27 Relaxing, Easy Aesthetic Painting Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jul 18th 2024
aesthetic painting ideas

Aesthetic painting ideas shine a whole new light on art interpretation. If you’ve gone to your search bar and typed in “aesthetic painting meaning,” chances are you’re hoping to find a new creative avenue to express yourself while adding an aesthetically pleasing element to your home décor.

You’re in luck! Aesthetic painting refers to an artistic style that focuses on evoking emotion and visual appeal, which makes it the perfect style for beginners.

This guide of aesthetic painting ideas and tips will answer some of the most asked questions about this style: How do you make an aesthetic painting? What are examples of aesthetic art? What is the easiest painting style?

So, prepare for inspiration to strike as you read this helpful handout filled with top tips and easy aesthetic painting ideas for beginners.

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How Do You Make an Aesthetic Painting? 

1. Take an Aesthetic Art Class 

The easiest way to truly learn the techniques and tools needed to create stunning aesthetic painting ideas is to attend an aesthetic art class.

In these interactive classes, you will be paired with a skilled local artist who will guide you through the process of creating something magical from setting up the canvas to adding the last bit of paint to the finished product. 

Check out art classes in Houston, art classes in Portland, art classes in Boston or simply search for art classes near you! You're not here to create one of the most expensive paintings ever sold, so relax and be ready to make mistakes.

art class aesthetic painting idea
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2. Relax in Paint and Sip

You may be feeling a lot of pressure to create the most spectacular aesthetic painting idea and sometimes that pressure can hinder the creative process. Why not try painting in a relaxed environment?

Paint and sip classes offer expert guidance from talented artists in a relaxing and stress-free environment. Plus, you can drink away as you paint away. 

Check out paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip near you or online painting classes.

3. Clay and Create

Sometimes the challenge isn’t figuring out what medium to paint with, but what medium to paint on. In this aesthetic painting idea, the worlds of pottery and canvas collide.

Consider taking to an unfinished piece of pottery like a bowl, plate or mug and get to painting! You may be surprised by how inspiring it feels to paint something new. 

Paint ceramics in pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in the Bay Area or pottery classes near you

4. Connect Through Canvas

The scariest part of learning something new is doing it alone, so have someone tag along. Sharing our hobby explorations with the person we love the most is a great way to keep us excited about our newest endeavors.

Couples painting classes offer couple painting ideas you and your partner can enjoy creating together.

5. The Wonders of Water

With so many mediums to choose from, you might as well explore them all! Figuring out your favorite method of painting is half the battle of coming up with an aesthetic painting idea.

Watercolor painting ideas combine water and paint to create vibrant, realistic colors that are easy to work onto paper. Working with the water adds a soothing element to the painting process. 

blue and purple aesthetic watercolor painting
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6. The Harmony Between Brushes and Beats 

If you’re a musician looking for a fresh avenue of expression, try combining the old with the new. Paint on an old beat-up guitar, a pair of drumsticks you’ll never use or even start small with some guitar picks!

If a blank canvas is too out of your comfort zone for your first aesthetic painting idea, it may help to start on something you’re familiar with.

7. Bond Over Brushes

Painting by yourself may be daunting — imposter syndrome is real. So, gather the family, break out the paint brushes, and enjoy some quality time as you all paint and spend time together instead of trying to begin this journey on your own.

Who knows? Maybe these aesthetic painting ideas will inspire a creative family tradition!

8. The Budding Artist

If you’re on the hunt for creative outlets for your kids, consider a summer paint class for kids where they can learn how to make their own aesthetic painting ideas.

The summer painting ideas will provide you with some much-needed alone time and provide them with exciting projects led by local instructors! 

9. Pawtraits

Is finding inspiration to start an aesthetic painting idea a struggle? Choose something close to home like a beloved pet!

Chances are you know their features well and even if you won’t be able to capture their form perfectly the first time around, you’re sure to capture their essence. 

pet portrait aesthetic painting idea
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10. Linocut

If you find little aesthetically pleasing about a simple acrylic painting, you may want to try something outside of the box. Try Linocut painting!

Linocut is a painting technique that involves designing, carving and printing on a linoleum block to create and aesthetic painting idea.

11. Paint in Private

Are you a self-proclaimed lone wolf? Do you shy away from the idea of learning to make an aesthetic painting idea in a room full of people?

A private lesson may just be the experience you need to get more comfortable with painting tips for beginners before unveiling your new hobby to the public.

