69 Eerily Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for a Festive Fall 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Halloween craft ideas

Every year, there are more spooky Halloween craft ideas you can find to decorate your home. From creepy spiderwebs to adorable crafts for your toddlers, there’s no shortage of fun arts and crafts to get you into the spooky spirit.

In a report on Martha Stewart’s website, around 82% of Americans decorate their homes for Halloween. One of the best ways to get creative and personalize your decorations is to find fun Halloween craft ideas for your home and yard.

So, what should you make for Halloween crafts? We’ve created a list of the best Halloween craft ideas that are easy, scary and cute to level up your decorations this year.

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Best Halloween Craft Classes

1. Pottery Classes

Find pottery classes near you for some of the best arts and crafts ideas during Halloween. A knowledgeable artist will teach you how to use the pottery wheel as you make spooky mugs, plates or goblets to ring in the Halloween season.

Discover exciting pottery classes in Bostonpottery classes in Austin or pottery classes in Minneapolis for a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your crew.

pottery classes Halloween craft idea
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2. Art Classes

Discover spooky Halloween craft ideas with art classes near you. Creative instructors will guide you through step-by-step paintings or hands-on pottery classes for fun artwork to bring home.

Book festive fall party ideas with art classes in Chicago, art classes in San Diego or art classes in NYC.

3. Paint and Sip

If you’re looking for unique fall painting ideas, book a paint and sip class. Relax with your favorite adult beverage in a paint and sip near you while a professional artist leads you through a festive masterpiece.

Discover paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Washington, D.C. or paint and sip in Denver for one of the best paint party ideas for adults this Halloween season.

4. Online Painting Classes

Explore unique Halloween craft ideas with online painting classes. A skilled instructor will reveal exciting sip and paint ideas in a live, virtual setting. Learn how to paint a festive pumpkin decoration for your wall or gather your friends to enjoy a paint and sip class from your home studio.

Pumpkin Halloween Craft Ideas

5. Spa Pumpkin

Help your gourd relax with a day at the spa. Apply a green facemask with acrylic paint and add an eye mask for an extra touch. This unique pumpkin will be one-of-a-kind in your neighborhood this Halloween season.

pumpkin wearing towel with painted mud mask for spa pumpkin
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6.  Classic Jack-o’-Lantern

What can you make for Halloween? Why not a festive Jack-o’-Lantern for one of the best Halloween craft ideas for any age? Grab your carving knife, some paint and a tea candle to create this classic decoration for your front porch.

7. Puff Painted Pumpkins

For fun Halloween painting ideas, apply puff paint to your pumpkin for a unique texture on your decoration. Paint around the gourd to make simple designs, like polka dots and stripes, that will create a cool, festive pumpkin. 

8. Skeleton Pumpkin

Create a skeleton on your pumpkin for fun Halloween craft ideas. Use acrylic paint to design the joints and bones on your spooky pumpkin friend.

9. Crochet Pumpkins

Find your favorite shades of green and orange and create soft little pumpkins for some cute Halloween craft ideas. Find a crochet kit online or take a class to learn how to make these adorable handmade pumpkin decorations.

crochet pumpkins Halloween craft idea
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10. Black Cat Pumpkin

Paint a black cat on your pumpkin for cool Halloween craft ideas. Use pipe cleaners for whiskers and paint cardboard black for cute ears to hang on your cat gourd.

11. Splatter Paint Pumpkin

Grab a white pumpkin (or paint a pumpkin white) for one of the coolest pumpkin painting ideas. Mix water with various colors of acrylic paint and splatter it with a brush onto your gourd. This festive pumpkin will really stand out on your front porch!

12. Glitter Stem Pumpkin

Add some sparkle to your gourd for festive Halloween craft ideas. Select your favorite color of acrylic paint and apply it to your pumpkin. Add mod podge to the stem and dust it with glitter for a cute pumpkin decor.

13. Crayon Drip Pumpkin

For unique pumpkin art ideas, melt old crayons with a hair dryer on the pumpkin.  Spin the gourd while melting the crayons to create a cool, textured design. As one of the simplest Halloween craft ideas, this decor might become a new Halloween tradition!

white pumpkin covered in colorful melted crayon wax
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Halloween Decoration Craft Ideas

14. Puff Painted Spider Web Glasses

Decorate plastic or glass tumblers for cool Halloween craft ideas to sell. Apply black puff paint and move the cup simultaneously to create a spooky web design.

15. Webbed Placemats or Coasters

Create cool artwork for Halloween craft ideas for your home. Download a simple spider web template and find black construction paper. Use the template to create festive placemats or coasters. Laminate your project to keep it clean and help it last longer. 

