Virtual Vegan Cooking Classes

Live, interactive online vegan cooking classes with world-class chefs.


Virtual vegan cooking classes are the perfect experience for people who follow a plant-based diet or are simply interested in learning more. You’ll create thoughtful and nutritious dishes guided by talented chefs who’ve designed an array of fresh, flavorful vegan recipes. Whether you’re creating a full gourmet feast or just a simple home-cooked meal, a lesson in vegan cooking will surely satisfy. Book a vegan cooking class and discover a whole new world of culinary possibility!

Top Chefs

Learn recipes and cooking tips from the best chefs.

Live and Interactive

Q&As are in real-time on Zoom with the chef!

Flexible Ingredients

Dietary needs can easily be accommodated.

Connect With Others...Virtually!

Cook with friends, or meet people from around the world.

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