12. Paint With Coffee

It’s tough to find art ideas for teens that are cool, fun and interesting enough to keep their attention. However, coffee painting may be just the right amount of unique to get your teen interested.

Think of it as a sort of science experiment. By combining just the right amount of coffee beans to water, you’ll create the perfect pigment to paint with!

13. Personal Touch Glassware 

Combine your love for wine nights with your passion for painting and try wine glass painting. As a new avenue of expression, wine glass painting may be just the chance you need to get creative and aesthetic. Transform ordinary glassware into splendid artistic works!

butterfly painted mosaic on glass
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14. Inspiration Up Front and Center

If you’re wondering, "How do I get new painting ideas?" you’re not the only one. Coming up with an aesthetic painting idea is tough and sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration. This is where putting together a vision board comes in handy.

Arrange photos or magazine clippings, onto a poster board and inspiration will strike. You can even create a vision board on Pinterest if you don’t have access to a printer.

15. Paint Night With Company

As your second family, your work friends may want to share in this new hobby with you! Company paint nights offer a change of pace for your next team building activity and it’ll help you let loose as you discover aesthetic painting ideas.

16. Magic With Oil

You may have tried acrylic painting and given up. Acrylic dries quickly, is harder to blend, and often changes color when they dry.

Oil paints, however, provide a longer working time because they don’t dry as fast, are easy to blend and offer no immediate color shift. Instead of giving up on an aesthetic painting idea, try painting it with oils instead.

Easy Aesthetic Painting Ideas for Beginners

17. Patterned Spray Paintings

Explore your artistic expression through street-style paintings. This is an expressive form of aesthetic painting that doesn’t require a paintbrush. Replace the paintbrush with a can of spray paint for a whole new creative avenue.  

spray paint aesthetic painting idea
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18. Flowing Jellyfish

As far as sea creatures go, the jellyfish might just be one of the easiest aesthetic painting ideas to create. Their lack of sharp edges and translucent color make them the perfect muse for a beginner.

They employ simple shapes, and with easy-to-learn techniques, you can master the jellyfish in no time.

19. Animals in Their Element

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to creating easy aesthetic painting ideas. Instead of going for the ultra-realistic off the bat, begin with a bare-boned image like a portrait of a sweet koala or another favorite animal in the wild.

Simple textures and backgrounds are exactly the kind of inspiration you should be looking for to learn how to make an aesthetic painting. As the saying goes, it’s best to learn to walk before trying to run.

20. Enchanting Forest

Painting trees can be as simple or complex as you’d like, which makes them the perfect focal point for an easy aesthetic painting idea. Even the simplest of tree paintings can evoke a sense of artistic professionalism. 

21. Serene Sunsets 

Sunset is by far one of the most inspiring times of the day. A sunset also happens to be one of the easiest subjects to replicate when painting. Utilize basic techniques of beginner painting to create blended strokes of melded magic.

pink and orange sunset painting
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22. The Cosmos

It’s hard to mess up a galaxy because the key to creating a realistic galaxy lies in the mess of it! You don’t have to worry about perfectly placing stars or perfecting the hues when a celestial scene is made up of thousands of randomly placed solar systems. Have fun with it!

23. Cute Cactus

Cactuses offer the simplicity of using a single primary color to create the main focus of an aesthetic painting idea. As you get better at painting cactuses, you can add decorative pots or small flowers. However, a cactus on its own still makes for stunning wall décor.

24. Mirror the Pros

As you begin learning how to find your art style, it may be helpful to mimic the style of others. You’ll discover techniques you’ll want to use moving forward and some you won’t want to try again. 

As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Imitate your favorite artists like Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo or Picasso.

25. Pour Painting

Leave precision behind and try pour painting. Pour painting is an abstract technique that involves manipulating acrylic paints by pouring them onto a canvas. The result is a mesmerizing and colorful aesthetic painting idea.

pour painting aesthetic painting idea
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26. Abstract Anything

Abstraction is the easiest way to create an aesthetic painting idea. In abstract paintings, the strokes are light and whimsical. It gives the idea of an image without a need for little details. Creating abstract pieces using simple shapes is a wonderful way to learn how to paint.  

27. Flourishing Florals

Flower painting ideas give you the space to explore vibrant colors. It’s easy to find inspiration from the natural world right outside your front door! Flowers are the easiest subject matter to learn how to paint.

According to an article in the Smithsonian Magazine, making art can help improve one’s mood as it activates reward pathways in the brain, reduces stress and lowers anxiety levels. Take advantage of the mental benefits of the visual arts by learning to create aesthetic painting ideas.

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