51 Most Fun Things to Do With Friends for a Memorable 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
things to do with friends

There’s a myriad of unique things to do with friends, but if you find yourself wondering how to make friends as an adult chances are you haven’t been taking advantage of these creative and budget-friendly ideas to make new friends or have fun with the ones you already hold dear.

Are you pondering questions like what activities can you do with a friend? What should I do with my friend now? What can friends do inside? What is there to do when getting bored with friends? What activities you can do with a friend?

Read on and discover how to meet people in a new city, things to do with friends on the weekend, what to do with your friends at home and more. From online options to outdoor opportunities, this list of things to do with friends is full of inspiration for your next get-together.

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Creative Things to Do With Friends

1. Beverages and Brushes 

With the helpful guidance of talented local artists, paint and sip classes are not only a creative outlet but a fun thing to do with friends. Learn new techniques for painting quaint beach scenes, magical moonlit nights, and charming cityscapes.

With so much out there to explore it’s time you uncork, smock up and discover new perspectives by signing up for a paint and sip class, otherwise known as paint party ideas for adults.

Check out paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Chicago, paint and sip near you and online painting classes.

paint and sip things to do with friends
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2. Clay Creation

If you’re looking to embark on a new creative journey, pottery classes are a fun thing to do with friends. No matter if you’re a group full of experienced ceramicists or novice clay shapers, everyone is bound to learn something new.

With the help of talented instructors, every member will take home a piece that is both functional and artistic. Check out pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in Los Angeles, pottery classes in San Francisco or pottery classes near you.

3. Mediums Unveiled

If you and your group of gals have always wanted to learn to paint consider adding art classes to your rotary of girls night ideas.

From crafting DIY at-home projects to making ornaments, there’s a plethora of classes to choose from which makes it the perfect thing to do with friends in a large group or small. 

Check out art classes in Portland, art classes in Boston, art classes in Atlanta or art classes near you.

4. Groupthink

Do you and your friend have clever banter? Channel that wittiness and think up a podcast you’d produce together. Explore the topics you’d cover, who you’d invite on and what you would call your podcast.

This fun thing to do with friends not only allows you to connect, entertain and inspire each other, but potentially a global audience as well!

5. Strings of Togetherness

Crafts aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of arts and crafts for adults that are easy to pull off and just as fun to do in your adulthood like making friendship necklaces or bracelets.

Take a trip to your local arts and crafts store and pick out a bead kit or make a kit yourself! To make friendship necklaces or bracelets, gather beads of different shapes and colors, string and scissors for a special thing to do with friends.

hands making colorful friendship bracelet while wearing many bracelets
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6. From Memories to Masterpiece

The best part about finding fun things to do with friends is the memories you gain from spending quality time together. Luckily, in the technological world we live in today, most of these memories have been captured in photos.

Get together, gather the evidence of your favorite moments, and make a scrapbook together. Venture to your local arts and crafts store for scrapbooking supplies like glue, tape, stickers, markers, glitter, a blank scrapbook, etc.

Put on your favorite flick to watch together and choose between photos. Spend the time you have with your friends reminiscing over your favorite memories. 

7. Paint the Town Nails 

Painting your nails doesn’t have to be a thing to do when you’re bored, it can be a fun thing to do with friends. Try new nail designs or add a few nail stickers.

Dabble in gel or acrylic nails with at-home nail painting kits. No matter the avenue of nail art you choose to explore, you’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel good as well because you’ll be spending time with your friends.

8. Craft in Comfort 

For an out-of-the-box thing to do with friends, try knitting each other something. Knit a hat, scarf, gloves or even a shirt. The best part about this thing to do with friends is you can turn it into a monthly get-together.

Nobody learns how to knit overnight, and it takes more than a day to make an article of clothing, so learn and knit together.

Foodie Things to Do With Friends

9. Culinary Curiosity 

Learn to cook with the ones you love for a tasty thing to do with friends. Ignite both your taste buds and your imagination as you learn more about the culture and history of different regions through food.

World-renowned chefs will guide you through creating a delectable menu full of farm-fresh and traditional ingredients. Check out cooking classes in Seattle, cooking classes in Dallas, cooking classes in San Diego, cooking classes near you and even online cooking classes.

cooking classes things to do with friends
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10. Vineyard Voyage

Differentiate the subtle nuances of wines, discover the world of food pairing and cultivate a sophisticated pallet with in-person or virtual wine tasting classes.

Hosted by a world-class sommelier, this group activity for adults guarantees a remarkable experience full of luxury and laughter.

11. Liberated Libations

In-person and online mixology classes offer insight into the world of high-class cocktail making you won’t find anywhere else.

