37 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
gifts for cat lovers
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Our feline friends deserve the very best, and so do their caretakers — these gifts for cat lovers are perfect for both!

From their perfect triangle ears to their upright tails and little “toe beans,” there’s so much to love about cats. If you’ve got a cat lover in your life, you know that they admire the finer things in life, like a warm nap in the sun, a quiet day of bird-watching or a good book during a thunderstorm.

But when you need to find something they’ll really appreciate, you might ask yourself, “What gift should I give a cat lover?” Whether you need cat dad gifts, cat mom gifts or gifts for cats themselves, we’ve got you covered with the list of the best gifts for cat lovers. Curl up by a cozy window and read on!

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Creative Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. Pet Portrait Paint and Sip

If you’re looking for unforgettable gifts for cat lovers, consider signing them up for paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in San Diego or any paint and sip near you to paint their very own pet portrait with the guidance of a talented artist.

Pet-themed online painting classes can also be a great way for them to relax at home with their feline friend by their side.

Whether you decide to go together or not, paint and sip is one of the best experience gifts for cat lovers so they can make their own pet portraits or create a masterpiece that symbolizes their bond with their cat. 

paint and sip pet portrait gift for cat lovers
via Classpop!

2. Pottery Classes

Sign your craft-savvy cat lover up for pottery classes in Chicago, pottery classes in Los Angeles, pottery classes in Houston. In pottery classes near you, they’ll get to learn how to sculpt and shape their own cat-related trinkets like food and water dishes and treat jars.

In addition to enjoying an awesome experience, they’ll get to bring home a one-of-a-kind handmade gift. 

3. “Bake Me a Cat” Cookbook

Need gifts for cat lovers who love to impress in the kitchen? The “Bake Me a Cat” cookbook by Kim-Joy from Uncommon Goods features 50 kitty-themed baking recipes that are sure to make them say, “Awww!”

Some sweet and tasty examples include “Meow Bao,” 3D cat cookies and an “Eye of the Tiger” Swiss jelly roll. 

4. Nesting Cat Measuring Cups

The perfect accessory to go with their cat-themed baking book, these nesting cat measuring cups from World Market make excellent gifts for cat lovers (and gifts for bakers!).

The ceramic smiling cat faces are easy to wash and stack neatly within each other so they won’t take up too much space in drawers — although your baker may want to leave their adorable faces out on display. 

5. Cat Person Gift Set

No matter who you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with fun gift basket ideas. The cat person gift set from Uncommon Goods comes with great gifts like a cute pair of socks, a “How to Speak Cat” card set and a durable cat tote bag. You can give this set on its own or use it as a base to build your own cat gift box. 

cat lovers gift set with cat socks, books and bags
via Uncommon Goods

6. Cat Crochet Kit

Joann knows how to come through with amazing gifts for crafters, and this adorable cat crochet kit is no exception. Whether your gift recipient has a cat of their own or cats are just their favorite animal, they’ll love crocheting their own cuddly kitty. 

7. Zen Cat Statues

There’s something about gardens and cats that just makes sense together. These zen cat garden sculptures from Uncommon Goods are the perfect gifts for cat lovers who enjoy getting creative in nature.

The calming presence of these garden guardians is sure to soothe any cat lover through the toughest of growing seasons. 

8. Cat Coloring Book

Coloring books are one of the best go-to gifts for artists, and cat-themed pages make them great gifts for cat lovers too! Pick up a kitty coloring book like this one by Creative Havens at Target. Include a set of colorful markers or pencils for hours of feline-coloring fun. 

Personalized Gifts for Cat Lovers

9. Acrylic Cat and Moon Window Hanging

Personalize your (and your cats'!) space with custom window hangers to brighten up the room and add a cute, happy element to any window. Choose one that looks like their favorite feline, like these on Etsy.

cat window hanger gifts for cat lovers
via Etsy

10. “If My Cat Could Talk” Book

The “If My Cat Could Talk” book by Maia Hagg from i See Me is one of the best gifts for cat lovers of all ages. Personalize the beautifully illustrated storybook with your recipient’s cat’s name and a cat that looks just like them.

There are four cat breeds and several coat colors to choose from — even hairless! 

11. Personalized Cat Bowl

Sometimes the best gifts for cat lovers are really gifts for cats. Personalize this cat bowl from Etsy with their cat’s name, favorite color, font and design.

The shallow dish shape is perfect for feeding feline friends without causing any whisker fatigue!

12. Pet Portrait Mug

Quirky mugs are some of the most useful cat dad or cat mom gifts, but not all mugs are created equal. This one from Etsy will look classy in their cupboard, with an artistic portrait of their cat on the side.

Seeing their pet’s sweet face is sure to brighten their mood, even on the sleepiest Monday mornings. 

