59 Double Date Ideas for Guaranteed Fun

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
double date ideas

Teaming up with another couple for a fun evening is a great way to explore some exciting double date ideas! With a quartet on the scene, you can double up on fun activities that work better with a group.

The Pew Research Center claims "nearly half of U.S. adults say dating has gotten harder for most people in the last 10 years." Lighten the mood and ease nerves with fun, unique activities with another couple.

The extra energy can add excitement and creativity to your choices. Plus, with more people pitching ideas, you’ll have a greater variety of possibilities to choose from.

So, how do you plan double date ideas everyone will enjoy? It’s easy enough to adapt your usual date ideas to include a second couple. But if you’re looking for new activities to engage in, this is your chance to get creative.

What if everyone has their own list of good double date ideas to explore? Well then…you’ll just have to plan a series of double dates and try them all! The following list of double date ideas will get you started in the right direction.   

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Creative Double Date Ideas 

1. Paint and Sip

With paint and sip in NYCpaint and sip in Orange Countypaint and sip in San Diego, and paint and sip near you, you can double up on your double date idea by bringing your favorite bottles to the studio.

The wine will help loosen up the artists within as you make creations and memories to cherish, making it a popular choice if you're looking for first date ideas to break the ice.

paint and sip double date idea
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2. Pottery Classes

Throw some clay in a double date idea that adds dimension to your artistry. With interactive pottery classes in San Diegopottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Boston and pottery classes near you, you’ll create a vessel, sculpture or usable art piece that adds flair to your home and fun to your date night.

3. Learn to Draw 

In-person drawing classes and online drawing classes make fun double date ideas for the creative and non-creative couples alike. With help from talented art instructors, you’ll learn how to tap into your creativity. It’s a good double date idea that will change how you see the world.

drawing class double date idea
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4. Sewing Classes

An especially unique addition to a fun list of date jar ideas to do with friends, explore the fine art of stitchery with some sewing classes. You’ll learn how to operate a sewing machine and create artisan projects designed to dazzle.

You’ll be taught by skilled artisans who love teaching others to sew. It is a useful and surprisingly fun idea for a double date. 

5. Try Glass Blowing Classes

This double date idea is as athletic as it is artistic! The age-old art of glass blowing is fascinating to watch and to participate in. You’ll create beautiful hand-blown objects as keepsakes of your artistic adventures.

glass blowing double date idea
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6. Take a Portrait Challenge

Throw your own at-home art double date and have couples pair up and draw or paint one another. Then, rearrange the studio and switch up the artists and the subjects. Everyone gets a turn to be the painter and the painted!

7. Visit a Museum or Gallery

If you haven’t visited your local art museum or gallery lately, this fun idea for a double date is a great chance to become reacquainted. Check out a new exhibition or peruse in-house collections for a night filled with inspiration.

Because you'll be spending time inside, this is one of the best winter date ideas or indoor date ideas for couples looking to get out of the elements.

couples viewing art in gallery
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8. Watch Industrial Art

Some industrial artists open their workshops for public viewing. Check out the scene in your area for a fun thing to do on a double date. You’ll be supporting local artists while enjoying their process!

9. Have a Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of objects or views that might be found around the house, in the yard or in a fun public space. Then, have your foursome head off to capture their best takes on those items with their smartphones.

Share your discoveries over drinks at your favorite bar for the perfect double date activity. It's also a fun and playful date idea for teens who can meet back up at their favorite bakery or café afterward.

photography scavenger hunt double date idea
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10. Take a Studio Tour

Take advantage of artists opening their studios to the public! You’ll get an in-depth view of what a creator’s workspace looks like while helping local artists gain exposure and business.

11. Paint a Masterpiece

Sign up for painting classes that let you explore your inner artist. You’ll be led by skilled artists who love sharing their knowledge with budding painters. And you’ll end the night with new works to hang on your walls. Browse painting classes near you to get started!

painting class double date idea
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12. Take Other Art Classes

From sculpture and fiber arts to graphic design and industrial arts, art classes make fun double date ideas that get you out of your comfort zone! Choose a medium that’s familiar to the group or pick a new art form for everyone to discover together.

Foodie Double Date Ideas

13. Take a Cooking Class

Learning to cook as a quartet is a fun and delicious double date idea. With big city offerings like cooking classes in Chicagocooking classes in Las Vegas, cooking classes in Baltimore and beyond, you can explore new cuisines and specialties the whole crew will love. Check out the cooking classes near you to see what’s available in your area.

double date idea cooking class
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14. Learn to Cook at Home

With online cooking classes, you have a double date idea that keeps travel to a minimum. Learn in a virtual environment from a gourmet chef with a passion for teaching.

Check out our list of the best Zoom cooking classes this year! You’ll cook up a special meal to enjoy together in your own home kitchen.

15. Do a Pub Crawl

Take a journey to your favorite bars with a fun pub crawl. Each person chooses a beloved location to visit. For a fun twist, have everyone choose a new watering hole based on their best guess of what the others might like.

couple drinking beer at pub
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16. Create a Baking Challenge

For another hands-on double date activity, gather in the kitchen for a bake-off that gets everyone in on the excitement. Choose new or favorite recipes and work as teams to compete for the golden rolling pin!

