39 Most Fun and Unique Gifts Under $50 for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 22nd 2024
gifts under $50
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With tons of great gifts under $50, the season of giving doesn’t need to bust your budget. There are tons of fun and unique options you can buy without racking up big bills. Plus, making the effort to select just the right one is sure to delight any recipient. 

If you’re thinking, what can I buy with 50 bucks, you’re in the right place. This list covers everything from budget-friendly gifts for foodies to low-cost romantic gestures for that special someone. Armed with this guide, you can frugally mark everyone off your gift-giving list with cheer. 

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Creative Gifts Under $50

Get creative for a little hands-on fun. These are some great gifts under $50 that can double as unique date night ideas or give someone some much-needed relaxation.

1. Hands-On Painting Classes

What better gift than learning a new artistic skill? With paint and sip in Indianapolis and paint and sip in Los Angeles, recipients from coast to coast can enjoy creating their own canvases. There are also great options for paint and sip in Chicago, and there’s likely a spot for paint and sip near you.

This makes for an awesome $50 gift idea for adults, no matter where you live. Keep in mind that online painting classes also make great gift ideas for long-distance friends and family. With these, your recipient can learn to paint right in the comfort of their very own home.

paint and sip gifts under $50
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2. Interactive Dance Classes 

Experience gifts are a sure win, and learning to dance is a useful life skill. This makes gifting dance classes an idea that combines fun and common sense.

There are tons of dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in the Bay Area and dance classes in Los Angeles for tons of West Coast fun. There are also online dance classes that are perfect for more shy recipients to enjoy from the privacy of their living rooms.

3. Maker’s Workshops

Gift your recipient the opportunity to make an item that they can display in their very own homes. With maker’s workshops, you can give a gift under $50 that leads to a priceless result. Recipients can make their own wooden signs, pillows or even coasters to remember your generosity for years to come.

4. Candle Making 

What better way to get into the spirit of the season than by making your own festively scented candle? A gift card to a candle making studio is a great gift that allows recipients to make their own scented masterpieces.

If there isn’t a studio in your area, purchase an easy-to-use kit so your favorite crafty friend or family member can make their own candles at home.

5. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have made a splash in recent years as a calming pastime and an accessible way to express creativity. These are great gifts for artists to relax or for those just looking to expand their imaginations.

It’s also a gift under $50 that can be perfect for multiple people on your list. There are options in nearly every theme available, from nature scenes to abstract art, so you’re sure to find a perfect one to match their interests. 

adult coloring in coloring book
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6. Pottery Classes

Who doesn’t want to channel their inner sculptor and make some impressive three-dimensional art? Purchase a package of credits so your recipient can get their hands dirty and learn the best pottery tricks from a pro.

If there aren’t classes in your area, grab a fun kit they can DIY at home. These come at a wide range of price points, making them an ideal gift under $50.

Foodie Gifts Under $50 

This festive season is all about food and drinks. If you have a flavor connoisseur on your list, these great gifts for foodies are sure to please their palette. 

7. Cooking Classes

Do you know of a cooking technique that your recipient has always wanted to learn? Gift them a cooking class to boost their kitchen skills. They can tackle sushi rolling or learn to make the perfectly melted fondue while having an amazing time.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a long-distance recipient, check out online cooking classes. This a perfect gift under $50 that you can meet online to enjoy with them in real-time.

8. Gift Card to a New Local Spot

Do a little research and purchase a gift card to a local eatery that your recipient has never tried before. This allows them to have a new culinary experience while testing out a local spot risk-free. You can also add a small gift card to the ice cream shop for a well-rounded gift under $50 that includes dessert!

9. Handy Kitchen Gadgets

What are some timeless gifts that will last? Give your foodie friend the gift they didn’t know they needed with a set of handy kitchen gadgets. You can grab a few and still keep the gift under $50 while still being super functional. A rocking garlic crusher takes the guesswork out of mincing cloves.

Or, look for an awesome avocado tool that allows users to slice, peel and pit their creamy treats, all with one gadget. A handheld citrus juicer is another useful tool when it comes to spritzing recipes or mixing up yummy drinks.

kitchen gadgets gifts under $50
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10. A Unique Cookbook

There’s still something so special about a beautifully illustrated, quality cookbook. Look for the newest release of their favorite cuisine so they can spend the season trying out new dishes.

Or, scour a used book store for a unique vintage cookbook find to bring back the treasured recipes of their childhood. This might take a little effort but can make a budget-friendly gift under $50 that can still be incredibly sentimental.

11. Wine-Tasting Kit

If you have a foodie in your life that also loves wine, pick them up a wine-tasting kit so they can expand their palette. This allows them to learn more about wine and gives them a fun activity to participate in with family and friends. Add a little aged cheese and gourmet crackers for a well-rounded gift for wine lovers that’s sure to impress your recipient. 