13. Cuddle Clones Plush

Cuddle Clones makes gifts for cat lovers (and other pets!) that are totally unique and adorable. Send in a photo of their pet and Cuddle Clones will create an incredibly accurate plush animal that looks just like them.

This gift will be a keepsake that lasts for generations and may also serve as a companion to help recipients cope with the loss of a beloved pet. 

cuddle clones sympathy gift for cat lovers
via Cuddle Clones

14. Pet Nose Print Necklace

When you want to show your appreciation for your fellow pet parent, jewelry pieces are ingenious cat gifts for him or her.

These pet nose print necklaces from Chewy aren’t a mold of your cat’s actual nose (that sounds like it would end in cat-astrophe), but a symbolic representation of your bond.

Personalize the necklace with the cat’s name on the back so they can bring them everywhere they go!

15. Engraved Memorial Frame

Losing a pet is never easy, so when it’s time for them to say goodbye, what can you do for cat lovers? A personalized memorial picture frame is one of the best sympathy gifts for cat lovers to show your care and concern.

Choose a beautiful engraved frame, like this one from Chewy, and add a high-quality photo that they can treasure forever. 

Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers

16. Fancy Pet Portrait

When you need funny cat gifts for cat lovers, ordering fancy pet portraits from a company like Crown & Paw or Purr & Mutt is guaranteed to make your cat lover laugh.

Choose from styles like a Renaissance queen or an astronaut. These brands also make gifts for dog lovers, which is perfect for creating a whole gallery wall in multi-pet households!

17. Laptop Scratching Toy

Any cat lover knows that keyboards are like a magnet to sleepy cats, especially when you’re trying to use them, but there’s actually a scientific reason behind this!

According to research shared by Hepper, cats tend to mirror the behaviors and personality traits of their owners, and while it may be annoying at times, laying across your laptop is actually a sign of affection and trust. 

One of the best gifts for cat lovers who have a copycat in their home is a laptop scratching toy from The Good Cat Company. In addition to being one of the best gifts for cats, watching their pet scratch and type away at their own keyboard is sure to make your recipient laugh and spare them a few “Sorry, that was my cat” emails. 

cat sitting on laptop scratching toy
via The Good Cat Company

18. Cat-Opoly Board Game

Need funny gifts for cat lovers who have a competitive streak? The Cat-Opoly board game from Walmart will have them collecting all their favorite cat breeds, trading for fish bones and avoiding hazards like fleas or the neighborhood bulldog. Some of the cute game player pieces even include a milk jar, a mouse and a ball of yarn! 

19. Literature Cat Tote Bag

Is there anything better than reading a page-turning book with a sleeping cat in your lap? These literature tote bags from Uncommon Goods make perfect gifts for cat lovers who are also bookworms. Choose from designs like Pride and Purrjudice, Romeow and Juliet or The Great Catsby! 

20. Matching Cat Parent Hats

If you need cat gifts for him or her, cat gifts for couples or gifts for cat lovers who insist that their cat is their baby, you need these matching hats from Etsy.

Choose from 20 vintage-style hat colors and select “Cat Dad” or “Cat Mom” for the front of the hat. These hats could even be funny cat mom gifts for Mother’s Day!

21. Cat Butt Magnets

Anyone who has spent time around cats knows that they have no shame, and will proudly roam the house with their tails in the air.

This set of six cat butt magnets from Kikkerland is one of the best funny cat gifts for cat lovers and is sure to give them a friendly greeting every time they walk by the kitchen. Give them on their own or add them into a funny cat gift box!

cat butt magnets funny gift for cat lovers
via Kikkerland

22. Catnip Gift Set

What could be better gifts for cat lovers than watching their own cat sniff, roll and party over catnip? Skinny Pete’s catnip gift set from Chewy comes with three organic catnip blends, providing hours of fun and relaxation time for felines. Throw in a few catnip-holding toys and you’re set for an all-night cat party!

Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

23. Cat Litter Subscription

When you need gifts for people who have everything, you can’t go wrong with something useful. Perhaps cat litter isn’t the most glamorous of gifts for cat lovers, but it’s one that they’re sure to use and appreciate.

Don’t just slap a bow onto any box of litter; sign them up for a subscription to Pretty Litter, a crystal-based litter that changes color to clue them in on their cat’s overall health!

24. Orthopedic Pet Bed

Orthopedic pet beds make great gifts for cat lovers with a special needs cat, senior cat or any spoiled feline friend. This La-Z-Boy sofa bed from PetMate features bolstered sides for Kitty to curl up against and a memory foam base to support their little joints.  

25. Stainless Steel Water Fountain

In the wild, cats obtain most of their hydration from their prey, but at home, they can be very picky about their water dish. According to PawTracks, most cats prefer to drink from moving water, which is why they often beg for the kitchen faucet or dip their paws into your bath water.

