31 Best Abstract Painting Ideas for Beginners in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
abstract painting ideas

If you’re looking for simple abstract painting ideas, there are tons of fun projects you can choose from. Whether you’d like to use pastel watercolors or vibrant acrylic paints, there are a variety of materials that can go into creating a unique abstract masterpiece.

Tate Modern describes abstract art as not representing an accurate depiction of reality, but rather the use of shapes, colors and forms to visualize the world around us.

So, how do you come up with abstract art ideas? If you’re looking for fun abstract painting ideas, check out our list for some of the best ideas to get started.

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How Do You Make Abstract Painting for Beginners?

Learn in Art Classes

How do you make an abstract painting for beginners? Why not check out art classes to learn to paint from talented artists? If you’re looking for the best way to learn abstract painting ideas for beginners, book art classes for a creative experience.

Dedicated instructors will lead you step-by-step through a beautiful piece you can take home or gift to a friend. Find art classes in Houstonart classes in Portland or art classes in Boston to level up your skills. Explore a variety of art classes near you for a fun activity.

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Try Paint and Sip

What's another way to learn abstract painting? Level up your skills with exciting paint and sip classes. Sit back and relax with your favorite adult beverage while you learn from a skilled painting instructor.

With tons of excellent abstract art examples to see in class, engaging with an instructor is one of the best ways to learn. Invite your friends to paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in NYC or paint and sip in Los Angeles for a fun and creative activity.

Wherever you’re located, there are tons of paint and sip near you options to learn abstract painting from the pros.

Join Online Painting Classes

If you’re looking for a virtual way to start an abstract painting, check out online painting classes. Take a class in your home studio while the instructor leads from a live, digital setting where you can ask questions and engage with the other participants. Discover fun online painting classes to get started.

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Easy Abstract Painting Ideas for Beginners

1. Paint Like Your Favorite Artist

Replicate your favorite artist’s paintings for fun abstract painting ideas. Whether you’re a big fan of Kandinsky’s style or you resonate more with a classic Mondrian masterpiece, trying to repaint their work can be one of the best ways to have excellent abstract art examples and elevate your own painting skills.

2. Black and White Ink

Strive for simple yet elegant abstract painting ideas with black and white ink. From designing calligraphy to a mysterious silhouette image, the options are endless for a fun black and white ink painting for your wall.

3. Watercolor Painting

What makes a good abstract painting? Why not start with watercolors for a beautiful masterpiece? Paint simple shapes and use a variety of colors to create abstract artwork.

From lovely pastels to vibrant hues, your watercolor painting will be one-of-a-kind.

watercolor abstract painting idea
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4. Gold Leaf Canvas Painting

If you’re looking for unique art ideas for teens, use a gold leaf to bring your artwork to life. For one of the most simple abstract painting ideas, this technique will give you nothing short of a masterpiece.

All you need is gold foil, a wooden canvas and acrylic paint to create this fun painting.

5. Puddle Pour Acrylic Painting

Discover pour painting for beautiful abstract acrylic painting. Select complementary shades of acrylic paint and simply pour them across the canvas.

Move the canvas around gently to encourage the paint to create fun squiggles and shapes for an interesting piece.

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6. Oil Pastel Shapes

What makes a successful abstract painting? Having unique and colorful shapes can make a beautiful masterpiece for your wall. Use a variety of pastel shades to add depth to your work and elevate your piece. It's a super-simple way to start oil painting for beginners.

7. Air-Blown Acrylic Painting

For a vivid abstract acrylic painting, use canned air or a hair dryer to add texture to your artwork. After pouring the acrylic paint, slowly brush air across the canvas to create fun shapes.

Start from the middle and blow out towards the edge of the canvas. A pro tip is to use cold air so it doesn’t dry out the paint. 

blowing air through straw to move acrylic paint on canvas
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8. Blooming Ink

Create big blooming designs on canvas for stunning abstract artwork. Simply drizzle paint onto the canvas and use air to push the paint into a flower blooming design. These abstract flowers will truly be one-of-a-kind in your home.

9. Alcohol Ink Abstract

For trippy painting ideas, use alcohol ink for beautiful and wispy abstract painting ideas. Pour a little bit of paint on your canvas and mix it with rubbing alcohol.

Use a hair dryer or blow through a straw to spread the ink around the material. You can also seal it with resin to create a shinier piece and protect it from surface damage.

10. Neon Patterns

Grab your bright highlighters for fun abstract painting ideas. As one of the easiest abstract painting ideas for beginners, draw vibrant patterns and shapes with this tool for a funky masterpiece.

11. Self Portraits

From watercolor paint to acrylic paint, there are many options for creating a unique abstract self-portrait. Or, if you’re looking for fun couple painting ideas with your partner, select a different tool and see how each portrait is designed.

self portrait abstract painting idea
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12. Abstract Gouache 

Gouache is a reliable paint that is resistant to fading over time. Select a variety of colors for beautiful abstract painting ideas. From painting shapes and lines to unique patterns, this artwork is sure to stand out in your home.

13. Use Household Objects

If you’re looking for the best way to start an abstract painting, why not use household objects to create your piece? As excellent painting tips for beginners, you can use virtually any object in your home to create fun shapes for your artwork.

