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Chef Parsati has a true passion for cooking that includes researching new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, and hosting events for clients with a focus on teaching techniques and keeping the class interactive. Previously, Chef Parsati has worked for Williams Sonoma in a culinary capacity, and was as an instructor for an international education program teaching kids match, science and geography through cooking.

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21 Jan 2024
This was really fun and the food was great. I am hoping to reproduce what Chef Parvati taught me. Learned a few way to make some really good healthy stuff. Thank you
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01 Dec 2023
I had an amazing experience with Chef Parsati during her Indian cooking class. She was incredibly patient, explaining everything thoroughly. It was an honor to be welcomed into her home, sharing not just recipes but her rich culture. Sitting down with fellow participants to enjoy the delicious meal we cooked created a warm, communal atmosphere. I learned a lot, made wonderful connections, and now I'm excited to share these fantastic recipes with my family! Highly recommend Chef Parsati's classes for a delightful culinary journey.
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09 Nov 2023
This was a great team bonding experience for my colleagues and I. We had a great time and learned a lot at the same time. Thank you Chef Parsati!
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06 Nov 2023
The chef was not only very friendly but also very clean. She kept everything very clean and sanitary in the kitchen and encouraged all the participants to wash their hands before cooking. She was open minded and modified the recipe a bit to work with my guest's spicy comfort level.
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04 Oct 2023
It was good to experience
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11 Aug 2023
Cooking with Chef Parsati was an awesome experience! She taught us how to cook delicious food while also explaining in great depth the purpose of particular spices and ingredients. It was very fun to cook alongside someone who was so passionate about cooking!
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29 Jul 2023
It's difficult to express the entire range of feelings and flavors that my partner and I experienced, mostly because language is insufficient. Chef Parsati cultivated an experienced that intersected culture and personal experience. We were able to enjoy the flavors of Northern India in a way that fit our personal flavor profile. Her class was an experience that spanned food chemistry, culinary flow, and physiological health benefits. Every herb, ever spice was very intentional. Her passion cannot be over stated. If you are fortunate enough to find a time frame that works for you, do yourself a favor and book an afternoon or evening with Chef Parsati.
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09 Jul 2023
Very nice chef but the class was not great. It was not a cooking class, all we did was assemble the food. It took 20 minutes.
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07 Jul 2023
I decided to book a cooking class as a way to celebrate my best friend Karlas birthday. We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to cook Hawaiian food and would highly recommend chef Parsati!
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01 Jul 2023
This was a fun event, and Chef Parsati was delightful. Unfortunately, the venue was so noisy, it was hard to hear her. Also, the price was double what it should be.