17. Take a Restaurant Tour

Book a few reservations for an evening of fun food-hopping in this mobile double date idea. Choose a different locale for dinner, dessert and drinks. Have fun shifting atmospheres as you move from course to course.

This is an especially fun date idea in NYC, date idea in Houston and other cities with a vibrant restaurant scene.

double date idea restaurant tour
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18. Book a Distillery Tour

Lift everyone’s spirits with a distillery tour. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the distillery process and sample the goods afterward. Pick up some new bottles to add to your home bar, too.

19. Sign Up for a Brewery Tour

A great double date idea for beer lovers, explore new brews and ales while soaking in the ambiance of some taverns you haven’t tried yet. You’ll have a list of new favorites by the time the night is through!

colorful flights of beers
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20. Head to a Dinner Cinema

Dinner and a movie make for a classic double date idea. Find a local theater that serves full menu dinners and book an evening of dining and movie-watching for all to enjoy. Finding a double feature for your double date is a double bonus!

21. Stroll a Farmers Market

Foodies will love this double date idea! Take an early morning excursion to a farmers market and check out the produce and artisan goods.

Plan a recipe and shop for ingredients to enjoy a special lunch afterward for a fun outdoor fall date idea for foodies.

shopping for vegetables at a farmers market
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22. Roast Some Coffee

For coffee lovers, learning how to roast coffee is a must-do double date idea! There are local roasters in towns everywhere who open their doors to anyone interested in watching their craft. You’ll get to sample the roasts while supporting local businesses.

23. Pack a Picnic

Take the double-date fun outdoors with an old-fashioned picnic. Have each couple pack a basket of their favorite offerings to share. Split the list between appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts for a multi-course feast al fresco!

picnic double date idea
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24. Take a Chocolate Tour

If confections are your thing, find a local chocolatier and sign up for a tour for four. You’ll learn the difference between grades of chocolate while learning about tempering and tasting their specialties. Pick up a sampler pack to enjoy at home on your way out!

Unique Double Date Ideas 

25. Learn a New Dance

With dance classes in Orlando, dance classes in Los Angeles and even online dance classes, you have a double date that gets everyone moving. Choose a dance everyone knows or pick something unfamiliar to level the playing field – or dance floor!

couples learning to dance in dance studio
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26.  Take Acting Lessons

Sign up for in-person acting classes and online acting classes for a double date that puts your crew in a new emotional space. You’ll discover what it takes to create a performance…and maybe even get bitten by the acting bug!

27. Snap Some Photos

Take your best shot with this creative and useful date idea! With photography classes and online photography classes, you’ll learn how to use your smartphone or camera to create works of art anytime the mood strikes.

online photography classes double date idea
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28. Arrange a Bouquet

Book virtual flower arranging classes for a cute double date idea that adds a little color to your life. You’ll learn about flower types, aesthetic principles and how to turn a simple bouquet into a work of art.

29. Do Some Woodworking

Check into woodworking classes for creative double date ideas that let you build something special together! You’ll learn techniques for using power tools to craft unique handmade furnishings that you can take home as mementos.

couple woodworking
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30. Visit a Letterpress Studio

The age-old art of letterpress – stamping publishable designs onto paper – has made a comeback in recent years. Seek out an artist who uses this Industrial Age machine and take a lesson in creating your own timeless stationery designs.

31. Attend a Poetry Slam

Listen to the sharp literary stylings of local poets with a poetry slam double date idea. Depending on the locale, you can enjoy coffee or beverages while soaking up some cool creative vibes. 

poetry slam double date idea
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32. Book an Improv Class

When the rule is to say “yes” to everything, you’re in for a fun time! This double date idea will challenge everyone to loosen up and roll with the punches, laughing all the way.

33. Take a Historic City Tour

An educational double date idea is never a bad thing! Learn a little something about your city with a tour of historic sites and landmarks. Make sure there’s a restaurant on the list for fun bites afterward.  

two couples exploring the city at night
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34. Check Out a Ghost Tour

When the spirits beckon for a double date adventure, you can’t say no! Find an excursion around the most haunted sites in your area for a fun evening of chills and thrills.

35. Jump Into Indoor Skydiving

For the more adventurous couples, this exciting date idea is a high-flying exploit without the danger of real skydiving. Restrictions exist for those with health limitations, so make sure everyone is in allowable condition for the dive before booking.

two people indoor skydiving
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36. Amuse Yourselves

Amusement-themed restaurants are filled with fun things to do on a double date. Schedule a night of video games, bowling, indoor obstacle courses and more. Add a meal and some cocktails for an evening to remember!

Double Date Ideas at Home 

37. Stir Up Some Beverages

Online mixology classes are a fantastic double date idea for creating cocktail fun without leaving the house. You’ll find expert mixologists with inventive menus to share waiting to show you how to shake things up!

online mixology double date idea
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38. Sample Some Wine

With virtual wine tastings, you can have a wine country double date from the comfort of your own home. There are world-class sommeliers eager to teach you about bouquet and varietals. Pair with your own snacks and charcuterie!

