39 Best Travel Gifts for the Wanderlust Lover in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
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Knowing that a loved one is passionate about travel is helpful when it comes to general gifting ideas, but choosing specific travel gifts can still be challenging.

After all, travel lovers don’t like being bogged down with unnecessary stuff, and they are likely to appreciate adventures and experiences more than toys or gimmicks. 

If you’re asking yourself, “What can I get for someone who loves to travel?” or, “What to get someone who is traveling abroad?” have no fear. If you know someone who loves to travel or is setting out on their first big adventure, these awesome gifts for travel lovers are sure to put the wind in their sails.  

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Best Travel Gift Cards

1. Classpop! Gift Card

Travel gift cards are an easy gifting solution for travelers who seem to have everything, but a Classpop! gift card can be even better! This gift card will allow them to choose their own adventure wherever they go and book ahead for awesome interactive experiences.

From cooking classes to dance classes, pottery and painting, there are dozens of creative opportunities to enjoy in cities all across the country. They'll meet talented local chefs and artists and learn about the culture of the city.

Classpop! gift card best travel gift for foodies
via Classpop!

2. Uber Gift Card

Know someone who’s traveling to a busy city soon? An Uber gift card can be one of the best gifts for travelers to simplify their transportation and put their minds at ease.

This is an especially awesome gift to pair with other experience gifts in Chicago, experience gifts in NYC, experience gifts in Atlanta or other major cities.

3. Gift Card

Whether you love them or loathe them, hotels are an essential part of any traveler's experience, but their pricey rates can quickly put a damper on the excitement of traveling.

A gift card is one of the best gifts for travel lovers, especially those who prefer to stay in top-notch accommodations. This card can hold between $10 and $2,000 and will allow them to choose from lodging options all around the world. 

4. Gift Card

According to a survey conducted by Going, family obligations are one of the biggest reasons why many people don’t travel as often as they’d like to.

With a gift card, your gift recipient can easily connect with kind and trustworthy babysitters, senior caregivers, housekeepers and even pet sitters to keep everything running smoothly while they’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation. 

5. Restaurant Gift Cards

Whether they’re hiking in the rocky mountains, jet-setting around New York or road-tripping through the Midwest, restaurant gift cards will always make handy travel gifts.

If you know where they’re headed, consider a gift card to a nearby steakhouse or famous restaurant. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with tasty chain restaurants that are located all across the map. 

restaurant gift card and friends eating at table
via Canva

6. REI Gift Card

For someone who loves to hike, bike, climb, ski, explore and more, a gift card to REI is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for travelers.

Anyone dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle probably has a few niche items on their wishlist, and REI carries everything from snowsuits to sportswear, paddleboards and camp stoves. 

7. Spafinder Gift Card

Avid travelers tend to lead lives full of excitement, but that doesn’t mean that they won't appreciate a few relaxation gifts, especially in the form of an experience gift card.

A Spafinder gift card will give them access to spas, salons, fitness classes and more from thousands of participating locations worldwide. With this gift, they can choose to enhance their next adventure or relax at a spa after returning home. 

8. Mixed Gift Card Basket

Totally stumped on what travel gifts they’ll like? You can’t go wrong with travel-friendly gift basket ideas. Build your own gift basket with travel gift cards, restaurant gift cards, experience gifts, maps, translation guides and anything else that might aid their journey or remind them of home. 

Most Useful Travel Gifts

9. Poo~Pourri Toilet Spray 

Let’s be honest; it can be hard to go when you’re traveling away from home, especially if you’re worried about stinking up the whole hotel or hostel. While they might giggle at the gesture, Poo~Pourri is definitely one of the best useful travel gifts.

These delightfully scented sprays are meant to be used before they go, concealing any potential odors and bringing peace of mind to them (and anyone else they’re lodging with). 

poo-pourri travel gift
via Poo~Pourri

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones

What do you give someone on a long flight? There’s no better gift than a little peace and quiet or some uninterrupted music from a pair of wireless, noise-canceling headphones like the Bose Quietcomfort 45, available on Amazon.

Reviewers love the long-lasting comfort of these headphones, their powerful noise-canceling capability and the fact that they are compact, making them a perfect travel gift. 

11. A Soothing Sleep Mask

The only thing worse than an overnight flight is an overnight flight with all the lights on. Another essential for frequent fliers, a comfortable and relaxing sleep mask is one of the best travel gifts you can give.

The MZOO sleep mask from Amazon is a great option, available in seven colorways and made with molded cups to prevent eye pressure while they rest.

12. A Travel Cable Organizer

Sometimes the best useful travel gifts are the simplest, like this travel cable organizer from Amazon. With this handy organizer, they’ll never have to dig through pockets and purses to find the right cords again, and the organizer also offers space for spare batteries, charger packs, film rolls and more. 

13. Sturdy and Stylish Luggage

Luggage may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to giving travel gifts, but they’ve probably never seen anything quite like CALPAK luggage.

