21 Best Sagittarius Gifts for the Curious Sign in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Sagittarius gifts
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The best way to determine what Sagittarius gifts to buy is to know a little something about the Sagittarius traits — and also the traits of your specific Sagittarius.

According to the history of Astrological interpretation, recorded in Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy in Art by Matilde Battistini, Sagittarius “was considered an emblem of the philosopher-prophet and of the perfect man, resulting from the harmonious union of the body (horse), the soul (human bust), and the spirit (arrow).”

Wondering how to surprise a Sagittarius? Know their soul. Sagittarius Sun people love to deep dive into learning, including about themselves.

If you can show someone that you've paid attention to their passions (and Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which has a lot to do with passion), your Sagittarius gifts to friends or loved ones will not fail to bring pleasure.

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What Do Sagittarius Like as Gifts?

Understanding Sagittarius Sign Traits & Interests

If you're a Sagittarius, that means that is the sign where the Sun landed on your Astrological natal chart (birth chart). Sagittarius traits center around adventure, philosophy, learning, expansion, optimism and faith.

The Sun sign represents how we feel about ourselves, the personality traits we often associate with ourselves and love to express ourselves.

Sagittarius Sun people may be known for their love of travel or higher learning, or merely their deep spiritual nature and optimistic attitude — or maybe they see these about themselves, but choose to share different sides of their personality.

Either way, keeping these essential traits of your loved one in mind might help you choose the perfect Sagittarius gifts for your unique individual.

Unique Sagittarius Gifts

1. Art Classes

Inviting them to explore their creative talents is a fun way to spark your fire sign's adventurous spirit. Give a Sagittarius gift of art classes in candle making, collage, paint and sip, and more. 

You can find local art classes near you, wherever you're located, such as art classes in Boston, art classes in Dallas and art classes in San Diego.

art classes Sagittarius gift
via Classpop!

2. Cooking Classes

Fire up the grill — and the heart of your Sagittarius Sun loved one — by taking cooking classes together. You'll learn from world-class chefs to prepare classic and elegant dishes in an engaging atmosphere.

Try your hand at cooking classes near you, like cooking classes in New Orleans, cooking classes in Las Vegas and cooking classes in Portland. If your Sagittarian loves the freedom of a cozy night at home, you can take online cooking classes, too!

3. Test Their Curiosity

What better way to play to the playful adventurous side and loop in their interest in continuous learning, than with this exciting new product called The Curiosity Box?

Subscribe to experience a thrilling science-based project kit alongside your loved one as a unique Sagittarius gift and watch their eyes light up when they open the mail!

4. Travel Tickets

What does Sagittarius appreciate? Freedom. Adventure. Learning. All things encompassed by a thrilling escape to another location — truly desirable Sagittarius gifts. Don't forget to plan fun activities when you get to your travel destination!

Whether you're swimming with dolphins or hiking through stunning foliage, make sure to keep your Sagittarius Sun's passions in mind while you plan. These make superb gifts for best friends.

5. Planner

Help your beloved Sagittarius Sun begin planning their next year full of trips and journeys with this Papier Sagittarius planner. They'll love getting started on daydreaming about the adventures to come with a Sagittarius gift that keeps them motivated and on track.

paper planner with Sagittarius zodiac sign
via Papier

6. Archery Classes

In honor of the Sagittarius Zodiac symbol, The Archer, take your beloved to learn some archery. Who doesn't love the freedom and adventure of discovering an old art form that uses the entire body? This may also tweak their penchant for higher learning and is a spot-on Sagittarius gift idea.

7. Spiritual Merchandise

Honor your Sagittarius' faith system by supporting whatever they believe — whether that means you're gifting them a set of tarot cards or Rosary beads, or attending a prayer gathering alongside them.

Not to mention the thousands of books that have to do with philosophy, theology, religions, faith and so much more. There's nothing more satisfying to your loved one than Sagittarius spiritual gifts thoughtfully based on their own belief system.

Best Sagittarius Gifts for Her

8. Tropical Candles

Let your loved one take an aromatic adventure with these classic Sagittarius gifts. Choose from candles with scents that bring distant lands closer, or go for something creative like a candle entitled “wanderlust.”

Pamper your loved one with their favorite aromatic candles to keep them feeling peaceful and positive.

