Team Building Activity: Feisty Fiesta: Make the Best Dip to Win!

What's better than a team building activity that combines great food with authentic team bonding? This unique team building activity-turned fiesta led by Chef Chris will teach everyone some fun new recipes while encouraging teamwork and camaraderie as a lively cooking competition ensues. Your team will learn an expert's methods and recipes for making guacamole and salsa before they gear up to make the stuff themselves.

After Chef Chris prepares everyone with the skills needed to make these staple dips, it's time for some friendly competition! Teams will get together and craft up their own innovative recipes for a taste-off to see who can make the best, most unique guacamole and salsa flavors. Expect lots of laughter, excitement and creative energy as teams cook together to compete for the delicious win. Teams can be judged on the quality, taste and appearance of their dishes, as well as their overall innovation. 

If you’d like Chef Chris to travel to your location, he may accommodate larger groups. A kitchen is not required for guest locations, only access to a sink/running water is needed.


All necessary utensils will be provided by the chef. The venue is required to have access to sinks nearby, tables set-up to prep and garbage containers. Chefs are able to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance.


With avocado, garlic, salt, pepper and lime


With tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic and jalapeño

Various "mix-in" Ingredients

With green chili, hananero peppers, corn, mango, tomato and more

Various Dippers

With tortilla chips, veggies and more

  • Minimum Guests 10
  • Maximum Guests 50
  • Event Duration 2 hours

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22 Mar 2023

Great experience!

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16 Mar 2023

It was an excellent date night.

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16 Mar 2023

Had a great time; would love to do again.

$99 $ 65 Per person

Meet your chef

Chef Chris
Chef Chris Verified chef

Chef Chris has had many titles over the years, including sous chef, head chef and head baker. Now, he is showcasing a decade's worth of restaurant experience in a lineup of incredible cooking classes. Chef Chris' passion for food shines in a welcoming, inviting atmosphere that caters to all skill levels. His insight will empower you to take the reigns in your own kitchen, fostering confidence and an appreciation for all things food.

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