16. Halloween Terrarium

Create a spooky terrarium for unique Halloween craft ideas to sell. Fill the bottom of a bowl with moss and create a haunted house from cardboard. Fill your terrarium with ghosts and ghouls for a unique craft idea.

17. Halloween Wreath

Create the ultimate DIY fall décor with a festive wreath. From cobwebs and plastic spiders, a scary cat with furry yarn, or a witch hat made from deco mesh, there are tons of spooky wreath designs you can make to decorate your front door.

hands assembling orange wreath Halloween craft idea
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18. Tombstone Chair Covers

If you’re looking for easy Halloween crafts for adults, create creepy tombstone chair covers for your spooky holiday party. Grab a pillowcase, stencils and black fabric paint to design “Rest in Peace” or “Here Lies Your Party Guest” to entertain your friends.

19. Copper Pumpkin Mugs

Surprise and delight your guests by making fun Halloween craft ideas for adults at your party. Find copper mugs and design a festive jack-o'lantern using black window cling material for the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth.

20. DIY Door Mat

Create a DIY home décor door mat to welcome your trick-or-treaters this Halloween season. Find a plain doormat, black acrylic paint, stencils and a sponge brush to create a custom design or phrase to add to your front porch.

21. DIY Potion Bottles

Decorate your space with spooky potion bottles. Find unique glass containers and fill them with tinted food coloring. As one of the easiest Halloween craft ideas, this DIY project can add an extra chill to your home.

handmade Halloween potion bottles and jars
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22. Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Add intimate lighting with creepy candlesticks to your Halloween décor. Paint a wine bottle black and find complementary tall orange candlesticks to complete the spooky look.

Halloween Candy Craft Ideas

23. Halloween Treat Cups

Supply your family and friends with cute treat cups for fun candy craft ideas. Buy plastic cups and use acrylic paint markers to add festive designs. Remember to fill the cups with plenty of candy for the ultimate party favor!

24. Bloody Cake Pops

Surprise and delight your guests with spooky bloody cake pops. Bake your treat and coat it with white frosting. Drizzle the treat with red-dyed corn syrup for the most festive dessert. 

25. Spider Cupcake Toppers

Create cute or spooky spider toppers for your delicious cupcakes. Use construction paper and toothpicks or delicious chocolate cookies and icing to create a fun, customizable cupcake topper.

chocolate cupcakes with spider toppers
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26. Halloween Coffin Tray

Make a spooky candy holder for one of the best Halloween craft ideas. Use a black scorecard to cut and fold your artwork into a creepy coffin. Fill the tray with candy for a unique Halloween candy holder.

27. Haunted Gingerbread House

For fun Halloween date ideas, create a spooky haunted house with your date. Create the foundation from classic graham crackers and frosting. Add chex mix to the top for a creepy roof and candy pumpkins outside for festive jack-o-lanterns.

28. Spiderweb Cake

Create a deliciously scary dessert this holiday season. Bake a creamy chocolate cake. Then place white frosting in a piping bag with a small tip and decorate it all over the cake. Top it with plastic spider toppers for the ultimate cake decoration.

29. Lollipop Ghosts

If you’re looking for cute and simple Halloween craft ideas, grab a bag of lollipops to create candy ghosts. Put a tissue over the lollipop and use sharpies to create a spooky face.

lollipop ghost Halloween candy craft idea
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30. Candy Wrapper Pumpkins

Save your candy wrappers for one of the best Halloween craft ideas. Cover a fake pumpkin with this material for a cool decoration you can reuse every year.

31. Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

For unique Halloween craft ideas, carve out and clean a pumpkin and place a plastic bowl inside. Fill the bowl with candy for a cool candy holder during your Halloween party.

Wood Halloween Craft Ideas

32. Wooden Monster Spoons

For festive DIY home décor, create cute monster spoons to add some chill to your kitchen. Apply green, black or purple acrylic paint and googly eyes for creepy, but adorable, companions on your kitchen counter.

33. Wooden Pallet Photo Backdrop

Recycle an old wooden pallet by painting a beautiful photo backdrop for one of the best Halloween craft ideas for party decorations. Use chalk paints to paint a spooky or sweet fall scene. Add streamers, balloons and other decorations to really make it pop.

wooden pallet painted with pumpkins and
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34. Cardboard Pumpkins

Create cute cardboard pumpkins on a wooden sign for a festive fall decoration. Use a pumpkin template to create a pumpkin on cardboard. Cut it out and glue it onto a wooden sign. Decorate it with paint and ribbon for a fun pumpkin sign for your home.

35. Halloween Wood Cutouts

Hang cute Halloween cutouts on your mantle for a fun decoration. Buy wood cutouts from a hobby store in the shape of ghosts, pumpkins or candy. Use Mod Podge, craft paint, ribbons, hot glue and other decorations to create a unique design.

