31 Best Fall Party Ideas & Themes for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
fall party ideas
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There’s something to love with every season, from the changing scenery to new excuses to celebrate and there’s a plethora of fall party ideas to get excited about.

After a tearful goodbye to warm weather and cookouts, you can greet Autumn with open arms knowing exciting things are on the horizon like football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

There are tons of fun fall themes to embrace, and planning ahead can help make the change in seasons better. Whether colder temps or decreasing sunlight has you feeling down, Psychology Today says planning something, especially a party, can pull you out of a slump or just generally boost your mood.  

Wondering “What themes go with September?” or “What is a good theme for October?” This list will inspire fun fall party ideas and themes for every month of the season.

The return of football is exciting for many people, but early fall usually means good weather, and there are plenty of fall backyard party ideas and fall party games if sitting in front of the TV doesn’t appeal to you. 

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Creative Fall Party Ideas

1. Paint and Sip

Sign up for a paint and sip near you for an easy fall party idea that is perfect for groups or as a fall date idea. These classes offer a relaxed, semi-guided painting experience where you can sip on wine and craft a beautiful fall scene.

With options like paint and sip in Portland, paint and sip in San Diego or paint and sip in Chicago, wherever you are there’s a fun fall date or birthday party waiting to happen. Online painting classes are also an option to stream from home for a group event. 

paint and sip fall party ideas
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2. Pottery Classes

Heading to pottery classes near you is a fun fall party idea that comes with a built-in keepsake in the form of your handmade creation.

With pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Minneapolis and pottery classes in Austin (to name a few) you’ll be molding and glazing your very own fall-themed trinkets in no time.

A beautiful handmade clay pumpkin looks great on a coffee table or as a gift, while a leaf-shaped mug is as cute as it is practical. 

3. Pumpkin Carving

Host a pumpkin carving party complete with a friendly competition for the best design. This easy October party theme for adults also doubles as a romantic Halloween date idea to do with your sweetie.

Turn on your favorite spooky movies and get to carving cute, funny or scary designs into your pumpkins. Be sure to save the seeds to roast and season for a tasty fall snack!

4. Costume Party

With Halloween on the horizon, a costume party is a natural fall party idea. Great for kids and adults of all ages, an excuse to dress up is a surefire way to get in the Halloween spirit. Offer fun prizes for the best dressed and serve lots of fun spooky-themed goodies. 

5. Murder Mystery Party

You can get super creative with this fun fall party idea that will keep everyone on their toes. There are so many fun murder mystery game kits to choose from that enhance your theme and make your party one of the most unique parties of the season. 

A murder mystery is one of the best October party themes for adults, with tons of extra creepy Halloween-themed options, but there are some funny and cute themes out there, too. 

murder mystery dinner party with knives and blood
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6. Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday and for a lot of people, it's their favorite. Next time you’re thinking about fun fall party ideas, consider hosting a Friendsgiving party.

This trend involves getting together for a Thanksgiving meal with your friends before the big day. Not only do you get to craft and enjoy your favorite holiday meals, it’s a great way to spend quality time and relish your friendships especially if you leave town for the real holiday.

7. Wreath Making Party

This fun fall birthday party idea is a tradition that’s been around for years. Most of us might recall our grandmothers or mothers attending wreath making parties and bringing home a beautiful new creation and now you can, too.

You can host the event at your home or often you can find a local garden store that hosts events with all the supplies you need. Proudly display your colorful creation on your front door when you’re finished. 

8. Craft Night

There are practically endless amounts of fall crafts that can be turned into a DIY fall party idea. Keep things broad and offer an array of crafting goodies and invite your closest friends over to eat, drink and get crafty!

Seasonal decorations like colored leaves and acorns can turn into adorable trinkets or beautiful table tokens. 

9. Pumpkin Painting Party

Some people like to carve pumpkins while others prefer to paint them, making it a popular fall painting idea. There’s no wrong way to do it, and hosting a pumpkin painting party is an easy and creative fall party idea for all ages.

