37 Fun Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Bring You Closer in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
long distance relationship gifts

Long distance relationships are always challenging, but picking out long distance relationship gifts is a major quagmire. You want to find gifts that affirm your connection while also celebrating your partner’s individuality. 

Choosing a gift is hard, but you won’t have trouble finding options: many people are in long distance relationships and the demand for gifts is high. To help with your search, here are some of the best long distance relationship gifts to strengthen your relationship. 

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Creative Long Distance Relationship Gifts

1. Paint and Sip

So, what do you get someone in a long distance relationship? Some of the best long distance relationship gifts are the ones that you can experience together during visits. If you and your partner enjoy art, you’ll have a ton of fun at a paint and sip.

Paint and sips are the perfect combination of a romantic night out and a playful activity. You can book a paint and sip near you, or plan to attend a paint and sip while on a trip to a destination city, such as paint and sip in San Diego, paint and sip in Los Angeles and paint and sip in NYC

paint and sip long distance relationship gift
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2. Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are another long distance relationship gift that you and your loved one can enjoy together. Pottery classes are especially good gifts for artists, where you can make keepsake items that you can exchange.

You won’t have trouble finding pottery classes near you or your partner — popular pottery classes are available in every major city, including pottery classes in the Bay Area, pottery classes in NYC and pottery classes in Houston.

3. Dance Classes

Dance classes are excellent long distance relationship gifts for romantic vacations. Dance classes are engaging and entertaining, not to mention they help initiate some physical intimacy after so much time apart.

Look for dance classes in cities with vibrant performing arts scenes, such as dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in NYC or dance classes in the Bay Area. If you and your significant other don’t have time to meet up in-person, you can also look into online dance classes

4. Playlist

Show off your music taste by giving your partner a personalized playlist. Playlists are thoughtful and unique long distance relationship gifts that give you a way to capture how you feel about the other person. Try to pick a playlist theme that suits your loved one’s needs.

For example, you can make a workout playlist if they enjoy exercising or a bedtime playlist if they have trouble falling asleep. For an extra special touch, you can save your playlist on a novelty USB drive, such as this mixtape USB

5. Stationery Kit

A stationery kit is a classic long distance relationship gift. Stationery kits are excellent going away gifts because it establishes a special way for you to send love notes and romantic letters. You can pick stationery with a cute pattern or surprise them with a personalized stationery set

hand writing a love letter on stationary
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6. Hygge Game

For a cute activity that will keep you occupied during those long video calls, check out the Hygge Game. This deck of cards emulates the Scandinavian concept of comfort and features conversation prompts about childhood memories, favorite hobbies and more. 

Foodie Long Distance Relationship Gifts

7. Cooking Classes

If you and your partner appreciate fine food, consider signing up for a cooking class. Cooking classes are a great long distance relationship gift for enjoying food together and learning a new skill.

Plus, learning how to cook will give you a shared creative hobby to bond over, which is particularly helpful for a long distance relationship.

Look for cooking classes near you or research online cooking classes. You can also incorporate cooking classes into a weekend trip, such as cooking classes in Houston, cooking classes in St. Louis or cooking classes in Minneapolis

8. Stir Your Tea and Think of Me Spoon

If you want a whimsical long distance relationship gift, you’ll love this “stir your tea and think of me” spoon. Not only is this spoon adorable, but your partner can also get some practical use out of it. Furthermore, the cheeky message might prompt your loved one to give you a call. 

9. Couple Mugs

As a companion gift to the teaspoon, look for a set of matching mugs. This sweet pair of mugs each features half a heart and a name. With this long distance relationship gift, your partner can carry you with them every morning when they have their coffee. 

mugs long distance relationship gift
via Etsy

10. Chocolate Delivery

Just because you and your partner are long distance doesn’t mean you can’t still buy surprises for your long distance boyfriend. Brighten your partner’s day with a delivery of chocolates.

