27 Easy Christmas Painting Ideas for a Crafty Christmas 2023

Last Updated on Aug 8th 2023
Christmas painting ideas

The holidays will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to start thinking of some fun and festive Christmas painting ideas so you and your friends and family can get creative this December! Are you ready to bring out the paint and paintbrushes? 

What are some Christmas painting ideas for the holiday season? How do you paint a Christmas tree, anyway? We’ve got the answers to those questions right here, as well as a few tips for creating easy Christmas paintings step-by-step. 

Whether you’re painting some unique Christmas gifts or collecting inspiration for some paint party ideas for adults, kids, or teens, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our favorite Christmas painting ideas this year. 

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Christmas Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners

1. Christmas-Themed Art Classes

If you’re looking for painting tips for beginners, start with art classes near you. There are art classes in Boston, art classes in Portland, art classes in San Diego and art classes in your own town to help you create fun Christmas painting ideas with guidance.

Whether you’re home for the holidays or traveling around, you’ll be able to find an experienced artist to guide you through some easy Christmas paintings step-by-step.

For a little extra fun, you can also try a holiday-themed paint and sip near you. This is one of the most fun friend or couple painting ideas because it’s a great relaxing activity and you leave with some pretty Christmas painting ideas to take home.

You can paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Tucson or even pair some online painting classes with a bottle of wine and make your own DIY paint and sip at home. It’s a fun way to learn to paint.

art classes Christmas painting idea
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2. Circle Sponge Snowmen

This is one of the easiest Christmas painting ideas, and it’s super cute. You’ll need several sizes of circular sponges, white paint, paintbrushes, and any background and accessory colors of your choosing. 

Paint the background and a snowy base for your snowman and let it dry. Then, dip your largest sponge into the white paint and press it onto the canvas as the bottom layer of your snowman. Using smaller sponges, add one or two more layers.

Once that dries, add your accessories and some decorative features! 

3. Simple Painted Christmas Wreath

When it comes to Christmas art ideas, you can’t go wrong with a wreath. This Christmas painting idea is simple and customizable.

Start with a thick green donut shape. You can add little lines or bumps to the inner and outer lines to make the shape look more natural. Use different shades of green to add depth.

Then use stamps, craft supplies, or your own skills to add accessories and ornaments to customize the wreath. 

4. Stamp Christmas Cookies

Looking for a super easy Christmas painting idea? Look no further. This is one of the easiest holiday art ideas for teens and kids. If you have any old art stamps or even thick cookie cutters, you’ll be able to use them here. 

Paint a circle on your canvas as the plate. Then dip your stamps or cookie cutters in a cookie-colored paint of your choice and add them to the “plate.” Fill the shapes in and decorate them to finish the cookies.

5. Glowy Christmas Lights

Painting glowy Christmas lights isn’t as hard as it may seem. It’s a great Christmas painting idea for someone who is trying to improve their art skills but is trying to improve.

The cord of the lights can be whatever fun and winding shape you like. Then add the lights as individual little shapes (pointed egg shapes work well for lights).

You can make them whatever color you like. Around the lights, you can use a sponge to create the “glow” in a lighter version of the same color. 

glowing colorful Christmas lights on tree
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6. Simple Christmas Stocking

What do you want to see in your Christmas stocking this year? According to an article published by The Smithsonian, people have been using Christmas stockings for centuries. Join the tradition with this Christmas painting idea. 

The stocking itself is just a thick “J” shape, usually in red. On the top of the stocking, you can paint wrapped presents or any fun trinkets you can think of. Use your imagination!

7. Canvas Christmas Sweater Painting

Do you love ugly Christmas sweaters? Paint your own sweater pattern with this Christmas painting idea. 

Paint a base color and then create a fun pattern with stamps or your own artistic skills. To add more dimension you can even add other art supplies, like pom-poms or glitter. 

8. Classic Santa Hat

What’s a better Christmas painting idea than Santa’s classic hat? Make it as simple or as detailed as you like.

The hat itself is essentially a red triangle. On the top is a fluffy white pom-pom and the opening of the hat is lined with white fur. You can paint these things, of course, or you can add some cotton and faux fur with glue. 

Unique Christmas Scenes to Paint

9. Nighttime Snowy Landscape

Painting a landscape can be tricky, but this soothing Christmas painting idea is fairly simple.

Start with a dark blue or black background. Add some white and grey to the bottom for your “snow.” You can add some glitter for added sparkle and realism. Place trees or other landscape features around the snow as well.

Use your fingers to flick white paint from a flat paintbrush onto the canvas to mimic snow.

snow landscape Christmas painting idea
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10. Lit Up Christmas Town

This Christmas painting idea is a bit trickier, so it may not be quite as beginner-friendly. It’s perfect for arts and crafts for adults with a bit of art know-how, however. 

Make a row of simple houses and add fun holiday accessories, like wreaths, lights, and other fun decorations. 

11. Presents Waiting on Christmas Morning

Use this Christmas painting idea to manifest gifts under the tree! For this, you want to paint some jagged green triangles at the top of the canvas to represent the bottom of a tree.

Underneath, you’ll draw a cluster of cubes to represent boxes. Use lines to represent ribbons wrapped around each box and then paint them in fun and festive colors. 

12. Creative Nativity Scene

Why not draw the very first Christmas? If you're looking for a traditional Christmas painting idea, this is the one for you. 

Make it as simple or detailed as you’d like. You can draw each figure as a person or get creative and make an animal nativity scene, a cartoon nativity scene, or anything else that strikes your fancy. It’s up to your imagination! 

