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23 Most Fun, Festive Pride Party Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
pride party ideas

Pride Month is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and taking pride in who you are, no matter where you are in your journey — and fun Pride party ideas are the perfect place to start!

Here you'll find some of the best Pride activities for school, work or a night out with friends. Host a colorful paint party, a flavorful food tasting, a festive theme party and other creative ideas.

If you’ve been wondering, how do I host a Pride event at work? How do you throw a Pride party? Or, what can we do to celebrate Pride? This list of Pride party ideas is for you. Let's get the party started!

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Colorful & Creative Pride Party Ideas 

1. Unwind With Paint and Sip

So, what is a creative Pride party activity? Paint and sip events are a relaxing opportunity to dabble in a new hobby and unwind with your favorite beverage (and favorite friends)!

Check out paint and sip in Chicago, paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in San Diego or paint and sip near you. No matter where you are in the world, there’s sure to be an event just around the corner — enjoy fun paint party ideas for adults to celebrate Pride this year!

paint and sip pride party idea
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2. Connect With Your Inner Artist

Connect with your creative side and try out an art class. Make meaningful pieces or let loose with a new creative outlet with lessons in painting, pottery, collage, sculpture and other unique art ideas.

Art classes in Portland, art classes in Los Angeles, art classes in NYC or art classes near you offer a Pride party idea that you can continue to explore for years to come.

3. Break the Mold in Pottery Classes

This hands-on Pride activity is all about creating something useful and beautiful. Experts will guide you as you work with clay to create exceptional creations. Learn how to mold slabs of clay into smooth works of art, like vases, bowls or figurines.

Whether you’re looking for pottery classes in Bostonpottery classes in Minneapolis or pottery classes in Austin, there are sure to be pottery classes near you to book for your party.

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4. Craft Your Party Decorations

As stated by the National Library of Medicine, it’s important to create identity-safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, especially when planning Pride party ideas for school or work.

Involve all team members or your school's Gay-Straight Alliance club and craft decorations for Pride activities for school or work.

5. Make a Pride Bouquet

As you’re blossoming into the rad queer person that you are, consider blossoming into a new creative hobby. Invite friends to assemble vibrant and breathtaking bouquets in virtual flower arranging classes.

flower arranging pride party idea
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Fun Foodie Pride Party Ideas 

6. Try Bold New Flavors

Choose from Pride-themed menus and master recipes with the guidance of a top-rated chef. If you’re looking for Pride event ideas for work, you'll savor team bonding with this Pride party idea your coworkers are sure to love.

Sign up for cooking classes in Fort Lauderdale, cooking classes in Las Vegas, cooking classes in Memphis, cooking classes near you or online cooking classes.

7. Join a Wine Tasting

Add wine tasting to your list of pride event ideas for work or even at home. Sample and sip as you explore the wonderful world of wine culture with virtual wine tastings, or gather a group to spend the day touring a nearby vineyard.

two men sipping wine together at home
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8. Mix Things Up

If you like cocktails (and shaking things up), online mixology classes should be at the top of your summer bucket list ideas for June. Craft a flavorful Pride-themed cocktail that’s sure to please your guests for a stellar Pride party idea.

9. Host a Pride Picnic Party

Taste the rainbow! Invite friends to bring a colorful treat for a festive and fun Pride picnic idea. For example, you could make Pride-themed rice crispy treats by adding Skittles. You could also make a vibrant vegetable tray, rainbow cupcakes or Pride-themed pizza!

pride picnic idea
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10. Support Queer-Owned Businesses

Speaking of Pride picnic ideas — Pride Month is all about showing love and support to the LGBTQ+ community. Support a queer-owned restaurant, café or bakery and take your Pride picnic idea to the next level.

Cool & Unique Pride Party Ideas 

11. Energizing Dance Classes

This Pride party idea is all about moving to your own beat! Explore dance classes in your area or sign up for online dance classes and groove your way through June.

Gather your friends to join fun pole dancing classes, learn soulful salsa moves and more. Check out dance classes in Colorado Springs, dance classes in Seattle, dance classes in Nashville or dance classes near you.

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12. Made-With-Love Invitations

The difference between a good Pride party idea and a great one is the amount of thoughtfulness and effort put into it. Instead of sending a text or an e-vite to let your LGBTQ+ friends and allies know you’re throwing an extravaganza, handcraft your invitations — handmade with love.

13. DIY a Festive Fit

Invite some friends over for a Pride fashion show and pick out your perfect fit for this festive Pride party idea. Go through your closet or make an outfit from scratch!

choosing outfit for Pride party
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14. Queer Questionnaire

Speed dating meets ice breaker games with this Pride party game. Begin the festivities with a little get-to-know-you game.

Gather a series of ice breaker questions and have everyone partner up. They will have approximately three to five minutes to get through the questions before time is up and it’s time to move on to the next guest.

15. Pride Flag Party

There’s a lot to explore in the wide world of theme party ideas, but when it comes to Pride there’s one theme that’s sure to excite your guests, a Pride flag party.

With so many different identities within the LGBTQ+ community, you can have your guests sport the colors of their own flag for this Pride party idea or have everyone choose a color from the traditional Pride flag.

friends smiling under rainbow Pride flag
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16. Make Pride Graphic Tees

Pride party outfits are all part of the fun! Why not go big and make them match? Make graphic tees for the whole group! Include fun Pride party names on the back like “The Pride Collection,” “Dream Lifters” or “Flying Pride, Inc.”

17. Pride Party Playlist

Whether you’re hosting a party, celebrating by yourself or getting ready for Pride festivities, you’ll need a good playlist for your Pride party idea.

Get into the spirit of Pride by putting together a playlist with your favorite queer icons or listen to one of Spotify’s already curated Pride Playlists!

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Best Pride Party Games 

18. Game Nights 

There’s nothing like celebrating Pride amongst friends and family with unique Pride party games. The list of Pride-themed virtual game nights is endless, from online trivia games to virtual escape rooms, virtual scavenger hunts and more.

19. At-Home Drag Show

Get party guests involved in one of the best Pride party activities! Invite everyone to arrive in their most dazzling drag attire. Set up a drag show where everyone can show off their amazing ensembles and talents!

DIY Drag show Pride party idea
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20. Most Likely To...

There’s nothing like an old fashion Pride party game to get the ball rolling. Take turns asking questions that begin with the line, “Who is most likely to…” and see where it takes you.

21. Movie Roulette

Take all the stress out of picking the best movie and get the whole group involved. Have each guest write down their favorite LGBTQ+ movies and enjoy an iconic night full of cinematic history.

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22. LGBTQ+ Trivia

This Pride party idea involves some teamwork. Improve your Pride knowledge and join LGBTQ+ trivia. Many local businesses host Pride-themed trivia nights throughout the month of June.

Enjoy drinks or coffee with your teammates as you work together to win. You may even take home a prize!

23. Pride Online

Pride party ideas at home are just as fun as going out on the town — with so many virtual events out there, you’re sure to pass the time in utter enjoyment. Explore some fun online Pride events to find new organizations to support.

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Take time to celebrate the Rainbow Warriors, the Proud Collective, the Gender Revolutionaries and the Pride Coalitions as we enter the magical month of Pride. All members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve a celebration, whether extravagant or delightfully cozy, in large groups or in small.

No matter how you decide to honor this special occasion, we hope this list of fun Pride party ideas has inspired you to add a splash of color to your summer with a creative Pride celebration.

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