Indoors or outdoors, set up your station with newspapers and painting supplies and get to work painting a starry night or your pet's face for some sweet pumpkin painting ideas this season.

pumpkin painting fall party idea
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Foodie Fall Party Ideas

10. Fall Cooking Classes

Rolling up your sleeves and crafting international delights with your friends sounds like a pretty ideal adult birthday party idea this fall. With cooking classes in Atlanta, cooking classes in San Diego and cooking classes in Dallas (plus everywhere in between), this makes a fun, interactive fall party idea.

Online cooking classes let you learn from the comfort of your own kitchen if you’re looking for a cozy night in. Choose from a variety of dishes and cuisines from across the globe and learn to create picture-perfect sushi rolls by hand, spicy Indian street food or hand-filled ravioli with cooking classes near you

11. Mixology Classes

Learn from an expert how to perfectly balance cocktails with these online mixology classes that will turn your home bar into the hottest reservation in town.

Master the blend of sweet, sour and salty so you feel confident mixing up craft cocktails anytime. Virtual wine tastings are a great option for the wine-lover in your group as well. 

12. Mulled Wine Party

Traditionally served in the winter months when the weather gets really chilly, this delicious warming beverage tastes like autumn.

Served warm with flavors of cinnamon, orange and sweet red wine, it’s the perfect centerpiece for a fall housewarming party idea as it’s low maintenance and easy to make a big batch of mulled wine. 

13. Caramel Apple Party

Looking for a fall-themed birthday party idea for teens? Host a caramel apple party for a fun fall party idea with built-in activities. Offer a platter of green and red apples on sticks and let guests choose what to dunk and coat their apples in.

Classic caramel is always a winner, but hot fudge is pretty popular, too. Offer mini M&M's, chopped nuts or even crushed Oreos for a fall-themed sugar rush. Apples can be served whole or as individual wedges on sticks for larger crowds. 

caramel apples in fall colors
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14. Soup Soirée

When the temps start to drop, soup starts to sound a little extra good. Host a soup-themed fall party idea where everyone brings their favorite seasonal soup.

With so many delectable classics to choose from, you can have a small cup of roasted butternut squash, white chili or chicken tortilla soup (or all three). Nothing warms the soul like a cup of soup. 

15. Apple Pie Bake Off

Changing leaves means fall is on the way and along with it, apple season. This foodie fall party idea is a fun way to encourage some friendly competition, but there really are no losers here.

Everyone can prepare their take on the classic apple pie, or you can encourage an array of fall pies to choose from like pumpkin, pecan or sweet potato. 

16. Harvest Dinner Party

Friendsgiving aside, there are so many incredible ingredients that come into season in the fall. Looking for a fall party idea but not sure what the theme should be? Make it an elegant harvest-themed meal and channel your inner Martha Stewart.

With bold and colorful table decorations like mums or mini pumpkins, you can serve as many courses of hearty harvest bites as you’d like. 

17. Cheese Tasting

While cheese tasting is something you can enjoy year-round, autumn brings with it a variety of incredible flavors and ingredients that really make a cheese board shine.

Wondering “What can I do in October for my birthday?” Have your girlfriends over for a seasonal cheese tasting. This fall party idea calls for amazing dishes like baked brie, pumpkin butter and anything with cranberries. 

cheese tasting fall party idea
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18. Chili Cook Off

Every year without fail when the temps start dropping and the leaves start changing, the cravings for chili set in. A chili cook-off is an easy fall party idea where guests can put their chili recipe to the test.

Everyone has a secret ingredient that makes their chili the best, so host your own friendly backyard competition and see whose chili reigns supreme. 

Unique Fall Party Ideas

19. Candle Making Party 

While burning candles isn’t necessarily strictly a fall activity, there’s something about burning a candle in your kitchen or office that makes the space feel cozy. Choose classic autumn scents, like pumpkin spice, apple cider and others.

Have your friends over for a DIY candle making day and learn how easy it is to make your own candles. Most supplies can be found at your local craft store or ordered online. This is a fun color party idea at home as well. 

20. Oktoberfest Party

Whether you’re of German heritage or not, Oktoberfest is a fun excuse to throw a party. This iconic fall party idea involves beer, lederhosen (optional) and ideally some giant pretzels or brats. This fall theme party idea encourages guests to dress up and get in the spirit. 

