52 Fun Date Jar Ideas for Romance Every Week of 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
date jar ideas

If you’ve been searching for date jar ideas, this guide offers 52 fun options — one for each week of the year. What is the 52-date jar? Essentially, it's a fun way for couples to plan a date night ahead of time.

How do you make a date ideas jar? Write your date ideas down on popsicle sticks or small pieces of paper. Then, when it’s time for date night, simply grab one of your pre-planned date ideas and let the fun begin!

According to The Marriage Foundation, couples who have around one dedicated date night a month are around 14% less likely to break up than couples who go on fewer date nights, so incorporating some unique date jar ideas into your routine can give your love life a boost.

While a list of popsicle stick jar ideas for date night might not be able to save a relationship, scheduling one-on-one time with your partner is a great way to keep the romance alive and keep you feeling connected with each other.

This list of date night idea cards and activity jar ideas for couples is a great place for inspiration. Just remember, the sky really is the limit when it comes to planning fun date jar ideas that spice up your love life.

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Creative Date Jar Ideas

1. Try an Art Class

One great date jar idea is taking an art class together. Whether you decide to find art classes in San Diego, art classes in Houston, art classes in Boston or art classes in another major city, you can learn to draw or paint together in dedicated time away from work, kids and other stressors.

Choose from candle-making, jewelry-making and more. Art classes near you or online painting classes can be one great activity jar idea for couples.

art classes date jar ideas
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2. Paint and Sip 

Paint and sip offers you the chance to paint with an expert guide while also enjoying a beverage of your choice. Find paint and sip near you or schedule a class in your next vacation spot, like these options: paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Portland.

3. Sculpt in Pottery Classes

Another way to work with your hands and get creative as a couple is through pottery classes. A talented potter will guide you as you create a beautiful custom ceramic to take home.

Whether you opt for a traditional pottery course that teaches you to throw plates and vases on a pottery wheel or a paint-a-plate style class, there are plenty of pottery classes in Los Angeles, pottery classes in Chicago, pottery classes in Minneapolis and pottery classes near you to choose from.

4. Find a New Hobby

After you’ve learned how to paint on canvas and on pottery, try discovering other arts and crafts for adults and other creative hobbies as a date jar idea.

Maybe the two of you learn how to knit or sew, or maybe you choose to build model airplanes together! Pick a hobby you enjoyed as kids and rediscover it together. 

5. Plant a Garden

Set aside some time to work with your hands and plant a flower or vegetable garden. Don’t have a yard? That’s okay — create an indoor herb garden or succulent arrangement together for a simple date jar idea to liven up your space.

couple planting a garden together
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6. Make Your Date Jar Together!

If you didn’t receive your date jar as a gift from your friends, make your first date of the year a time to sit down together and create your own color-coded date night jar.

What are the rules for date jars? Well, the fun part is that you can create your own rules. Often, date night jars are color-coded. Color-coding the popsicle sticks or pieces of paper gives you a little bit of control over what date you pick.

Choose one color for free date night ideas and another color for more extravagant or expensive date jar ideas, like trips. 

7. Carve or Paint Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins or experimenting with pumpkin painting ideas is one of the most perfect fall date ideas. Adding this to your date night idea cards allows you to enjoy the fall weather. Add a fun twist by creating portraits of each other in pumpkins!

8. Go to a Festival 

Find a local festival, carnival or amusement park for this date jar idea. It can be seasonal or not, the two of you will have a fun time enjoying carnival food and taking in the booths and games together. 

9. Go on a Picnic

A year of date nights jar can include date ideas for all seasons and weather. On a beautiful day, pack a picnic and find a beautiful spot to share a meal.

This date jar idea doesn’t have to be outdoors, though. If the weather is bad, you can still share a picnic on the floor of the living room. Light some candles and enjoy.

couple on blanket cheers wine at sunset picnic
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10. Game Night

For this creative date jar idea, break out all of your favorite board games and have a competition in the comfort of your own home. You can even start a running scoreboard and update it every time you have a game night to really up the competition factor.

11. Trivia Competition

If an at-home game night is too low-key, why not go out for a trivia competition? You can team up to combine your knowledge and compete with other customers! 

Foodie Date Jar Ideas

12. Take a Cooking Class

Signing up for a cooking class is a great way to get out of the house and add some variety to your weeknight dinner routine. There are plenty of options for cooking classes near you, like cooking classes in Boston, cooking classes in Dallas and even cooking classes in San Diego for those on the West Coast.

13. Stay in for an Online Cooking Class 

If getting to an in-person cooking class is too much trouble, try the virtual option with online cooking classes for a date jar idea you can do from home.

