of your Barbie goodies before you leave. 

27. Barbie Dress-up Relay Race

This one is so much fun for Barbie theme party guests of all ages. Split everyone into teams and provide each team with an undressed Barbie. You’ll also need plenty of Barbie clothes and accessories all mixed up into piles.

Each member of the team has to dig through the pile to find their assigned article of clothing (tops, bottoms, matching shoes, and accessories).

Whoever finishes a fully-dressed Barbie first wins. For an extra challenge, see if your guests can find matching outfits. 

28. Barbie Trivia Contest 

Who’s the Barbie know-it-all in your friend group? You’ll find out when you play Barbie trivia. As the host, you’ll find your favorite and most niche Barbie fun facts and ask questions. Have your guests battle it out to find the real Barbie trivia master. 

29. Barbie Board Game Session

It’s time to collect some Barbie board games and card games for your Barbie theme party. These games are perfect additions to a Barbie sleepover, but you can use them for any type of party as they’re generally fairly quick.

Duke it out in Barbie Monopoly, challenge each other to Barbie Make-a-Match or get competitive with Barbie Uno. Fun! 

barbie monopoly game
via Monopoly

30. Barbie “Who Am I?”

This is a super fun Barbie theme party game, and it’s so easy to set up. Write various types of Barbies or Barbie movies down on sticky notes.

When it’s someone’s turn, they’ll stick a sticky note to their head and start asking the group yes or no questions to figure out who they are. Are they Malibu Barbie? What about babysitter Skipper? 

31. Pin the Hair on Barbie

This is a great children’s game that’s a lot of fun. It’s just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a Barbie theme party twist. You’ll need a large picture of Barbie’s face and head and a hair extension or piece that matches Barbie’s hair color.

Use tape or a pin to create a sticky spot on the hair and blindfold each guest. Their goal is to get the hair on Barbie’s head. 

32. Blindfold Barbie Makeover

Speaking of blindfolds, this is another fun Barbie theme party game that requires your guests to play without seeing what they’re doing. Give your guests each an undressed Barbie doll and a pile of mixed clothing and accessories.

Blindfolded, your guests will have to pick out pieces and dress the doll. When everyone has a fully-dressed doll (including shoes and accessories), they can all remove their blindfolds to see their creations. 

33. Barbie Video Game Room

Did you know there are Barbie video games for the Nintendo Switch, DS, Wii U and other consoles? They make a great addition to any Barbie theme party.

Set up a video game room with as many Barbie games as you can get your hands on. Some are multiplayer, but many are single-player, so you can all help each other or get competitive. 

barbie video games
via Nintendo

34. Barbie-Themed Charades

This one is silly but fun. Write down different Barbies and Barbie movies on slips of paper. Have guests pull a slip out of a hat and act it out. Will you be able to tell that they’re acting out Mermaid Barbie? What about Barbie in the Nutcracker? 

Barbie Theme Party Invitation Ideas

35. Special Doll Delivery

This is a fun option for anyone with a larger party budget or a small group of guests. Deliver your invitations in the hands of Barbie dolls that you’ve chosen especially for each guest!

This is a great option for anyone who wants to play some of the more doll-focused games and activities we’ve mentioned earlier because each guest will already have their own doll. 

36. Barbie Photo Invitation

Have a Barbie photo shoot and use the photos as invitations. Doll yourself up in your classic Barbie best and make sure you resemble one of the iconic dolls, like the original Barbie in the striped swimsuit.

Match the Barbie to the theme if you’re throwing a specific Barbie theme party. For example, if you’re looking for luau party ideas, you may dress up as Malibu Barbie or another vacation-style Barbie doll.

37. Classic Pink Invitations

If you’re looking for a subtle invitation option, opt for a classic and classy pink invitation. You can find basic pink invitations and envelopes at any store and you can always jazz them up yourself with Barbie theme party stickers or doodles. 

You can also explore tons of Barbie party invitations on Amazon to suit every taste.

barbie movie ticket party invtiation
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38. Special Video Invitation

If you don’t want to print your invitations out, save a tree and go digital with a video invite. If you have video editing skills, you can create a fun short video using clips from Barbie movies and your own content to let your guests know when your Barbie theme party is happening. Apps make creating these videos super easy! 

39. Invitations With Barbie-Themed Shapes

If you want something fun but simple for your Barbie theme party invitations, opt for shapes that suit the Barbie vibe. Silhouettes of shoes and purses make great shapes for invitations, but you can also opt for simple hearts if you want something easier and more accessible. 

Are you ready for your Barbie theme party to be the hot pink bash of the year? Mix and match some of your favorite ideas from our guide and you’ll be well on your way to throwing a party that your friends will love. Don’t forget to post pictures (and tag us)!

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