33 Most Memorable Christmas Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Published on Nov 7th 2022
Christmas gifts for women

The holidays will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to start coming up with ideas for Christmas gifts for the women in your life. Have you already started your Christmas shopping list?

Finding Christmas gifts for mom, your girlfriend, your best friends and your other female relatives can be challenging, especially if it seems like they already have everything they could want.

Do you know what to get a woman who is hard to buy for? Read on for some of our favorite gifts for women in 2022.

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Creative Christmas Gifts for Women

1. Paint and Sip

If the lady in your life loves a glass of wine and a relaxing night of painting, why not find a paint and sip near you this Christmas?

You can find paint and sip in San Diego, paint and sip in Sacramento, paint and sip in Houston and even online painting classes so your female companion can pair her painting time with her own favorite wine. Get her an extra pass so she can bring a friend!

paint and sip Christmas gift for women
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2. Pottery Classes

Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of making something new from hand? This is a great Christmas gift for a woman who’s always wanted to try throwing clay.

Pottery classes are surprisingly widespread. Whether you’re looking for pottery classes in Chicago, pottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Los Angeles or beyond, there are sure to be opportunities in your area.

3. Dance Classes

Need a Christmas gift for a woman with serious rhythm? You can’t go wrong with dance classes. She can try pole dance classes in Los Angeles, saucy salsa dance classes in Las Vegas, belly dance classes in Orlando and so much more. If she loves to move and groove, she’ll love this special gift.

4. Oil Paint Set  

It’s no secret that oil paint supplies are on the pricier side, but that’s what makes them such great Christmas gifts for women who love creating art but never treat themselves. A fine collection of oil paints will be an inspiring gift. Include some brushes and a fresh new canvas for the full effect.

5. New Instrument

Speaking of music-related Christmas gifts for women, why not give your favorite musical lady the gift of a new instrument? This is definitely a spendier gift, but it’s incredibly thoughtful and a fantastic option for a best friend, partner or close family member.

Even simple ukuleles make fantastic gives for creative women who don’t have much (if any) musical experience.  

woman playing ukulele on the beach
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6. Famous Art Jewelry

Want a Christmas gift for a woman who is both artsy and fashionable? Look no further. Famous art jewelry is the way to go when it comes to gifts for artists

You can find jewelry versions of all of your female friend’s favorite art pieces. Quirky Mona Lisa earrings? A Starry Night necklace? A fantastic Birth of Venus bracelet? There’s no limit to what you can find from talented jewelry makers online. 

Foodie Christmas Gifts for Women

7. Cooking Classes

Even if you’re buying Christmas gifts for a woman who is already a fantastic cook, she’ll still appreciate cooking classes near you. We all have a dish we’ve been dying to learn how to make.

There are cooking classes in Portland, cooking classes in San Jose, cooking classes in San Antonio and even online cooking classes for the cook who prefers to stay home.

8. Charcuterie Kit

We can’t talk about gifts for foodies without mentioning charcuterie kits. This is especially true during the holidays. You can either buy the kit to bring as an appetizer or wrap it up for the foodie in your life who loves to entertain. 

There are even charcuterie subscription boxes if you’re looking for gift ideas for a female friend who entertains often. 

9. Herb Garden Kit

What’s better than cooking with fresh herbs? An herb garden kit is the perfect Christmas gift for a woman who loves making fresh food and who has a green thumb. 

These kits come pre-made with seeds, pots and even tiny gardening tools. You can add in a plant growth light if your friend’s home doesn’t get good sunlight for an even better gift. 

Bonus: in an article published by the National Library of Medicine, researchers claim that gardening is good for mental health. Your friend’s new herb garden will improve more than just her cooking.

planting herbs in small pots
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10. Pizza Oven

Everyone knows that pizza you make at home just isn’t the same as what you can get from your local pizzeria. That is until you get this fantastic Christmas gift for the woman in your life who loves to cook.

A pizza oven will allow her to make pizza that tastes like it’s fresh from a New York pizzeria. Bonus gift: get her a pizza cookbook to go along with it!

11. Unique Snack Subscription

Looking for Christmas gifts for women who love to snack? Get a unique snack subscription box! Each month, your female friend will get a box full of snacks from a different country. She’ll always have something new to try that would be hard to find in the states.

12. Stylish Cookware Set

Cookware is a fantastic Christmas gift for a woman who loves to cook, especially when it’s pretty. High-quality stylish cookware is expensive, so most people won’t buy it for themselves. 

It’s available in colors all the way from sleek black to rose gold, so find a set that matches her personality and aesthetic!

13. Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a staple in kitchens country-wide. These mixers are useful, multi-functional and last a lifetime. They make great Christmas gifts for women who love to bake or cook. 

stand mixer Christmas gift for women
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Unique Christmas Gifts for Women

14. Online Mixology Classes

Looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who loves a good cocktail? She can learn how to make her own with online mixology classes. Whether she wants to make a classy Suissesse, a spicy Bloody Mary or a classic dirty martini, she’ll be learning from an expert. 

15. Wine Tastings

A wine tasting is one of the best gifts for wine lovers. What’s better than giving your female friend the gift of trying a variety of new and unique wines? When you sign your friend up for virtual wine tastings, complete the gift by buying her the supplies as well. Make a fun night of it!

16. Photography Classes

In a world where we all have high-end digital cameras in our pockets at all times, the fine art of photography is often forgotten. Help your lady friend upgrade her selfie game or improve her classic photography skills with photography classes.

