51 Best Subscription Boxes for Gifts That Keep on Giving in 2024

Last Updated on Feb 5th 2024
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Subscription boxes are a thoughtful and creative gift with a long-lasting impact on the recipient. If you are struggling to come up with gift ideas this holiday season, why not give a gift that will last for months to come?

Subscription box gifts are recurring packages or specially curated selections of items that range from self-care to fashion to food products and everything in between.

Are subscription boxes still popular? Absolutely — especially when received as gifts. According to the University of Illinois, many people classify subscription boxes as a “want” and not a “need.” That can sometimes mean when budgets are tight, they are less likely to spend their extra income on these boxes.

What better way to give an uplifting gift to someone you love than by giving them a unique, recurring gift they would truly enjoy, but might not treat themselves to?

This list of 51 subscription boxes gives you a range of options to choose from and allows you to give a gift that really does keep on giving.

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Best Beverage & Food Subscription Boxes

1. Coffee Subscription Boxes

If you have coffee addicts in your life, a coffee subscription box from Bean Box makes a perfect gift. You can choose from whole bean or ground coffee, and a curated selection of coffees will be sent right to their door. They’ll be able to find a blend for every mood or occasion. 

Bean Box coffee subscription box
via Bean Box

2. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Box

A cocktail kit subscription box is a fun gift idea for anyone on your list who is a budding mixologist. The Shaker & Spoon cocktail box is a monthly delivery that includes unique cocktail recipes as well as the ingredients required to make them.

Boxes like these make great gifts for Millennials who want to try out new cocktail recipes in an easy, accessible way.

3. Wine Awesomeness

The name of this subscription service might make you smile, but they take their wine curations very seriously! Wine Awesomeness brings curated selections of unique wines and historic bottlings to your doorstep.

Adding this subscription box to your list of relaxation gifts will add something special.

assortment of wine bottles for subscription gift
via Wine Awesomeness

4. Baked Goods Box 

For your baking-addicted friends, a baking box is a great option that allows them to try new recipes without breaking the bank.

You can choose the subscription period that works best for you, and each box comes with the ingredients to make their featured monthly recipe.

There’s also an option to swap out cinnamon buns for any monthly recipe you’d like to skip. Either way, it’s a win-win, and one of the best gifts for bakers.

5. Sustainably Sourced Meat

A meat subscription box might seem like a unique gift, but boxes from Crowd Cow offer plenty of benefits, making it one of the best meal subscription boxes out there.

Not only will the recipient receive high-quality, sustainably sourced meat, but each box comes packed in recyclable packaging to minimize impact on the environment.

You can create your own box or choose one curated by their experts and enjoy high-quality meats like Wagyu beef. 

Crowd Cow meat subscription box
via Crowd Cow

6. Tea Subscription Box

A tea subscription box is a refined gift for your friends who love to cozy up with a warm cup of tea. The Sips By tea club has over one million members and offers uniquely matched tea blends based on your profile.

The subscription program also includes access to special perks like classes, events and seasonal gifts. 

7. Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

A candy subscription box is a sweet gift idea for your friends and loved ones. Candy Club allows you to select a flavor profile from sweet or sour candies and receive a specially curated box with unique flavors and candy options.

They also offer cute gift sets and specialty candies if a monthly delivery isn’t in your budget. 

assortment of candies in delivery box
via Candy Club

8. Indulge in a Cheese Club Membership

A cheese subscription box like Murray's Cheese Club is great for your friends who want to try out new cheeses each month. The best thing about this subscription service is that it offers different types of boxes, ranging from a cheeseboard club to a mac and cheese club.

9. Support Your Vegan Friends

Buying food gifts for your vegan friends and family members doesn’t have to be difficult with vegan subscription boxes available for purchase.

These vegan options include everything from healthy snacking options to even spa day boxes with vegan products. A vegan snack gift will show that you know and care about your friends’ dietary needs. 

vegan subscription box gift of snacks
via Vegancuts

10. Bread Lovers Box

Try a Wildgrain subscription box for your friends who love delicious bread, pasta and more. Each box contains bake-from-frozen goods that bring bakery freshness into your own home. 

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Best Art Subscription Boxes

11. Eco-Friendly DIY Pottery

If you are looking for gifts for artists but are also concerned about the environment, try a sustainably sourced craft subscription gift like Pottery With a Purpose. Choose from air-dry or ceramic clay and give the gift of sustainable crafting this holiday season.

craft kit filled with pottery making and sculpting supplies
via Pottery With a Purpose

12. Monthly Craft Kits

Some of the best gifts for crafters are items that give them the freedom to enjoy their hobbies. One great subscription box idea for your crafty friends is Annie's Kit Clubs, which offers different monthly craft boxes from a range of craft genres like sewing, knitting, crocheting and more. 

13. Give the Gift of Reading

Book subscription boxes are a wonderful gift idea that can work for many different people on your list. There are different subscription offerings for different genres of books or even subscriptions that include books paired with different crafts or seasonal gifts. 

couple reading books together outdoors
via Canva

14. Combine Crafting and Family Time

We Craft Box isn’t just a craft or kids subscription box, it’s a kit for parents and kids to craft together! This is a great gift for moms or children on your list who want to spend time creating together.

