33 Best Team Building Activities in Miami for 2022

Published on Jul 29th 2022
team building activities in Miami

There’s a wide variety of fun and exciting team building activities in Miami that fit the needs of your group. Depending on your group’s preferences and interests, there are tons of great ways to grow and bond as a group.

What is a good team building activity to bring your team closer as a group? And why are team building activities important for the long term health of your team? As Indeed points out, team building is important for building trust between employees and boosting morale.

It’s also a great way to learn about your group’s strengths and weaknesses and improve efficiency. So, check out these awesome team building activities in Miami to start reaping these vital benefits!

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Culinary Team Building Activities in Miami 

Few things bring a team closer than learning about and discovering new flavors. These culinary team building activities in Miami allow your team to enjoy the city’s rich culture and indulge in some delicious dishes. 

1. Cooking Classes in Miami

If you are looking for culinary team building activities in Miami, you’re in luck. There are tons of great choices to fit every palette and even dietary restrictions. The chef will also bring everything you need (even to the office!), so all the details are already taken care of. Try events like the Dumpling Throw-Down or experience the Battle of the Sushi Rolls.

Team building cooking classes and other cooking classes in Miami offer a wide array of options, making cooking one of the best team building activities in Miami, no matter what cuisine your group is into. 

cooking classes team building activity in Miami
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2. Online Cooking Classes for Remote Teams

No matter if you are near or far, your team can still enjoy preparing a meal and enjoying new flavors together. With online cooking classes, you and your group can still have a fun culinary experience in real-time.

Interact over video chat as you learn how to prepare everything from handmade pasta to delicate crepes under the direction of an expert chef.   

3. Group Mixology Classes

If you are looking to take your happy hour up a notch, why not mix up your own delicious cocktail creations? Attend a mixology class to try your hand at an expertly prepared martini or perfectly blended margarita.

If you can’t get together physically, look into online mixology classes where you’ll gather by video and whip up refreshing drinks together, chatting and sipping along the way.

4. Wine Tastings for Team Building

Are you looking for some of the best fun and educational team building activities in Miami? Wine tastings are an enjoyable way to expand your palette and learn more about vino. With in-person and virtual wine tastings, your group will bond over discovering new favorites and learning more about the wine tasting process.

5. Food Tours in Miami

Miami is a cultural melting pot filled with diverse and authentic eateries of all kinds. Book a food tour and learn about local favorites with your team. You’ll get a food expert’s insight into the best places to eat and get an in-depth look into one of the most fun things to do in Miami.

food truck worker handing food to customer
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6. Group Outing to the Dinner Theater

Head out on a group outing to the dinner theater for a little culinary culture. You can choose from a variety of shows from intense and dramatic to light and funny.

Then, enjoy the performance with your group over dinner. Bond as you rehash the details after the show and learn about each other’s opinions. 

7. Dinner Cruises in Miami

Embark on a dinner cruise to enjoy a delicious meal on the water. Your group will enjoy their selected dishes with stunning ocean views. You can even choose a sunset cruise for the ultimate scenic experience. 

Creative Team Building Activities in Miami 

Get your creative juices flowing with some of the best artsy team building activities in Miami. You can create a wide range of projects and learn unique new skills together as a group. 

8. Unwind With Paint and Sip

Paint and sip is designed for a whole range of skill levels, making them an ideal group activity. Paint and sip and even online painting classes allow your group to gather in person or virtually to make your own masterpieces. Chat and bond as you learn to create your own one-of-a-kind canvas.

Explore paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip in Boston, paint and sip in NYC, or in a city near you.

9. Get Moving With a Dance Class

The city’s cultural influences make dance classes some of the best team building activities in Miami. Learn to salsa, samba or even square dance for group fun.

And with both in-person and online dance classes available, you’ll be able to take advantage of this fun activity in one studio or from all over the world. 

salsa dance class team building activity in Miami
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10. Take Pottery Classes for a Spin

Have you ever wanted to learn to sculpt your own masterpiece out of clay? Pottery classes give your group the chance to experience this awesome medium.

With an expert instructor, even beginners can sculpt simple vases and bowls that will become conversation pieces for years to come with this fun thing to do in Miami.

11. Gather Your Group for a Drawing Classes

With a variety of in-person drawing classes and online drawing classes, you can gather your team both near and far. Learn the best techniques for sketching, shading and creating your own unique drawings.

Groups looking for creative team building activities in Miami will love participating in a drawing class and gaining new skills.

12. Find a Floral Class for Your Team

A floral design class can allow your team to create stunning, living works of art. Arrange a colorful bouquet or craft a unique wreath. If you have a remote team, you can book virtual flower arranging classes to meet online and produce beautiful creations.

13. Take a Metal Working Course

Gather your team and learn how to make awesome metal projects. You’ll work with your instructor to learn how to properly use tools and expertly work with a variety of metals. Produce everything from handmade hooks to your own shelf to show off in your home. 

melding metal into art
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Unique Team Building Activities in Miami 

The list of team building activities in Miami is constantly growing. Plan a unique event for your group that’s both fun and memorable.

14. Take a Photography Class

Snap a few photos and share them with your group for a fun bonding experience. With in-person photography classes and online photography classes, you’ll learn to expertly take snapshots and edit them like a pro. Then, you can create an online album so your team can all contribute to your group collection. 