12. Spice of the Month Club

Enroll your recipient in a Spice of the Month club for a gift under $50 that covers several deliveries. According to The Spruce Eats, these come at various price points so you’re likely to find one that your budget can fund for up to three or four months.

Each subscription box delivery comes with curated spice packets as well as recipe ideas. What better way to expand your foodie’s palette? 

13. Meal Planner

Help your recipient take the guesswork out of planning their meals with a handy meal planner. You can opt for a physical copy where they can plan their recipes and make their grocery lists. Or, purchase a meal planner software for the more digitally inclined. Either way, this is an awesome gift under $50 that’s sure to go to good use.

meal planner sheet surrounded by bowls of different foods
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Unique Gifts Under $50 

If you’re really looking to wow that lucky person on your list, check out these unique ideas for Christmas gifts under $50. Each can fit a different recipient's personality and show them that you put in the max effort selecting something they would love.

14. Mixology Classes

With mixology classes, your lucky recipients can learn to whip up delightful drinks all season and into spring. These sessions are led by an expert instructor and teach participants to mix, muddle and shake like seasoned pros. There are even online mixology classes for aspiring drink-makers to enjoy right from home that you can purchase as a phenomenal gift under $50.

15. Virtual Tastings

Enjoying your favorite drink at home is an awesome way to unwind, but so is learning all about it from an expert. Purchase virtual wine tastings or online bourbon tastings for the barrel lover in your life. This is a great gift under $50 that lets participants savor their go-to beverage with a fun twist!

16. Scratch-Off Posters

Unique scratch-off posters are an awesome way for hobbyists and travelers to track their progress. There’s an option out there for every interest, making this a perfect gift under $50 for a variety of interests.

There are posters that allow users to scratch off must-watch movies and map versions for adventurers to track their travels. Gift one of these for an item they’ll treasure for years to come.

17. Vintage Board Games

Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of a vintage board game? This is a great gift under $50 for both young and old. Wooden versions of the classics are fun to play and can look charming displayed on a coffee table. You can shop around for true vintage versions or look for new throwbacks made from wood for an old-school vibe.

group of friends playing vintage board games
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18. Unconventional Drinkware

Depending on your recipient's favorite drink, you can purchase unconventional drinkware to make a stylish statement. A locally-made stoneware coffee mug with impressive detail can fit within your price range. Or look for wine glasses in outside-the-box materials like metal or wood. This is an awesome gift under $50 that they can put to good use.

19. Uniquely Shaped Bird Feeder

For the bird lovers in your life, gift them with a fun and quirky way to feed their feathered friends. Look for bird feeders that match the style of their homes for a stylish statement.

Find a sleek minimalist option to play off their modern home. Or, if they’re into the eclectic look, purchase one made with whimsical shapes in a fun assortment of colors. This is a great gift under $50 that both your recipient and the bids can enjoy.

Luxury Gifts Under $50

If you’re trying to brainstorm gifts for people who have everything, this part’s for you. Here are some tried and true luxury gifts under $50 for him and her that are sure to wow even the most discerning recipient. 

20. Opulent Socks

What better way to treat your recipient’s feet than by gifting them with the most luxurious socks available? Options like cashmere and alpaca are super soft and wrap their toes in opulent coziness. Plus, the timing of the holidays makes this a welcome gift under $50 to warm cold feet!

21. Relaxing Sleep Mask

Help your loved one get some sound sleep with a quality and luxurious sleep mask. This allows them to escape the stress of the season in splendid slumber. Look for options in their favorite colors and even consider having it monogrammed for a personal touch.

sleep mask luxurious gift under $50
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22. Plush Hand Towels

While your budget might not be enough to afford a bath set, plush hand towels are a welcome addition to any home. Look for high-end materials and quality weaves ad splurge for monogramming if it’s in your price range.

These are luxurious items that recipients will appreciate for their functionality and impressive style. This is also a great gift for couples that just moved into a new home during the holiday season

23. A Stylish Ornament

If your recipient celebrates Christmas, why not get them a high-end ornament for their tree? This is something that most people won’t purchase for themselves. However, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness each time they hang it up to put it proudly on display. 

24. Gourmet Condiments 

This is a perfect gift under $50 for those that love both food and luxury. Select a bottle of truffle-infused hot sauce or curated olive oil so they can spoil their tastebuds. They’ll enjoy their delectable treat and might even share!