Top mixologists share the history of your favorite cocktails and the science behind each ingredient so you can learn how to enrich your favorite flavors.

Make simply delicious drinks and enjoy the fruits of your labor together in a thing to do with friends that shakes things up! 

12. Gather and Treat

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned bake sale and if your friend group is full of bakers, have yourselves a sweet treat swap. This easy thing to do with friends on the weekend gives everyone a chance to show off their skills and try something new.

Ask each friend to bake their favorite treat for everyone to try. Get to know your friends by getting to know their sweet tooth. 

13. Big Wheels to Fill

If you and your friends live in or near a city, chances are you’re located near an assortment of food trucks. Grab your wallet, hit the town and explore your city's food trucks.

Stop by some of your favorite trucks or by the ones you’ve always wanted to try for a tasty thing to do with friends who like to try new cuisines. 

group of friends waiting in line at food truck
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14. Taste the Party

It can be hard to come up with ideas for things to do on your birthday with friends. If you’ve exhausted your options or you’ve hit a wall, consider going back to the basics with a food-themed party.

With pizza party ideas and taco bar party ideas in abundance, you’ll never run out of options to revel in.

15. Senses Collide

A game that’s not only fun but delicious? I’m sure you’re thinking, sign me up! Tease the senses and find out who the true snack king is with this blindfolded snack-tasting challenge.

Gather your friends for a mouthwatering journey. Take turns tasting various snacks while blindfolded before trying to guess what the snack is. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins the ultimate snack of your choosing. 

16. The Flavors of Disney

Disney movies are known to feature tantalizing meals we’ve all wanted to try. Well, now’s your chance! Get with your best pal and try to recreate a meal from your favorite Disney movie.

You can even watch it as you cook. This thing to do with friends is a perfect way to spend quality time together.

Unique Things to Do With Friends

17. Get Your Groove On

Step into the rhythm of friendship and sign up for an in-person or online dance class. These interactive dance classes near you provide the guidance you need to move the way you want with top-rated instructors.

Boost your confidence, try something new and discover the perfect steps with this active thing to do with friends.  Check out dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in Orlando or dance classes in Houston.

dance classes things to do with friends
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18. Karaoke

Enjoy a lively and supportive environment full of tunes with this thing to do with friends at night. Venture to a karaoke bar and explore togetherness through song.

Belt out songs, cheer each other on and be playful. Step outside of your comfort zone in the comfort of being surrounded by the people you love.

19. Do It for a Laugh

As you share some time together, consider also sharing in some laughs by attending a comedy show. A great option for things to do with friends near me, comedy shows create unforgettable outings that foster amusement, fun and pleasure.

20. Unravel the Secrets of Space

Get to know the cosmos and visit a local planetarium! The world is big, but space is bigger. With so much to discover, the planetarium is a unique and educational experience that is sure to pique your group's curiosity.

Create lasting memories as you explore a simulated space and deepen your connection with your friends and the universe.

21. Buckle Up

Are you getting bored of the day-to-day? Are you wondering what to do when getting bored with friends? Take the road less traveled and dive into crazy things to do with friends. All you need is a coin to spice up your girls weekend ideas list.

Use the heads or tale method to guide yourselves in a new direction. Hop into the car and begin to drive. When you hit a light flip the coin. If the coin lands on heads turn right and if the coin lands on tales turn left until you find an activity to do or a destination to explore.

group of friends riding in a convertible with the top down
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22. Real or Cake?

The irony of this thing to do with friends is that unless you’re a top-class baker, the final product is going to come out looking horrific. But that’s most of the fun!

If you haven’t seen real or cake cook-offs, the objective of the game is to bake a cake that looks so much like an inanimate object it’s hard to tell which one is real and which one is cake. Have some laughs trying to bake a cake that looks like a remote and enjoy a bit of friendly competition

23. Go to a Concert

Attending a concert is a thrilling and memorable way to spend time with your friends and it’s one of the most popular things to do with friends at night.

Sing along to your favorite artist or discover someone new at a local live show. Concerts exude an electric energy that will leave an impact on you and your friends.

24. Winter Olympics

Finding winter activities and cold-weather things to do with friends is tough if you’re not a winter person. And if you are it’s likely that you have a friend or two that is not. Turn the frigid atmosphere into a competitive playground and host your own Winter Olympics.

Include events like who can build the tallest snowman, one-legged snowball fights and a sled relay race. 

Online Things to Do With Friends

25. Friendly Competition

Among fun things to do with friends online, virtual game nights are full of amusements great for groups both big and small. Classic games like charades, Backgammon, and Guess Who all can be found and played online with ease.