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15. Inspire their Art Journal Habit

If someone you know keeps an art journal but struggles to come up with new art journal ideas, why not give them an art journal subscription box that includes the materials and inspiration they need to keep up with their habits? 

art journal subscription box
via Cratejoy

Unique Monthly Subscription Boxes for Couples

16. Solve a Mystery Together

These Finders Seekers Mysteries are perfect for couples or families. This subscription includes unique and challenging puzzles. One added bonus is that the mysteries are never violent or graphic, making this a great night of entertainment for the whole family.

17. Liven Up Your Space

If your friends or loved ones have a green thumb, a plant subscription box is a wonderful gift idea that brings the great outdoors inside.

You can choose from different options like pet-friendly plants, plants that are easy to care for, or even specialty blooms like orchids.

plants next to shipping box for delivery
via The Sill

18. The Adventure Challenge

Designed for couples, The Adventure Challenge is a unique subscription service that sends you ideas for strengthening your relationship and making memories together.

From mini date ideas to flirty options, this kit makes a great gift for couples at all different stages of their relationship. 

19. Subscriptions for Dog Lovers

If you are looking for gifts for dog lovers, the PupBox subscription should be at the top of your list. These boxes are aligned with the age of the pet, so if someone on your list is getting a new puppy for Christmas, this dog subscription box will help them at every developmental stage of their dog’s life. 

dog subscription box Pupbox
via PupBox

20. Subscriptions for Cat Lovers

Don’t leave the cat lovers off your list! Meowbox offers subscription plans that include toys and treats. As all cat owners know, sometimes cats prefer a cardboard box to even the nicest treats. With this subscription box, the cat will never run out of new boxes to try and squeeze into!

21. Couple's Scavenger Hunt

For a creative, interactive subscription box for couples, The Scavenger Box includes all of the building blocks you need to construct a fun scavenger hunt. Choose from romantic themes, classic and more. 

scavenger hunt game box for couples filled with clues, locks and other accessories
via The Scavenger Box

22. Monthly Date Night Ideas

Date Night subscription boxes for couples are a great way to keep the romance alive without having to worry about planning monthly date nights.

Let this gift work its magic and give you ideas for growing closer together through fun, simple date night ideas. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Young Adults

23. For the Comic Book Lover

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a superhero-obsessed young adult, a comic book subscription box is a great option. Each box comes with 16 different comic books, ranging from new editions to collector’s editions.

comic book subscription box
via Cratejoy

24. Subscribe to Self-Care

Self-care gifts are definitely on trend for this holiday season, so why not keep the self-care going into the new year with a Therabox subscription that delivers essential (and fun) wellness and self-care items on a monthly basis?

25. Get Outside!

If you are searching for Christmas gifts for teens who like to be outside camping and hiking, outdoor monthly subscription boxes from Think Outside are nature-themed subscription gifts geared towards kids and teenagers.

They’ll receive monthly challenges and resources that will help them get out of the house and into nature. 

assortment of gear and gadgets to encourage kids to spend time outside in nature
via Think Outside

26. Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Fab Fit Fun is one of the most popular subscription gifts out there because of its long reputation for delivering high-quality beauty, wellness, skincare and fashion products.

Give this to the person in your life who always wants to be trying new things. They will love discovering new products on a monthly basis.

27. Fragrance Subscription Box

High-end perfumes and colognes can often be expensive, and if you don’t like the scent, you can end up stuck with an entire bottle.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to perfume or cologne as a gift for your loved one this year, you could try a subscription service like Scentbox, which sends monthly bottles of scents that are just the right size for trying something new each month.

young woman placing Scentbox perfume in handbag
via Scentbox

28. Don’t Forget the Singles

If you have single friends in your life, SinglesSwag is a fun monthly subscription box that focuses on self-care products, treats and organic beauty products.

Often when searching for gifts for adulting, we overlook self-care, but this subscription box for singles will help them prioritize both their mental and physical health.

29. Streaming Subscription

It can be difficult to find gifts for Gen Z, but a subscription to a popular streaming service like Hulu is always a safe bet. They’ll be able to binge their favorite shows and movies all throughout the holiday season.

streaming service subscription gift
via Canva

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes

30. Personal Styling from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an incredibly popular personal styling subscription service that sends a curated box of clothes and accessories on a monthly basis. This is a great gift for the fashionista in your life.

31. Wantable Boxes

Similar to Stitch Fix, Wantable is a brand of clothing subscription boxes, but they offer different types of boxes, from fashion-forward style boxes to boxes of loungewear and pajamas or activewear.

Wantable style subscription box for women
via Wantable

32. Bejeweled Boxes

Rocksbox is a designer jewelry rental service that allows you to swap out jewelry pieces in your selection as many times as you want.

