23 Most Fun Date Ideas for Teens in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
date ideas for teens

Coming up with exciting, fun and appropriate date ideas for teens can be a real challenge. After all, many teens can’t drive themselves or stay out very late yet, but they still want to have fun with peers and start exploring romantic interests.

You, your child or someone you know may be wondering, “What do 15-year-olds do on a date?” or “Where should I go on a date at 13?”  If you’re looking for fun and simple date ideas for teens, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out these awesome date ideas for teens that’ll help them get to know their sweetheart.

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Creative Date Ideas for Teens

1. Join a Pottery Class

One unforgettable date idea for teens is to check out some pottery classes near you! With pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in Minneapolis and in other cities around the country, it’s easy to find a studio and make memories together. Have fun imagining, sculpting and decorating your very own pottery pieces to take home or trade with your date!

pottery classes date idea for teens
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2. Attend a Dance Class

Ready to bust a move and impress your partner? Put your dancing shoes on and waltz on over to dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in NYC or dance classes in the Bay Area.

Even online dance classes can be great teenager date ideas that let you learn something new together — and impress your friends at prom! 

3. Make a Funny Movie

If you and your date love watching comedies, why not make your own? Write a script together and film yourselves acting it out. This is also one of the most creative double date ideas, so invite your friends over to participate in the cinematic masterpiece!

4. Follow a YouTube Tutorial

If you and your crush are more of the quiet types, you’ll love this date idea. Find a YouTube tutorial for a craft you’re both interested in, such as crochet, painting or origami, then pick up supplies at your local craft store. Invite them over to enjoy some snacks together while you follow the YouTuber’s instructions!

5. Have a Photo Shoot

Grab your cameras or charge your phones then head out to a unique location (or your backyard!) for a photo shoot. Take turns posing and taking pictures of each other, and bring some props or an outfit change if you’d like! This date idea is sure to get you some Instagram-worthy shots. 

photo shoot date idea for teens
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Foodie Date Ideas for Teens

6. Join a Cooking Class

Cooking is a skill that every teenager should learn, and learning to do anything is way more fun when you’re with your best pal. Cooking classes in Chicago, cooking classes in Washington,D.C., cooking classes in Fort Worth, cooking classes in Portland can be an excellent date idea for teens!

If you can’t find any cooking classes near you, check out some online cooking classes to have fun together at home. 

7. Go Out for Desserts

Going out for desserts is a cheaper date idea for teens than a full-blown dinner date, and who doesn’t love ice cream and cookies? Visit a popular frozen yogurt place or try something new like macarons or cannoli. Many dessert places stay open late, so this is also a good choice if you’re ready for an evening date. 

8. Try a New Restaurant

Plan a date to try out a new restaurant in your town or go to a restaurant that serves a global cuisine you’ve never tried before. This is a classic date idea because it’ll let you spend time together out of the house and explore new foods.

An article published in Psychology Today explains that trying new things will help you and your date grow and develop as people, and you may discover something you’ll both love!

9. Bake a Random Holiday Cake

There’s a holiday for almost every day on the calendar, so a cake can be used for more than just birthday date ideas! Bake and decorate a cake together for National Bacon Day (December 30th) or National Welsh Corgi Day (March 1st), for example.

While you’re waiting for the cake to cool, get some fun inspiration from a binge-worthy series like The Great British Baking Show.

two teens girls baking together
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10. Have a Blind Taste Test

This stay-home date idea is affordable, adventurous and sure to get you laughing. Grab an assortment of condiments and other spoon-able foods from your fridge, then have one partner close their eyes and guess what the other partner gives them.

You can choose to play nice with honey, yogurt or chocolate syrup, or be mean with relish, Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce! 

11. Visit a Farmers Market

Soak up some sun and enjoy some organic fruits with your sweetheart. Plan a date to your nearest farmers market where you can purchase and sample fresh bread, salsa, honey and more, then enjoy a picnic with your goodies.

