37 Festive & Fun DIY Fall Décor Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
DIY fall décor
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Like apple-picking, hay rides and pumpkin spice wafting from café windows, making your own DIY fall décor is practically a seasonal tradition.

But as the summer season comes to a close and you start to look around at your bare bookshelves, you may be wondering, “How should I decorate my home for fall?” or “How can I make my room more fall themed?”

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for DIY fall décor ideas. We’ve got a bountiful harvest of affordable, creative, high-end and unique fall crafts, wreaths and more. Pour yourself a hot cup of cider and read on to discover dreamy DIY fall décor ideas.  

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Fun Fall DIY & Craft Workshops

1. Sign Up for Autumn Art Classes

If you want to try DIY fall décor ideas but aren’t sure where to begin, consider signing up for fun art classes! With art classes in Boston, art classes in San Diego, art classes in Portland and beyond, there are bound to be some art classes near you to inspire creativity for the fall season.

Join on your own or with friends or family to enjoy making handmade memories in one of the most fun fall activities

fall art classes and craft workshops
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2. Join a Paint and Sip

Whether you’re sipping on a fine pinot or a fresh pumpkin spice latte, celebrate the start of fall and make DIY fall décor at a paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Chicago or paint and sip near you

A skilled and entertaining painting instructor will guide you every step of the way as you paint an autumn-themed canvas to hang in your home.

Rather stay in on a cold rainy weekend? Online painting classes are just the thing to get your creative juices flowing!

3. Take Pottery Classes

What could be a more down-to-earth DIY fall décor idea than pottery? Check out pottery classes in Minneapolis, pottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Austin or pottery classes near you to make a charming vase, a cool fall sculpture or an adorable mug to enjoy your favorite beverages all season long.

4. Make Festive Flower Arrangements

Nothing says fall quite like a fresh autumnal floral arrangement. Don’t spend hundreds on a bouquet of blooms — make your own DIY fall décor with virtual flower arranging classes! In addition to a gorgeous centerpiece, you’ll finish the class with skills you can use all year long. 

5. Host a Pumpkin Painting Party

Turn your DIY fall décorating into one of the best fall party ideas by hosting a pumpkin painting party! All you’ll need are several faux pumpkins, acrylic paints and paintbrushes to get started, plus some treats and drinks for extra fun.

Creative pumpkin painting ideas could be as simple as polka dots, stripes and herringbone or as challenging as an entire mini-mural!

man painting pumpkins at home
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Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

6. Minimalist Ring Wreath

Minimal wreaths are all the rage — plus, they’re super easy DIY fall décor! Pick up a simple gold wreath ring, thin floral wire and the faux florals of your choice, such as eucalyptus, ginkgo, mini pumpkins or pinecones.

Use the wire to attach florals on one side of your ring, roughly from the four o’clock to the ten o’clock marks, then secure with hot glue as needed. 

7. Sweet Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Let’s face it, pumpkins are the cutest part of fall, so there’s nothing more charming to dress up your doorstep than a whole wreath made of mini faux pumpkins.

Start with a simple grapevine wreath base, then use hot glue to attach as many mini pumpkins as possible. This DIY fall décor idea looks especially cute if you opt for white pumpkins! 

8. Sunburst Corn Wreath

If you’re not a fan of faux florals, here’s a fun idea for DIY natural fall décor: gather up a bunch of flint corn (also known as Indian corn or calico corn) and brush up the husks so that the colorful kernels are revealed.

Hot glue the whole corn cobs to each other, allowing the papery husks to flare outward in the same direction. As you continue gluing, the corn cobs will naturally start to form a circle, giving you a cool sunburst-style wreath!

9. Sunny Sunflower Wreath

Not quite ready to see those summer days go? Sunflowers are a great transitional DIY fall décor idea for DIY fall wreaths. Use hot glue to attach large faux sunflower heads around a wire wreath frame and add a jute ribbon for hanging.

