33 Most Noteworthy Gifts for Your Boss in 2024

Last Updated on May 7th 2024
gifts for boss
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Buying a gift for your boss can be tricky business. How do you strike the ideal balance between the professional and the personal? What sorts of gifts for bosses will show your appreciation without going overboard?

Of course, it all depends on your connection to your boss. Small, family-style companies have a distinctly different gift-giving vibe than larger corporate organizations. Knowing how to approach choosing the right gift for your boss is a crucial part of the process.

An article from Johns Hopkins University lists ways you can build a more productive relationship with your boss, emphasizing proactively engaging with them regularly. Building rapport is essential for a solid foundation, and getting to know their interests (and gifting accordingly!) is a great place to start.

Though buying a gift for your boss may be different than buying gifts for coworkers, our boss-level guide offers some spectacular options to make the task of shopping for gifts for your boss easy and enjoyable.

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Creative Gifts for Boss 

1. A Lesson in Painting

Invite your manager to engage their colorful side with a paint and sip session where beginners are welcome and the atmosphere is light and lively! Big city bigwigs can enjoy paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in Denver and paint and sip in NYC

Check out the list of available sessions to turn a paint and sip near you into a gift for your boss.

paint and sip gifts for boss
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2. A Course in Pottery

With pottery sessions, you actually have two gifts for your boss: the course itself and the finished piece. You can find pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in San Francisco or pottery classes near you that put your captain behind a different kind of wheel! 

3. A Session in Art

Art classes let your leader tap into their inner artist in a variety of mediums and formats. Take a look at art classes in Chicago, art classes in Los Angeles and art classes in NYC to choose thoughtful gifts for bosses who'll appreciate the chance to exercise their imagination. 

4. An Experience Gift Card

An experience gift card is a great gift for bosses who like to choose their own special moments. With a Classpop! gift card on your shopping list, you can give the leader in your life their choice of creative moments.

They can select anything from sharpening their dance moves to learning new tricks in the kitchen to creating fabulous works of art for their home gallery.

5. A Painting of Their Pet

Commissioned pet portraits are meaningful gestures your manager is sure to appreciate. Consider hiring a local artist to create a customized canvas as a holiday or birthday gift for a boss with a special connection to their fuzzy critters.

You can also join a pet portrait themed paint and sip event. Even a small, framed watercolor of their pup or kitten is sure to warm their heart! 

cat sitting next to painted portrait of itself
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6. A Collection of Color

Encourage your executives to add a touch of color to their lives by including art kits among your gifts for bosses. You can find sets of paints, pencils, pastels and paper that make incredible options for gifts under $50.

7. A Handmade Gift from the Heart

If you have a talent for creating handmade items, consider presenting them as gifts for bosses who love receiving heartfelt handicrafts.

Items can be simple yet sincere, such as knitted accessories as a Christmas gift for a female boss or a bespoke home décor piece for a manager with a distinctive sense of style. 

Foodie Gifts for Boss

8. A Class in Cooking

Expand the dining repertoire of your first in command by presenting expert-led cooking classes as gifts for bosses who love going gourmet.

You'll find cooking classes in Washington, D.C., cooking classes in Dallas and cooking classes in Boston to whet the appetites of your most discerning directors. Searching for cooking classes near you will let you zero in on local options that work best.

9. A Virtual Kitchen Tutorial

When buying gifts for bosses also means choosing gifts for foodies who cook at home, online cooking classes are a most delicious option.

Your fearless leader can enjoy a remote session in the menu of their choice and prepare their dishes in their own kitchen. Great for budding gourmets who could use a little help!

hands on laptop surrounded by ingredients and cooking supplies
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10. A Sip of Something Special

Pair up the big cheese in your life with a virtual wine tasting experience. They'll learn the finer points of wine appreciation from a master sommelier without leaving the comfort of home. A vintage option for supervisors who love popping new bottles.

11. A Sweet Shake-Up

Executives who like getting in the mix will love online mixology classes. These courses make thirst-quenching gifts for bosses with a taste for cocktail craft.

With top-tier mixologists teaching their specialties, your commander-in-chief will have a spirited session that expands their home bar menu. 

12. A Deluxe Dinner

Consider arranging a custom dinner as a gift for a female boss who has everything. You can choose a beloved restaurant and arrange special selections they'll love or have a local chef prepare a sumptuous in-home meal.

These thoughtful gifts for bosses are fantastic for celebrating any occasion with a nod to their favorite foods. 

13. A Bottle of the Good Stuff

If you're looking for a special birthday gift for a boss who means the world to you, spring for a bottle of their favorite whiskey. You can opt for a well-aged rye or up the ante with a scotch that takes prime pours to new heights.

bottle of fine liquor gift for boss
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14. A Box of Noshes

Send the sweet and savory stuff home with snack subscription gifts for bosses who love to nibble throughout the day.

Services like Snackcrate let you choose an array of tasty treats that make a fabulous Christmas gift for a male boss who takes his job one crunchy handful at a time!

Unique Gifts for Boss

15. A Spin on the Dance Floor

Revive your administrator's day by including dance classes in your list of gift ideas. It's easy to sign them up for dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in Los Angeles or dance classes in Colorado Springs if they live in larger cities.

For nearby sessions in samba, swing and more, look into dance classes near you to get your top dog grooving.

16. A Digital Dance Lesson

What do you buy a lady boss with energy to spare? How about online dance classes! These at-home lessons make picking up new moves for fun and fitness easy.

Talented teachers lead every course, creating gifts for bosses whose schedules may be too packed for a studio session. 

