39 Best Gift Basket Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
gift basket ideas
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Finding the best gift basket ideas may seem like a challenge, but there are tons of unique items you can add to your basket. Street Directory mentions that gift baskets are versatile and simple gifts to give to loved ones.

Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift or marking a special occasion, a gift basket is a perfect way to show them you care.

So, what is a good idea for a gift basket? And how do you make an impressive gift basket? We’ve gathered a list of some of the best gift basket ideas to help you prepare the perfect gift.

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Gourmet Gift Basket Ideas

1. Cooking Classes

Create one of the best gifts for foodies with a gift basket filled with exciting cooking classes. Help your friend level up their cooking skills by taking lessons from a skilled chef.

Add useful cooking tools to their basket and find cooking classes in Portland, cooking classes in Chicago or cooking classes in Dallas to include in your gift basket in the form of a gift card.

Wherever you’re located, there are tons of cooking classes near you. If they prefer a virtual setting, online cooking classes are a great addition to any gift basket.

cooking classes gift basket idea
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2. Virtual Wine Tastings

Put together one of the best wine gift baskets by including virtual wine tastings. With one of the most unique gifts for wine lovers, they can enjoy a little bit of Napa from home.

A talented sommelier will guide them through a pallet of unique blends and flavors to level up their tasting skills. Pack their gift basket with wine glasses, a corkscrew and some cute wine charms to add to the fun.

3. Online Mixology Classes

Give the best gifts for cocktail lovers with a basket full of online mixology classes. Expert mixologists will help them learn how to create craft cocktails and perfect their shaken and stirred methods.

Add in a personalized cocktail glass and a bottle of whiskey to help them take their mixology skills to the next level.

4. A Taste of Italy

Are you wondering how to make an expensive-looking gift basket? Give them a taste of Italy for one of the best themed gift basket ideas.

Perfect for long distance relationship gifts, include authentic pasta, sauce and a bottle of wine for a sweet virtual date night. Include biscotti or a fresh panna cotta recipe to round out your traditional meal.

5. Coffee Lovers Basket

Give your coffee-loving friend one of the most unique five senses gifts. Fill your gift basket with locally-roasted coffee beans, creamer and other essentials.

Find a couple of custom coffee mugs and a whisk to add to this coffee gift basket idea — or go a step further and include a coffee sampler subscription so they can try new flavors every month!

Bean Box samplers of coffee on countertop
via Bean Box

6. Brunch in a Box

If you’re looking for cute gift basket ideas, pack brunch in a box for a sweet and savory start to the day. Include a bag of coffee or tea with a personalized mug.

Add some pancake mix and mini waffle iron for a breakfast favorite. Remember to add a local bottle of maple syrup and they’re ready to brunch!

7. Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

Explore Harry & David gift baskets to gift them with a sweet and healthy snack. From high-quality organic fruit baskets to tasting a fruit and cheese gift box, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and refreshing gift. As a bonus, your coworkers will all love this thoughtful gift for one of the best gift basket ideas for work.

Creative Gift Basket Ideas

8. Paint and Sip

If they’re creative, include a gift card in their gift basket for exciting paint and sip sessions. Talented artists will guide them step-by-step through a beautiful painting to hang in their home. They can also enjoy their favorite beverage and snacks during these fun events.

Discover paint and sip in Portland, paint and sip in Los Angeles or paint and sip in Boston. Wherever you’re located, you can find tons of exciting paint and sip near you. Remember to equip their basket with plenty of paintbrushes and paint colors to keep them in the zone.

9. Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are also one of the best ideas for gift baskets if your friend is creative. They’ll learn how to use a pottery wheel and take home unique gifts like mugs and vases at the end of class. To present this gift, add a class gift card to a basket of beginner pottery supplies.

From pottery classes in the Bay Area, pottery classes in Portland or pottery classes in Houston, you’re bound to find tons of pottery classes near you. Add an apron and clay carving tools to their gift boxes to help prepare them for class.

pottery gift basket idea
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10. Dance Classes

Help them learn a fun new routine with thrilling dance classes included in their gift basket. An upbeat instructor will guide them through choreography to a fun song.

With dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in Los Angeles and dance classes in Colorado Springs, there are tons of dance classes near you to include in your gift basket. Include a phone charger, deodorant and snacks in the gift basket to get them ready for class.

11. Gift Basket of Sunshine

If your friend is going through a difficult season, give them one of the best care packages. For thoughtful themed gift basket ideas, cheer up your friend by filling the box with soothing items like a peppermint candle or chamomile tea.