And of course, no fun list of things to do with friends would be complete without the mention of online trivia games, virtual escape rooms and virtual scavenger hunts.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of mystery, these options would be a great fit. Think strategically to best your besties.

two friends drinking wine and playing games online with laptop
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 26. Blossom as One

Uncover the design principals of assembling beautiful bouquets to place at the center of the table during the next get together with in-person or virtual flower arranging classes.

Not only will you learn about the various textures, colors, and placements of flowers, but you’ll also learn about their holistic and therapeutic benefits. 

27. Can Learning Be Fun?

To find things to do with friends near me, look no further. Explore museums in your area and across the world with the help of virtual tours.

Eliminate travel expenses, discover at your own pace and chat with the group as often — and as loudly — as you like. With a simple Google search, you can enjoy a day full of learning and fun. Discover something new about the world around you.

28. Travel Far and Wide

The secrets of the world rest right at your fingertips. Plan the next friend trip and cross international waters through virtual travel experiences. Tour the Sydney Opera House, look up at the Northern Lights and journey through the Grand Canyon.

29. Get Burned

Celebrate the bonds you have with your friends in a light-hearted online roast. Exchange absurd jokes and clever anecdotes through any number of popular virtual platforms.

Trade playful jests as one by one each member of the friend group is playfully roasted by their fellow jesters.

Although one of the most amusing things to do with friends online, roasts can get out of hand so make sure to set ground rules with the group to ensure everyone feels comfortable. 

group of friends laughing at laptop
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30. The World of Luxury

Do you dream of hitting the open road in a Porsche, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce? Make that dream feel like more of a reality and build your own luxury vehicle model.

Most luxury car sites have the option to build your own model car. Grab some snacks, some drinks and get to designing. You might not be able to buy a luxury vehicle right now, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for when you can!

31. At-Home Cribs

It’s often fun to get out of our own space and explore the lives of others. Are you a city dweller wondering what the rural life feels like? Are you a suburban resident wondering what it must be like to live in the big city?

Why not find out? Take a virtual adventure through open houses via housing sites like Zillow. 

32. Make Waves for Your Local Faves

If you’re wondering what to do with your friends at home, consider planning an activity to support local businesses. Leave reviews for your favorite restaurants and local shops.

Most businesses rely on the support of their community and by writing five-star reviews, you’re making waves for your local favs.

33. Entertainment Unlocked

Host a fun thing to do with friends easily and plan an evening full of the groups’ favorite video games. With so many multiplayer games, it’s never been easier to connect with friends over a headset and a controller.

Pick a few must-play games and bond as you work together to defeat the bad guys, conquer other teams or beat level after level. 

video games things to do with friends
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34. The New Way to Engage

If you’re on any social media platform, chances are you’ve heard of platforms like Twitch. These interactive live-streaming services allow content creators to connect more directly with their audiences and for a much longer period of time than a one-minute TikTok or 20-minute YouTube video.

Creators are live streaming all the time, so get together with your BFF and tune in to see what fun antics your favorite influencers are up to.

Outdoor Things to Do With Friends

35. Get Your Hands Dirty 

Work together to make your own community garden. Get together with your friends and map out the kind of plants you’d like to incorporate to build a garden.

Vegetables? Fruits? Shrubs? Flower? Annuals? Perennials? There are so many options! Gardening with your friends is a wonderful way to foster creativity and camaraderie.

36. Become the Next (Amateur) Serena Williams

If you and your friends grew up playing sports together, this fun thing to do with friends might be right up your alley. It’s hard to find time for extracurricular activities when you’re an adult, which is why it’s important to make time.

Get out of the house and onto the field by joining an amateur sports league. Play a sport you know you’re good at or branch out and try something new. With such low stakes, amateur sports leagues are a wonderful way to meet new friends while bonding with the ones you have.

37. Camp Out Close to Home

You don’t have to go far to pull off things to do with friends outside. In fact, you can camp out right in your backyard! If you have the time, money and energy to camp at a site, good for you.

However, if you find yourself without the time, money or energy to camp at a site, don’t fret! Make one in your backyard. It’s as easy as setting up a tent right outside your door. 

camp out at home things to do with friends
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38. Practice Makes Perfect 

It takes a lot of practice to run a marathon so why not turn that practice into a bonding experience? The beauty of this fun thing to do with friends is that it will become a weekly session.

Discover scenic paths to run and spend time together bettering your run time. Plus, it’s always better to run with a buddy. Stay safe and stay running.

39. Enjoy Nature's Canvas

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by summer bucket list ideas. We can’t all drop everything to visit a beach, travel across country or bungee jump. But we all can watch a sunset for a chill thing to do with friends.

Get together with your friends and choose a prime location for watching the sunset. Depending on where you live that might be a secluded spot in the neighborhood, a quaint park around the corner or a big rock on a small creek.