Jazz up your sunflower wreath with flower painting ideas like touching the edges with silver, adding glitter or painting the petals in alternating fall colors. 

sunflower wreath DIY fall décor ideas
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10. Sleek Feather Wreath

If you just can’t wait to try some Halloween craft ideas, a raven feather wreath is the best DIY fall décor to usher in the spooky season. You’ll need a bundle of long black feathers from the craft store (ethically sourced if possible!) and a grapevine wreath form.

Paint the wreath form black to help it blend in, then weave in the feathers so they all lay flat in the same direction. Secure each feather with a bead of glue and add a black or purple ribbon to hang this DIY fall décor. 

11. Vintage Paper Leaf Wreath

A paper leaf wreath is one of the best fall DIY home décor ideas on a budget. Cut abstract leaf shapes out of scrapbook paper, cardstock, old maps or even cardstock with your own cursive writing, then attach them to a frame made from a paper plate or cardboard.

This paper wreath is ideal for indoor DIY fall décor, where it can stay dry and lend a cozy bookish vibe to your bedroom or study. 

12. Gorgeous Green Gourd Wreath

In a sea of orange leaves, a green wreath is one DIY fall décor idea that will stand out in your neighborhood. To make this lively DIY fall wreath, you’ll need a grapevine frame and faux eucalyptus, sage, gooseneck gourds and green or brown acorns.

Weave the foliage around the frame, then glue in your tiny gourds and acorns to visually capture those first fruits of autumn. 

13. Classic Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cones and burlap are a match made in heaven for this DIY fall décor idea — plus, this wreath will transition well into winter! Start by rolling the tips of the pine cones in glue and a glitter color of your choice, such as gold, red or orange.

While they’re drying, wrap a wreath form in burlap ribbon, then use hot glue to attach the pine cones and hang from a cute twine string. 

wreath made of twigs, pinecones and dried autumn leaves
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High-end DIY Fall Décor

14. Hanging Wreath Chandelier

To make a classy chandelier, you’ll need a grapevine wreath form, faux leaves or florals, tealights and small chains or twine. Arrange leaves and other accessories on the face of the wreath so that when it’s hanging you’ll be able to see them from below.

Add a few battery-operated tealights to the top or “back” of the wreath, then use the chains to suspend the DIY fall décor from the ceiling above your bed, living room or dining table for effortless autumn glam. 

15. Watercolor Wall Art

If you prefer a clean, clutter-free décor style in your home, you may be wondering, how do you subtly decorate for fall? Fall painting ideas and Halloween painting ideas are easy ways to add DIY fall décor without taking up too much visual space.

Create your own watercolor scenery or use white crayon to reveal designs on watercolor paper, then swap out the usual photographs and wall artwork for your new DIY fall décor. 

16. Front Porch Mum Baskets

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have DIY high-end fall décor and luxurious curb appeal. Head to your local craft store or dollar store to pick up two large woven baskets, some pretty ribbon and craft paints.

Paint the baskets whatever autumnal color you’d like, but neutrals make the best high-end fall décor. Finally, stuff the baskets with faux chrysanthemums, decorate with ribbon and set them on either side of your front door for bold color that lasts all season.  

17. Dried Botanical Candles 

DIY fall décor doesn’t always have to look “crafty;” to make professional-looking botanical candles, you’ll need white beeswax or soy wax, candle wicks, heat-safe jars and flower petals of your choosing, dried and crumbled into small pieces.

Melt your wax on the stovetop, then carefully pour it into the jar, sprinkling flower pieces in at least half an inch away from the wick. Let cool completely before styling them around your home.

dried botanical candles DIY fall décor
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18. Woven Yarn Hanging

Walk into any chic home décor store, and you’re bound to see a few gorgeous macrame wall hangings, but it’s surprisingly easy to make your own for DIY fall décor!

Gather a large, smooth branch from outside and loop pieces of orange, yellow and beige yarn around the branch. Braid and tie the yarn, adding a few beads, feathers or leaves as your work down, then hang it on your wall for DIY high-end fall décor. 

