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A caterer, instructor and private chef, Chef Maggie has found herself continuing her culinary journey in Denver. After living in Spain, Chef Maggie developed a deep passion for food. She completed the American Culinary Federation Chef Apprenticeship program and has since focused on building her toolbox of culinary skills. Now, Chef Maggie offers her unique and culturally inspired skill set in cooking classes that awaken the senses with comfortable menus that also evoke curiosity and surprise.

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27 Jan 2024
This was such a fun class and we learned all the tips and tricks we've been missing! Highly recommend! Chef Maggie is a true professional while still being like a friend.
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07 Dec 2023
Chef Maggie did a great job, was low key and engaging. Only issue was that class was longer than listed, so had a conflict with another thing after. Allow extra time in case. A couple was 15 minutes late and we waited for them, so that was part of it.
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06 Dec 2023
Very welcoming, friendly, and the experience was both fun and educational!
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06 Dec 2023
Chef Maggie was great! My team and I enjoyed taking her chocolate making class and learned so much. We would definitely take another class with her when we're back in the area.
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04 Sep 2023
Really fun experience and good food.
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29 Apr 2023
Maggie is expert, funny, and inclusive in her teaching. We had a great time. Important to note that this place takes place in a commercial kitchen, which wasn't obvious from the address given for the classpop. Really enjoyed it!
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16 Apr 2023
It was a really fun night with chef Tyler. However, i spoke with every participant and we all felt that this shouldn’t be called a cooking class—it’s really more of a cooking demonstration. 90% of the evening was just watching chef Tyler cook. A cooking class, in my experience, should involve significantly more hands-on cooking experience where you learn some different techniques and you get to cook most of your meal yourself. The only “cooking” we actually got to do was some kneading of dough. That’s not a cooking class. The elf ears were already prepared, the berry mixture was already prepared, the salad was prepared for us—the potatoes and beets were cooked for us, the lamb was cooked and sliced for us. For this much money, it feels like false advertising for us as the participants to basically not even have the option to do any cooking ourselves. It was essentially a catered meal with a detailed explanation of what the chef was doing at each step. The meal was good and the night was fun. Chef Tyler is great. But it wasn’t what we (or any of the other 6 guests we talked to) signed up for. We came in with the expectation that we’d actually be cooking what we ate.
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19 Mar 2023
Chef Maggie did an incredible job of making us feel welcome, engaged and entertained! We have a very geographically diverse team and some of us have only met a couple of times before this night. We learned a lot while we grew as a team. Her location is awesome and she did an exceptional job with us. I could not be more pleased with how our evening went and hope to do it again soon!
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24 Jan 2023
Great time, great meal
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20 Jan 2023
Maggie was informative as we learned what to do and what not to do.