21. Game Day Party

Whatever your favorite sports team, fall usually means football and game day is a built-in fall party idea. Grill up some chicken wings, break out the chips and dip and crack a few cold beverages as you convene around America’s second favorite pastime. 

men barbecuing around tailgate
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22. Cookbook Swap

Back in the day, there were Tupperware parties but now we have cookbook swaps and they are the perfect fall party idea.

Everyone has a favorite celebrity chef whose recipes they love to recreate. Bring full cookbooks or just copies of your favorite recipe, along with a sample of course.  

23. Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole (or bags as it’s often called) can be played year-round but it’s a particularly fun fall party idea when the weather is just right.

This game is fun and easy to learn for almost all ages. Serve up some crockpot chili and apple cider and you’ve got an ideal fall afternoon. 

24. Pumpkin Party

Pumpkin is pretty much the universal symbol of fall, so why not throw a whole party around that? This easy fall party idea involves anything and everything pumpkin.

Decorate your table with miniature pumpkins, and serve roasted pumpkin, pumpkin spiced drinks or pumpkin-shaped cookies. You can be as involved here as you want to be, but it certainly will get you in the spirit of fall.

25. Dog Costume Party

Why should humans get to have all the dress-up fun when it comes to Halloween? Throw a dog costume party for a wholesome fall party idea that guests will remember for years.

You can serve pet-friendly goodies and set up a photo booth to capture all the best looks. Bonus points for matching dog and owner costumes. 

dog costume fall party idea
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26. Themed Costume Party

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to make use of this fun fall party idea. Rather than having guests show up in all different types of costumes, pick a theme and have everyone dress accordingly. Any excuse to dress up is a good one, so go for a toga party, beach party or whatever you like.

Outdoor Fall Party Ideas

27. Harvest Bonfire

Looking for outdoor fall party ideas for adults? Host a harvest bonfire in your backyard, complete with hay bales, yard games and a smoky bonfire.

Relish the crisp fall air and gather around a cozy firepit to enjoy the changing leaves. You can cook up bonfire favorites like s’mores and hot dogs or host a fall-favorite potluck with hearty dishes like chili or nachos. 

28. Stargazing Slumber Party

Crisp fall nights call for wrapping up in a blanket and staring at the stars. Some of the clearest night skies come in the autumn months, so invite a small group of your closest friends or make it a romantic date night and stargaze together.

Chilly temps mean no pesky bugs and this is a totally free and easy fall party idea. 

29. Fall Foliage Walk

Perhaps the best part of fall is the changing leaves and beautiful foliage. Get a group of friends together and go on a fall foliage walk for a low-key fall party idea that will leave you invigorated.

Pack a cooler backpack with snacks and refreshments to enjoy at the top of the mountain or the end of your hiking path. 

men walking in fall foliage forest
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30. Farewell to Summer Cookout

There’s usually a tangible feeling in the air when summer is officially winding down and fall is on its way. If you’re wondering “How do you do an outdoor party in the fall?” there are a few options.

Do it when the weather is still nice, like having a farewell-to-summer cookout or having a raging bonfire to keep everyone warm. Fire up the grill and prepare all your summer favorites like burgers, hot dogs and potato salad and enjoy one last hoorah until next year. 

31. Outdoor Movie Night

Combine your favorite fall party ideas and traditions and host an outdoor movie night. Optional stargazing to follow, you can serve warm autumnal beverages and maybe even have a bonfire burning nearby.

If you’re wondering how to plan a birthday party, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Order a projector (they’re pretty cheap!) and have the birthday boy or girl’s favorite fall foods to enjoy with a classic Halloween movie or the latest rom-com. 

Part of what makes the change in seasons so fun is embracing the differences, and with that comes the need for a few fall party ideas. Whether fall has you focused on seasonal ingredients and throwing a dinner party or it’s a countdown to Halloween, there are so many creative and tasty ways to celebrate the new season.

Visit your local pumpkin patch, go apple picking or throw a party “just because.” From fall birthdays to actual holidays and everything in between, this list of the best fall party ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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