23 Best Sip and Paint Ideas for the Ultimate Paint Party in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
sip and paint ideas
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If you and your friends want an event where you can get festive and unleash your creativity, it’s time to dig into some sip and paint ideas. Sip and paints are a fabulous way to socialize with pals while getting to experiment with paint in a relaxed, judgment-free environment.

The best part is, it doesn’t take much to get a sip and paint party started. All you need are drinks, snacks, art supplies and a little bit of artistic inspiration.

If a sip and paint sounds like the perfect event for you, here are all the sip and paint ideas and tips you need to know to get started on hosting the ultimate paint party. 

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Top Sip and Paint Events Near You

No matter where you live, you’re sure to find a creative and entertaining paint and sip near you. Booking a venue is a great sip and paint idea, as it will alleviate a lot of the planning stress.

1. Paint and Sip in Atlanta

Major cities typically have several popular paint and sip studios from which you can choose. For instance, in the southeast, you’ll have plenty of luck finding a paint and sip in Atlanta — the city has a vibrant arts scene, so you’ll have a wide range of art studios and galleries to explore.

paint and sip in Atlanta sip and paint idea
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2. Paint and Sip in Portland

On the West Coast, you can head north and experience a thriving art community at a paint and sip in Portland, where you’ll find tons of paint party ideas for adults.

You can level up your sip and paint ideas by sampling some of the amazing craft beverages that Portland is well-known for. 

3. Paint and Sip in San Diego

If you’re based out of southern California, check out a paint and sip in San Diego, where you can appreciate the sunny vibes and natural scenery. Don’t forget to stop by the beach or the beautiful Balboa Park for extra sip and paint ideas inspiration!

4. Online Painting Classes

If you prefer to host your sip and paint party at home but don’t want to be responsible for leading your guests through the painting process, look for online painting classes that you can follow along with and learn to paint as a group. 

Best Sip and Paint Party Kits

5. Canvas and Paint Set

When planning a paint party at home, you’ll need a lot of supplies. If you don’t want to gather up all the supplies on your own, you can simplify things by buying a few sip and paint party kits. For example, this paint party kit comes with a canvas, brushes, paint and a DIY paint and sip video tutorial. 

Another option if you decide to host a sip and paint party without an instructor is with easy paint-by-numbers kits for adults. Host at home and sip wine as you all bring beautiful pre-made images to life.

sip and paint party kit paint by numbers
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6. Kids’ Paint Party Kit

If you need paint party supplies for kids, it’s a good idea to get them in bulk, like with this kid-friendly paint set. The set features easels, non-toxic paints, brushes and palettes, making it an easy sip and paint idea for a family party when sipping apple juice or sparkling cider as you create.

7. Paint Party Favors Kit

For an extra well-organized paint party experience, order sets of paint party favors: cutely packaged mini canvases and paint palettes.

Your guests will appreciate having all the supplies ready to go, and you’ll save lots of time by ordering everything pre-assembled, making this a smart sip and paint idea. 

Essential Sip and Paint Supplies

8. Quality Paint Brushes

So, what do you need for a paint and sip party? As you brainstorm sip and paint ideas, be sure to invest money in some quality paint brushes.

Both synthetic and natural brushes can work, although synthetic brushes tend to be less expensive and could be easier to use for beginners.

Get brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow for different kinds of brush strokes and techniques.

9. Canvases 

Naturally, you and your guests will need canvases to paint on. You can find medium and small-sized canvases at a reasonable price.

Alternatively, if you’re shopping for a fairly big group, look for a pack of canvas boards, which are just as sturdy as canvases but often come at a lower price point.

blank canvas sip and paint supplies
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10. Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are the ideal paint type for a sip and paint party: it dries fast and is easy to manipulate. You can also find affordable acrylic paint sets in a wide range of vibrant shades, ensuring that you and your friends can execute the best versions of your sip and paint ideas.

Smithsonian explains more about acrylic paints and how to care for them to achieve best results.