Give this jewelry subscription box to your most glamorous friend, and remind her that if she likes an item in her curated collection, she receives a monthly credit towards the purchase of that piece!

Best Subscription Boxes for Women

33. Custom Hair Care

Makeup subscription boxes are popular, but if you want to give a more unique gift, try a hair care subscription box. Prose custom haircare offers high-quality, individualized items.

Your friends will love the way their hair looks and feels, plus the subscription program also offers special gifts and trial products. 

assortment of custom shampoo and haircare products
via Prose

34. Flower Power

Bouqs sells fresh flower bouquets that are delivered straight to your door. This subscription program will keep your friends’ houses filled with their signature blooms, houseplants and seasonal bouquets.

35. Mindfulness Gifts

If your friends are stressed from their busy work schedules, send a mindfulness subscription box that includes crystals, aromatherapy and more to help them unwind and relax.

mindfulness subscription box
via Mindful Souls
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36. Luxury Candles

A candle subscription is the perfect gift for your friends who love to create a relaxing environment in their homes. Wickbox offers you a monthly selection of candle sizes in unique scents and poured into stylish vessels. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Men

37. Outdoor Gear

For your hiking friends, The Nomadik subscription package includes a monthly selection of high-end outdoor brands that are themed seasonally or based on your personal profile of outdoor interests.

Nomadik outdoor gear subscription box for men
via The Nomadik

38. At-Home Escape Rooms

If your friends love the puzzle of an escape room but would rather host a party at home, try this subscription kit for bi-monthly escape room games!

These engaging puzzle games have everything you need to organize a great at-home escape room party.

39. Gifts for the Science Guy

If you have a man in your life who is interested in brainteasers, puzzles or interesting collectibles, Curiosity Box is a wonderful gift idea that truly delivers!

Curiosity science subscription box for thinkers
via Curiosity Box

40. Bespoke Boxes for Every Interest

Still not sure what type of subscription box to buy? Check out Bespoke Post, which offers themed boxes. Choose from boxes themed around scotch, travel, outdoor survival and more. 

41. Gifts for the Golfer

If your friends can’t stay away from the links, a Golf subscription box like Mullybox makes a great gift. Each month, they’ll receive five to seven items ranging from golf attire to gear that will help them take their game to the next level.

Mullybox golfer subscription box
via Mullybox

42. For the Tech Savvy

This Breo Box is the perfect subscription gift for your tech friends. They find unique and innovative tools and package them up for a monthly dose of the latest and greatest in technology.

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43. Artisan Jerky

Jerky doesn’t have to be a gas station snack anymore! With Craft Jerky Co., you can send your friends a monthly subscription box that has artisan jerky in a variety of meats and flavors.

assortment of artisan jerky
via Craft Jerky Co.

Fun Subscription Boxes for Kids

44. NatGeo Kids

National Geographic has a long history as a publication, and your children will love their kids' magazines. A subscription to the National Geographic Kids Club includes a monthly magazine delivery that’s perfect for the little readers and learners in your life. 

45. For the Future Travelers

Little Passports is a subscription box for kids that teaches them about other places and cultures. Each box includes fun games and activities that will spark their interest in the world around them.

Little Passports subscription box for kids
via Little Passports

46. Discover Kiwi Co.

If you haven't heard of Kiwi Co., it is an incredibly popular subscription service that delivers developmentally appropriate crafts and discovery projects for kids of all ages.

With over fifty million boxes delivered, these are fan-favorite subscription boxes that will make a great gift for the kids in your life.

47. Learn to Code

It’s never too early to help your kids learn a new skill! Help them do just that with Bitsbox, a monthly subscription that features computer science projects designed just for kids. 

young girl excited to learn how to code with bitbox
via Bitbox

48. Monthly Toybox

If you’re looking for a fun gift that will keep your kids entertained month after month, Toybox Monthly is a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription that delivers a variety of small toys each month.

It’s not always easy to find quality subscription boxes for cheap, but this is a monthly option that fits the bill!

49. Slime Kits

If you have kids who are obsessed with making different varieties of slime, Sloomoo monthly slime kits might just be the perfect holiday gift! Each monthly box comes with the recipe and ingredients needed for a fun and different slime.

slime subscription box for kids
via Sloomoo

50. Boxes for the Little Bookworms

Like a Stitch Fix box for your kids’ reading adventures, Literati sends you specially curated boxes of five books, and you can pick which you’d like to keep for the month. No matter what age or stage your kids are, reading is a foundational skill that will help them achieve more.

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51. Cook or Bake Together

It can be fun to give your kids experience gifts like vacations, classes or lessons. Raddish Kids helps you do something similar at home. This monthly cooking club will help your kids learn new recipes and skills. 

mother and daughter baking cookies at home
via Raddish Kids

These creative gifts are a great way to show your friends and loved ones you are thinking of them and care about their interests. The best news is that they’ll get a recurring monthly reminder of this love!

We hope this list of high-quality subscription service brands has inspired you to give a gift that keeps on giving this year (or maybe even spoil yourself with a monthly little treat!).

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