33 Effective and Fun Team Building Activities in Phoenix for 2022

Published on Jul 8th 2022
team building activities in Phoenix

Along with breaking up the workweek, team building activities in Phoenix are helpful for building relationships and fostering cooperation among your team members.

According to Forbes, relationships are key to a business’ success. With that in mind, what are fun team building activities to do in Phoenix?

When planning your corporate team building in Arizona, consider the kinds of people your company hires — are they artistic? Into fitness? A mixture of many interests?

From hiking to cooking classes, axe throwing to a world-famous musical instrument museum and beyond, explore the wide array of exciting and unique group activities for adults in Phoenix in our list of team building activities below. 

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Culinary Team Building Activities in Phoenix

1. Take a Cooking Class

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then a cooking class may create a new bonding experience for your team. There are cooking classes in Phoenix for all tastes, from Italian to Spanish-Asian fusion.

This team building activity in Phoenix will teach your group to collaborate towards a common goal — creating a delicious meal!

cooking classes team building activity in Phoenix
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2. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

For virtual teams, online cooking classes are the perfect option for a team building activity in Phoenix that includes remote team members. Your group will learn how to prepare a gourmet meal from scratch in an approachable, live online cooking class with a top-notch chef. 

3. Try a Virtual Mixology Class

Shake things by planning online mixology classes for your next team building activity. This group activity for adults in Phoenix will gather local and remote team members for a fun, relaxed evening learning how to make unique cocktails from an experienced mixologist. 

4. Enjoy a Virtual Wine Tasting

Another fun option for remote teams is a virtual wine tasting. Your team will learn how to taste wine from a sommelier in a live, online wine tasting experience hosted on Zoom. 

5. Visit Old Town Scottsdale

Scottsdale still boasts a bustling Old Town, where shops, restaurants, art galleries and more thrive off local visitors and tourists alike. Your team will love wandering through the shops and enjoying the restaurants and the atmosphere on an outing to Old Town for a team building activity in Scottsdale, AZ.

restaurants at Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona
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Creative Team Building Activities in Phoenix

6. Take Dance Classes

Break out of the everyday grind with a few team building dance classes. You'll learn the art of self-expression through dance as your team bonds during a fun dance class. Virtual teams can join the fun through live online dance classes.

7. Take Photography Classes 

Your team will sharpen their observation skills and eye for beauty with group photography classes. Learn how to use a DSLR camera or even a phone camera with effective photography tips from an experienced photographer.

There are also online photography classes available over Zoom for remote teams. 

8. Make Pottery 

Tap into your team’s creative side by taking pottery classes as a hands-on team building activity for work in AZ. Learn from a knowledgeable potter how to work with clay and create a unique and beautiful piece of pottery. 

9. Try Virtual Flower Arranging 

Take a midday break for a little creativity by treating your office to virtual flower arranging one day. A florist will lead your team in an informative flower arranging class over Zoom. Team members will be also able to take their creations home at the end of the day!

virtual flower arranging team building activity in Phoenix
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10. Learn to Paint

Relax, create and enjoy time together by planning a painting class for your next team building activity in Phoenix. Your team will learn painting techniques in a guided class led by an expert. Live, online painting classes hosted on Zoom are also available. 

11. Paint and Sip 

After a long workday, your team members are probably ready to kick back and relax. Host a peaceful yet engaging team building activity by inviting everyone to paint and sip, where an instructor will guide the team through a painting activity as participants sip on their choice of beverage. 

12. Have a Craft Party at Pinspiration

Host your next corporate team building in Arizona at Pinspiration, a crafting studio where teams can create their own creative art piece, mug, home décor and more.

There is also a Splatter Room experience, where participants don protective gear and then splatter paint on a canvas to create their own unique masterpiece. 

Unique Team Building Activities in Phoenix

13. Loosen Up With an Acting Class

Help your team loosen up and tap into their emotional side and think on their feet with group acting classes. This group activity for adults in Phoenix is perfect for close teams. Try online acting classes for a quick office team-building activity or to allow remote team members to participate.

group of actors rehearsing on stage
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14. Learn How to Draw 

Your team will engage their focus and eye for detail in drawing classes hosted by an experienced artist. Online drawing classes are also an available team building activity in Phoenix.

15. Take a Sewing Class

Learn the tactile and creative art of sewing in a group sewing class. Your team will create a simple project together during the class, where group members will also enjoy a slow-paced activity and time to get to know one another. 