These suitcases are designed to be extremely functional, with ample storage and multiple compartments to keep everything organized.

Plus, they come in dozens of sleek colors and styles that are sure to turn heads at the airport and beyond. 

woman carrying CALPAK luggage up stairs

14. A Singer Survival Sewing Kit

There’s no panic quite like changing into your vacation dinner outfit and discovering missing buttons or broken straps. A sewing kit is more than just one of the best travel gifts, it’s also one of the essential gifts for adulting like a boss.

The Singer Survival Sewing kit from Amazon includes needles, threads, spare buttons, safety pins and more to quickly repair any fashion emergencies. 

15. A Mini First Aid Kit

It’s a great big world, but little things can still have a traveler feeling down, especially minor cuts and blisters picked up on the trail.

The Welly Quick Fix travel first aid kit from Target comes with 18 bandages, antibiotic ointments and hand sanitizer to help them quickly patch up and get back to the fun stuff. Plus, the cute and compact case also has room for essential painkillers, antacids and more. 

16. Cushy Compression Socks

What do you give someone on a long flight? If it were possible to give them more legroom, that would be the best travel gift of all!

However, a good pair of compression socks can relieve some of their soreness from rushing between terminals and cramming patiently into their seat for hours. 

17. An Ergonomic Neck Pillow

When it comes to useful travel gifts, every busy traveler needs a reliable and comfortable travel pillow. An ergonomic neck pillow, such as one from the Brookstone travel collection, will help them get through even the longest layovers and stuffiest flights.

For an extra special travel gift, look for a pillow with high-tech cooling materials or neck-massaging features. 

ergonomic neck pillow best travel gift
via Brookstone

Unique Travel Gifts for Her

18. A Gorgeous Journal

Papier travel journals are some of the best gifts for anyone, but especially for the woman who loves to record all her adventures so she can relive every detail.

In addition to being great travel gifts, journals can also be great going away gifts for someone moving or traveling long-term!

For an extra special travel gift, have friends or family write their own messages on the first few pages to inspire her and remind her of home. 

19. Travel-Size Perfumes

She may not be able to lug her favorite perfume bottle through airport customs, but a mini perfume oil set by Nest is one of the best unique travel gifts for her.

This set from Sephora will allow her to try out five delicious scents inspired by world travels. Once she discovers her favorites, she can easily take the mini bottles wherever she goes. 

20. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Time spent on a crowded train flies by when you’re pages deep in a romance novel. A Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon gives her access to all the latest best-sellers, literary classics, articles and more right at her fingertips.

For an extra unique travel gift, pair the device with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

21. A Handy Polaroid Camera

There’s something about vacation pictures on a Polaroid that feels inherently warm and fuzzy. A Polaroid camera is one of the best unique travel gifts for her, allowing her to put down the cell phone, live in the moment and capture memories on authentic and timeless film photos. 

Polaroid camera travel gift
via Polaroid

22. A Tangle-Free Jewelry Case

An Instagram-worthy outfit wouldn’t be complete without the right jewelry, but traveling with jewelry can quickly become a frustrating, tangled mess.

This jewelry organizer from CALPAK is one of the best travel gifts for her, with tangle-free necklace loops, a snap-on ring holder, and cinch pouch for watches, bracelets and large earrings. Plus, it comes in nine fun colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches her style. 

23. Madewell Packable Sun Hat

The right travel gifts for her may depend greatly on where she loves to go. For example, this packable straw sun hat from Madewell is one of the best gifts for beach lovers, hikers and sunny personalities.

This deceptively well-structured and stylish hat rolls up when not in use so she can easily make room in her luggage for all her beachy souvenirs. 

24. Stanley Adventure Quencher

When in doubt, an insulated Stanley mug will always be one of the best travel gifts for her to keep her feeling refreshed and hydrated.

The 30z Adventure Quencher cup from Academy is the perfect size to take on the go, and it comes in eight trendy colors to keep her looking cool while she stays cool. 

25. Blundstone Boots

Tough, comfortable and cute, it’s hard to beat Blundstone boots when it comes to unique travel gifts. Wherever her heart leads her, these boots are up for the task with their high-quality leather, rugged soles and water-repellent surface, Blundstones are versatile enough to take her from a hike through the woods to the art museum to dinner and beyond. 

Blundstone boots travel gifts for women
via Blundstone

Unique Travel Gifts for Him

26. A Warm and Weatherproof Coat

Behind every brilliant world-traveling man, there’s a strong and reliable winter coat. When it comes to finding travel gifts for him, a warm, insulated down jacket from Eddie Bauer is always a smart solution.

Not only are these jackets functional and stylish, but many of them also pack down quite tightly so they’re easy to store on the go. 

27. Multiple Sunglasses Travel Case

No self-respecting traveler should be caught dead without their stylish spectacles, but protecting your sunglasses on the go is a whole other story.