13. Cozy Fireplace Scene

What’s better than Christmas in front of a warm fireplace? Fire can be tricky, but you want to try to layer shades of orange, yellow and red.

Add a brick fireplace around the fire, then use your imagination to decide what should go in front of it. Perhaps a train toy or a cat all curled up waiting for Santa to arrive would make a cute Christmas painting idea.

Christmas fireplace with stockings painting
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14. Wandering Reindeer

This Christmas painting idea is another tricky one, but it can be beautiful. Start with a dark background and some sparkling snow on the ground. Then carefully create reindeer with brown, grey and white paint. 

15. Santa Flying Through the Sky

Santa’s sleigh is a classic symbol of Christmas. It makes an awesome Christmas painting idea for anyone who loves to feel the Christmas magic.

Start with a dark blue background. Add a bright red sleigh. Sleighs can be tricky, but start with a rectangle shape and build up from there. Fill the sleigh with colorful gifts and a glimpse of the big man himself, Santa. 

Christmas Tree Painting Ideas

16. Christmas Tree With Stamp Ornaments 

Do you have a lot of art stamps taking up space in your craft box? Put them to good use by making them into fun ornaments with this Christmas painting idea.

Paint a Christmas tree however you see fit. Once the paint is dry, use the stamps to create fun ornaments. They don’t even have to be holiday-themed! This is an awesome holiday craft for kids and a great addition to any children’s holiday party ideas.

17. Simple Triangle Christmas Tree Painting

If you’re looking for painting tips for beginners, start with this basic Christmas tree. Paint on wood, fabric or glass to take this simple Christmas painting idea to the next level.

Start with a big green triangle. Add a small brown rectangle underneath to represent the “trunk” of the tree. Place boxes underneath to represent presents and then add simple ornaments to the tree itself. 

simple Christmas tree painting idea
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18. Hand Christmas Trees 

Speaking of Christmas painting ideas that are fun and easy for kids, try this for toddlers and young children.

Have the child (or adult, we won’t judge) press their hands into green paint. With their hands side-by-side (thumbs together and fingers pointing to the bottom of the canvas) have them press their hands down to make a green mark.

Then repeat with one hand, fingers still pointing down, above and overlapping the bottom two slightly. You should have a silly Christmas tree that you can add ornaments to. 

19. A Painted Tree on the Wall

Do you not have space for a real Christmas tree? If you have paper or a large canvas, no problem. A painted Christmas tree is a fun Christmas painting idea that’s perfect for people in small apartments. 

The best thing about a painted Christmas tree is that you’re only limited by your imagination. 

Easy Painting Ideas for the Holidays

20. Painted Holiday Shirt

Can’t find the perfect holiday sweater? Paint your own! For this Christmas painting idea, start with a plain sweatshirt. Use fabric paints to create the holiday design of your dreams.

Whether it’s a silly saying or a full Christmas scene, it will be one of a kind. Making fun holiday shirts would also be a great addition to a list of work Christmas party ideas as well!

21. Fun Painted Pinecones

Fallen pinecones are a common sight during autumn and winter. Why not turn them into decorations for this Christmas painting idea? 

Use spray paint for this. You can use classic red, white and green, but we love the look of gold paint on pinecones. You can use elegant gold pinecones as Christmas ornaments!

painting pinecones at Christmas time
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22. Wintery Window Snowflakes

Adding window painting to your Christmas painting ideas adds a bright element to those dreary winter days. Use paint that’s easy to remove from glass. Tempera paint is great for this.

Use white paint to create fun snowflakes so it looks like it’s snowing all season long. You can even use stamps to make this window painting for Christmas easier. 

23. Fun Christmas Face Paint

Christmas face paint is a perfect addition to a holiday party for people of any age. Kids and adults alike will love this Christmas painting idea for a unique holiday party activity.

Use face paint or water-activated colorful eyeliner so it’s skin-safe. Use a paintbrush to paint Christmas trees, Rudolph’s red nose or any other holiday-themed disguises you can think of. Body glitter can add a sparkly extra touch. 

24. Simple Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments 

What makes a good Christmas gift? A hand-painted Christmas ornament is a creative and thoughtful Christmas painting idea that anyone would be happy to receive as a gift.

You can start with a premade base from a craft store, or if you’re up for a challenge, you can try making your own with clay. 

Consider making it a yearly tradition to make a hand-painted ornament and add the date so you can track your ornaments over time. 

25. Painted Christmas Mugs

Wouldn’t it be nice to sip cocoa from your own custom holiday mug? Or to be able to give custom Christmas mugs to people on your gift list? With this useful Christmas painting idea, you can!

You can buy a special mug painting kit or take a pottery class so you can start from scratch. Either way, the end result will be a great little keepsake to bring out whenever you’re feeling festive, regardless of the time of year. 

hand-painted Christmas mug with snowflakes
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26. Festive Christmas Painted Rocks

Have you ever seen painted rocks out and about? They’re like fun little treasures you can find. Why not make your own rock painting ideas

Make sure the paint you choose for the Christmas painted rocks is relatively safe for the environment. Leave sweet holiday messages and Christmas-themed designs for people to discover! 

27. Painted Ceramic Houses

Have you ever made your own Christmas village? Many people buy the pre-decorated ceramic houses you can find at holiday stores, but did you know you can also buy them plain? 

Buy plain white ceramic houses and use your own creativity to turn them into festive masterpieces. Paint enough and you’ll have your own custom Christmas village. It's a Christmas painting idea that could turn into an annual family tradition!

So, which of these fun Christmas painting ideas will you try this holiday season? Whether you’re making these special paintings for gifts or you’re keeping them for your own decorations, you’re sure to have a blast creating them. It’s time to get festive!

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