21 Best Wine Glass Painting Ideas and Tips for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
wine glass painting ideas

Finding creative wine glass painting ideas can be a fun way to upgrade your wine glasses at home. This activity can be an easy painting project for beginners and it can also be fairly inexpensive to get started.

Did you know painting is great for your brain health? NPR mentions that being creative can help you stay connected to yourself and the world around you. So, what better way to improve your mental health and discover a fun hobby than finding creative wine glass painting ideas?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best wine glass painting ideas, as well as some useful tips and tricks, to help you begin.

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Wine Glass Painting Classes

Art Classes

How do you paint a wine glass for beginners? One of the best ways to learn to paint wine glasses is to check out an exciting art class. A skilled instructor will guide you step-by-step through a fun project you can take home to enjoy with your favorite bottle of wine.

Whether you’re on the hunt for fun paint party ideas for adults or you’re searching for unique gifts for wine lovers, you can easily find interactive art classes in Boston, art classes in Atlanta or art classes in Los Angeles. Wherever you’re located, there are tons of fun art classes near you.

wine glass painting class
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Wine Glass Painting Party Ideas

One of the best ways to enjoy this activity is to host a wine glass painting party. Gather your crew for a wine glass painting class for a fun event, or host from your home.

Whether you’re looking for exciting sip and paint ideas for the holiday season, need 21st birthday party ideas or just want to host a relaxing event to unwind, painting a wine glass with your friends can make your party even more creative and fun!

If you're hosting a wine glass painting party at home, check out some pre-made wine glass painting kits for a seamless way to supply guests with all the essentials.

Wine Glass Painting Kits & Supplies

What kind of paint do you use on a wine glass? Fortunately, assembling your own wine glass painting kit is inexpensive and doesn’t involve a lot of materials. Fill your kit with acrylic paint, painter’s tape, paint brushes and wine glasses to get started. 

You can also grab permanent markers, jewels and glitter to add to your unique design. And how do you seal acrylic paint on glass? Make sure to add an acrylic sealant to your kit with a glassy finish for a longer-lasting design on your wine glasses!

You can also find pre-made wine glass painting kits from Etsy that include everything you need, including inspiring design templates to get you started.

pre-made wine glass painting kit with sunflowers and butterflies
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Wine Glass Painting Ideas and Tips for Beginners

1. Relaxing Landscape

Unwinding with a sip of wine at the end of a long workweek is made even more relaxing by painting a landscape on your glass. Paint a sunset beach scene, moonlit mountains, a prairie of wildflowers or any landscape painting idea that is special to you. 

2. Alcohol Ink 

Apply alcohol ink for one of the most unique wine glass painting ideas. Gather your favorite colors of alcohol ink and create a funky, swirly design along the glass. The colors will mix and blend together for a fun artwork.

3. Marble Paint

Decorate the bottom of a stemless wine glass with textured marble for fun wine glass painting ideas. Use painter’s tape to separate your design, then use marbling paint to create a wine glass that will really stand out in your kitchen.

marbled wine glass painting idea
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4. Nail Polish

Why not add nail polish to your wine glass painting kit for a unique trick? Add several drops of nail polish to a small tub of water and swirl the contents around with a toothpick. Dip the wine glasses into the mixture for a fun, swirly design.

5. Spray Paint

For other marbled wine glass painting ideas, use spray paint to create this textured design. Similar to nail polish, add spray paint to a small tub of water and dip the wine glasses inside. Let the glasses dry upside-down and repeat the process for a cool artwork.

6. Stunning Centerpieces

If you’re not much of a wine drinker, create fun centerpieces for fun wine glass art ideas. If you’re looking for acrylic painting ideas for beginners, paint the inside of the wine glass for a creative design to decorate your home.

7. Favorite Florals

You can never go wrong with your favorite flowers for one of the best wine glass painting ideas. Whether you want your flowers to look super detailed or more abstract, there are tons of simple flower painting ideas perfect for adorning your wine glass.

two wine glasses painted with pink and blue flowers
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8. Fall Wine Glasses

For fun fall painting ideas for a seasonal get-together, paint beautiful aspen trees for a cool design. Hand-painted fall leaves can be simple and diverse on each wine glass.

9. Bottoms Up

For unique wine glass painting ideas, paint the bottom of the inside of the wine glasses. If you’re planning a wedding, decorate wine glasses with your crew during your bachelorette painting party. Paint the inside with flowers, sayings or initials for fun wine glasses.

10. Happy Honey Bees

Incorporate cute honey bees into your artwork for the best wine glass painting ideas. Find yellow and black acrylic paint, and paint these buzzing creatures pollinating a pretty flower on your wine glass.

11. Holiday-Themed Wine Glasses

Decorate for the holidays with fun wine glass painting ideas for any seasonal party. Paint cute Easter eggs or the Easter bunny for springtime.

Create cute pink and red hearts with acrylic paint for Valentine’s Day. No matter which holiday is coming up, upgrade your wine glasses for the big day.

hand-painted Champagne glasses for the holidays with gold paint and white doves
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12. Beautiful Butterflies

If you’re scared of bees, opt for a colorful butterfly on your wine glass instead. These creative wine glass painting ideas are simple, creative and personalized to give as a gift or keep around your kitchen.

13. Giraffes

Have some fun painting giraffes for the best wine glass painting ideas. Paint the animal’s cute face on the bowl with a long tongue. Then, use the stem and the base of the wine glass for the giraffe’s elongated neck and shoulders.

14. Best Friend Wine Glasses

Invite your best friend over for a wine glass painting party. As one of the best girls night ideas, paint your initials or similar designs for matching wine glasses. Remember to bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy in your glasses after your designs have dried!

15. Glitz and Glam 

Add some sparkle and shine to your glass for one of the best wine glass art ideas for anyone who likes a little glitz in their glass. Combine your favorite colors of acrylic paint and add glitter, jewels and sparkles to bedazzle your custom wine glass. After the paint dries, use a glue gun to secure the mini jewels.

gold glitter stars spilling out of wine glass
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16. Retro Sharpie Rectangles

How do you paint your wine glass painting ideas with Sharpies? Use oil-based Sharpie markers to draw your design. We recommend funky rectangles in different colors for a cool design.

After you're finished decorating, place your wine glasses in a cold oven and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let them cool before removing them from the oven.

17. Festive Christmas Lights

For fun housewarming party ideas, invite your crew over to paint wine glasses for the holidays. Paint Christmas lights for one of the easiest and most creative wine glass painting ideas.

18. Chalkboard Paint

Grab some chalkboard paint for one of the most unique wine glass painting ideas for beginners. Paint the foot of the glass with chalkboard paint and let it dry.

These glasses will be a great way for your guests to keep track of their wine glasses at your next house party.

19. Fruity Fun

Look to nature for inspiration for your next wine glass painting idea. Fruits like watermelon, lemons or oranges are a great starting point. You could also paint a winding grape vine as an homage to the wine's origin. 

fruit wine glass painting idea
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20. Polka Dots

A simple and sweet wine glass painting idea for beginners is to start with polka dots. Arrange them in a larger shape like a butterfly, create an ombré look with different shades of your favorite color or blend them together to create texture and movement.

21. Make Waves

Paint colorful wavy lines for one of the most simple wine glass painting ideas. Use vivid colors and paint each glass with its own unique design.

From painting colorful wavy lines to using nail polish to paint your wine glass, there are tons of cool wine glass painting ideas for beginners.

Whether you’re looking to hand-paint wine glasses for a fun painting party or you’re looking for a creative hobby at home, these painting ideas are a creative way to upgrade your wine glasses at home.

For even more fun art ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!