Load up the basket with sweet treats and comforting lotions for one of the best relaxation gifts to bring brightness to their day.

12. Kids Craft Night

If you’re looking for cute gift basket ideas with your kids, why not make it a craft night? Pack supplies like paints, brushes and markers for a colorful evening at home. Include their favorite snacks for a fun activity to enjoy as a family for one of the best gifts for crafters of all ages.

13. Date Night in a Box

Make it a date night by creating unique gift basket ideas for couples. Gift your partner with date night gift baskets for a sweet date full of wine and delicious pairings. Add in candles, a fun romantic comedy and a gift card to your favorite restaurant to help line up the next date night.

date night gift basket ideas
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Unique Gift Basket Ideas

14. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Give perfect thank you gifts with virtual scavenger hunts. For a unique gift basket idea, help them have a thrilling adventure in an online, digital environment.

An entertaining host will guide them through the game as they’re guided with prompts and puzzles to solve. Load up their gift basket with their favorite snacks to fuel up their adventure!

15. Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms are also one of the best ideas for gift baskets. A fun host will lead them through a themed digital environment as they race against the clock to make their great escape.

Remember to pack popcorn and candy for them to enjoy as they journey through settings like a cursed forest or a villain’s lair. They’ll love staying the night in to level up their detective skills.

16. Online Games

Give them one of the most unique gift basket ideas with exciting online games. From thrilling virtual game nights to creative online trivia games, they’ll have tons of entertainment to enjoy with your gift basket. Load them up with snacks, cozy socks and beverages to enjoy a fun game night at home.

17. Self-Care Gift Basket

Give one of the best spa and beauty gift baskets to help them bask in some self-care. Load them up with high-quality soaps and lotions for smooth and healthy skin. Include essential oils and soy candles to add a calming ambiance. They’ll love a day relaxing with this perfect gift basket.

spa and beauty gift basket from Olive and Cocoa
via Olive & Cocoa

18. Color-Themed Gift Basket

Follow a fun color theme for unique gift basket ideas. Find various items in their favorite color to add to their gift basket. Add in snacks, lotions and craft supplies to customize the box to their liking. From a calming blue to vibrant yellow, the options are limitless to what you can add to their gift basket.

19. New Car Kit

A new car kit is one of the most unique gift basket ideas for a new car owner. Include flashlights and a first aid kit to prepare them for any roadside emergency. Add in their favorite car snacks and a car charger to help them feel more at home in their new ride.

20. Snow Day Survival Kit

Create a snow day survival kit for one of the best gift basket ideas for couples. Enjoy a cozy day at home by filling this gift basket with hot chocolate, delicious snacks and their favorite movies. Add in candles and comfortable slippers to create a fun snow day at home.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas

21. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Create fun DIY gift basket ideas with exciting virtual flower arranging classes. This gift basket is perfect for any friend looking to learn more about flower arranging and creating their own bouquets.

An expert florist will guide them through each class where they can learn how to design floral crowns or put together a stunning centerpiece for their home. Help prepare them for class by including clippers, netting and a beautiful vase in their gift basket.

flower arranging gift basket idea
via Canva

22. Gardeners Gift Basket

Give one of the best Easter gifts with a gift basket for gardeners. If they have a green thumb, they’ll love this thoughtful gift. Include seeds, new gloves and any tools they might need to help them with their gardening projects. Present this gift in a watering can or ceramic vase for a unique spin on gift basket ideas.

23. Ultimate Baker’s Kit

Put together one of the best housewarming gifts with the ultimate baker’s kit. Use a mixing bowl as your gift basket and fill it with essential baking tools like measuring cups and spatulas.

Add in fun baking items like sprinkles, cupcake liners and even a unique dish towel to prepare them for their next baking venture.

24. Shop Local Gift Basket

Check out the local vendors in town to create one of the best gift basket ideas for work. Stop by a farmers market to visit unique retailers to create your gift. From fresh jams to organic soaps, there are tons of cool items you can include in your basket to support local businesses!

25. Fur Baby Box

Create fun DIY gift basket ideas for their fur babies. Fill the box with treats, toys and cleaning items to support their fluffy loved one. It's one of the best gifts for dog lovers and cat lovers!

Whether they’re just getting a new pet or they’ve had their animal pal for years, they’ll love that you’re thinking of their fur baby too. If you don’t want to DIY, you can also shop for pre-made pet gift baskets for your cat or dog.

baskets filled with toys and treats for cats and dogs
via Max & Milo

26. Give-Back Gift Box

Fill a basket with items that give back to important causes. Shop for items in which a portion of proceeds support charities your friend is passionate about.