A running water fountain is one of the best gifts for cats to keep them healthy, but regularly hand-cleaning standard water fountains can be tiresome. Luckily, this stainless steel one from Petlibro is dishwasher safe, so it's one of the best gifts for cat lovers who like to stay on top of their kitty’s hydration.

small orange cat drinking from fountain
via Petlibro

26. Outdoor Play Tent

Do you need gifts for cat lovers who are always camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors? Give them the gift of cat companionship in their own backyard!

An outdoor play tent from Chewy is one of the best cool things for cats because it allows them to play outside and enjoy the sunshine with their owners while staying safe. 

27. Cat Music Speaker 

One of the best gifts for cats and music lovers, this neat cat music speaker from Chewy plays soft music at a frequency that’s been proven to calm nervous cats. 

While it works well at home, it’s also great for traveling or vet visits and can be secured to the carrier to calm the cat while in motion.  

28. Kitty DNA Test

There’s no better gift for cat lovers than a deeper understanding of their pet. Did your friend’s cat come from a dark alley, appear in a cardboard box or just show up at their house one day?

A genetic test from Basepaws is one of the best cool things for cats with a mysterious history, but it can be fun for purebred pets, too, and will even provide some insight into potential health conditions. 

29. Cat Exercise Wheel

What is the best Christmas gift for a cat? An exercise wheel is one of the best gifts for cats who constantly get “zoomies” throughout the day.

The cat exercise wheel by One Fast Cat provides an outlet for rambunctious kitties, helps older cats stay active and will bring lots of laughs to their owners. 

cat running on exercise wheel
via One Fast Cat

Inexpensive Gifts for Cat Lovers

30. Cat Toy Goody Box

If you’re looking for cat gifts under $50, you really can’t go wrong with an assorted cat gift box. This is an awesome idea to build on your own, but you can also order pre-made mystery boxes like Chewy’s “Goody Boxes” for $25.99.

Chewy offers seasonal options like summer, back-to-school and birthday-themed boxes, and each one comes with a good assortment of cat toys, treats and more gifts for cat lovers.

31. Cat Paw Pens

It can be tricky to find gifts for coworkers and gifts for cat lovers that will brighten their day without breaking the bank, but these cat paw pens are the perfect solution!

You can purchase a set of three Happy Gel Ink Pens from Natural Life, currently on sale for $10.40. Your recipient will think of you (and their favorite animal) every time they pick up a pen! 

32. Puzzle Treat Cat Toy

Puzzle toys are an excellent way to keep naughty cats occupied, and are especially good for kittens to help them develop motor skills.

A puzzle treat toy like the Quirky Kitty Bento Box from Target is only $14.99, looks adorable in the living room and will provide hours of brain-teasing activity for cats — plus a moment of peace and quiet for their owners. 

33. Reusable Cat Gel Eye Masks

Ask any cat owner about the best gifts for cat lovers, and they'll probably tell you how much they’d like a good night's sleep or some relaxation gifts.

Cats are notoriously rambunctious after dark, so soothe away those sleepless nights with a pair of reusable cat-face eye masks from World Market for under $10. 

cat eye mask gift for cat lovers
via World Market

34. Novelty Cat Socks

Novelty socks are one of the best go-to gifts for cat lovers because they’re affordable, adorable and useful for everyday wear.

You can find cat socks almost anywhere, like these Target women’s ankle socks featuring cute kitties and yarn balls or these pop art men’s cat socks from Cute But Crazy Socks

35. Cork Cat Coasters

Are you heading over for a dinner party and wondering what to get your cat-obsessed friend? These cork cat coasters from Etsy can be put to use right away.

Each of the four coasters in the set has a unique design with cats enjoying their own beverages. These coasters are simply too cute not to use! 

36. Pet Supplies Gift Card

When you need inexpensive gifts for cat lovers, a gift certificate is the way to go. Set your own budget and ensure that they’ll purchase something they’ll really love with a gift certificate to Chewy, Petsmart or any other accessible pet supply retailer. 

37. Glowing Cat Night Light

How can you resist that adorable face? The Yosoo soft silicone cat lamp from Walmart is less than $20 and makes a perfect gift for cat lovers of all ages.

With a gentle pat on the head, the glowing lamp even changes colors, so they can find a hue to suit any mood. 

cat lamp gift for cat lovers
via Yosoo

There’s something understated and special about having a cat in your life. Cat lovers know that the best friendships come with mutual respect, fun and energetic moments and plenty of treats “just because!”

From adorable cat-shaped cookies to tantalizing toys and gadgets, there are so many wonderful gifts for cat lovers out there. Which of these gift ideas really tickles your whiskers? 

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