33 Super Cool Summer Date Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
summer date ideas

Are you looking for fun summer date ideas that will let you make the most of the good weather? According to an article published by BYU, sunshine is essential for mental health, and that means that getting out and about while the weather is nice will make for happier dates. It’s time to get out there!

“But how do I spend summer with my boyfriend or girlfriend?”, you’re wondering. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled some of the best summer date ideas for you to try this year. Read on to learn more!

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Creative Summer Date Ideas

1. Try Your Hand at Paint and Sip Classes

Wine and art go perfectly together. Find paint and sip near you for a fun summer date. You can learn to paint a starry night in paint and sip in Houston, paint a sunrise in paint and sip in Orange County or do a fun acrylic pour in paint and sip in NYC. You’ll leave with two fun new pieces of artwork (one for both you and your date).

paint and sip summer date idea
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2. Throw Some Clay in Pottery Classes

Making pottery is a great summer date idea. Find some pottery classes near you and learn to throw some clay. Paint pottery in pottery classes in Boston, go to Ghost-inspired pottery classes in Houston or make a magnificent mug in pottery classes in Portland

3. Get Moving in Dance Classes

Do you have two left feet? Challenge yourself with this fun date idea. It’s time to try some dance classes! No matter where you are, there are sure to be dance classes near you. 

There are dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in NYC and even dance classes in the Bay Area. If you’re not ready to show off your fancy footwork, try online dance classes instead. 

4. Get Messy With Outdoor Painting

This is one of our favorite cheap date ideas for summer. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a bit messy. It’s time to finger paint like you did when you were kids!

Set up painting supplies outdoors so you don’t have to worry about messing up your carpet. Enjoy the sun and make something wacky and wonderful. 

5. Have a Sidewalk Chalk Session

Sidewalk chalk is underrated as an art supply. Find a free sidewalk or park basketball court and get drawing! This is a fun teenage date idea for summer, but it’s really great for people of all ages who are willing to unleash their inner children and have some fun. 

colorful sidewalk chalk aligned on the pavement
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6. Visit a Local Art Museum

Visiting a museum is obviously one of the best summer date ideas in NYC, but even if you’re in a small city or town, a local art museum is a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be The Met to be a good time. Take your date on an art adventure. 

7. Sit for a Caricature Artist

What can you do with your girlfriend in the summer? Well, if she has a sense of humor, take her to a caricature artist. These artists draw couples with wacky and exaggerated features.

The drawings don’t take too long, so this is a great stop on a longer date. Plus, it makes a great souvenir! Add it to your list of unique summer bucket list ideas.

Foodie Summer Date Ideas

8. Learn to Cook Together in Cooking Classes

Cooking together is a great bonding experience. Why not take cooking classes near you for a fun and educational summer date idea? You can make pizza in cooking classes in Houston, shrimp tacos in cooking classes in Washington D.C. or even stuffed pasta in cooking classes in Portland.

If you want a more low-key date, you can do online cooking classes and learn from your own kitchen.

9. Be Your Own Bartender with Mixology Classes

Who doesn’t love a nice cocktail every now and then? Learn how to make your favorite cocktails on your own with online mixology classes for a fun at-home summer date night idea. Stock plenty of snacks and find a good movie for you to watch with your drinks!

mixology summer date idea
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10. Have a Fancy Wine Tasting

What’s more elegant than a wine tasting? Virtual wine tastings make awesome summer date ideas because you can sit on your own porch or patio and enjoy the wine with your favorite snacks. Make a nice cheese board to complete the date.

11. Go on a Local Food Tour

Going out to dinner is okay, but when it comes to summer date ideas, a true food tour takes it to the next level. Find a local food tour and have an expert take you to the best local eateries in town.

You’ll end up trying places that you never would have thought to go to before. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a new favorite spot for future dates.

12. Visit the Farmers Market 

Summer farmer’s markets are the best summer date ideas. Not only can you enjoy the nice weather, but you also get to support local farmers and vendors while you try new foods. This is also one of our favorite first date ideas because it’s low stress and low commitment, but still a lot of fun.

13. Eat With a Rooftop View

Summer is the perfect time to find a nice rooftop bar or restaurant. Don’t miss out on this simple summer date idea. Make sure to arrive before sunset so you can get an amazing view with your meal.

rooftop bar summer date idea
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14. Have an Ice Cream Date

This cute summer date idea for teens and adults alike is classic. Beat the heat by going on an ice cream date. To make the date even better, go on a walk with your sweet treats. 

Unique Summer Date Ideas

15. Have a Fun Game Night

This is one of our favorite date ideas for married couples who are just looking for a fun at-home date. You can even turn this into one of the most fun double date ideas. Try a virtual game night!

During virtual game nights, you can play online trivia games, virtual escape rooms and virtual scavenger hunts all from the comfort of your couch. Prepare some snacks and a bottle of wine and make a night of it. 

16. Do a Photo Booth “Tour”

If you’re looking for summer date ideas in Chicago or other large cities, try this one on for size. Vintage photo booths aren’t as common as they used to be, but in many cities, you can still find them.

Go on a photo booth “tour” and find as many photo booths as you can in a single day. This will also get you acquainted with parts of your city you may not spend much time in.