36. Painted Halloween Wooden Blocks

Find spare 2x4 wooden blocks around your home or in a hobby store for one of the simplest Halloween crafts. Use spray paint and acrylic paint to create a spooky monster or a creepy phrase on your blocks.

37. DIY Signpost

For last-minute DIY fall décor, create your own festive sign. Gather several pieces of plywood and acrylic paint to design a creepy phrase to lure your guests to your haunted home.

haunted trail wooden sign DIY Halloween décor craft
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38. Spooky Birdhouses

Create haunted birdhouses for fun Halloween craft ideas. Buy a birdhouse from a craft store or make your own. Use acrylic paint to bring your haunted house to life — or death. Add painted popsicle sticks to cover the windows or tombstones around the house. 

Paper Halloween Craft Ideas

39. Paper Halloween Luminaries

If you’re looking for easy Halloween crafts with paper, create beautiful luminaries to light up your yard. Cut decorative holes in paper bags and light with electric tea lights for a cool display.

40. Paper Plate Ghost

Create fun ghosts out of paper plates and streamers for simple Halloween craft ideas. Use Sharpies to draw a spooky face. Hang your paper decorations around your home for a festive addition.

41. Ghost Garland

Level up your paper ghost for cool handmade Halloween decorations. Similar to a snowflake garland, fold the paper and trace a ghost, keeping the arms connected to the edge of the paper.

Cut out the shape and hang it around your home. For an even longer spooky garland, you can connect the end ghosts with tape.

paper ghost and bat garland Halloween craft idea
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42. Spooky Cat String Lights

Create eerie cats with string lights for fun Halloween craft ideas. Cut black construction paper into the shape of a cat’s face. Use a hole puncher to create eyes and tape the lights from the string lights to its eyes.

43. Paper Silhouette Décor

For easy DIY Halloween decorations for your porch, make a unique silhouette on your door. From black bats to roaring paper fires, you can use construction paper to create unique Halloween crafts with paper.

Halloween Costume Craft Ideas

44. Strawberry Halloween Costume

Create a cute strawberry costume for Halloween. Grab a red dress and cut seeds out of yellow felt. Gather green felt to make your leaves. Add a green bow for an adorable stem.

45. Space Costume

Shine like the moon on Halloween with your costume. Cut out a crescent moon from cardboard and spray paint it silver. Wear silver clothes and attach your cut-out using silver ribbon.

As one of the most creative Halloween craft ideas, everyone will wonder where you got your cool costume.

tinfoil DIY space costume
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46. DIY Bleach Dyed T-Shirts

Have some fun with tye dye for cool Halloween craft ideas. Find a colored shirt and create a fun, festive pattern for your Halloween costume. You can also use acrylic paint for shoe painting ideas to add floral designs to complete the look from head to toe.

47. Bubble Gum Machine

Transform into a bubble gum machine for a simple Halloween costume. Grab a white tank top, a headband, pom poms and a colorful tutu. For a bonus design, make a 25-cent sign to hang from your costume.

48. She Sells Seashells Costume

Wear a large trench coat filled with pretty seashells. Then, wear a cute swimsuit underneath and open the sides of the coat to show off the beautiful sea shells. Make a headband decorated with shells for the ultimate style.

49. Flower Pet Costume

Add some beauty to the world with a fun flower costume for your pet. Use felt to make petals and sew them onto a soft collar or headband. It's an easy Halloween craft idea that will make for some adorable photos.

dog wearing red flower collar costume
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50. Cheese Costume

Say cheese with your funny Halloween costume. Wear yellow clothes from head to toe. Grab two large poster boards and paint them yellow. Attach them to both sides of your body to complete the look.

51. Palm Tree Costume

Add some tropical vibes to your Halloween with a fun palm tree costume. Wear a tan or brown outfit from head to toe. Cut out green colored paper for the palm leaves and attach them to a cap. Bonus points for using styrofoam balls as the coconuts on your cap!

52. Cookie Monster Costume

Be the life of any party with a cute cookie monster costume. Wear a blue T-shirt and leggings, and find a fun blue tutu. Print and cut out small cookies to tape all over your outfit.

Remember to bring a cookie jar filled with chocolate chip cookies to complete the look – and be everyone’s best friend for the night!

53. Scarecrow Costume

For a perfect last-minute costume, grab your flannel shirt and jeans to transform into a scarecrow. Find a straw hat and use makeup for a cool design on your face. If you’re really willing to go all out, find straw to stuff the sleeves of your shirt and pant legs.

scarecrow costume Halloween craft idea
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Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

54. Skull Lanterns

For easy Halloween craft ideas, create cute skull lanterns your kids will love. Find white paper lanterns attached to string lights. Cut out eyes and a mouth from black tissue paper. Use Mod Podge to keep the skull smile in place.

