Virtual Chocolate Making Classes

Live, interactive online chocolate making classes with world-class chefs.


Take a step to the sweet side of life as you join professional bakers and chocolatiers for virtual chocolate making classes. Expert chefs will teach you how to use those spatulas, thermometers, whisks and chocolate molds to create rich and creamy dark, white or milk chocolate creations. You'll be the talk of your next party with your homemade truffles, chocolate-covered fruit and other decadent treats. Expand your culinary skills by booking a live virtual cooking class today!

Top Chefs

Learn recipes and cooking tips from the best chefs.

Live and Interactive

Q&As are in real-time on Zoom with the chef!

Flexible Ingredients

Dietary needs can easily be accommodated.

Connect With Others...Virtually!

Cook with friends, or meet people from around the world.

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