16. Make Something in a Woodworking Class

The art of woodworking has been practiced through the generations and requires attention to detail, skill and thoughtful planning. Bring your team to a woodworking class to learn these skills and more as they create a wood project together. 

17. Learn the Art of Glass Blowing

Learn about the art of glass blowing with an experienced glass blower by taking a glass blowing class for your next team building activity in Phoenix. 

woman blowing glass art
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18. Go Axe Throwing 

If you’re looking for corporate team building activities in Phoenix, look no further than Lumber Jaxes axe throwing. You can arrange an axe throwing event for more than 100 people, which includes axe throwing coaching, food and drink and — of course — a fun experience for all.

19. Admire Architecture at Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright’s western home and studio, Taliesin West, is located near Phoenix and makes for an interesting, beautiful team building activity. Team members can take an self-guided audio tour through the campus and then grab dinner or drinks at one of Phoenix’s many restaurants and bars. 

20. Visit the Arizona Science Center

Another team building activity in Phoenix is a visit to the Arizona Science Center. The perfect activity for a hot summer’s day, your team will stay cool while learning from engaging and fun exhibits. 

21. See 3,000 Butterflies at the Butterfly Wonderland

Another team building activity in Scottsdale, AZ is a visit to the Butterfly Wonderland. Your team will be immersed in a haven of butterflies, with plenty of informative guides and exhibits to teach team members all about butterflies in a rainforest-esque environment. 

woman holding butterfly in hands
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22. Explore the Musical Instrument Museum

The only museum of its kind, the Musical Instrument Museum is a must-visit for music-loving teams. Team members can learn about hundreds of different kinds of instruments and even play a few in the hands-on Experience Gallery. 

Virtual Team Building Activities in Phoenix

23. Take a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Get your team together for a virtual scavenger hunt, where you’ll solve puzzles, complete tasks and race against the clock to claim victory. This virtual even will be hosted by a live online MC over Zoom. 

24. Compete in Online Trivia Games

Your team will enjoy a little friendly competition with this team building activity in Phoenix: online trivia games hosted by a fun MC. Break into small groups and compete for points to own this interactive online game experience. 

25. Have a Virtual Game Night

Gather your group remotely for a fun, live virtual game night. Complete in game show-style games, solve a murder mystery and more when you sign up for this team building activity for work in AZ.

virtual game night team building activity in Phoenix
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26. Escape from a Virtual Escape Room 

Solve puzzles, clues and riddles as your team races against the clock to escape from a virtual escape room with this fun team building activity in Phoenix.

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Phoenix

27. See the Hole in the Rock in Papago Park

Take a quick hike up to the Hole in the Rock, an ancient site native peoples used to tell time. Now, you and your team can take a short, gentle hike up to the top of the hill and see the hole in the rock for yourselves. 

28. Explore the Desert Botanical Garden

Top of your list of things to do in Phoenix for your next team building outing is a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden. This lush garden features a variety of desert plants, including flowers, trees and plenty of cacti varieties. 

29. Hike Camelback Mountain

Take a hike up Camelback Mountain for a refreshing winter or spring excursion with your team. There are gentle and intense routes available, making this an accessible and fun team building activity in Phoenix for all teams. 

camelback mountain sunset in Arizona
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30. Take an ATV tour through the Sonoran Desert

Enjoy the stunning landscape of the Sonoran desert as you see wild creatures like javelinas, desert mule deer, wild burros and more on a guided Tomcar ATV tour with Desert Wolf. This is one of the most popular corporate team building activities in Phoenix for 2022.

Volunteer Team Building Activities in Phoenix

31. Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children

Volunteer-focused team building activities can rally your team around a cause while helping the local community. Plan your next team building activity in Phoenix at a local volunteer event, like a packing event at Feed My Starving Children

32. Volunteer with NourishPHX

If you’re looking for local team building activities near you, NourishPHX provides food, clothing and hygiene items to people in Phoenix in need. Volunteer with this local charity for your next team building activity in Phoenix. 

33. Run a 5K for Charity

Many charitable organizations host 5K and 10K runs to raise money for their cause. Sign your team up to walk or run at one of these events to rally your group around a good cause while raising support for their mission!

runners running in a 5k race
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After wondering what are some good corporate team building ideas in Phoenix, hopefully this list of fun things to do in Phoenix, AZ provided a few ideas for your next team outing that encourages building relationships, working together in new ways and learning useful career skills while having fun. 

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