51 Top 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
30th birthday gift ideas
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Leaving your 20s is a big deal, so it’s important to find the best 30th birthday gift ideas to celebrate this monumental occasion. As your 30-year-old grows “older and wiser” in this new decade, they might be looking for more practical gifts than when they turned 21. They also might enjoy a sweet surprise or a funny gift to lighten the mood.

Although some may dread turning the big 3-0, this new decade can hold some of the most special moments of their lives. On the website A Beautiful Mess, writer Elsie Larson emphasizes her 30s as a pivotal time when we grow in confidence and self-love. This milestone is an incredible opportunity to embrace life’s next adventure in this new phase of adulthood!

So, what do you give someone who is turning 30? Whether you’re looking for something practical or witty, we put together a list of the 51 top 30th birthday gift ideas this year.

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Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Pottery Classes

Encourage your 30-year-old to express themselves in hands-on pottery classes in San Diego or pottery classes in the Bay area. If you’re located in the Northeast, there are also some exciting pottery classes in Boston.

In this hands-on 30th birthday party idea, expert artists will guide them through crafting, glazing and painting beautiful pieces, such as ceramic bowls or coffee mugs.

pottery classes 30th birthday gift idea
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2. Paint and Sip

Paint and sip is one of the most creative 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend or loved one. Sit back, relax and create a masterpiece. Creative instructors will guide you through painting a beautiful picture as you both enjoy your favorite glass of wine.

Check out paint and sip in Chicago, paint and sip in San Diego, paint and sip in Houston, or paint and sip near you

3. Arts & Crafts Workshops

Whether they’re an expert artist or just learning the craft, they’ll enjoy the hands-on instruction as they handmake a beautiful masterpiece, whether it's a collage, candle making, woodworking and other fun DIY activities. 

Book art classes in Chicago, art classes in Los Angeles, art classes in Boston or in your area — or let them choose for themselves by gifting them a Classpop! gift card.

4. Drawing Classes

Help them channel their inner Van Gough with entertaining drawing classes. Knowledgeable art teachers will teach them the value of composition, color, line and shadow. Whether they’re a natural or new to the craft, they’ll leave each class feeling inspired and relaxed. 

5. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom pet portraits are a great gift to add to their unique decor. Simply upload a photo of their pet online and it can be translated into an oil painting or colorful digital artwork. Does your 30-year-old have an offbeat style? You can even create a fun renaissance painting of their lovable pet!

woman painting easel with her dog
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6. Personalized Newspaper Poster

Throw it back to the year they were born with a personalized newspaper. Add their photo as well as any unique fun facts about that year, such as the price of gas or any historical events. This is one of the most creative 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend to celebrate their milestone birthday.

7. Vintage Customized Shirt

Design a cool custom t-shirt in honor of your 30-year-old’s big day. Create a funny phrase, unique design or highlight the year they were born. As one of the best DIY 30th birthday gift ideas, select their favorite color and style so they can enjoy it for years to come.

Foodie 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

8. Cooking Classes

Inspire them to learn a new recipe in engaging cooking classes in Portland or cooking classes in the Bay area. There are also fun cooking classes in San Antonio if you call Texas home. Local chefs will intrigue them with new menus and flavorful ingredients.

Whatever their comfort level is in the kitchen, there are a variety of classes for them to master their skills. As one of the best foodie 30th birthday gift ideas, there are plenty of cooking classes near you.

9. Online Cooking Classes

Would they rather stay the night in? They can enjoy online cooking classes right from their own kitchen. Expert chefs will guide them through recipes in live, interactive sessions.

They can connect with others in the online class and ask as many questions as time allows. The menu is easily customizable for dietary preferences and they’ll love adding a new recipe to their cookbook.

online cooking class 30th birthday gift idea
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10. Air Fryer

Add a perfect upgrade in their kitchen with an air fryer. This gift is convenient, easy to use and a slightly healthier alternative when cooking fried food. They’ll love discovering new fresh recipes for their home, like mozzarella sticks and crispy roasted potatoes.

11. Ice Cream Maker

Is your 30-year-old a passionate ice cream fan? Give them an entertaining and sweet treat with an ice cream maker. As one of the most fun 30th birthday gift ideas, they’ll engage their creativity as they craft their favorite flavors and discover new recipes. This gift is also a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

12. Electric Wine Opener

Make their lives just a little easier with an electric wine opener. Gone are the traditional corkscrews in this new decade of life. This practical gift can be affordable for any budget and will create a little more simplicity in any wine lover’s life.

