33 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
gifts for dog lovers
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Are you looking for a special gift for the dog lovers in your life? If you are friends with a pet owner, chances are their furry family members mean everything to them.

We’ve rounded up 33 of the best gifts for dog owners and the companions they cherish so you can share the love with the pet owners in your life.

What do dog lovers have in common? Besides a deep love for their pet, dog lovers and pet owners benefit in many ways from having an animal around.

According to The Ohio State University, pet ownership brings with it a host of benefits, from lower stress and anxiety to increased general physical health. Dogs, in particular, require their owners to be a little more active and take walks, which leads to improvements in health.

The gifts for dog lovers on this list are the perfect way to show your dog-loving friends (and their pups!) that you care.

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Creative Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. Handpainted Pet Portraits

Try your hand at creating a work of art featuring your pet or as a gift for dog lovers. If you aren’t quite sure how to accomplish this, try a paint and sip class like these: paint and sip in Portland, paint and sip in Atlanta and paint and sip in Houston.

There is sure to be paint and sip near you, or even online painting classes that will help you brush up on your talent and create a beautiful dog portrait. 

paint and sip gift for dog lovers to paint custom pet portraits
via Canva

2. Handmade Dog Dishes

Another creative gift for dog parents is a set of handmade food and water bowls. Try your hand at pottery and make this great gift for dog moms.

You can take pottery classes in NYC, pottery classes in Los Angeles, pottery classes in Chicago or even find pottery classes near you to learn how to sculpt and shape pottery into the perfect form.

If you aren’t sure what types of dishes your pet-loving friend will need, why not treat them to a Classpop! gift card so they can sign up for a pottery class and make their own?

3. Snuggle Puppy Calming Toy

If you aren’t looking to create an entire gift basket, but you’d still like to support your friends when they bring home a new puppy, consider gifting them a Snuggle Puppy.

This is a great gift for dog moms who might be nervous about how their new puppy will adjust to a new environment. The Snuggle Puppy is a soothing toy with a battery-powered heartbeat, so your puppy never feels alone. 

puppy sleeping with a snuggle puppy toy
via Snuggle Puppy

4. Learn to Make Homemade Treats

Book your friends a fun, interactive online cooking class that teaches how to make tasty puppy pops and canine cookies in their very own kitchen. 

With one of the most unique gifts for dog lovers, they'll enjoy staying home with their pets as they learn from a dog-loving chef how to make sweet and savory snacks. 

Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

5. Paw Print Keepsake

Caring for an aging pet can be difficult, so why not find a way to pair sympathy gifts with sweet gifts for dog lovers? Create a unique keepsake like this paw print frame so that your friend's pet will always be with them. 

paw print keepsake gift for dog lovers
via Uncommon Goods

6. Custom Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for dog lovers, why not surprise them with a personalized photo ornament featuring their pet?

You can customize the picture and other elements on these decorations so that your friends’ Christmas tree will feature their furry friend, making this a great personalized dog gift. 

7. Matching Collar and Scrunchie Sets

All of the dog moms in your life will love these matching sets by The Foggy Dog. Your friend and her pup will be able to step out in style with coordinated collars and scrunchies. 

matching collar and scrunchie set gift for dog moms
via The Foggy Dog

8. Personalized Pet Bed

One great personalized gift for dog lovers is a custom pet bed that represents their pup’s personality. This customizable option from Zazzle has removable covers that allow you to clean it easily, while still giving that custom-made feel to the pet’s bed. 

9. Cuddle Clone Stuffed Animal

This personalized dog gift is a custom-made stuffed animal that’s designed to be a perfect match to your pet. You can customize the stuffed animal by uploading photos to the website.

While these custom plushies are pricey, they’re a thoughtful gift for anyone who has lost a pet or who simply wants to cuddle a plush version of their dog.

cloned stuffed animal next to photo of real dog
via Cuddle Clones

10. Custom Storybook

Let your friend’s pet do the talking with this customizable storybook. Great for children and dog lovers of any age, your friends will love seeing their pet come to life in the pages of this cute book. 

11. Nose Print Necklace

This customized nose print necklace would make a wonderful Christmas gift for dog lovers. Simply create an impression of the dog’s nose using a modeling kit, and then wait for the results of a custom-made necklace that features your friend’s pet.

nose print necklace gift for dog lovers
via Uncommon Goods

12. Personalized Throw Blanket

Order one of these personalized blankets featuring your friends and their pets for a cozy way to show your love. Just about every aspect of the blanket is customizable — from clothing and skin colors to dog breeds and more.

Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

13. Dog DNA Test

Another of the best gifts for dog lovers is a Dog DNA test that can share breed and health information about your friend’s pup. This is perfect for rescues when the dog's background is a mystery. 

This is a great addition to a list of gender-neutral gifts, especially if you aren’t sure of the gender of your friend’s dog. Instead of buying the wrong thing, this science-based gift is sure to impress. 

Dog DNA kit gift for dog lovers
via Embark Vet

14. DogTV Subscription

If you’re on the hunt for unique gifts for dog lovers, consider giving a subscription to DogTV. This unique streaming service offers different videos that are great for dogs, from relaxation to stimulation and exposure options that are great for training and entertainment. 

15. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription

If you are looking for a sweet thank you gift for dog lovers, why not try a coffee subscription that gives back to dogs in need? Your dog-loving friend will love the themed blends and the fact that this coffee supports a good cause.