17. Take a Trip to an Amusement Park

If you don’t live near an amusement park, this may turn into one of the best weekend date ideas rather than a single-day summer date idea, but that’s okay!

Take your date out for a day of rides, fried food, games and fun at an amusement park or state fair. Bonus: try to win them a stuffed animal before you leave.

amusement park summer date idea
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18. Head to the Roller Rink

Roller skating is hot right now, and it’s the perfect activity for a fun summer date idea. Whether you have a cool outdoor roller rink or you’re headed inside to a retro indoor rink, you’re sure to have a blast. Remember, if you’re new, there’s no shame in holding onto the railing!

19. Go to a Baseball Game

Take your partner out to the ball game with this fun summer date idea. Even if you’re not into sports, spending a day in the sun with a soda and a hot dog while a game plays in the distance is a lot of fun. Being around all of that energy is exciting!

20. Check Out a Flea Market

Looking for some new odds and ends? Head to a local flea market. This cheap date idea for summer can eat up an entire day because there’s so much to look at! Challenge each other to find at least one thing you want to bring home.

21. Take an Outdoor Yoga Class

If you’re looking for a great morning summer date idea, why not start your day with an outdoor yoga class together? Summer mornings are perfect for yoga.

The sun isn’t quite as strong yet and you can get your body moving without overheating. This also sets the tone for a great rest of the day if you want to keep the date going.

group of people doing yoga outdoors
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DIY Summer Date Ideas

22. Try Flower Arranging Classes

Buying a bouquet is so last year. Make your own with your date in flower arranging classes! Virtual flower arranging classes make for a perfect summer date idea on a rainy day. Make something beautiful from the comfort of your own home.

23. Learn a New Skill in Glass Blowing Classes

Glass blowing is an incredible art form that not many people know how to do. Glass blowing classes make a great summer date idea! You and your date will learn how to do something unique and you’ll leave with a souvenir of the experience. 

24. Become a Thrift-Flip Pro in Sewing Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew? Try your hand at sewing classes. Not only can you learn how to make specific sewing projects, but you’ll gain the skills required to alter or fix your own clothes. Your next date can be to the thrift store to find some fun thrift-flip opportunities!

25. Make Something Cool in Woodworking Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a birdhouse? Have you always wanted to make your own tables and chairs? Well, you might not be doing that right away, but if you take some woodworking classes with your date, you’ll be well on your way. After enough classes, your summer date ideas in the future may involve making your own furniture!

couple building something in woodshop
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26. Do a DIY Photoshoot

A DIY photoshoot is a cute summer date idea that you can do with just your phone camera and props you already have around the house. You can also craft some fun props if you need something extra.

Get outside and do your best model impressions. The photos may be silly (and potentially not Instagram-worthy), but you’ll have a lot of fun. Keep them for your scrapbook!

Free & Cheap Summer Date Ideas

27. Go on a Hike

Hiking is one of the best free summer date ideas that you can do without anything at all aside from you, your partner and a water bottle. Find a local hiking trail and make a day of it. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

28. Take a Scenic Bike Ride

Who doesn’t love a bike ride? Either rent a bike or bring your own and take a ride around town. To make it an even better date idea, have a destination in mind where you can stop and grab a delicious dinner or drink before you ride back.

29. Have a Sunset Picnic

What’s a better summer date idea than a sunset picnic? Prep a meal, grab a bottle of wine and bring a blanket to sit on. Go to a local park with a good view of the sunset and you’ve got a cheap and easy date. This is also one of the best last-minute date ideas that requires next to no planning.

sunset picnic summer date idea
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30. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

This summer date idea takes some prep work, but it’s worth it. Make a list of things that you may see on a walk somewhere in your town. Then go on that walk and see how many you can spot together. 

They can be “normal,” like car colors or numbers on mailboxes, or funny, like unusual pets and lawn ornaments. This is also a great way to get to know the neighborhoods in your town a little better.

31. Have Fun at a Local Park

Why not enjoy a date at the park while the weather is nice? While this is a good and wholesome teenage date idea for summer, it’s really good for couples of all ages. Spend time walking around, have fun on the swings and enjoy the sun.

If the parks in your area are too busy during the day, turn this into a summer date night idea. You can have the playground equipment all to yourself if you wait for nightfall.

32. Go to the Beach

So, you’re thinking, “Where can I go on a lazy date?” Well, we can’t talk about summer date ideas without talking about the beach.

Don your favorite bathing suit, grab a few snacks and bring a bodyboard and a big beach blanket. You can relax in the sun when you’re feeling lazy and splash around in the water when you’re getting a little too toasty. 

33. Volunteer Together

If you’re looking for cheap date ideas for summer, you can’t get much cheaper than volunteering together. Volunteering together is a great way to spend some quality time while also doing something wonderful for your community.

Choose a cause you’re both passionate about and start helping out! Clean up trash on local trails, walk dogs for the local animal shelter, or help out at a local food bank. It’s an unconventional date idea, but it’s a worthwhile one. 

volunteer summer date idea
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Now that you’ve read through our faves, do you know what activities to do on a date this summer? Try one (or all) of these fun summer date ideas and have plenty of fun in the sun.

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