17. A Night of Play

Help the bigwig unwind with friends and family with virtual game nights on your shopping list. Each online event is hosted by an entertaining emcee who ramps up the fun with familiar activities and party games tailor-made for the at-home crowd.

woman celebrating game win on laptop
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18. A Hunt for Everything

If you're searching for gifts for the boss who has everything, a virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to give them a new experience—one that doesn't require wrapping!

They'll log on to a hosted event and scour the internet for exciting locales, thrilling landmarks and time-sensitive tasks that lead them to all ends of the World Wide Web.

19. A Virtual Escape

Try giving a virtual escape room as a gift to someone who needs to get away but doesn't have space on their agenda. It's the next best thing to a real getaway! 

These online activities recreate the excitement of a real-life escape room experience in a digital environment, leading players through riddles and puzzles as they race the clock to evade danger.

20. A Few Rounds of Trivia

You can put your manager's knowledge to the ultimate test with online trivia games. A unique gift for bosses who love obscure facts, these virtual experiences are hosted by playful emcees with a talent for getting audiences racing for the buzzer.

Throw in a basket of drinks and snacks for a complete at-home trivia night package!

21. A Study in Floral Design

Leaders with an eye for style will love trying virtual flower arranging classes. It's an opportunity to learn the principles of design while creating a lovely décor piece for the home or office.

man trimming flower stems in arrangement
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Personalized Gifts for Boss

22. A Personal Portrait

Illustrated portraits make unique gifts for bosses who could use a little personalized art in their lives. Commission a local artist or illustrator to create a fun image of your head honcho as a tribute.

If you can't find an artist in your area, check out Etsy's selection of portrait artists who can help make this dream gift a reality!

23. A Photo of the Team

If your team ever asks, "What would be a good gift to give your boss?" try recommending a team photo! A snapshot that captures the whole crew enlarged and framed or printed on canvas is a heartwarming option when shopping for retirement gifts or going-away presents for a leader you love. 

24. A Wireless Sound System

Set your supervisor up in sweet style with a wireless sound system. You can go simple with a JBL Bluetooth speaker with a printable face, perfect for adding the company logo or a photo of your leader's favorite workers.

For a more sophisticated option, wrap up a certificate to a local car stereo shop that can trick out their auto's audio. This is a thoughtful gift for anyone who relishes immersing themselves in auditory bliss!

25. A Stylish Messenger Bag

Help your CEO keep up with the latest in portable fashion by picking up a messenger bag with modern flair. Shop for a chic tote responsibly manufactured from sustainable materials like the sharp waxed canvas bags from Nisolo.

You'll be helping update their style while making it easier to carry their laptop and other critical items between their most important appointments. 

Nisolo messenger bag gift for boss
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26. A Custom Bobblehead

Imagine the surprise on your manager's face when they see their own face staring back at them on a customized bobblehead!

Bobblehead makes it easy to immortalize your boss in a cartoonish sculpture that captures their loveable likeness. These goofy sculptures make perfect personalized gifts for a male boss with a great sense of humor.

27. A Prestigious Prize

If you're looking for personalized gifts for a male boss at the top of his game, consider an award-style art piece like the crystal trophies created by K2 Awards.

These gleaming trinkets will stand proudly on a desk or shelf to announce the achievements of your most esteemed majordomo. Pair them with a presentation ceremony that shines a spotlight on their special accomplishments. 

Luxury Gifts for Boss

28. A Subscription to Savor

When choosing a luxury gift for bosses who know when they're drinking the good stuff, a wine subscription will introduce them to new pours to add to their collection.

You can choose from samplers or full bottles and select a timetable that covers a few months or a full year. The big wig in your life will think of you fondly every time they raise a glass!

29. A Soothing Scent

A bottle of her favorite fragrance makes a thoughtful Christmas gift for a boss who may be running low. If you can't identify her chosen scent by smell, sign her up for a Scentbox subscription, sampler or gift set.

Scentbox gift for boss
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30. A Voyage of Discovery

Travel in all forms makes a fantastic Christmas gift for a boss who could use a little getaway. Choose an airline gift card in an amount that will fund a round-trip ticket to his favorite destination. Or select an Airbnb you know he'll love and send him and his family for some quality time together.

31. A Journey of Relaxation

Anyone wondering "How do you appreciate your boss for a gift?" should look into a staycation at a nearby resort. You can find seasonal specials that let your top dog take a well-deserved rest either solo, with friends or with the family in tow.

Check into the amenities at the locale you choose to make sure there'll be fun things that suit your boss's tastes. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and the chance to unplug for a while!

32. A Day of Indulgence

A spa visit makes a special gift for a female boss who has everything but could still use a little pampering. Set up a special afternoon with her favorite treatments at a nearby location.

You can pair it with a trip to her favorite lunch spot for a meet-up with her besties afterward to make the day extra memorable.

33. A Box of Decadence

Few gifts for bosses say "indulgence" like a collection of designer chocolates. Shop online for artful truffles filled with the finest in luxury ingredients or choose a local chocolatier to fulfill your sugary treasure hunt.

Some shops even allow custom printing on the surface of your candies to make an even sweeter impression.

vosges chocolate gift for boss
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Shopping for gifts for bosses opens the doors to a world of possibilities. What you choose depends largely on your boss's tastes. You can find simple gifts that demonstrate thoughtfulness or pick up extravagant presents that make a big impression. It all depends on what interests your boss most.

How much should you spend on a gift for your boss? Luxury gift options may call for pooling your funds with other coworkers. A combined gift makes it easier to afford something from the top shelf without breaking the bank.

As with other gift-giving, thoughtfulness is always more important than expense. With a bit of imagination, you can find intriguing gift ideas for bosses to show your leader how much you appreciate them no matter your budget.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!