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Chef Logan is an experienced chef with a number of titles under his belt, from executive chef to director of team building exercises for a world-renowned food company. Chef Logan's background spans a diverse array of cuisines, although his specialty is Italian food. He prides himself on his homemade pizza, which he loves to share with his students. Not only does Chef Logan work with aspiring chefs of all abilities but also of any dietary persuasion, as he can easily accommodate allergies and intolerances.

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21 Aug 2022
He was great. Very helpful. My Paella did not turn out good. Burnt bottom of my pan and my shrimp was over done. Not his fault though. Just disappointed it didn't turn out.
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07 May 2022
Chef Logan is the best, very easy to follow. Super communicative, and his recipe was amazing. Recommend 100%
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21 Feb 2022
Great class. Chef Logan is clear, concise, patient and quite knowledgeable. This was a fun class and the recipes were absolutely delicious! Would definitely take a class with Chef Logan again.
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05 Feb 2022
Awesome class fast paced and full of great information and tips. Great date night activity!
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28 Dec 2021
Great lesson and i loved the recipes
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27 Dec 2021
Chef Logan was great! I loved the class. I only wish more information had came about ahead of time for what to make. Like we made all the sauces, rice and tried to chop the cucumbers ahead of time because we didn't know we would be going through those things during class.
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06 Dec 2021
Loved all the extra culinary tips!
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11 Sep 2021
We had a great time learning to make homemade pizza in a private virtual class with Chef Logan. He was very energetic and seemed like he was having fun and really enjoyed teaching, which made it even more fun for our group.
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25 Aug 2021
Great class, thank you!
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19 Jul 2021
Great class! Fun, engaging & we learned a lot! Chef Logan was an amazing teacher. A good mix of humor, facts, history & tips!