13. Decanter

Add some style to their dinner parties with a wine decanter. This simple, elegant gift is perfect for enhancing the aromas of wine, separating the sediment from the alcohol and even saving the wine in the unfortunate event of a broken cork. They’ll love hosting future parties with this beautiful serving vessel.

pouring red wine from decanter
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14. Happy Birthday Donuts

Celebrate their monumental birthday with a sweet treat. Select their favorite flavors in letter-shaped donuts to spell out a special message. As one of the most delicious 30th birthday gift ideas, they’ll love having this tasty treat to enjoy throughout their big day.

15. Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your daughter as she enters a new decade. These glasses are less likely to tip over or break than a traditional stemmed wine glass. With plenty of unique styles and colors to choose from, there’s sure to be a set that will match her personality.

Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

16. Acting Classes

Help them channel their inner Shakespeare with exciting acting classes. Whether your 30-year-old aspires to be a leading star in a TV series or just practice their improv, this is one of the most unique birthday present ideas.

17. Photography Classes

Inspire your 30-year-old with photography classes. Whether they’re a beginner or an expert, they’ll enjoy learning artistic and technical skills they can use to level up their photography. 

man taking photos with film camera
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18. Sewing Classes

Help them learn a new hobby, or perfect a skill, with creative sewing classes. Expert seamstresses will guide them as they learn how to stitch, clip and seam beautiful materials. A variety of fun classes are available for any skill level to enjoy.

19. Bucketlist Scratch Off Poster

Feed their adventurous spirit by gifting them with one of the most unique birthday present ideas. Select from 100 Things To Do, or even 100 Cities To Visit. Your 30-year-old will be excited about the adventure that awaits them in the next decade.

20. Weighted Blanket

Give them a cool and cozy gift with a weighted blanket. These blankets are proven to increase their mood, lower their stress and even improve their sleep at night. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, they’ll love curling up with this gift throughout the year.

21. Custom Candle

Add a relaxing scent to their space with a custom candle. Personalize the candle with their initials or a unique phrase. As one of the most practical 30th birthday gift ideas, this thoughtful and heartwarming gift will add a nice touch to their home.

custom candle 30th birthday gift idea
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22. Personalized Comic Book

This unique gift is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your brother. Upload memorable photos for an artist to design a thrilling superhero adventure — starring your brother! This gift is perfect to celebrate his monumental birthday!

23. Weighted Bangles

Is your 30-year-old a fitness buff? Adding weighted bangles to their exercise routine will add a distributed balance to their strength and muscle training. With different styles and colors to choose from, these bangles will be a great addition to their workout gear.

Funny 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

24. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Entice your 30-year-old to explore a new world with engaging virtual scavenger hunts. They’ll search for clues and find meaningful items to lead them on their hunt. They’ll enjoy the night in while on an invigorating adventure.

25. Online Games

Invite them to test their knowledge in one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas. Engage in some friendly competition with online trivia games or create funny memories with virtual game nights. An entertaining host will guide your group through live, interactive games, such as bingo and murder mysteries.

woman celebrating win on online game
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26. Virtual Escape Rooms

Beat the clock in thrilling virtual escape rooms. As one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas, they’ll enjoy deciphering riddles and hunting for clues. An entertaining host will guide their group forward as they race to escape.

27. You’re Only Old Once Book

This little-known Dr. Seuss book, You’re Only Old Once,  will take your 30-year-old on a hilarious journey of growing older. They’ll appreciate this witty and relatable illustrated book as they enter the next decade. As one of the top 30th birthday gift ideas, this book is perfect for any book lover.

28. Personalized Bobblehead

Celebrate their milestone with a fun bobblehead of themselves. This unique gift is timeless, funny and versatile. Whether they choose to showcase this gift on their desk at the office or above the TV at home, they’ll treasure this thoughtful gift.

29. Custom Wine Labels

You can never go wrong with gifting a bottle of wine, but why not add a personal touch? As one of the funniest birthday gift ideas, craft a silly or memorable phrase to celebrate them turning the big 3-0.

woman reading red wine label
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30. Personalized Face Pillows

Share some laughs over personalized face pillows. As a funny 30th birthday gift idea, select a fun selfie of your 30-year-old, or their loved one, to customize a pillow and add some funky style to their home.

Surprise 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

31. Wine Box Subscription

Surprise them with a luxurious wine box subscription. This gift will provide them with the perfect experience to sit back, relax and enjoy some excellent wine. Quality bottles of wine will surprise them every month right at their doorstep.

32. Self-Heating Mug

Does your 30-year-old like to drink coffee or tea all day long? A self-heating mug is a perfect gift for them. They can skip reheating their favorite drink in the microwave as these mugs stay at the perfect warming temperature until their drink is all gone.

33. Robot Vacuum

Simplify their life with an easy-to-use robot vacuum. These machines are great for tight spaces, have a cordless design and travel back to their charging station when they’re finished cleaning.