Whether it’s just for better Instagram pictures or she has aspirations of being a professional photographer, this is a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wants to capture the world in photos.

17. Professional Pet Portrait

Looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who loves her furry friend? Get a professional pet portrait! A professional artist will capture her special pet in a painting fit for a museum. She’ll love it, and it’s one of the top 10 gifts for the woman who has everything. 

german shepherd posing for professional photo
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18. Weighted Blanket

So, what is the most popular Christmas gift? We would be surprised if weighted blankets didn’t make the cut. This simple and unique gift is a great Christmas gift for a woman who loves to get cozy. Weighted blankets improve sleep, so you’re really giving your friend the gift of serious rest and relaxation. 

19. Engraved Drinkware

Are you wondering “What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas?” May we suggest engraved drinkware? 

This is a custom and heartfelt gift for women who are hard to shop for. Whether you get her a travel mug with her initials or an engraved flask with her favorite quote, she’ll love this custom gift. 

20. Beauty Advent Calendar   

Beauty advent calendars are perfect unique Christmas gifts for women who love makeup and beauty but seem to already have everything they could want.

Beauty advent calendars usually contain sample sizes of unique products so the recipient can try new things without the commitment of buying a full-price item. This gift keeps on giving all season long. 

21. Creative Thinking Journal

Looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who loves to write? A creative thinking journal is a great option. 

Unlike normal journals, creative thinking journals have unique prompts. This helps to get rid of the “terror of the blank page” because it gives the writer a starting point. 

You can find journals for artists, self-help journals and so much more, so tailor it to your individual friend.

creative thinking journal Christmas gift for women
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DIY Christmas Gifts for Women

22. Flower Arranging Classes

What do you get someone for Christmas who has everything? Try virtual flower arranging classes. You can’t go wrong with a gift that teaches a brand new skill. This is a great gift for someone who already loves to garden. She can put her gorgeous flowers to good use.

23. Cricut Machine

Cricut machines are famous amongst crafters, so if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who loves to DIY, look no further.  When you give her a Cricut, you’re also giving her endless crafting potential. You can be sure that she’ll be crafting next year’s Christmas gifts. 

24. Adult Block Sets

Blocks aren’t just for kids. Adult block sets build fantastic and intricate scenes and figures, like succulent gardens, cities and bouquets. They make great Christmas gifts for women who love to build things and put together puzzles. They’re relaxing and the results are beautiful. 

25. DIY Dessert of the Month Subscription

This is another one of the top 10 gifts for a woman who has everything. A DIY dessert of the month subscription isn’t just a snack subscription. The lady in your life will get a full baking kit and recipe for a fancy dessert. That means she’ll be able to keep making it in the future. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

pregnant woman smiling at a plate of cookies and chocolates
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26. Hard Cider Brewing Kit

Looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who’s always down for a cider? Turn her into a DIY brewer with a hard cider brewing kit. Brewing hard cider seems complicated, but the kits make it user-friendly and fun. 

27. Rug Making Kit

This is one of our favorite unique gift ideas for women who love to craft. A rug making kit! Rug making kits aren’t just for rugs. Your friend will be making wall hangings, tufted coasters, toilet lid covers and more.

Before you know it, her whole house will be full of tufted decor and she’ll be using her new skills for Christmas gifts for the women in her life next year.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Women

28. Wine Subscription Box

This is one of the best gifts for women who are hard to shop for. Who doesn’t love wine? Better yet, who doesn’t love getting a new bottle of wine to try every month? Pair this with the charcuterie subscription and you’ll have the perfect luxury gift set. 

29. At-Home Spa Kit

You’re thinking “What should I get my friend for a Christmas gift if she deserves luxury but I’m on a budget?” We’ve got you covered. Make her an at-home spa day kit.

This is a great gift for those who deserve a day of rest and relaxation from the comfort of their own homes. Pair together some fizzy bath bombs, luxurious sheet masks, thick lotion and a soft robe for a luxurious gift with a low price tag.

woman doing a mud mask at her vanity mirror
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30. Jewelry Subscription Box

Speaking of subscriptions, this is a fantastic gift for a woman who loves to adorn herself in sparkly jewelry. With a jewelry subscription box, she’ll get new accessories to try out every month. This is one of the best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything. 

31. Customized Loungewear

Finding gift ideas for female friends gets harder as time goes on. Why not get them something totally unique, like customized comfy loungewear? They’ll love lounging around the house in their soft and silky embroidered new outfits made just for them. 

32. Jewelry Candle

Jewelry candles were all the rage a few years ago, but they’re still some of the best gifts for women in 2022. They’re great Christmas gifts for women who love surprises. While most jewelry inside of the candles won’t be super luxurious, some pieces are worth thousands of dollars!

33. High-End Handbag

This is the ultimate luxury gift for the woman who has everything. A high-end handbag, if you have the budget for it, can’t be beat. 

When you’re getting such an expensive Christmas gift for a woman in your life, make sure you know her preferences. Not all luxury handbags will appeal to all women, and you want to make sure you get something she’ll use!

high-end handbag Christmas gift for women
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So, which of these Christmas gifts for women is on your shopping list? Finding the right gift ideas for female friends, partners and family members is tough, so start shopping now.

By the time Christmas rolls around you’ll have everything you need for the perfect holiday. The ladies in your life deserve the best.

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