From hair combs to toothbrushes to dishware, using these objects can be one of the simplest and most unique abstract painting ideas.

14. Abstract Watercolor Landscape

Painting a landscape is one of the easiest abstract painting ideas. Create a beautiful impression of the piece, without trying to copy every line and detail.

This aesthetic painting idea can be a great way to bring beauty and inspiration to your walls.

15. Calligraphy

Use Sumi ink from East Asia for beautiful canvas abstract painting ideas. The brushstrokes and style create a unique multi-dimensional abstract artwork.

Whether you design your piece with English phrases, Asian letters or traditional symbols, calligraphy is a fun medium to play with for abstract art ideas.

painting calligraphy symbols with black paint
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16. Flower Collage

Paint a stunning collage for one of the best flower painting ideas. Use a variety of materials, such as paint, newspaper clippings or photographs to create a personalized abstract flower.

17. Oil Paint and Cold Wax

If you’re looking to try unique painting techniques that are perfect for beginners, mix oil paint and cold wax for a cool texture.

Paint the thick combination over the canvas to create a masterpiece with gorgeous tone and depth.

18. Geode-Inspired Painting

Mimic natural rock textures for one of the best abstract painting ideas. Mix acrylic paint, resin, glass, crystal and other materials on canvas for this beautiful artwork. Add glitter and metallic paint for a shiny finish.

19. Geometric Design

Create defined shapes for one of the best abstract painting ideas. Select a large canvas and use watercolor or acrylic paint to create geometric designs to complement each other in a variety of vivid or pastel colors.

geometric abstract painting idea
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20. Embroidered Canvas

Combine paint and embroidery for one of the best canvas abstract painting ideas. As one of the most simple ideas, this blend of art materials creates more depth and texture to your abstract artwork.

21. Diamond Wall Art

Play with lines and a fun design for unique abstract painting ideas. Grab a plywood board, latex paint and painter’s tape for this simple project.

Use the tape to create perfectly straight lines to form the shape of triangles and diamonds. Paint along the tape and remove when complete.

22. Fired Alcohol Ink Art

If you’re looking for a simple project that’s slightly more challenging, try this as one of the best abstract painting ideas. 

Find a picture frame and remove the glass. Place several drops of paint and rubbing alcohol on the glass. Swirl the material around to create a unique design and use a lighter to set it on fire.

When the flames are out, set the glass back in the frame. Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher close by for safety measures!

23. Epoxy Resin Galaxy Painting

Combine epoxy resin with your paint pour for a stunning galaxy artwork. Find a plywood board, epoxy resin, acrylic paint and glitter to create this simple project.

Combine your paint with the resin and a touch of glitter. Pour onto your painting and customize the design with a hair dryer.

purple milky way galaxy
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24. Watercolor Abstract Triangles Design

For more fun watercolor painting ideas, play with triangles to create a unique design. Whether you choose to improvise or use a ruler for a more regulated pattern, this geometric abstract art will look good anywhere in your home.

25. Fruit Collage Art

For fun and simple abstract painting ideas, select vibrant colors to create a beautiful fruit collage. Use geometric shapes to add dimension and intrigue to your artwork.

Whether you paint bananas or strawberries, this colorful masterpiece will look great in your kitchen!

26. Progressive Watercolor Painting

Use simple shapes and pastel watercolors for beautiful abstract painting ideas for beginners. Improvise with your paintbrush or create a few sketches beforehand for a basic and thought-provoking design. 

27. Paint Splattering

Get inspired by Jason Pollock’s work and create an imitation of his work for one of the best abstract painting ideas. Find a drop canvas and acrylic ink to create this colorful wall art.

Use your paintbrush to throw paint at the canvas. This project can get a little messy, so this is perfect for summer painting ideas outside.

splatter abstract painting idea
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28. Ink Dropper Painting

For especially unique abstract painting ideas, grab an ink dropper and vivid watercolor paint for a funky design. Drop hints of paint on your canvas and use a brush to extend the color.

For a bonus, use an ink pen to add an extra transparent design above the ink dropper background.

29. Abstract Wall Mural

Why not turn an entire wall into a beautiful piece of art? For mural abstract painting ideas, grab at least two different paint colors to create a gradual design flowing from your ceiling down to the floor. This masterpiece will captivate anyone who sets foot in your home.

30. Holiday Decorations

Upgrade your holiday decorations for fun and simple abstract painting ideas. Elevate your Christmas tree with beautiful abstract ornaments or design a small canvas with red and green watercolor paint.

This project is perfect for fall painting ideas or Christmas painting ideas to get your home into the holiday spirit.

31. Digital Painting

Get creative with Procreate or Illustrator for digital abstract painting ideas. Whether using an Apple Pencil as a paintbrush or a Wacom tablet, the options are limitless for the projects you can design using these tools.

painting digital portrait on tablet
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From seasonal holiday decorations to geomatic designs, there are tons of fun abstract painting ideas perfect for beginners.

Whether you’re looking to use watercolors or want to learn how to pour paint, there are plenty of creative materials you can use to create unique artwork for your home.

For even more fun art ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!