55. Pumpkin Suncatchers

If you’re wondering how to make Halloween fun for kids, make adorable suncatchers for your windows. Gather colored cellophane, black and orange construction paper, contact paper and scissors to make fun window Jack-O’-Lanterns for one of the cutest Halloween craft ideas.

56. Craft Witch and Black Cat

Grab some craft sticks for one of the most fun Halloween craft ideas for preschoolers. Glue the sticks together and paint them into a festive witch or a spooky black cat for an easy and fun art project for kids.

57. Trick or Treat Bag

For Halloween craft ideas for toddlers, create a fun treat bag. Discover cool tote bag painting ideas or decorate a pillowcase to hold their candy. Help them personalize their goodie bag with colorful acrylic paint.

paper bag filled with Halloween candy treats
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58. Halloween Ghoul Banner

Memorialize your child’s tiny handprints for one of the best Halloween craft ideas for toddlers. Paint their hands with black or orange paint and press them upside-down onto a banner. Add googly eyes or use white paint to create cute eyes for your festive ghoul.

59. Tissue Box Monsters

Design fun monsters out of tissue boxes for one of the easiest Halloween craft ideas for preschoolers. Paint the tissue box a vibrant color and glue on pom poms and googly eyes to give your monster character.

60. Cardboard Haunted House

What can you make out of cardboard for Halloween? Your kids will always remember the haunted house you made out of spare packaging material. Use shipping boxes of any size to stack and design a spooky haunted house for one of the most fun Halloween craft ideas.

61. Monster Cans

Repurpose old tin cans for one of the easiest Halloween craft ideas. Use a sharpie to draw a festive face on your spooky friend. Place a tealight, glow stick or plants inside to complete the look.

painting Frankenstein monster on tin can
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Budget-Friendly Halloween Craft Ideas

62. Bat Bottlecap Magnets

Make a fun decoration for your fridge with one of the best Budget-friendly Halloween crafts. Cut black cardstock into your bat’s wings.

Glue a magnet to the back of a bottlecap to serve as the bat’s body. Paint the bottle cap black and use white paint to draw fangs.

63. Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Gather your spare mason jars for easy Halloween crafts for adults. Paint Mod Podge on the outside surface of the jar and cover it with orange tissue paper.

Cut eyes and a mouth from black tissue paper and use Mod Podge to seal onto the jar. This festive Jack-o’-Lantern decoration will add a spooky vibe to any room in your home.

64. Vampire Bat Leaves

For unique budget-friendly Halloween crafts, grab a handful of leaves from outside and cover them with black spray paint or acrylic paint. Paint eyes and fangs with white paint. For best results, find large leaves for your creepy craft idea, such as from an oak tree.

65. Spooky Outdoor Lanterns

Create festive lanterns for your yard for fun Halloween craft ideas. Grab a brown paper bag and create a spooky ghost or a frightening monster with Sharpies. Cut out the eyes and place tea lights inside for a fun lantern outside.

paper bag lantern Halloween craft idea
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66. Pumpkin Stress Balls

Sit back and relax with one of the most useful Halloween craft ideas. Transform an orange balloon into a cute pumpkin stress ball. Slightly blow up the balloon and pour a small amount of flour inside. Use a black Sharpie to draw an adorable face on your pumpkin.

67. Wine Cork Pumpkin

It’s time to find those spare wine corks lying around your kitchen for easy Halloween arts and crafts for adults. Paint each end of the corks orange except for one wine cork.

After the painted corks dry, arrange them in rows in the shape of a pumpkin. Cut leaves out of green felt and place the tan cork on the top for the stem.

68. Spiderweb Wine Glasses

Upgrade your wine glasses for one of the best Halloween craft ideas for adults. Find black glass paint and create lines running along the base of the glass representing eerie spiderwebs.

For a bonus, add glitter glass paint over your web and spider charms for extra depth. This festive glassware for fun Halloween party ideas will have all your guests talking.

69. Halloween Rocks

If you’re looking for fun rock painting ideas, there’s no limit to your creativity with this decoration as one of the best Halloween craft ideas.

Find smooth surface rocks and wash them gently with Mod Podge or spray sealer. Gather multi-surface paint and paint pens to create cute jack-o-lanterns and spooky ghosts.

Halloween rocks painted with monster and ghost faces
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From funky spiderweb wine glasses to cute bat bottlecap magnets, there are tons of eerily easy Halloween craft ideas you can make this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or you’re searching for a fun activity with friends, decorating the house for Halloween with homemade decorations will get everyone in the spooky spirit. 

For even more fun art ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!