Delivering a box of chocolates or another kind of gift set is a thoughtful long distance relationship gift for holidays, birthdays or just as a way to say I love you. 

11. Local Snack Package

Partners often ask, how can I surprise my long distance girlfriend? If your partner is feeling homesick, cheer them up with a care package of their favorite local snacks and treats. You can include regional food, goofy souvenirs and a special love note to let them know you’re thinking about them.  

DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts

12. Flower Arranging

For a relaxing and creative long distance relationship gift, look for a flower arranging class. Flower arranging is a nice activity for someone to learn how to decorate their home and produce beautiful floral designs. You can even enjoy this gift as a couple if you sign up for virtual flower arranging classes

13. Sewing Classes

If your partner moved to a new city and is struggling to find hobbies, consider enrolling them in an interesting course, such as sewing classes. Taking a sewing class can open up a whole new set of potential activities and hobbies, ranging from customizing your clothes to making fabulous accessories. 

man sewing fabric in sewing class
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14. Woodworking Classes

You may see plenty of advertisements for long distance relationship necklaces and accessories, but you might ask, what should I gift my long distance boyfriend? Woodworking classes are another unique long distance relationship gift for partners who enjoy arts and crafts.

Show your partner that you value their interests even when you’re apart by finding a woodworking course in their area. This is a perfect gift idea for people who love working with furniture or household items and may be missing their old workshop. 

15. Glass Blowing Classes

For a more unusual DIY gift, invite your loved one to take a glass blowing class. Glass blowing classes are a special opportunity to try a skill that most people usually don’t have access to. When your partner is done with the class, they’ll have a stunning glass trinket to showcase. 

16. Friendship Bracelets

If your girlfriend likes making jewelry, friendship bracelets are a sweet DIY long distance relationship gift for her. Give your partner a friendship bracelet kit the next time you are together and hang out while you make bracelets for each other. These bracelets are simple, casual jewelry pieces that you can wear every day. 

17. Love Note Jar

For a simple but meaningful DIY long distance relationship gift, make a love note jar for your partner. Write enough love notes that your partner can read one for each day you are apart and place them in a jar. You can use a random old jar, or, to make the gift more stylish, get a custom-made love notes jar.

three glass jars that say
via Etsy

18. Why I Miss You Book

This Why I Miss You fill-in-the-blank book is an easy DIY long distance relationship gift that is sure to charm your significant other. The book contains prompts that help you create a sentimental letter about all the ways you miss your loved one. 

19. Make a Scrapbook

If you have an artistic flair, make your partner a scrapbook. The scrapbook can include pictures and mementos from all your special moments as a couple. Scrapbooks can be made into more romantic gifts by leaving extra blank pages in the book to fill with future memories. 

Online Long Distance Relationship Gifts

20. Virtual Game Night

Keep the playful side of your long distance relationship alive with a virtual game night. Pew Research found that close to a quarter of people in long distance relationships use the Internet to stay connected, and it’s no wonder: you can find lots of long distance relationships online. 

Virtual game nights are easy to organize and can work well as either a date or a group activity with friends. Popular virtual events include online trivia games, virtual scavenger hunts and virtual escape rooms

21. Virtual Beverage Tastings

For long distance experience gifts for cocktail lovers, arrange for a virtual beverage tasting. A virtual happy hour is a nice choice if your partner is feeling lonely or missing your regular date nights.

In terms of tasting options, you can choose from several available tastings, including online mixology classes or a virtual wine tasting

two women drinking wine over online video call
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22. Lovebox 

Elevate your texting game with Lovebox, a romantic online messaging device. Lovebox is an attractive wooden box that contains a high-quality screen. You then use a coordinating app to send your loved one messages, drawings and images throughout the day. 

23. Streaming Service Subscription

Don’t forget movie night just because you live in different cities. For a long distance relationship gift online that your partner will really love, sign them up for a streaming service. With a service like Hulu, you can use a group-watching feature to enjoy your favorite shows and movies together. 