You’ll still learn from a skilled chef, but you’ll get to try the recipes out in your own kitchen with your own tools and materials around you.

online cooking class date jar idea
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14. Become a Sommelier or Mixologist

If you and your partner are interested in learning more about wine or making specialty drinks, why not schedule a virtual wine tasting or a set of online mixology classes as one of your date jar ideas? Virtual mixology not your thing? There are plenty of in-person options as well.

15. Have an Updated Pizza Night

Instead of ordering pizza from your favorite takeout spot, buy the ingredients you need and have a build-your-own pizza night. You’ll still be able to stay in and enjoy, but you’ll also be able to eat a yummy, hand-crafted pizza. 

Take it to the next level and learn how to make perfect pies with the guidance of a skilled chef in interactive pizza-making classes

16. Make Fast Food Fancy

Plan this fun date night for when you want to look and feel great while enjoying your favorite chain restaurant. Dress in your best and stop by a fast food or chain eatery. You may look overdressed, but you’ll have a great time and save money.

17. Have an Ice Cream Date

This date works perfectly on its own during the hot summer months or at the end of a date night. Go to your favorite ice cream or milkshake spot and enjoy some dessert together.

ice cream date jar idea
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18. Go out for Sushi

Trying out a new upscale sushi restaurant can be a great way to connect and try different types of cuisines. Whether you are both sushi lovers or you are still learning your way around this cuisine, you’ll have a great time trying something new together. 

19. Go on a Double Dining Date

Popsicle stick jar ideas for date night don’t just have to be about the two of you! Meet up with friends at a new local restaurant for a double date, and be sure to check out our list of double date ideas for fun things you can do together.

20. Restaurant Hop

Be creative and choose a different spot for drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. If you want to be really adventurous, put your options into a randomizing app or website and let fate decide where you eat each portion of your meal.

21. Bake Cookies

For this date jar idea, stay in for a cozy night of baking cookies or other sweet treats together. Put on your favorite movie and have fun trying out new delicious recipes at home. 

couple having fun with ingredients while baking cookies
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Unique Date Jar Ideas

22. Dance Your Way to Romance

Taking a dance class can bring you closer to your significant other, and it also has great health benefits, just like a fitness class would.

You can sign up for dance classes in Orlando, dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in Seattle or even online dance classes. There’s sure to be a wide selection of dance classes near you to sign up for.

23. Go Ice Skating

This date jar idea is the perfect option if you are looking for winter date ideas. You’ll be able to bundle up and go ice skating, whether outdoors near the holidays or indoors at a local skating rink.

24. Let Your Friends Plan Your Date

If making a color-coded date night jar or a year of date night jar is too intimidating, let your friends and family choose! Set up a station at your wedding or bridal shower and let your closest friends pick your date ideas for you.

Date night idea jars make great gifts for newlyweds and bridal shower gift ideas! And making a date night idea jar at a bridal shower is always a fun option.

The best part? Months after the wedding is over, you’ll be able to pick out a creative date idea courtesy of your friends and family.

25. Give Back

Put your date nights to good use by finding a local cause you care about and donating some of your time together. Food banks and other organizations are almost always looking for caring volunteers to serve others.

volunteering date jar idea
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26. Take in a Comedy Show

After a busy work week, it’s good to have a laugh. For this date jar idea, find a local improv show or book tickets to see your favorite comedian perform live. 

27. Join a Bowling League

If you and your partner love to bowl, sign up for a local league and hit the bowling alley together for a date jar idea that gets you social and active at the same time.

28. Play a New Sport

For this date jar idea, choose a new sport together and try it. Pickleball, tennis or even unconventional sports like paintball are great choices for this date jar idea. 

29. Go to a Sporting Event

Find tickets to your favorite team’s nearest match, or mix things up by supporting a smaller local team. College sports, minor league baseball teams, and amateur leagues are great options for this date jar idea. 

couple cheering in the stands of a sports game
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30. Try Something Extreme

Get your adrenaline pumping with a fun date night like axe throwing or indoor go-karting to keep you on your toes and enjoying something new.

31. Be Tourists at Home

For this date jar idea, act like tourists in your hometown. Chances are there are attractions you haven’t seen at all or places you haven’t visited in years.

Check out your local history museums, art galleries, zoos and other attractions to rediscover your own neck of the woods.

32. Hit the Slopes

Schedule a time in the winter to go skiing together. Even if you aren’t the most adventurous type, you can ski during the day and cozy up in the lodge in the evenings.