39. Host an Indie Film Festival

Find the best of indie cinema streaming online, prepare some snacks and sit back for an indie film fest. Everyone gets a vote on the titles for a double date idea that brings the movies home to you!

two couples drinking and watching movies at home
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40. Have a Culinary Challenge

Put your combined cooking skills to the test with a reality TV-style competition. Everyone creates a dish and votes for their favorite. It’s a four-course contest, with everyone in the running for Top Chef.

41. Create a Mini-Spa Experience

Indulge in a couple’s spa night at home with facials, manicures and pedicures. Make sure there’s soothing music, soft lighting and relaxing drinks for a cute date idea that gets everyone relaxed.

spa day double date idea
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42. Throw a Viral Dance Challenge

Give the latest online dances your best shot with a dance challenge. Everyone teams up to learn the moves and performs on video for a vote. Best dancers get uploaded to social media!  

43. Have a Patio Hangout

The simplest home-based dates can be the best! String some lights and add some cozy seating to your front porch or back patio. Bring a tray of snacks and some beverages and cue up a playlist for some down time at home.

couples eating dinner outside on patio
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44. Throw a Tasting Party

Order in from a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Have everyone choose a dish, then sample your options for an exciting date idea that introduces you to some favorite new flavors.

45. Make a Music Video

Cue up your favorite tracks and make some fun music videos of your own. Use an easy video editing app to add cuts and effects. Then, send the finished clip to everyone as a reminder of your cute double date idea.

woman being filmed playing guitar
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46. Enjoy an International Dinner Club

Have everyone prepare their favorite global from various cultural cuisines and serve them together, banquet-style. It’s a double date idea that merges cultures while introducing everyone to new tastes and textures.

47. Dine on Desserts

Request that everyone create their favorite dessert dish for dinner. Serve them in courses one at a time with a special wine for a sweet feast. 

dessert dining double date idea
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48. Try Netflix Trivia

Cue up a classic pop culture film everyone in the group knows for this cute idea. Then, challenge the crew to trivia questions about the actors, the settings, the story – whatever comes to mind. Use pop-up features in your streaming services to guide the trivia.

Double Date Games 

49. Gear Up for Online Gaming

With online virtual game nights, you can spend an evening at home in a friendly double date competition! You’ll be led by game masters who know how to keep the fun rolling. It’s a great way to bring game night into the 21st century.

virtual game night double date idea
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50. Have a Virtual Trivia Night

Online trivia games are a great double date idea that gives you a pub atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. There are energetic trivia masters at the helm to help you get the most of your virtual quiz.

51. Team Up for an Escape Room

With virtual escape rooms, you can plan an exciting double date getaway without leaving home. Online guides will lead you as you solve puzzles and work your way toward the exit. A great home-based twist on the standard escape room!

group solving puzzles in an escape room
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52. Try a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The search is on with virtual scavenger hunts! Sign up for this competitive date idea and you’ll be digging up fun household items to complete your challenge. That junk drawer will finally come in handy!

53. Do Some Axe Throwing

Play darts like the lumberjacks do with an exciting axe-throwing session that makes other double date games seem like child’s play. Play as singles or pair up as teams for some friendly competition.

axe throwing double date idea
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54. Have a Go-Kart Race

Put your driving skills to good use with a fun go-kart double date. Race as pairs, teams or singles. Take a victory lap afterward and head for the winner’s circle (otherwise known as your favorite restaurant)!

55. Throw an Old-Fashioned Game Night

Dig out your favorite childhood board games, pop some popcorn and have a carefree night of gameplay. Add some adult beverages and see how creative you can get with the rules!

two couples playing board games
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56. Try Downtown Hide-and-Seek

Choose a downtown block in your area and decide who in your double date crew will be the seeker. Then, split up and hide in plain sight among the shops and restaurants. The seeker tries to find everyone else while they browse and blend in, in twenty minutes or less.

57. Zap Each Other With Laser Tag

Tie on the sensor vest and aim for the flashing lights with a laser tag competition. It’s a double date that lets your crew live out their wildest sci-fi movie fantasies!

couples playing laser tag
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58. Enjoy Some Pub Games

Hunker down in a favorite watering hole for a few rounds of darts, pool or air hockey. Sign up for a tournament if there’s one available. And make sure to keep the snacks and drinks coming.

59. Perform a Karaoke Challenge

Plan a double-date night of fun musical performances with you in the spotlight! Settle into a karaoke bar in your area and put your best voices to the test, or download a karaoke app onto your phone or tablet and sing your hearts out at home.

karaoke double date idea
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Double dates are special occasions that can add exciting new ideas to your usual options. With two couples throwing double date ideas in the hat, there are twice the opportunities for everyone to enjoy the night. Everyone’s interests can be accommodated.

And remember: your double date doesn’t have to be elaborate to be enjoyable. An evening at home watching a movie and enjoying a meal with another couple makes an enjoyable double date, too.

For even more fun double date ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!