19. Dazzling Pumpkin Arrangements

Love a glamorous approach to DIY fall décor? Pick up a few white faux pumpkins from your local dollar store or craft store, glue sparkly diamond rhinestones all around them, then arrange them on your coffee table or mantle where they can catch some candlelight.

You can even use colored rhinestones to create intricate designs or patterns! 

20. Wood Beaded Garland

To make this trendy DIY fall décor, purchase a roll of twine and a bulk package of large wooden beads, which you can leave natural, stain, paint or roll in glitter.

String the beds on the twine, alternating colors or sizes to give the tassel some visual interest. To create tassels for the ends, loop the yarn several times around four fingers, cut one end of the loop and tie another piece of yarn around the folded bundle. 

21. Orange Slice Garland

An orange slice garland is a classy and timeless DIY fall room décor piece, plus it can make your home smell amazing! Cut two or more navel oranges into round slices, lay them flat on a baking sheet and dry in the oven at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours.

Use twine, fishing line or ribbon to thread the slices together into a garland, then hang in a window where the sunlight can shine through the DIY fall décor. 

making garland out of dried orange slices for fall
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DIY Fall Centerpieces

22. Acorn Arrangement Holders

To make your own flower arrangement holders, thrift some old tall drinking glasses and use hot glue to attach two rows of faux acorns around their base.

Spray paint the whole thing gold and add a few mums, dahlias and greenery pieces. This DIY fall décor idea is perfect for a fall wedding or dinner party centerpiece!

23. Glowing Leaf Lanterns

The best DIY fall crafts should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and a set of glowing leaf lanterns are sure to do just that. Collect some faux autumn leaves, Mod Podge, foam paint brushes and a few mason jars in various sizes.

Use the Mod Podge to glue leaves around your mason jars, then apply a few more coats to help them lay smooth and look seamless. Once dry, add flickering tealights and arrange the DIY fall décor in the center of your table.  

24. Autumn Moss Cloche

For this DIY fall décor idea, you’ll need a glass display dome and base, faux moss, leaves, mushrooms, mini figures and battery-operated fairy lights.

Arrange your terrarium contents on the dome base and secure them with hot glue, hiding the fairy light battery pack under a loose piece of moss, then cover it with the glass dome.

Cloche terrariums aren’t just lovely DIY fall décor; they also make beautiful home décor gifts!

25. Rustic Log Candle Holder

For this DIY fall décor idea, find a log from outside or purchase a bundle of firewood – aspen, elm or oak will work best – and clean off any moss or debris.

Cut the log in half lengthwise so it won’t roll on the table, then use a drill with a 1.5-inch hole saw tip to create a row of wells in the bark side of the log. Add votive candles to the log and accessorize with leaves, glass bottles and a beaded garland. 

wooden candle holder rustic DIY fall décor
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26. Whimsical Caudron Centerpiece

Need a DIY fall décor centerpiece that will cast a spell on your sweetheart so they’ll ask you on Halloween date ideas? Place a small essential oil diffuser in a large plastic cauldron, loosely cover the top with cotton cobwebs and add a sprinkle of silver glitter over the top.

Set the cauldron in the middle of your dinner table and turn on the diffuser to watch “fog” pour over the sides! 

27. Stacked Books Centerpiece

This DIY fall décor idea is incredibly simple and uses items you likely already have around your home. Start by stacking two to three vintage hardcover books, then add a few faux leaves peeking out between the covers and top with a small glass candle.

These cute stacked books make gorgeous fall centerpieces for a coffee table, reading room or your front entryway.  

28. Moody Halloween Bud Vases

DIY fall centerpieces can also show off a darker side of elegance just in time for Halloween. Purchase a rack of test tube bud vases, then add water, purple calla lilies, eucalyptus stems and dark chrysanthemums.

For an extra creepy touch, add a drop of green food coloring to the water and accessorize with black raven feathers and mini skeleton hands. 

Unique DIY Fall Crafts

29. Crochet Pumpkins

If you’re looking for fun fall art ideas for teens, crochet pumpkins are one of the best DIY fall room décor ideas or stash-buster projects for beginner crocheters.

