23 Most Fun Team Building Activities in Dallas for 2022

Published on Jul 14th 2022
team building activities in Dallas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the list of must-do team building activities in Dallas. This bustling city is full of opportunities to grow your team’s culture and tighten your bond. No matter what your preferences and needs are, there are plenty of fun things to do in Dallas for your group.

As Indeed points out, team bonding can increase productivity, improve communication and boost morale along with a host of other benefits. So, if you're wondering how often you should have a team building activity, it is generally at least once per year, as it is a great way to invest in your team.

But how do you host a team building event that is truly effective and makes a lasting impact? Try finding experiences that encourage different ways of communicating, collaborating and learning new skills that may also prove useful in the workplace.

Finally, what is a good team building activity that your group will enjoy and allow you to experience all that Dallas has to offer? From competitive BBQ team building in Dallas to relaxing paint and sip events and beyond, we've got your guide to the Texas town’s very best group outings that will strengthen, motivate and connect your team while having an awesome time!

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Culinary Team Building Activities in Dallas

Creating and enjoying a meal together fosters collaboration and communication. Plus, you get to sharpen those kitchen skills. These culinary team building activities in Dallas are fun group outings bursting with flavor. 

1. Cooking Competitions

Embark on a culinary adventure and sign your group up for one of the many culinary team building activities in Dallas. Together, you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines in experiences like Feisty Fiesta: Make the Best Dip to Win!, fun pasta making competitions and more. You can even compete without leaving the office as the chef instructor will bring everything you need for the ultimate office cook-off. 

Your team will work with an expert chef as you have a memorable time crafting amazing new dishes. Explore even more options with other cooking classes in Dallas.

cooking classes team building activities in Dallas
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2. Sign Up for an Online Cooking Class for Remote Team Building

Geographical distance shouldn’t be a barrier to team building. Bring remote teams closer and create more personal interactions by participating in an online cooking class together. Team members will bond over video chat as they learn to roll their own sushi or expertly fold fresh tortellini, right in their own kitchens. 

Creative Team Building Activities in Dallas

Get your creative juices flowing with some fun team building activities in Dallas that are sure to boost your imagination skills.

3. Relax With Paint and Sip or Other Art Classes 

Painting classes and online painting classes are designed for all skill levels. So, both the budding artist and the expert painter in your group will enjoy the instructor-led creation of their latest piece. If your group loves wine, look for paint and sip events where you can work and enjoy your favorite vino. 

Drawing classes and online drawing classes are another great way to foster creativity. Improve your sketching skills and bond as a group as you learn to draw anything from portraits to free-flowing designs.

Or, maybe you want something a little more three-dimensional. Pottery classes make for another artsy team building activity in Dallas that lets you get a little messy. 

4. Get Moving With a Dance Class

Unleash your best moves and sign your group up for a dance class. The Dallas area gives you access to both in-person and online dance classes so you can attend together or remotely.

Attend a ballet and barre class for smooth stretching or get your heart pumping with swing and salsa dancing. Either way, learning some new dance techniques together will be a meaningful experience for your team.

Virtual Team Building Activities in Dallas

According to Atlassian, increasing studies show that building personal bonds between remote teams is a vital priority. Luckily, with virtual team building activities in Dallas and other areas, your group can experience these meaningful interactions despite being physically distant. 

5. Foster Friendly Competition With Virtual Game Nights

A game night is a great way to get together with friends and colleagues. Gather your remote team for regular virtual game nights for tons of fun and lots of laughter. Through video chat, you can race to win a round of Bingo or compete in skill challenges.

Do you want to test your knowledge on specific subjects? Online trivia games are an exciting way to compete and connect. See which team member is a pop-culture genius or battle over your culinary knowledge. You’ll learn to play off each other’s strengths as you compete to be the top team.

team members working together in online computer game
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6. Virtual Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts

Add a little mystery to your team building with a virtual escape room. Beat the clock as you collaborate to find clues, solve the series of riddles and escape your virtual trap.

There’s also a variety of virtual scavenger hunts your team will enjoy. Compete against each other as you explore online worlds and cross items off your must-find lists.

7. Virtual Floral and Crafting Classes

If you can't meet for an in-person team building activity in Dallas, enjoy time with your team virtually as you create a beautiful item to show off in your home.

You can sign up for virtual flower arranging as a group to craft everything from a new wreath to a trendy terrarium. Or, sign up for a wood painting workshop to make a customized sign or DIY coasters.

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Dallas

One of the perks of Texas is the warm, sunny weather. Check out these outdoor team building activities in Dallas to enjoy the gorgeous days. 

8. Explore Dallas in an AdVenture Games Challenge

Run around the city on a quest for your team to complete the most challenges. AdVenture Games bring team building activities in Dallas to a whole new level. Their challenge stunts have you working together to explore the city to win it all.