With options available for any budget, this gift will keep your 30-year-old’s floors clean and spotless.

robot vacuum 30th birthday gift idea
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34. Wreck Room Experience

Invite them to suit up and blow off some steam in a thrilling wreck room experience. This surprise gift can help them lower their stress levels in addition to having a good time. This gift is one of the best ways for them to get their anger out and relieve some tense pressure in a controlled environment.

35. Money Cake

Skip the sweet treats in one of the best surprise 30th birthday gift ideas for him or her. This fake cake will elevate their milestone birthday as a practical and helpful gift. They’ll appreciate the extra cash to put towards the next stage of their adulthood.

36. Bluetooth Headphones

Select the perfect gift for your music-loving friend with Bluetooth headphones. With options available at any budget, they can enjoy in-the-ear or even noise-canceling headphones to listen to their favorite artists.

37. Spontaneous Vacation

Celebrate your husband’s birthday with a fun getaway with one of the best surprise 30th birthday ideas for him. Whether you choose to relax on the beach or explore the mountains, he’ll love this adventurous gift to memorialize his birthday.

smiling woman enjoying vacation on the beach
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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

38. Online Mixology Classes

Level up his mixology skills as one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your brother. In online mixology classes, an expert instructor will guide him as he learns to shake and stir his drinks like a pro. Each class is live and interactive so he can ask questions and engage with the mixology community.

39. Woodworking Classes

What do you get a 30-year-old man for his birthday? Woodworking classes! These are one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your husband.

Whether he’s a skilled tradesman or a beginner, expert carpenters will improve his techniques in cutting, sanding and refining. He’ll learn how to make cool wooden objects for around the house, such as cutting boards and picture frames.

40. Glass Blowing Classes

Glass blowing classes are one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas for him. Experienced instructors will walk him through cool techniques with molten glass. He’ll walk away from the classes with a unique souvenir, like a beautiful dish or ornament for his Christmas tree.

41. Car Racing

What can you do for a man’s 30th birthday? Take him to race the tracks in a safe, adrenaline-filled environment. As one of the most fun 30th birthday gift ideas for your husband, he’ll remember this birthday for the rest of his life.

sports car racing on track
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42. Custom Weekender Bag

Help him prepare for a fun getaway with a custom weekender bag. Shop from a variety of textures and colors to fit his style. As one of the top 30th birthday gift ideas, you can even monogram the bag with his initials for a personal touch.

43. Death Star Cheese Board

Battle the galaxy with delicious meats and cheeses. This death star cheese board is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your brother if he’s a big Star Wars fan. The detailed, engraved board will also make for a nice decoration for his kitchen.

44. Mini Claw Arcade Game

Treat your gamer to one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas for him. Fill the machine with candy or unique knick-knacks to make this a cool centerpiece in his bachelor pad.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

45. Dance Classes

Invigorating dance classes are one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas for her. She’ll break a sweat and build up her confidence in fun dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in NYC or dance classes in the Bay area. She can even engage in online dance classes from the comfort of her own home.

women dancing in studio
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46. Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Virtual flower arranging classes are one of the most creative 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend. Expert florists will teach her the art of arranging and styling in a live, interactive class. She’ll love to learn how to create unique floral crowns or stunning bouquets for her kitchen. 

47. Virtual Wine Tastings

Help her discover her new favorite wine in engaging virtual wine tastings. As one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas for her, she’ll join world-class sommeliers in live, interactive classes where she’ll sip and sample some of the best wines, and learn about the perfect wine pairings.

48. Bath Bomb Kit

Mix and match rejuvenating flavors in a relaxing bath bomb kit. With scents like lavender, chamomile and peppermint, her skin will feel hydrated and refreshed after a well-deserved bath bomb treatment.

49. Customized Jewelry

Customized jewelry is one of the most thoughtful 30th birthday gift ideas for your daughter. Select her birthstone or initials to celebrate her milestone birthday, or even pair it with some matching earrings. She’ll love wearing this heartfelt gift for years to come.

50. Cute Bag

A cute bag is both a practical and fun gift for your 30-year-old. Add another beautiful handbag to her collection. As one of the top 30th birthday gift ideas, you can even get personable by monogramming the bag with her initials.

51. Skincare Kit

What do you buy a woman for her 30th? A high-quality skincare kit. With a variety of different cleansing tools and creams, this unique gift will help her enter the next stage of her life thirty, flirty and thriving.

skincare 30th birthday gift idea for women
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Shopping for the perfect birthday gift doesn’t have to be stressful. There are tons of excellent gift ideas that will excite your 30-year-old as they head into the next decade. From entertaining cooking classes to cool bucket list posters, any personality is sure to enjoy gifts from this list.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!