11. Paint Palettes

Make sure you have something for mixing and selecting paints. Buy palettes that are large enough for folks to mix multiple colors and work with as many hues as they wish.

Palettes that have small divots for keeping the paint separate are especially helpful for people with minimal experience mixing paint, as this can prevent the colors from running together and becoming muddy. 

12. Easels

While not always necessary, easels add a nice touch of class to a paint party. Easels are also a thoughtful sip and paint idea, since you can set the canvases at eye level so people don’t have to hurt their necks staring downward all night.

Unique Sip and Paint Party Ideas

13. Pour Painting Party

How do you make a sip and paint fun? If you want sip and paint ideas that really stand out, especially if you need entertaining painting party ideas for adults, consider a pour painting party.

Pour painting involves pouring large amounts of paint onto canvases to create beautiful abstract patterns. This messy activity is sure to bring out your inner child. 

pour painting sip and paint idea
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14. Nature Sip and Paint Party

For a classic sip and paint idea, throw a painting party with a nature theme. Have everyone paint landscapes or nature-inspired abstract compositions. You can even take the party outside and paint from the nature around you. 

15. Flower Sip and Paint

Flowers are an easy subject matter for beginner painters. If you’re looking for flower painting ideas or sip and paint ideas in general, you can find lots of flower painting courses online. You can also keep it simple by grabbing a bouquet from your grocery store and challenging your friends to paint it. 

16. Glow-in-the-Dark Sip and Paint

Paint parties don’t have to be boring — bring an upbeat energy to your event by adding a glow-in-the-dark sip and paint idea. Turn off the lights and gather up some glow-in-the-dark paints, and you’ll discover all kinds of trippy painting ideas

17. Date Night Sip and Paint

There are also plenty of options for couple painting ideas if you’re trying to host a romantic sip and paint night. For double date ideas or group dates, opt for sip and paint ideas that involve a little friendly competition between couples, or invite partners to paint interpretive portraits of each other. 

couple cheers wine at paint party
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18. Destination Paint Party

If you’re planning a bachelorette painting party or other adult trip, incorporate your destination into your painting party idea for adults.

Themes are great sip and paint ideas, and when you’re in an interesting location, the setting creates most of the theme for you. Get local drinks and paint scenes that reflect your exciting vacation adventures. 

19. Still Life Sip and Paint

Keep your sip and paint idea traditional with a still life painting party. A still life is an accessible style of painting and you can arrange one still life for everyone to paint. At the end, you can compare your interpretation of the still life with your friends’. 

20. Fantasy Paint Party

Do you and your friends like Dungeons and Dragons, or have a favorite fantasy series? If so, incorporate your hobby into a sip and paint idea and throw a fantasy paint party.

Your guests can paint their favorite characters or reimagine new covers to their favorite fantasy or sci-fi books. You can also apply this concept to other theme party ideas for painting, such as TV shows or music. 

21. Pet Portrait Sip and Paint

For a super cute sip and paint idea, have a pet portrait painting party. Instruct your guests to bring a reference photo of their furry friend, and then have them paint a portrait. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful gallery of personalized pet portraits. 

pet portrait sip and paint idea
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22. Collaborative Paint Party 

If solo painting is a little intimidating for your crowd, try a collaborative project instead. You can take this sip and paint idea in a few directions, but essentially, create a painting or other kind of art piece as a group. This way, everyone gets to participate and you can feel proud of what you made as a team. 

23. Abstract Art Party

Give your sip and paint ideas a fancy twist by encouraging your guests to paint abstract pieces. Look for DIY paint and sip videos on abstract art to give painting tips for beginners, or share examples of famous work from different abstract movements, such as abstract expressionism and the dada movement. 

When it comes to sip and paint ideas or really any kind of color party ideas, you can invent so many unique themes and concepts with very little effort.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to plan a birthday party for an art lover or need a few sip and paint ideas for a fun evening with friends, the sky's the limit. 

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