For most crochet pumpkin patterns, you’ll need yarn, a 5.5mm crochet hook, polyester stuffing and an optional cinnamon stick stem. Make a whole patch of these plush pumpkins and display them on your desk, bookshelves or even your bed. 

cute crochet pumpkins and mushrooms as DIY fall décor
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30. Sew Throw Pillow Covers

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I decorate my house for fall on a budget?”, swapping out throw pillows is an easy way to make a big statement!

You don’t even have to buy new items to decorate, just make some changeable throw pillow covers for DIY fall décor.

Pick out a festive fabric from your local fabric store and stitch them into pocket-style covers or follow an easy no-sew pillow cover tutorial for beginners. 

31. Stamped Tea Towels

The best DIY fall décor ideas are simple, affordable and useful, like beautiful hand-printed tea towels for your kitchen!

Purchase some fall stamps at the craft store or carve your own stamps from potatoes, then dip them in fabric paint and create patterns on plain tea towels.

For more of a challenge, try freehanding your own designs with a paintbrush. 

32.  Gratitude Tree

A great DIY fall décor craft for kids, the gratitude tree is almost like a holiday tree for fall. Forage a large branch from outside and stand it up in a flower pot filled with stones or marbles.

On red, orange and yellow construction paper leaves, write about things you’re grateful for before hanging them on the tree and displaying it where the whole family can see.

Research shared by Mindful suggests that practicing small acts of gratitude can bring a whole host of emotional and social benefits to your life.

Besides being adorable DIY fall décor, a gratitude tree could boost your self-esteem, strengthen social bonds, brighten your outlook on life and even relieve some physical health problems.

33. Painted Wine Glasses

Hosting a fall party this year? Kick off the celebrations with some fun home bar ideas, DIY fall décor and arts and crafts for adults! To make your own unique wine glass painting ideas, you’ll need enamel craft paints, paintbrushes and plain wine glasses.

Paint a cute pumpkin patch, adorable dots or spooky spiders on the outside of the glass, then cure in the oven according to the enamel paints’ instructions. 

group of friends painting wine glasses in paint class
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34. Hanging Pumpkin Planter

Here’s a DIY home décor idea that looks awesome all year round. Cut off the top of a hollow faux pumpkin and use a drill to create holes for drainage.

Attach polyester cord or chains to the top lip of the planter, hang it from the ceiling or porch beams and plant a hanging ivy to look like a trailing pumpkin vine. 

35. Felt Leaf Garland

Cut out maple leaf shapes from brown, red and orange felt, then use puffy paints to create veins and add dimension to each leaf. Hot glue each leaf to a long strand of twine or patterned ribbon, then drape it over your doorway, fireplace mantle or above a baby crib for soft and welcoming DIY fall décor. 

36. Pressed Leaf Wall Art

For this DIY fall décor, collect natural colorful leaves from outside and press them in wax paper between heavy books for at least two weeks or until they’re completely dry.

Arrange the dried leaves in a picture frame to create a collage or frame one leaf at a time and build a whole gallery wall. The best part about this DIY natural fall décor is that it doesn’t have to be permanent; toss the leaves back outside at the end of the season and reuse your frames for another craft!

37. Charming Porch Sign

At this point, a “Welcome” or “Fall”  front porch sign is a DIY fall décor must-have for every household. To make a DIY fall décor porch sign, all you’ll need is a large plank of wood, paintbrushes, the paint colors of your choice and accessories like twine, leaves, gingham ribbon or pine cones.

For extra versatility, decorate one side of the sign for fall and the other side for Halloween! 

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From creepy test tube centerpieces to dazzling sunburst wreaths, there are so many options for affordable, sustainable and creative DIY fall décor.

Whether you’re a crafting connoisseur or a first-time fall decorator, these DIY fall décor ideas are sure to invite warm and cozy vibes throughout your home. 

For even more fun DIY and craft ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!