Luckily, the multiple sunglasses travel case by Capra Leather features four compartments in sturdy and soft suede. This travel gift is perfect for carrying sunglasses, sports glasses, reading glasses and eyeglasses – even all at once. 

28. A Gentleman’s Toiletry Bag

If he’s been carrying bathroom essentials in a plastic gallon storage bag, it’s time to upgrade him to a real gentleman’s toiletry tote.

A waxed canvas travel dopp kit like this one from Land’s End offers plenty of storage and inner mesh pockets to keep things organized, and the vintage-inspired design with leather accents will have him feeling fresh and fancy every morning.

29. A Trusty YETI Mug

From crack-of-dawn coffees to midnight bonfire cocktails, a go-to insulated mug should be on every traveling man’s wishlist. For years, YETI has been a trusted name in the game for durable, long-lasting and great-looking travel mugs.

With a convenient and comfortable handle, dishwasher-safe construction, and several colors and sizes to choose from, a YETI Rambler is sure to make him smile. 

man on a boat drinking from YETI mug
via YETI

30. Comfortable Lounging Loafers

For moseying down to the hotel bar and beyond, every man deserves a comfortable and stylish pair of slip-on loafers. The Wally Loafer by Hey Dude is one excellent option.

With endless colors and styles, a rugged rubber sole and casual construction that makes it easy to dress up or down, this is one gift he’ll never want to forget at home. 

31. A Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is one of the best travel gifts for him, allowing him to quickly upload photos from the latest adventure or display pictures of all the friends he’s met along the way.

There are plenty of models on the market, but the Nixplay 10-inch Smart Photo frame is one of the most highly rated options. This frame comes in four colorways, has an interactive touch screen and easy Wi-Fi compatibility. 

32. Roku Streaming Stick 

For the guy who frequently travels but hates missing out on his favorite shows, a Roku Streaming Stick from Amazon can provide the perfect solution!

While some people may not realize it, Roku Streaming Sticks actually make wonderful travel gifts because they can easily be removed and plugged into TVs and laptops without losing your place in the episodes. 

Best Gifts for Someone Traveling Abroad

33. Bond Touch Bracelets

When you’re traveling on the other side of the world, sometimes there’s no better travel gift than the presence of a loved one. The Bond Touch bracelets sync with their phone via the app, so you can send them a gentle touch anytime, anywhere.

A great travel gift for couples, the Bond Touch bracelets also come with a private in-app chat room that allows you to check in on the wearer and track your touch history. 

bond touch bracelet gifts for traveling abroad
via Bond Touch

34. Universal Power Adapter

Wondering what to get someone who is traveling abroad? A Universal power adapter is one of the first things they’ll need to stay charged and in touch.

This one from Amazon is an all-in-one device that fits into outlets in over 160 countries worldwide. When it's not in use, the adapter cube is easy to fold up and toss into luggage or their daypack. 

35. Concealable Travel Pouch

One of the realities of travel is that it can be risky, so a concealable travel pouch will always be one of the smartest travel gifts.

This multi-way wearable pouch from Amazon features multiple pockets, a slim, concealable profile and built-in RFID blocking to keep their information safe from any potentially high-tech thefts. 

36. A Packable Daypack

When they don’t want to tote their whole luggage bag around the city, but also don’t want to pack clunky spare purses, a packable daypack is one of the most handy travel gifts for someone traveling abroad.

The 4Monster hiking daypack from Amazon is lightweight and water-resistant, tear-resistant and quickly folds up into a tiny 4 oz. bundle when not needed. With 11 fun colors to choose from, this daypack is the perfect travel gift for anyone. 

37. The Scent of Home

Ask any traveler about the best gifts for someone traveling abroad, and they’ll probably say to give something that reminds them of home.

With a simple whiff, the Homesick location collection candles offer instant transportation back to their home country, state or city, with scents inspired by each area’s natural landscape and unique culture. 

Homesick candle travel gift
via Homesick

38. A Quality Vlogging Camera

You may not always be able to travel with them, but you can live vicariously through their vlogs! A high-quality vlogging camera like the Sony ZV-1, available at Best Buy, is one of the best going away gifts or graduation gift ideas for someone starting a new chapter abroad.

This camera is one of the best out there for capturing clear, flattering and picture-perfect adventures and sharing them with the world. 

39. Travel Insurance

Are you having trouble finding travel gifts for minimalists or travel gifts for the person who already has everything they need? Unlike other kinds of insurance, you can actually purchase travel insurance as a gift to another person!

Travel insurance may be one thing they haven’t splurged on for themselves, and it’s a wonderful gift to bring them extra protection and peace of mind. 

The chance to travel is one of life’s greatest opportunities, but when the going gets tough, great travel gifts can make the journey easier, more relaxing and more memorable.

Whether you decide to tag along on their next adventure or admire their journey from afar, we hope these travel gifts have inspired you to connect with your loved one, wherever they are. 

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