Pick a location that means something to you and enjoy a beautiful sunset together. 

40. The Joy of Animals

Take a trip to a petting zoo and make a new kind of friend for this thing to do with friends outside. Interact with gentle animals and learn about different species, their behaviors and the care they need.

Pick a rescue facility petting zoo to ensure that the money you spend to attend is going directly to a good source.   

41. The Big Screen in the Sky

There are so many fun things to do with friends on the weekend like visiting an outdoor movie theater. A blast from the past, outdoor movie theaters are an interesting way to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Bring with you some blankets, chairs, snacks and beverages to enjoy a movie on the big screen outside.

group of friends watching movie on a projector outdoors
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42. Workin' at the Car Wash

This thing to do with friends may not sound like a wild adventure, but throwing a car washing bash could actually be a very fun thing to do with friends because it turns a mundane task into an enjoyable experience.

You’ll need large buckets to fill with water, soap, sponges, towels and a hose. Help preserve the appearance and condition of your vehicle while improving your overall driving experience.

Budget-Friendly Things to Do With Friends

43. Create a Whole New World

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to keep plans budget-friendly when thinking up what to do with your friends at home. For this thing to with friends, all you need is a pen and paper or a laptop. Employ your imagination and world-building skills to put together a short story or sitcom episode.

Create characters based off of your friend group or write an episode of a show you all love and adore. Share ideas and build something worth reading.

44. A Fashionable Exchange 

It’s natural to get bored of the clothes in your closet, we all do. However, it’s not always the best idea for your wallet to swap out your wardrobe, so host a wardrobe swap instead.

Have each friend go through their closet to collect the items they no longer want. Go through each other’s hand-me-downs to see if anything fits! If there are clothing items left over, make sure to donate them to a local organization.

45. Get Nerdy With It

If yours is a group of bookworms, this thing to do with friends is sure to pique your interest. Instead of reading on your own or joining a book club elsewhere, start one with your friends!

Have each member choose a book and slowly make your way down the list by reading one book each month. Get together at the end of the month to discuss your experience reading, what you think of the themes and how this book compares to others that you’ve read.

group of friends meeting to discuss books
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46. (Watch) Party All Night Long! 

Not all spring break ideas need to be extravagant. If vacationing or dining out aren’t suitable options for you, have yourself a lowkey spring break from the comfort of your own home and throw a watch party!

Most of us have friends scattered all over the world and a simple watch party is a great thing to do with friends to connect with each other and bond over your favorite trilogies virtually or in person. 

47. Mosh in Your Living Room 

If attending an in-person concert is too pricey of a thing to do with friends, gather your best buds and turn your living room into a music venue.

Watch live performances of your favorite artists easily on the web. Make #1 fan T-shirts ahead of time and stock the house with a medley of food and drink. 

48. Give a Meaningful Gift

If you’re stumped trying to come up with things to do with friends for a birthday that everyone can participate in, consider keeping it simple…and in the budget.

If you’re a person who has everything they need or you just aren’t into material possessions that mean little, ask your friends to make gifts only out of things they can find around the house.

This creative gift exchange idea is sure to result in some interesting creations and lots of stories.

49. Pass the Aux

Another way to incorporate music into your list of cheap things to do with friends is to make a playlist. Most music platform sites these days have an option to assemble collaborative playlists that allow you and your friends to add songs simultaneously.

Or, you could always do it the old-fashioned way and burn a CD! Either way, creating a playlist together will give you more insight into your friends' music taste as you all vibe out together.

make a playlist things to do with friends
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50. Inspire Your Friends

Art galleries such as the Portland art galleries, NYC art galleries and Houston art galleries showcase some of the world’s most inspiring and thought-provoking artists, making it a must-experience thing to do with friends.

Many art galleries even offer budget-friendly days with on-sale tickets. Some are even free like the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.

51. Do Good, Feel Good

There are a ton of cheap things to do with friends and giving back to your community should be at the top of your list. Volunteering with your friends not only inspires fellowship, but a sense of responsibility to those within your community.  

group of friends high fiving after picking up trash as volunteers
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The American Psychology Association reviewed 38 studies and concluded that “adult friendships, especially high-quality ones that provide social support and companionship, significantly predict well-being and can protect against mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.” 

In other words, nurture your friendships because they nurture you, and the best way to do that is by planning ahead. 

Use this list of things to do with friends to explore your collective creative hobbies. From things to do with friends on your birthday to indoor activities in NYC or near you, this guide is here to help you support your friendships.

Whether you’re looking for summer, spring or winter activities this list of 51 things to do with friends will get you through any season.

For even more fun things to do with friends, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!