Visiting the farmers market is an adorable spring date idea who love to indulge in great food and support their community.  

Unique Date Ideas for Teens

12. Try a Virtual Flower Arranging Class

Does your darling deserve dozens of roses? Consider turning your typical bouquet into an awesome date idea for teens. Virtual flower arranging classes are a fun and creative way to spend time together learning a new skill, plus you can use what you’ve learned to keep surprising your date with flowers in the future! 

13. Have a Virtual Game Night

Game nights are one of the easiest date ideas because everyone loves a little friendly competition. Take your standard game night date to the next level with online trivia games, virtual game nights, virtual scavenger hunts or virtual escape rooms. For extra fun, make a prize like “winner gets to pick the movie for our next date!” 

game night date idea for teens
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14. Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

Need first date ideas for teens or cute date ideas for teens who love animals? Nothing beats the zoo or aquarium, where you can spend hours walking around and admiring all of the neat creatures. At the end of the date, you can spoil your partner at the gift shop, go out for ice cream or try to guess each other’s favorite animal. 

15. Go Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the best weekend date ideas and teenager date ideas for older teens who know how to swim. Explore a new side of your city by renting a two-person kayak and setting out on the local river or lake. You’ll have fun working as a team and paddling through a new outdoor adventure together! 

16. Go on a Ghost Tour

Popular as Halloween date ideas but sometimes scheduled year-round, ghost tours are fun date ideas for teenage couples who love learning about dark history.

On the tour, you’ll get to hear some fascinating local legends and maybe even encounter a few spine-chilling specters. In the end, this spooky date idea for teens is sure to bring you closer together!

17. Play Arcade Games

Take game night out of the house by paying a visit to your local video game arcade — yes, they still exist! Challenge your date to see who’s better at vintage games like Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat and pinball. If you don’t have a dedicated arcade near you, many bowling alleys and movie theaters have arcade games, too.

group of teens playing games at the arcade
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Free & Cheap Date Ideas for Teens

18. Go for a Hike

Active date ideas don’t have to be expensive! You can typically purchase a day pass to a state or national park for less than $20 per person, and hiking will give you hours of entertainment and adventure. For an even cheaper date idea for teens, take a hike around your city park or explore your own backyard. 

19. Have a Spa Date

Another cheap and cute date idea for teens, a spa date is a sweet way to relax and refresh with your partner. Gather up some face masks, foot masks, lip scrubs, nail polish or whatever other tools you can use to feel beautiful.

Put on a relaxing movie or a comedy and let the soothing products scrub your teenage troubles away for a relaxing indoor date idea, perfect for a rainy day.   

20. Play Frisbee Golf

A lot of city parks and college campuses have frisbee golf or “disc golf” poles set up around open areas. Pick up a frisbee for around $15, and you’ll have a fun date idea that you can use again and again. For even more fun, invite another couple to play in teams. 

21. Go Thrifting

Thrifting is one of the best first date ideas for teens who appreciate fantastic fashion on a budget. Shopping in general is a very laid-back and casual date idea for teens, but it's even more fun when you’re sifting through racks of vintage clothes and hilarious finds. If all goes well, you can wear your thrifted outfits while trying some second date ideas!

22. See a Local Play

Wondering what to do on a date in high school? Support your peers by scheduling a date to see the school play, or look at upcoming performances at your community theater. Seeing a live performance together is a truly unique experience, and most small-production tickets cost less than $20 per person. 

23. Workout Together

Headed to the gym while trying to think of some last-minute date ideas? Invite your crush to come along! Working out together is a great date idea for teens to help you challenge each other, accomplish your goals, and get your hearts beating. 

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Starting to date is a natural and exciting part of growing up, but it can be tricky to come up with fun date ideas for teenage couples. Whether you’ve been dating for a while or you’re planning to ask out a crush for the first time, we hope these date ideas for teens will encourage you to have fun and be yourself!

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