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Chef Eric

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Throughout Chef Eric’s more than 20-years-long culinary career, he’s held key positions in award-winning restaurants, catering and event firms, and gourmet retail spaces in Detroit, New York, and San Francisco. Most recently, he’s worked as a private chef, as well as a recipe developer and food stylist for several cookbooks. Chef Eric has also applied his talents as a culinary instructor, and he loves providing his students with those special “a-ha!” moments.

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26 Jun 2022
What an absolutely wonderful, multi-sensory experience we had with Chef Eric! It was fun, lighthearted, and so educational. Not only did we learn how to make fresh pasta (an easy but time-intensive labor of love, but totally worth it -- tastes so much better than dried/boxed pasta), but also how to properly hold a knife, chop onions, keep herbs fresh, and prepare sauces and cooked noodles properly. Chef Eric was warm and engaging and made us feel so welcome in his beautiful and organized home kitchen. We are grateful to have learned his craft and techniques, and actually just made more homemade pasta today, as well as his perfect pesto sauce (mmmm), AND we even resuscitated some wilted basil with his greenhouse hack. Thank you Chef Eric, you are truly a gem!
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03 Jan 2022
This guy is incredible! He is pleasant to talk with and get ideas about food. Most importantly, he produced the best tasting food you can imagine. I highly recommend Chef Eric!!!