Dance Class: Energizing Latin Dance Team-Building Extravaganza

Instructor Tomaj shares the excitement of Latin dance with the whole crew in this high-energy onsite team building dance class! An invigorating class like this can help boost spirits as the team releases endorphins and bonds over the shared experience.

Your team can step in a whole new direction with expressive salsa step work and the basic moves of bachata. And, since Instructor Tomaj brings the lesson to you, you'll have private instruction right in your workspace. There's no easier way for your folks to discover the sizzling magic of Latin dance tradition and get their team building groove on! 

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 50
  • Event Duration 60 minutes
  • LabelsSalsa, Adult, Bachata, Beginner, Latin

Guest reviews for Instructor Tomaj

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Diana N

05 May 2022

Salsa with Tomaj is pretty much the best way to learn Salsa step by step. I have been trying to learn comfortably for years, but signing up with him, I already feel like going out to clubs and showing what I've learned.

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05 May 2022

I highly recommend Tomaj's classes. I've had lessons at 4 east bay venues but Tomaj is the best - hands down. You just have to try them out and it will be immediately clear. He is focused, explains things very clearly and knows how to pace the class so that everyone learns.

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Tom W

05 May 2022

If you are just starting with salsa dance, this is a great place to learn. The students are at all skill levels so that makes the learning easier in the begginer's class for new comers. If you have made enough progress with the basics, there are always fun patterns to learn in the intermediate class which I attend regularly. Try it. Try the salsa dance class with any club or studio, your money will be well spent.

$ 250 Per group

Up to 50 Guests

Instructor Tomaj received a Master in Dance Education and began a career as a full-time dancer, choreographer and educator while also performing throughout Asia, Europe and North America. His goal is to provide students with the highest-quality dance education in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment. Instructor Tomaj loves the playfulness of salsa dancing, but is also an award-winning swing dancer! There is much to learn from an instructor as passionate and experienced as Instructor Tomaj.

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