Low-Key Date Jar Ideas

33. Learn a New Skill at Home

Try something completely new with an online course like virtual flower arranging classes. You’ll be able to bond over learning a new hobby and utilizing your creativity in different ways.

couple arranging flowers for a date jar idea
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34. Set Goals Together

Date Jar ideas don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Set aside some time to sit down with your spouse and have a conversation about your plans for the upcoming idea.

You can share New Year's resolution ideas or even set some common goals for your relationship or your family, making this a great option for date ideas for married couples.

35. Find a New Show

Couples looking for weeknight date ideas often don’t need to look any further than their streaming services. Why not decide on a new show that you’ll watch only when you’re together? You’ll be able to relax in your pajamas and look forward to many similar nights. 

36. Tackle Your Honey-Do List

Looking for last-minute date ideas doesn’t have to be stressful. For this date jar idea, tackle something around the house that’s been on your to-do list for too long.

If you plan it out as a date night and focus on the quality time you’re spending together, it won’t feel so much like a chore.

37. Dinner and a Movie

This classic date idea doesn’t just belong on a list of date ideas for teens. Couples of all ages have been hitting the movies for date night for a long time. Make this date night staple new again by mixing it up.

Wear your pajamas to a late-night showing or opt for fancier attire at a movie theater that also serves dinner and drinks.

couple laughing in movie theater
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38. Head to the Water 

Why not combine your date jar ideas with summer bucket list ideas? For this easy idea, schedule a day on the water, whether it’s the beach, river or lake closest to you. 

39. Hit the Books

If you or your partner are bookworms, this date jar idea is perfect. Plan a quick trip to your favorite bookstore or even hit the local library to keep this date affordable. 

40. Small Town Charm

If you live in a small town, let this date jar idea be the driving force behind going for a walk around the town square and supporting local small businesses.

If you live in a more urban environment, load up the car and take a scenic drive to your nearest small town for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

41. Get Outdoors

All you need for this date jar idea is a trail or hiking path. Go for a simple walk or hike together to take in the beauty of nature and spend some quality time outside together.

You’ll reap the physical health benefits of walking and the mental health benefits of being outdoors with someone you love.

couple hiking steep rocks at sunset
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42. Take a Staycation

Clear your schedules for the weekend, and start stockpiling some staycation ideas for your at-home getaway. This date jar idea allows you to get closer to each other while also being a little easier on your budget. 

Luxurious Date Jar Ideas

43. Take a Vacation

If you’re ready to branch out from at-home or low-key date jar ideas, why not schedule a weekend (or longer) getaway? If you’re heading to a larger city, there are plenty of date ideas in NYC, date ideas in Chicago and date ideas in Dallas to help you plan your trip. 

44. Revisit Your Honeymoon Spot

After a few years of marriage, you might be looking for anniversary date ideas. Why not revisit your honeymoon spot for a special, luxurious date jar idea? 

45. Plan a Spa Day

Whether you plan a day of at-home pampering or book a couples’ massage at your local spa, this can be a great way to relax and unwind together. 

spa day date jar idea
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46. Go to the Theater

This special date jar idea calls for a little fancier attire and a little more planning, but heading to a night out on the town with your partner is a great way to get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company. 

47. Go to a Concert

Splurge on great seats to your favorite artist. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime with this date jar idea.

48. Try a New High-End Restaurant 

While date night every week might not be luxurious or expensive, this splurge date jar idea allows you to try all the finest cuisine in your area. Make reservations at a nice dinner spot and enjoy the ambiance and delicious food.

49. Take to the Skies

For this high-flying date idea, schedule a helicopter tour or hot air balloon either in your hometown or while on vacation. 

couple greeting helicopter pilot before take off
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50. Hire a Car

For this luxurious, and slightly expensive, date idea, plan to have a car and driver pick you up and take you to dinner. For extra luxury, hire a limo to drive you to and from a fancy restaurant!

51. Schedule a Portrait Session

Hire a photographer for a mini-couples session to get some photos of the two of you. While it might be expensive, you’ll love being able to look back at the photographs and memories from this time in your life. 

52. Go on a Shopping Spree

Hit the mall together to buy all the essentials for a new season, or take each other shopping for big anniversary or Christmas gifts. You’ll be able to spend quality time together while also ensuring that each person gets exactly what they want.

shopping spree date jar idea
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If you’re still wondering, “What is a jar with random date ideas?” the answer is simple. A date night jar is a great way to keep the romance alive in your relationship and help you make time to be together over the course of a year.

A date jar with 52 ideas is the perfect way to dedicate date nights to each other each week, and it also works really well if you are looking for gifts for couples. We hope this guide to 52 date jar ideas has been helpful to you and will lead to a spark in romance. 

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