25. Luxurious Lotions

High-end lotions might not be something that your recipient typically splurges on. However, it’s a great gift under $50 that allows them a moment of luxury. Check out high-end brands and purchase a gift set so they can test out a few scents. 

hand lotion luxury gift under $50
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Gifts Under $50 for Her

When you are wanting to spoil that special woman in your life, it might seem like $50 is a low price point. However, there are tons of great Christmas gifts under $50 that she’ll love and be thankful for.  

26. DIY Nail Kits

You can find some great budget-friendly DIY nail kits for impressive at-home manicures. Give her the chance to skip the salon and save some cash without sacrificing great nails.

Dip powder nail kits are a fun way to do your own manicure with long-lasting results. Plus, they come in a huge range of colors, making them an ideal gift under $50!

27. Desk Accessories

Give her some awesome accessories to spruce up her workspace. Look for items like well-made writing instruments and notebooks with special features.

Interesting paperweights or desktop gadgets are also great ways to bring a personal touch to the workplace. Plus, these are awesome gifts under $50 that she can put to use each workday.

28. Supple Slippers

Slippers are the perfect footwear to get cozy and stay warm during the cooler months. Gift her with a new pair that’s lined with faux fur or on-theme with her favorite sports team. Plus, this is a useful gift under $50 that you can gift to everyone from your niece to your grandmother.

29. An Inspiring Story

Give her the gift of inspiration with an awesome story about empowering women. Books by trailblazers like Michelle Obama or about heroes like Mother Theresa are motivational reads.

If movies are more her thing, purchase a digital or hard copy of incredible stories like Hidden Figures or Little Women. You can even purchase stories like Mulan or Moana for the youngest females on your list. 

woman reading book in comfy chair
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30. Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden adds a little greenery to the home and can be a welcome sight during the winter season. Plus, this is a great gift under $50 that can just keep on giving. Everything from cilantro and basil to lavender and thyme grows well in containers, giving her a gift that she can enjoy for months or years to come.

31. Handy Tool Set

A handy tool set is a useful gift under $50 that can keep everything from hammers and screwdrivers in one convenient spot. Look for a unique pattern or fun colors and high-quality designs. If your recipient is more into outdoor chores, invest in a set of nice hand tools for the garden.

32. Fitness Class Sessions

If there’s a new fitness studio or class you know the woman in your life is wanting to try, gift her with a few sessions. Maybe she’s been wanting to check out a boxing class or try her hand at cross fit. Paying for a few classes is a thoughtful way to let her try them out risk-free.

Gifts Under $50 for Him 

There are lots of luxury gifts under $50 for him as well as ideas that are more lowkey. These are perfect options to show him you care while sticking to your budget. 

33. Poker Set

Does the guy you’re buying from like to have friends over for poker nights? Upgrade his hosting game with a nice poker set. With a convenient spot to store chips, cards and all you need for a riveting game, this makes a great manly gift under $50.

34. Hand Cream

There are tons of high-end hand creams on the market formulated specifically with males in mind. Select one or buy a gift set so he can try a few out. This is a moisturizing gift under $50 that’s perfect for cool, dry winter weather. 

35. A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can make life more convenient and come at impressive price points. Options like the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini can be purchased for $50 or less. These handy devices can do everything from playing your recipient’s favorite song to filling them in on the weather. 

36. A Magazine Subscription

There’s still something so exciting about receiving a hard copy of your favorite magazine in the mailbox. Plus, there are options for nearly any interest out there.

Culture buffs will love options like Smithsonian Magazine and news junkies will enjoy Time. If they love sports, set them up with a subscription to ESPN Magazine, and home chefs will adore regular issues of Bon Appétit.

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37. A Bluetooth Beanie

A Bluetooth-enabled beanie is a useful gift under $50 that’s perfect for winter convenience. These are warm hats that can also stream music through them as they keep your ears warm. This way, he can listen to his favorite tunes as he shovels snow or on his commute to work.

38. Desktop Cleaning Kit

What better way to ward off germs than by helping him keep his desk clean and pristine all winter long? Look for a premade kit or make one yourself. Include items like a mini keyboard vacuum, disinfecting wipes, and a screen cleaning cloth. Add a scented reed diffuser to keep his work area smelling fresh and clean.

39. Comfy Sneakers 

Sneakers are a common casual male fashion staple. Plus, you can purchase an on-trend pair on a budget as an awesome gift. Look for brands like Hey Dude that are comfortable, quality and super stylish.

group of men showing sneakers in a circle
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According to Very Well Mind, research shows that even though gift-givers focus on the value of gifts, recipients find the thoughtfulness of the choice more important than the amount spent.

With a $50 budget, you can give a stunning present that will be loved and appreciated for years to come. Just consider your recipients, their preferences and their personality — and they’ll be thrilled when they unwrap your gift!

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