If you don't want to do a subscription, Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. also has an online store filled with fun merch for pet parents.  

dog sitting next to coffee and dog-covered mug
via Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

16. Smart Collar

High-tech, unique gifts for dog lovers can be hard to come by, but this smart collar by FI is a great way to keep your friend’s favorite dog safe and secure. With GPS tracking, there’s no chance that the pup will get lost!

17. Pet-Safe Candles

This dog gift for humans is actually one of the best gifts for dogs, too! Did you know that candles often have chemicals that aren’t safe for animals?

Instead of buying your friend a generic candle, try one that’s specially formulated to be safe for dogs, too, like this Sleepy Sunday candle from Companion Candles.

pet-safe candle gift for dog lovers
via Companion Candles

18. High-End Leash and Harness

If you’re searching for gifts for people who have everything, why not turn your attention to the pets in the family with this high-quality Harness Walk Set from The Foggy Dog? Giving this to a pet lover will show that you care about all of the members of their family.

19. Paw Print Socks

Give your friend a subtle way to show that they are a dog lover with these classy socks featuring a paw print. The best part about these socks from Conscious Step is that they partner with a no-kill shelter to provide a safe space for dogs that need a good home! 

simple paw print socks that give back to shelter dogs in need
via Conscious Step

Funny Gifts for Dog Lovers

20. Dog vs. Cat Chess Set

It’s the ultimate battle royale with this chess set featuring dogs versus cats. This funny gift for dog lovers will bring smiles to the faces of your friends, and it looks great set up on a coffee table, too.

21. Embroidered Tea Towels

Finding funny dog gifts for humans is easy with this set of cute embroidered tea towels featuring a dog’s daily agenda — spoiler alert, it involves a lot of letting the dog in and out!

embroidered tea towels with funny dog sayings printed on them
via Mud Pie

22. Dog Costume

Spoil your friend’s pup by buying them a costume for Halloween. They’ll be sure to make all the neighbors laugh when their pup shows up to the Halloween party dressed to impress.

23. Pet Parent Mug

If you’re looking for gifts for couples who love dogs, why not try a pair of custom pet parent mugs? Your friends will love seeing their faces right alongside their dog’s face on a coffee cup. 

coffee mugs with cartoon pet parents with their dogs
via Uncommon Goods

24. Themed Gift Box

Funny gifts for dog lovers can sometimes be difficult to find. Pupbox offers pre-made themed boxes that are filled with funny dog toys. The themes range from a beach box to a Western box and everything in between. 

25. Garden Figurines

You can find plenty of cute dog figurines for your friend's garden. From realistic to cartoon-inspired, this gift for dog parents will be sure to make them laugh. For a clever take, check out these Zen dog statues from Uncommon Goods. 

dog statues gift for dog lovers
via Uncommon Goods

26. Clever ID Tag

A dog’s tags don’t have to be boring. This gift for dog lovers combines pet safety with a dash of humor. Funny tags from Chewy are a great way to give a simple gift with a big impact. 

Inexpensive Gifts for Dog Lovers

27. Offer to Dog Sit

On a list of inexpensive gifts for dog lovers, nothing beats a free gift! If you don’t have a big budget, offer to watch or walk your friend’s dog for free. They’ll get quality care from someone they trust, and you’ll get puppy snuggles as a reward!

man and dog in sunglasses and bathrobes
via Canva

28. Dollar Store Gift Basket

Gifts for dog lovers don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of gifts under $50 available for your pet-loving friends. Stop by your local dollar store and stock up on inexpensive toys to assemble fun gift basket ideas.

The toys aren’t expensive, so your friends won’t feel bad if their puppy chews them up immediately!

29. Stock up on Treats

Dog gifts for humans don’t have to be elaborate. Next time you hang out with a friend, bring a simple bag of their dog’s favorite treats. It’s a small gesture, but it will mean a lot as a gift for dog lovers. 

little happy dog rolling in a pile of dog treats
via Canva

30. Pet Care Products

Some of the best gifts for dogs are pet-care basics like brushes, shampoo and cleaning products. It might not seem like the most glamorous gift, but for new pet owners, a little help goes a long way.

Try providing your friend with things they will definitely need but might forget about, like spot treatment for the carpet, lint rollers to pick up extra fur or disposable poop bags for walks. 

31. Chew Toys or Bones

Many pet stores offer inexpensive chew toys or discount prices on bones for pets. Just be sure to check with your friend to make sure it’s a treat or toy that their dog can enjoy safely!

man and dog playing with chew toy bone
via Shutterstock

32. DIY Dog Décor

Personalized gifts often cost a pretty penny, but you can create something equally as cute from the comfort of home.

For this gift for dog lovers, try painting a canvas with your friend’s pet’s name, or customize a toy bin by painting the dog’s name on it. There are plenty of ways to customize a gift without breaking the bank.

33. Offer to Be Their Photographer

You don’t have to have lots of photography skills to take pictures of your friends with their pets. Offer to take cute photos of them for Instagram, or even take candid photos whenever you’re hanging out.

Your friends will love having someone capture memories with their pet, making this a great inexpensive gift for dog lovers.

photography gift for dog lovers
via Canva

What is the best gift for a dog lover? The options are endless! From personalized, sentimental gifts to hilarious toys and tasty treats, we hope this guide to the 33 best gifts for dog lovers has inspired you to go out and make some pet-themed purchases.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

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