Online Mixology Class: Swiftie-Inspired Cocktails

Shake it off and shake it up in this virtual mixology experience, celebrating all things Taylor Swift with Mixologist Erika! Craft a Prosecco and elderflower liqueur spritz, concoct a bellini tailor-made for brunch with your besties, and elegantly address any Champagne problems with a touch of bitterness. At the culmination of this spirited session, channel your newfound mixology prowess to create a custom libation paying homage to your beloved songwriting queen!


"Willow" Spritz

With Prosecco, elderflower liqueur and a twist of lemon

"You Belong With Me" Bellini

With Prosecco, raspberry liqueur and peach juice

"Champagne Problems" Royale

With Prosecco, a sugar cube and bitters

Let's Play

Craft your own creation using methods you learned during class with the ingredients available to make your very own Swift-inspired cocktail

This class is not affiliated with the brands or companies mentioned here or any of its subsidiaries.

Every class is fully interactive.
Chef demonstrates each step and assists you as you perform each step.
Ask questions and have the chef check your progress.
  • Recipes Recipes are sent in your booking confirmation.
  • Ingredients Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability.
  • Technology Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Class Participation Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.
  • Class Minimum 6 devices
  • Class Maximum 20 devices
  • Event Duration 60 minutes


Prosecco, sparkling wine or Champagne of your choice
Elderflower liqueur
Raspberry liqueur
Bitters (a nice fruit or chocolate bitters would be fun)
Can of peach juice
Sugar cube

Recommended Products:
St. Germaine or Giffard Elderflower
Chambord or Giffard Raspberry

Kitchen Equipment

Champagne flute
Stemmed mixing glass
Paring knife
Jigger or measuring spoons

Outside Reviews for Mixologist Erika

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Silvia G.

24 Aug 2023

Erika’s online mixology class was very interesting and fun. Learning on how to recreate a well loved and known simple cocktail was great. Not only learning on how to prepare a drink but why it is prepared a certain way and the variety of techniques you can use and how certain ingredients are interchangeable made it a unique experience.

$ 25 Per device

60-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

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Give as a gift

Mixologist Erika's passion for meticulously crafted drinks remains unwavering. She captivates aspiring bartenders worldwide through her engaging live-streamed cocktail sessions. Erika's diverse talents seamlessly meld poetry, painting, singing, and acting into a rich tapestry of interests. Whether she's sharing intriguing liquor insights or crafting inventive libations, Mixologist Erika always infuses her creations with a hearty dose of enthusiasm.

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