15. Get Theatrical with a Group Acting Class

Group acting classes and online acting classes are a great way to bond as your group explores a new craft. Play off each other’s strengths as you create a scene together. Or, for some of the most humorous team building activities in Miami, book an improv class that is sure to be filled with laughter.

16. Check Out a Sewing Class

Sewing is an awesome life skill to have so why not learn to do it as a group? Book sewing classes to learn basic stitches and techniques. Your group will gain new skills to do everything from hem curtains to working with a pattern. 

17. Book a Woodworking Class

Channel your love for high school shop class into a fun and interactive woodworking class. Your teacher will help you properly use tools to build your own creations as a group. Make everything from a personalized sign to a set of coasters as you learn new skills.

man and woman working together in woodshop
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18. Attend a Glass Blowing Class

Glass blowing is one of the most fascinating methods for producing art. Book a demonstration or glass-blowing classes for unique team building activities in Miami, Florida to experience the art scene. Learn the techniques for blowing glass and even make your own sparkling piece. 

Corporate Team Building Activities in Miami

There are plenty of fun corporate team building activities in Miami and the surrounding areas. The best part is they can often be customized for the size and interests of your group. 

19. Fun and Interactive Game Nights

Take advantage of technological connections and plan virtual game nights for remote team bonding. You can gather from nearly anywhere and play games over video chat for a memorable group bonding session. Participate in classics like a round of bingo and enjoy a little friendly competition. 

20. Trivia Games for Your Group

In-person and online trivia games are some of the best team building activities in Miami to test your knowledge and work as a team. Enjoy themes like the 90s and favorite pop culture genres to see just how much your team knows. Work together to finalize answers and discover each other’s strengths and interests.

21. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Work together to seek items on a scavenger hunt list. Or, race other team members for some exciting competition. Either way, the sense of accomplishment when you complete your list will boost morale and improve your team pride.

Plus, you can sign up for virtual scavenger hunts or in-person options, making this one of the most flexible team building activities in Miami.

virtual scavenger hunt team building activities in Miami
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22. Get Out of an Escape Room

Book an escape room in Miami to collaborate as a group and test your problem-solving skills. Solve the clues and race the clock as you attempt to escape the challenge. There are options designed for every skill level and even virtual escape rooms available for remote teams. 

23. Challenge Your Team With Climbing

Check out one of the area’s climbing gyms for a fun team-building activity in Miami. This is an awesome outing for all skill levels. Encourage each other and overcome your fears as you succeed in tackling the climb.

24. Enjoy a Sporting Event

Get excited about Miami’s many sports teams and enjoy a corporate event at the venue. Both the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins have group ticket rates and suites for rent. Cheer on the local team while bonding with your own. 

25. Book a Bowling Night

Plan a group event with your local bowling alley for an old-fashioned night on the lanes. Cheer on your team as you knock ‘em down. Make teams for a fun challenge or compare scores to see who gets the most points.

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26. Immerse Your Team in the Arts

One of the most educational team building activities in Miami is a group visit to the museum. Gather your team and look for a guided tour. Learn about a variety of art styles as a group as you discuss the pieces and your own unique interpretations. 

27. Go Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is quickly becoming one of the most popular team building activities in Miami and the rest of the country. This fun sport has you learning to aim and figuring out the proper technique. You’ll bond with your team as you work together to figure out this new pastime. 

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Miami 

South Florida is one of the best locations to enjoy a little fun in the sun. With these outdoor team building activities in Miami, you can bask in the balmy weather and have fun with your team.

28. A Fun Group Hike

Either map your route on your own or book a guide for a fun group hiking experience. Learn about nature as you take to the trails and get to know your teammates better outside of the workplace.

This is one of the most budget-friendly team building activities in Miami while giving your group the chance to get active.

29. Head to the Everglades 

A visit to The Everglades is one of the best team building activities in Miami for a group of nature lovers. Book a boat tour and check out the native wildlife as you enjoy this natural wonder with your team.

everglades team building activity in Miami
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30. Tour a Winery

Head to the vineyards and explore with a winery tour guide. Your group will learn about the varieties of Florida grapes and the expert winemaking process. You’ll also get to cheer with local wines and discuss your favorites as a group.

31. Plan a Beach Day

Enjoy the beaches as a group for a fun-filled team building activity in Miami. Pack lots of snacks and drinks, book parasailing or rent bikes, and spend the day in the sun and sand as a team.

32. Book a Segway Tour

Go on a sightseeing adventure with your team and book a segway tour. These can be planned all over the city so you can see everything from impressive architecture to oceanside scenery. Take in the sites and sounds of the city with a guided team building activity in Miami. 

33. Plan a Group Watersports Excursion

If you want to get active as a group and enjoy the many bodies of water for your team building activity in Miami, book a fun watersports excursion. Rent canoes, kayaks or even paddleboards and spend the day on the water. This is a peaceful way to recharge, relax and bond as a group. 

group of kayakers on the water
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Planning a team building activity is an awesome way to boost the morale and culture within your team. From the best corporate events in Miami to team building activities in South Florida, you’ll learn new things about other team members and have a memorable time.

Plus, with the variety of team building activities in Miami, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your group’s bonding session. 

For even more fun team building ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!