9. Learn About the Land With a Guided Hike

The ecosystems in the area mean that some of the best team building activities in Dallas revolve around nature. Check out the many guided hikes in the area that are designed for a variety of skill levels.

Traverse the land together as a group, chatting and learning about nature. Immersing yourselves in nature will allow your team to escape and bond without distractions. 

guided hike team building activity in Dallas
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10. Book a Pedal Wagon for Time on the Town

Book one of the city’s fun party wagons and work together to pedal over the terrain. Enjoy drinks and music as you work together to plan your route and see all the sights in this unique, fun team building activity in Dallas.

11. Paintball Battle for Group Fun

Head to Ascend Paintball and divide your groups into teams. Battle it out with paintballs and see who has the best aim. Your group will work together as you defend your territory and watch your teammates’ backs — literally!

12. Compete in a Fun Field Day

Take over a team member’s yard or find an empty space in a local park. Organize fun field day team building activities in Dallas to see what team comes out on top. Work together in relay races or plan a whole group push-up team building activity with fun medals as prizes. 

13. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Book a group outing to Trinity Forest Adventure Park and tackle the ropes course to solve challenges and get through obstacles together. Then, cheer each other on as you overcome your fears and zoom down the zipline. 

man walking on ladder ropes course
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Unique Team Building Activities in Dallas

If you want to think outside the box, check out these unique team building activities in Dallas that will bring your group closer in new ways.

14.  Master the Art of Photography

This is a team building activity in Dallas that will help you see the city through a new lens! Sign up for local photography classes or online photography classes for remote teams and you’ll be snapping away in no time. Then, use your new skills to swap fun images with your team or even hold a workplace photo contest. 

15. Sharpen Your Acting Chops

Whether you want to learn improv or become a comedic genius, acting classes and online acting classes are a unique way to boost creativity and bond as a group. Cooperate to bring scenes to life and have fun encouraging each other. Your team will be closer by the time your instructor calls “cut!” 

16. Learn to Sew From a Pro

Learning to sew is a practice in patience and what better way to do it than together? Your team will work with an expert instructor that will teach you the art of stitching and the best method for operating the machine. You might even get to make your very project like a simple blanket or a cute tote.

17. Sand and Saw Together for Woodworking Fun

A woodworking class is an especially unique team building activity in Dallas that exudes the rustic Texas aesthetic. You can either work on a combined project or individual ones. Either way, you’ll learn to cut, sand and create your own wooden masterpiece.

woodworking team building activity in Dallas
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18. Group Glass Blowing Class

Attend a glass blowing class to learn a fascinating skill as a group. First, you’ll learn the basics of glass blowing and how to make basic shapes. Then, your team will work together on learning this complex art and craft impressive creations.

Corporate Team Building Activities in Dallas

Whether the company is remote, hybrid or in-office, teams of all kinds will enjoy these corporate events in Dallas that are customizable to your group.

19. Learn to Make Drinks Like a Mixologist

Learn to mix drinks together with fun online mixology classes. You’ll gather virtually on a video call and be guided as a group by a master mixologist. You can learn to craft the perfect mimosa or put your own twist on the classic martini. Who knows? Maybe the class will inspire your team to come up with a signature drink together!

20. Virtual Wine Tastings

No matter if you prefer red or white, virtual wine tastings are a great way to learn more about your palette and the world of vino. Taste and compare notes with your team and your expert facilitator.

You can chat over yummy tapas dishes and Spanish wines, have a virtual wine and cheese party or even enjoy a pasta dinner together virtually with select Italian vino.

21. Dallas BBQ Team Building Cook-Offs

What is Dallas, Texas most known for? Nothing says Dallas like old-fashioned BBQ! Why not challenge your team to create the best around? BBQ Like a Champ is a Dallas business that will teach you how to judge and facilitate a BBQ contest like the pros. They provide meat, seasonings and the equipment you need to have a mouth-watering BBQ cook-off. 

22. Upstairs Circus DIY Bar

Spots like Upstairs Circus allow you to plan a project social where your team gathers and works on projects side-by-side. This allows attendees to choose their own projects according to their style and interests. Sip your favorite drink and chat with co-workers as you create anything from a concrete tray to leather luggage tags. 

23. Visit Group Dynamix

A popular team building activity in Dallas, the crew can burn some energy and test their strength by scheduling a session at an indoor facility like Group Dynamix. Here, you can compete in challenges that cultivate teamwork. You’ll even work with an event consultant to customize your event to your unique needs. 

climbing group dynamix ropes course
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With so many options for team building activities in Dallas, there’s no shortage of ways to bond as a team. So, work with your team to find the optimal schedule and plan fun group activities to create meaningful relationships and improve your team’s culture. 

For even more fun team building ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!