9. Positivity & Mindfulness

As previously noted, a Sagittarius Sun person is often naturally optimistic. That's no reason not to spoil her with jewelry to keep her motivated and at peace — like the spectacular trinkets available through Mindful Souls.

Many would consider this one of the best Sagittarius gifts for women or anyone who wants to practice mindfulness.

subscription box with crystals and mindfulness activities
via Mindful Souls

10. Play Hooky Together

What gifts do Sagittarius girls like? How about quality time breaking the rules? Even the most responsible Sagittarians love to resist authority sometimes.

This might even fit the “gifts under $50” category. Surprise your loved one with some time off from “adulting” - hit the road and have a little zany fun!

11. Crystals

Akin to both “Spiritual gifts” and jewelry, crystals — or colorful stones — are a fun and simple pleasing gift for many women, especially those with Sagittarius Sun placements, as they love learning about the properties of such minerals and the vibrant colors displayed.

These make fantastic gifts for Millennials who are in touch with their star sign and spirituality. 

12. Neck Pillow

When you're buying travel gifts for your adventurer, make sure that it's practical. Sagittarius gifts for travel are best when they can be used over and over again.

A Brookstone neck pillow is one of the most popular gifts for travel and will keep your Sagittarius comfy and cozy on long adventures.

13. A Trip to the Bookstore

Plan it as a surprise for your bookworm (and offer to buy them a book you find there) or simply as a joyful excursion to their favorite local store for a fun Sagittarius gift experience.

Books themselves can take your Sagittarius on a mental adventure, or feed their flame for higher learning, with topics from fantasy to self-improvement to keep her entertained and intrigued.

woman perusing stands at the bookstore
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14. Kindle Charger

Electronic devices are a must-have for today's savvy traveler! Reading on the plane or train is an easy way to keep a Sagittarius' mind from reeling in boredom.

What better way to pack an unlimited supply of books than with an e-reader? If she's already got one of those, make sure she has plenty of charging adapters and cords to never be without one!

Best Sagittarius Gifts for Him

15. Creative Maps

Maybe men and maps don't have the best track record. However, for any true adventurer, sometimes a map is necessary — even if it's just for planning purposes or to keep track of the places already explored.

For a useful Sagittarius gift for guys, buy him a large map of the world for his home where he can place pins on where he's been or wants to go next or buy him a set of maps for his car, in case he decides to turn off the GPS to “get lost” and then really gets lost — oops!

16. Backpacks

Going on adventures means your Sagittarius will need working equipment — like backpacks and tote bags. Make sure he's well-equipped for his next journey with a heavy-duty or lightweight bag that will hold everything he might need.

17. Bonfire Party

In a list of Sagittarius gifts, fire is essential. Who doesn't love gathering around a warm bonfire this chilly time of year to chat about philosophy or tell spooky ghost stories? You don't have to be a Sagittarius to love a good travel story!

friends roasting marshmallows at bonfire
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18. A Trip to the Outdoor Adventure Store

Take your male Sagittarius to his favorite Outdoor Adventure store to shop for new gear or just enjoy discovering the newest trends in your area based on what's out there.

He'll love getting the freedom to explore while enjoying some quality time with you!

19. Comedy Club Tickets

Discover your Sagittarius' favorite comedian and get tickets to see a show together! Hand-in-hand with a love for higher learning goes the appreciation of a sense of humor and intelligence.

What could be more fun Sagittarius gifts than experience gifts of laughter and quality time?

20. Course Catalogs

Offer to pay for your Sagittarius man to take a course at a local community college or university. For the full birthday gift effect, wrap up a few course catalogs in a box with a card.

They'll love the sweet sentimental touch and they'll love getting to choose a course and spend their free time learning.

21. Photo Albums

Include photos of your Sagittarius' favorite adventure trips — and maybe a few you've taken together! He'll love flipping through the memories of past experiences and discussing favorite parts with you.

Use this thoughtful Sagittarius gift as a way to plan your next trip together. Not to mention that DIY gift ideas are often a special treat.

photo album Sagittarius gift
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As a rule, astrology gifts are a great way to keep your friends in suspense of your gift-buying habits. Sagittarius Sun people will be thrilled with the fire-minded items or experiences you've picked out for them.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!