From Everlane T-Shirts supporting women’s rights to fun campfire mugs from Parks Project advocating for national parks, there are plenty of great causes your gift basket can support.

27. A Day at the Pool

Get them ready for summer with one of the best gift basket ideas for the pool. Load them up with sunscreen, beach towels and pool toys for a fun day in the sun. If they’d rather lounge near the water, include a trending book or headphones to level up their pool day.

Gift Basket Ideas for Men

28. Glass Blowing Classes

Help him discover a new hobby with creative glass blowing classes. Fill his gift basket with a gift card for classes where he’ll learn this unique skill from an experienced glass smith.

He’ll create cool items from scratch, like ornaments and bowls that he can take home. Purchase gloves and eyeglasses for his gift basket to get him ready for his exciting woodworking classes.

29. Woodworking Classes

Give him a basket filled with gift cards for woodworking classes. As one of the best gift basket ideas for him, he’ll love learning how to create custom materials, such as picture frames and cutting boards. Include gloves, a tape measure and pencils to prepare him for his classes.

woodworking classes gift basket idea
via Canva

30. Sports Gift Basket

If your guy is a sports fan, fill his gift basket with gear from his favorite sports team. Whether he’s into football, hockey or baseball, there are plenty of fun items you can add to his basket. From customized jerseys to iconic baseball cards, he’ll love this as one of the most thoughtful gift basket ideas.

31. Handyman Gift Basket

Give your guy a handyman’s gift basket for one of the best gift basket ideas for him. Fill the basket with useful tools, a tape measure and a hammer. As the perfect gift for any new homeowner or young man moving out of the home, this idea will prepare him for a quick fix in any tricky situation.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, use a toolbox instead of a gift basket.

32. Slippers Gift Basket

What can you use instead of a basket for a gift basket? Why not fill slippers with some cozy items he can use at home? From high-quality soaps to gift cards for his favorite store, there are plenty of unique items you can stuff inside each slipper.

33. BBQ Gift Basket

Give this grill master Man Crate with iconic BBQ sauces and rubs for one of the best birthday gift basket ideas. Whether he loves to cook, smoke or grill, he’ll love adding new flavors to his collection. Include a new spatula and other culinary tools to help him level up his BBQ skills.

BBQ grill master gift basket idea Man Crates
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Gift Basket Ideas for Women

34. Jewelry Making Classes

Help your gal learn a new hobby with one of the best gift basket ideas for her. Include a gift card to unique art classes in Los Angeles, art classes in Portland, art classes in NYC or near her where she’ll make new friends and design beautiful jewelry and other cool creations.

Fill her basket with gorgeous beads and tools so she can continue to create her own unique pieces from the comfort of her home.

35. Mommy Survival Kit

Prepare any new mom with a gift basket full of useful items. From diapers to binkies, there’s bound to be something that will help make the transition to mommyhood even easier. Remember to pack lotion and lip balm for some extra TLC.

Wipes and hand sanitizer are another bonus for one of the best gift basket ideas.

36. Ultimate Spa Gift Basket

Create the best spa gift baskets for fun 50th birthday gift ideas. Fill the basket with soothing soaps and high-quality lotions for the ultimate spa day at home. Include candles and calming essential oils to set the scene. She’ll love this relaxing activity she can enjoy from home.

37. Scent Essentials Gift Basket

Fill a basket with some of the most delicious smells as unique gift basket ideas for her. From calming lavender candles to fun and fizzy bath bombs, there are tons of wonderful scents she’ll enjoy. As a bonus, include a Scentbird monthly subscription or gift card for a sensual gift that keeps on giving.

perfume gift basket idea for women
via Scentbird

38. Mimosa Gift Basket

Get your gal ready for brunch with mimosa gift basket ideas. Include a bottle of champagne and flavors of her favorite juice. Remember to add cute champagne flutes for fun gift basket ideas. She'll love enjoying this sweet gift for any Sunday Funday.

39. Pedicure Gift Basket

Help her sit back and relax with one of the best birthday gift basket ideas. Fill the basket with fun nail polish colors and top coats for a long-lasting mani-pedi. Include soothing lotions and gels for a calming and enjoyable experience.

From pedicure gift baskets to paint and sip classes, there are tons of fun and unique ideas for a gift basket. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday or moving into a new home, a gift basket is a great way to help them prepare for what’s ahead. No matter their interests or hobbies, gift baskets are a fun and unique way to show them you care.

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