Funny Long Distance Relationship Gifts 

24. Funny Greeting Card

Not every long distance relationship gift has to be extravagant — bring a smile to your love’s face with a funny greeting card. For example, if your partner likes Nicolas Cage memes, they’ll love this funny greeting card featuring a watercolor illustration. 

25. Face Socks

If you really want your significant other to remember you, try putting yourself on their feet. These custom face socks give you the chance to print your face alongside a heart pattern, making it an excellent way to make your partner laugh as they get ready in the morning. 

custom face socks funny long distance relationship gift
via Etsy

26. Giant Teddy Bear

For a long distance relationship gift that will keep your love cozy from afar, get this giant teddy bear. This hilariously large stuffed animal will ensure that your partner is cuddled and comforted when you aren’t around.  

27. “My Heart Belongs To” Shirt

This customizable “my heart belongs to” shirt offers the chance to give your partner a gift with a hyper-specific reference to your relationship. You can fill in the blank with anything you wish, such as college major, occupation or a special inside joke. 

28. Photo Pillow

For a cuddly gift with a smaller size than the giant teddy bear, check out this photo pillow that you can customize with a personal image. This throw pillow would be great on a couch or as a bedroom decoration. To make the gift even funnier, try choosing your partner’s favorite awkward photo of you. 

29. Miss Your Face Candle

Candles are always a nice gift to give loved ones, but if you want to make the gift less traditional, consider a candle with a joke, such as this Miss Your Face candle. The candle smells great and has a funny quip about withdrawal symptoms.

funny white candle that says
via Etsy

30. Bobblehead 

Become your partner’s favorite desk decoration by ordering a custom bobblehead. This service has you submit photos of yourself from multiple angles to design an accurate bobblehead version of yourself. Make this gift a hilarious surprise for your long distance boyfriend. 

Personalized Long Distance Relationship Gifts

31. Personalized Record 

High-quality personalized items are wonderful long distance relationship gifts. For instance, if your partner loves music, you can get them a personalized decorative record.

The record will have the image and song title of your choice, evoking the style of a Spotify display. You can also request a particular timestamp if there’s a lyric or moment in the song that’s significant to your relationship.

32. Night Sky Print

This Night Sky print is an awesome long distance relationship gift for a partner who likes astronomy. You can personalize your map of the night sky to represent any night and location you wish. For instance, you can pick the night of you and your partner’s first date or wedding. 

33. Time Zone Clock

Make it easier to keep track of your scheduled phone call with your partner by giving them a customized time zone clock. This stylish, two-faced wooden clock is engraved with two city names and synchronized to the respective time zones.  

34. Long Distance Relationship Necklace

You might wonder, what should I gift my long distance girlfriend? This dainty necklace is the perfect long distance relationship gift for her. The small charm is engraved with a heart and two states of your choice. You can also select a gold, rose gold or silver finish.  

35. Homesick Candle

These homesick candles are popular for good reason: each one perfectly captures the essence of a location. Your partner will be so touched to receive a candle that reminds them of everything they love best from home. The company offers candles for all 50 states, a myriad of major cities and eight different countries. 

homesick candle long distance relationship gift
via Homesick

36. Monogrammed Weekender Bag

Luggage is a useful and considerate long distance relationship gift for a partner who regularly travels to see you. Add some luxury to their travel experience with a monogrammed weekender bag.

A weekender bag is the ideal size for packing all your essentials, and the embroidered initials will make it easy to find your luggage at the airport. 

37. Personalized Picture Frame

For first anniversary gifts or Valentine’s Day ideas, look for a sentimental long distance relationship gift, like this personalized picture frame. This frame is engraved with the outlines of two states and the names of you and your partner. Complete the gift with your favorite photo of the two of you.

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas or stay-home date ideas, this list is a perfect starting point for choosing the perfect long distance relationship gift ideas. No matter your budget or your partner’s needs, you can find a gift that deepens your bond and makes your loved one feel valued. 

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